What Is To Be Done For The Shorter Term to Free Ourselves from the Tyranny of the NWO?

By John "Birdman" Bryant

This was originally published as Birdman's Weekly Letter #289


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has." --Margaret Mead

"If you will not fight for your rights when you can easily win without bloodshed -- if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly -- then you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." --Winston Churchill

"You can stop armies, but you can't stop ideas." --Voltaire.


In other essays we have pointed out that Western civilization -- arguably the greatest creation of humankind -- and the race which founded it -- the white race -- are under attack and in danger of extinction within only the next few years by the now-widely-followed policy of 'multiculturalism' -- integration, immigration, feminism, anti- discrimination, 'equality', minority favoritism and the like, supported by laws against 'racism' and 'hate' which make sure these policies never receive serious critical examination. Multiculturalism's result, of course, is not difficult to see: Destruction of the white gene pool and the culture which it has created, and the subsequent emergence of a less intelligent and less vigorous population which will be far more subservient to its rulers than whites would ever be. The name most often used for the organization behind these policies is 'the New World Order' (NWO), and its members I refer to as the New World Orderlies. No one really knows what the NWO is or who is behind it, tho many candidates have been proposed, including (among others, either separately or in combination) the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Rothschilds, the International Bankers, the Vatican, the Jesuits, the Masons, the Illuminati, the British aristocracy, the Committee of 300, and of course ETs; and indeed, the only sure way of knowing that the NWO exists is the fact that multiculturalism and the liberalism in which it is embedded has suddenly emerged full-blown as the directing policy and philosophy in every country of the West -- something that could not possibly have happened by chance, but is instead the result of a force whose power is evident not merely from its omnipresence, but from the fact that it is totally invisible save for its results. While it would obviously be worthwhile to know who is behind the NWO, the issue is not really of prime importance; for tho we may not know the names of the commanding generals, we can certainly identify the troops, and many of those listed above may be counted among those troops.

There is one group, however, which has been outstanding in its promotion of the NWO, namely, Organized Jewry, a group whose activities against Western civilization and the white race (hereinafter 'the West') have been extensively documented on this author's website, www.thebirdman.org. It is my belief that Organized Jewry -- by which I mean the Jewish organizations and leaders who promote policies inimical to the West -- does not represent the attitudes of Jews as a whole, because it is contrary to the interests of the Jewish people to subvert the culture which has allowed them to survive and prosper as they have done in no other time and place. The point is that the motives of Organized Jewry are different than those of ordinary Jews; for in order to justify their fat salaries and keep the shekels flowing from their contributors, they constantly ring the alarum bell of antisemitism, claiming to see a nazi in every nook and a Skinhead under every bed, and, if sufficient 'hate' incidents do not materialize to fill their lachrymose letters of solicitation, then, as recent history has amply demonstrated, they simply create the 'incidents' they need, which, if the truth about their falsity be discovered, are quickly passed over and forgotten by the Jewsmedia.

For someone unacquainted with the facts, what we have asserted here may seem bizarre; and yet the facts which support this thesis are both massive and well-documented, as anyone who cares to visit my website can see for himself -- particularly in the two sections labeled The Jewish Question and Articles of Others (Subcategory: Jews). What is more, these facts are largely unknown outside the community of Internet-savvy and racially- conscious whites, because most people take their information from the mass media which lie and cover up the facts on a massive scale to keep them from the population at large, and to insure that they are mostly disbelieved on the rare occasions when they do become known.

While we have no hesitation in assigning to Organized Jewry the greater part of the responsibility for the attack on the West, this is not exactly the same as blaming, in the sense that the attack by Organized Jewry is stimulated at least in part on a (correct) perception of historical persecution of Jews by gentiles. It is not our purpose in this essay, however, to attempt the impossible task of allocating blame between whites and Jews for the behavior of each to the other; rather it is our belief that it is in the interest of ordinary Jews to help preserve the West, because -- as we stated earlier -- the West has permitted Jews to prosper as nowhere else, and indeed to rise to the highest pinnacles of power and prestige. Thus in my view the efforts of whites should be to seek an alliance with Jews on this basis, not merely because it is useful, but because -- in view of modern-day Jewish wealth and power -- it is essential if the West is to be saved.

But if the NWO is prosecuting what amounts to a war on the West, it is nonetheless true that this war is essentially an information war in which the hearts and minds of whites are the ultimate prize. What this means -- among other things -- is that we do not want to engage in violence unless there is simply no other choice, and for several reasons:

* When people are uneducated about our cause, as they now largely are, violence is a sure way to alienate them.

* Violence is dangerous, because even if it is successful in overthrowing the enemy, the resulting chaos will usually inflict far more pain and destruction than if the enemy had remained in power.

* Our cause has little access to weaponry, and will therefore likely be outgunned.

So how, then, do we fight this information war? To answer, we begin by noting that, among the health-conscious there is a saying about the human body which applies to the social body as well: "Use it or lose it". That is, just as one will lose the strength of his muscles if he does not exercise them, so the social body of American citizenry will lose the traditions established in the Constitution if they are not exercised, and likewise for other countries of the West. This latter is because people will accept what they are accustomed to, so that if they are accustomed to people carrying guns or speaking freely or worshipping as they will, this will not cause the uproar that might be expected otherwise. The lesson, then, for the opponent of the NWO is that he must use his freedoms not merely to fight, but to keep people acclimated to the ways of freedom so that he will then be more easily able to use them when he needs to.

So how then can we use our freedom of speech most effectively? As I see it, there are several ways to do this, including the following:

Use soundbites. One of the most effective ways to get across an idea is to summarize it in a quick, pungent and easy-to-remember sentence or phrase, aka a soundbite While many have complained that TV mungs political debate by reducing complex issues to soundbites, I feel that the emphasis on soundbites is a positive development, because it forces an economy of words based on an economy of thinking. True, complexities are left aside of necessity, and this may be bad in some ways; but as a practicing aphorist, I have come to appreciate that much complexity can be crafted into a well- constructed soundbite, and that therefore whoever chooses to communicate with others should become well-versed in this craft. In particular, there are questions and comments which arise again and again, and having an effective soundbite with which to deal with them will not only save time and effort, but will get the essential message across more effectively.

As an example, consider the frequent accusation against white racialists that they are 'bigots'. What better way to answer than to follow Ambrose by saying, And what, my dear fellow is a bigot except someone who happens to disagree with you? Similarly, since 'bigot' is an insult and a 'shut-up word', one may reply that "Insult is the last refuