Correspondence with a Mixed-Race Black

By John "Birdman" Bryant


On 5/27/03 at 7:23 AM Raphael wrote:

>How to start? Well I suppose a brief introduction is in order. I am a
>multiracial male from Alabama. This is not in any way shape or form
>intended to offend or incite you. I also ask that you forgive any errors
>I have been working on school related projects literally all night. I am
>university student in Colorado and have many business assignments to
>complete. This, working on projects, is actually how I found you site. I
>was looking up information on Asian gangs and one of the many sites that
>popped up was a white pride site. I had been working for a while and
>decided to amuse myself by finding out what this site had to say. I do
>remember at this point what the site was but it is certainly not worth
>mentioning. It was filled with I guess the ‘usual’ topics of niggers,
>kikes, and the ‘coming revolution.’ Needless to say I am not easily
>offended and PC is one of the more annoying things that society has
>on itself. So I decided to continue to look for white pride/racist sites.
>In all actuality I wanted to find a site that had at least a semi educated
>individual either running the show or at least available for questions
>a minority. Throughout the course of my search this ‘Birdman’ would come
>from time to time. I initially assumed that this was simply some racist
>organization or term that I was not familiar with and simply dismissed it.
>I was starting to tire of the same old sites when I saw Birdman and
>Libertarian used in the same sentence. For the moment I am going to shift
>gears and give you some slightly more detailed information on myself. I
>as stated earlier, multiracial. More specifically I am black and Spanish.
>My mother is from Puerto Rico, but her entire family is of Spanish descent
>(we sill have our coat of arms). My father is black and has a small
>of Native American ancestry. My dad is a Doctor and my mother has a PHD
>social work they divorced when I was 5. I have had my IQ measured and it
>safely over the 100 mark. Because of my background I have lived a very
>privileged life style and have friends from ALL walks of life. One of my
>best friends who is white happens to be a libertarian (until your site I
>not know there was a racist ‘connection’. We have had many discussions
>I value his opinion more than most of the world. This now known, when I
>Birdman and libertarian I said,’ Well it can’t be any worse than the
>why not.’ In short I was blown away. Your site far exceeded any
>expectations that I would have ever had of a ‘racists’ site. Your site
>almost impossible not to read (I had to leave my laptop in my room and
>in the library so that I would finish my work). I was especially
>by your diversity section, more specifically the letters that you had
>received from blacks and your open minded reader Sonic. I fear I am
>starting to drone on so I will get to the questions I have.
>1.) I am clearly the result of multiple races. I feel, and know from
>testing, that I am smarter than the ‘average’ person and of course that my
>family is smart. I realize that you do not object to mixed people but ask
>fist what is your specific stance on people such as myself (many races)
>second where do you place me in society.
>2.) It is clear that you are a man of intelligence, while I do not agree
>with all of your views (that’s perhaps the best part of your site you
>encourage independent opinions), how do you feel about the majority of
>contemporaries? I do not pretend to be an expert on racism/white pride
>organizations, but the vast majority of the sites I saw were based on
>ridiculous concepts such as religion and ‘facts’ with no supporting
>documents. Do you not feel alone in that many other sites would seem to
>depict your cause as one supported by religious fanatics and near
>hate mongers?
>3.) As a minority male from the so called upper class, there is pressure
>(not from family) from many other minorities and even whites for me to
>this that or the other race. My current girlfriend is Asian, God help me
>we ever had kids, but seriously what is your take on this issue? Black,
>White, Hispanic, Other? I am not looking for a specific answer but more
>your take.
>4.) My major is international business and if my very limited
>is true, libertarians are isolationists of sorts. First if this is untrue
>please correct my error and second what is your take on international
>5.) Lastly, perhaps I missed this in your website and apologize if this is
>the case, but what spawned your fascination with pigeons? This is not
>intended to insult as I myself have a large fixation with wolves.
>I would like to conclude by thanking you for your time. It is very
>from your website that you are a busy man. I ask if you wish to post my
>letter that you first respond directly and omit information such as my
>e-mail address and where I am from. Lastly, reguardless of what me may
>disagree on there is one thing of which I am sure we agree and that is
>freedom of speech. It is a right which many men died fighting for and one
>which should never be given up. It is encouraging to see that in an age
>where freedom is sacrificed on the altar of security that people are still
>standing up for their rights. Thank you again for you patience with any
>mistakes as well as the length of this letter.
>The American Mutt

[Birdman replies:]

Dear Raphael (or American Mutt or whatever):

Thanks for your lengthy and interesting letter and kind words.

I don't want to seem to put you off, but I believe that most of your questions will be answered by the essay on "Big Tent Philosophy" which you will find in the Diversity section. I will, however, add a couple of comments:

* I realize that a lot of white racists come from the lower classes of society, and they show it. That's too bad, because it makes it seem that racism is an ignorant philosophy, whereas it is really a law of nature ("Birds of a feather flock together"), and the reason the lower classes exhibit racism first is because their economic situation puts them into contact with other races (primarily blacks) whereas upperclass whites rarely have actual experience living with other races. To counter this lower class image I have tried to put racism in its proper perspective.

* For me, there is something deeply moving about pigeons. Some of the world's most outstanding men have been pigeon fanciers -- Charles Darwin, Antonin Dvorak and Roy Rogers among others. Also Mike Tyson (hey, I guess there is some good in everybody.) This is completely unrelated to my views on race.

* I encourage you to read the Libertarian section of my page. The Libertarian party and its followers are very screwed up, and they certainly do not represent the 'true' libertarianism which I adhere to.

Thanks again for your letter.

[End of correspondence]


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