Correspondence with Jewish Christian Writer

By John "Birdman" Bryant



Michael writes:

On 11/7/08 at 4:26 PM Michael wrote:


>this message has been on my heart to write to you for some time, and your
>recent mass mailing about our national situation has prompted me to type
>it out for you:

>You know that I am a Jew by birth, and I lived in Israel for many years.
>That makes me a dual national American-Israeli, a type of person that you
>do not express much admiration for, to say the least.

>I was raised as a secular Jew in California . My father was a Stanford
>University Medical professor, and my Uncle is a Nobel Prize winner in
>nuclear physics. I graduated from Harvard with an AB in Economics in 1980.

>Student life at Harvard was so dissolute that I gravitated first to
>religion and then to Zionism to find some sort of purposeful identity.
>When I moved to Israel in 1982 I discovered a country deeply divided
>between religious and secular camps and deeply disillusioned about many
>things. Thinking that the Orthodox were the most idealistic Jews in Israel
>, I entered the world of Jewish ultra-Orthodoxy, studying in Yeshiva and
>participating fully in the Orthodox lifestyle for 18 years. During this
>time I was involved with a radical Messianic-Chassidic group called
>Breslov. Like Chabad, Breslov too believes in a literal Messianic person
>who will lead the Jews in the end of days to dominion over the earth. But
>after almost 10 years in this group, I grew disillusioned with its narrow
>focus, its infighting, and its prejudice against non-Jews.

>In the year 2000 I met a South African missionary couple working in Israel
>, around whom had formed a large group of both Jewish and non-Jewish
>believers. I was impressed by the genuine love and charity of these
>people. As I studied, prayed, and fellowshipped with them, I was drawn
>more and more to the person of Jesus Christ. This movie, which I watched
>dubbed in perfect modern Hebrew, had a big impact on me:

>So did the information on these websites:


>Over the years I have discovered many similarly useful and powerful
>websites, such as:

>My purpose here, however, is not to evangelize to you. Rather I wish to
>discuss something with you that I hope and pray will open your heart to
>seeking the truth about Jesus on your own.

>It is very clear to me that you are extremely intelligent. Your analysis
>of the ills of American society is powerful, succinct, and accurate. It is
>the best overall description of the sorry state of our nation at this time
>in history.

>I also share your belief that there is a conspiracy of largely Jewish
>elites who are responsible for undermining our society and turning it into
>a cultural sewer, financially destitute and politically oppressed.
>This is what I wish to discuss with you. You see, I bridge the gap between
>two cultures. The Jewish community rejects me because I chose to follow
>Christ. They regularly call me a traitor, turncoat, “self-hating Jew” and
>all the rest of their fine epithets. The Christian community doesn’t
>really understand me, especially when I speak about the kinds of issues
>you discuss, since American Christianity has largely been co-opted by
>Jewish and Zionist taskmasters. So I find myself without colleagues or
>friends. That is most uncomfortable but it also affords me a lot of
>freedom to speak out about whatever I wish, since I am beholden to no one
>(apart from my conscience).

>I am deeply ashamed of what the Jewish elites have done to this country.
>When I returned to America in 2005, after living overseas continuously
>since 1982, I found a country very different from the one I had left 23
>years earlier. I saw an America that was cold, shallow, banal, hugely
>obese, selfish, cynical, and manipulated by a mass media onslaught that
>would be the envy of the Third Reich or the Soviet Union . Of course the
>internet provides a glimmer of hope and relief from the squalid level of
>public discourse, but with increasing awareness of the cynical agenda of
>the power elites comes a greater sense of despair as one recognizes how
>much public inertia must be overcome.

>In my years since college, I have learned that there are three types of
>people: The intelligent who seek prey, the intelligent who seek to pray,
>and everyone else. What I have seen is that the well-educated people are
>greatly tempted to use their superior knowledge and understanding of how
>the world works to the disadvantage of their less fortunate brethren. This
>kind of behavior is seen in casinos, drug dealers, mass media and talking
>head manipulators, politicians, lobbyists, etc. These people use their
>God-given gifts to exploit the weaker and more vulnerable for money and

>The truly godly use their gifts to ennoble and elevate the lot of the
>downtrodden of humanity. They are compassionate and committed to spreading
>the wealth of human gifts and trying to bring out the godly potential and
>divine spark in every person. These people are rare.

>I know you have written many disparaging things about Christianity, such
>as your essay on evolution. But in your latest email you allude to an
>afterlife and speak of the importance of a person living his life in such
>a way so as not to enter the afterlife with shame. This is a very deep
>insight, which shows me that you have a strong spiritual inclination. And
>it encouraged me to write this letter to you.

>You also mention that Jews are characterized by courage and community
>mindedness, and you chastise your White brethren for failing to live up to
>their example. And finally you mention the great achievements of White
>civilization that seem to be threatened.

>I would like to expand on these ideas briefly. First, I would like to
>suggest that White civilization flourished particularly as a Christian
>culture. Now I don’t for a minute minimize the abuses of all the different
>churches and denominations. I speak rather in a more general and
>metaphysical sense. Christianity motivates people to the virtues of
>self-sacrifice, courage, and community mindedness, precisely because it
>teaches that there is more to life than the simple physical here and now.
>In your letter you admit to the importance of the idea of an afterlife to
>motivate people to the highest levels of sacrifice on behalf of their

>In my experience, and speaking very generally, Jews are extremely tribal
>and are able to succeed largely by victimizing the surrounding population.
>Jews know how to pander to the lowest instincts of the masses, which both
>subdues them and transfers their wealth to Jewish pockets. Christians have
>a much more charitable view of the world; indeed Jesus told us that the
>entire world is our parish so to speak. There is no us vs. them attitude
>in Christianity (true Christianity, not the corrupted Judaized form we see
>all around us in America today.

>Another way to put it is that while Jews traditionally want to destroy the
>sinner or subdue him under Jewish domination, Christians want to convert
>the sinner and elevate him into genuine communal fellowship. (Again I
>speak of the ideal.) But even though Jews tend to have cynical attitudes
>to non-Jews, and to work against the general good of all in pursuit of
>their parochial tribal interests, because Jews have a partial Biblical
>worldview they are able to gain the advantage of deeply inculcated virtues
>of self-sacrifice and communalism that serve them so well.

>You regularly lament the loss of White independence, self-respect, and
>general virtue. Yet you seem to ignore the fact that Whites do not
>subscribe to an overarching metaphysics that can give their lives a deeper
>meaning and allow them to become part of something much vaster than their
>own individual selves. In this sense then Whites are at an extreme
>disadvantage to Jews.

>Hitler tried to substitute an Aryan mythos to replace what he considered
>the decadent and exploitative Jewish Biblical mythos, but with limited
>success. I don’t think, after 2000 years of Christianity, it is possible
>to turn the clock back to ancient forms of nationalistic mythologies.

>If you examine the New Testament you will see that Jesus refers to Jews
>always as either sons of God of sons of the devil. Gentiles He terms
>either sons of God (if they believe in Him) or dogs. I believe He does
>this very intentionally. Jews have specific gifts that cannot be taken
>away from them. Unfortunately most Jews choose to use their gifts to build
>up Satan’s kingdom, and they will eventually meet their fate in hell. But
>here on earth they definitely seem to run things the way they want. If
>nothing else their incredible financial resources and their ability to use
>language to motivate people guarantees their elite position in society.
>Jesus spoke of the weeds that must grow up with the tares. And in this
>sense Jewish dominance cannot really be avoided. The leaven of their money
>continues to find officials to bribe to do their will.

>But my concern is not so much to help you fight the Jewish powerbrokers (I
>do not think it is possible apart from direct Divine Intervention) as it
>is to find a way to uplift your White brethren. To put it bluntly, without
>some kind of religious meta-narrative I don’t think you will ever find a
>way to motivate your people to live less selfishly and more cunningly.
>Jews are too skilled at finding the pleasure centers of non-Jewish
>societies and exploiting them without mercy.

>I would like to close with the following analogy. The Jewish elites who
>are ruining our society are like the first class passengers on a luxury
>liner. While enjoying a long voyage, they start to imagine that they could
>have much more pleasure by getting rid of all the lower class passengers.
>They decide the easiest way to do this is to drill a small hole in the
>bottom of the ship so that, with the passage of time, the lower berths
>will be flooded out, the passengers drowned, and then the entire ship will
>be left to the upper classes (and the crew). The fools fail to realize
>that eventually they too will drown along with everyone else when the ship

>I think this is a good description of the way the Jewish elites try to
>take over a society by demoralizing and weakening it. Eventually comes a
>backlash that they too will suffer from. You allude to this kind of
>backlash in your letter. But I urge you to consider what kinds of cultural
>and educational institutions and ideas will be necessary to enable the
>Whites (and really all others) to throw off their Jewish oppressors, or at
>least to put them in their place.

>A Jewish Christian


Birdman responds:

Dear Michael:

Thank you so much for your beautiful letter. It will surpise you perhaps to know that I agree with you on many of the points you raise. More specifically, in my booklet he Most Powerful Idea Ever Discovered, you will find many significant parallels between my thinking and yours, altho I am an 'atheist' and you are a god-believer. For this reason I am going to send you under separate cover a copy of PI and let you decide whether we should pursue this in any way in the future.

I am always happy to meet someone like yourself whose thinking is significantly like mine, and yet greatly different also. It raises my hopes that we can find common ground on which to work together. For this reason I will post your letter and this response in the Our Fight section of the site.

A copy of PI should be attached. If not, please let me know. -j



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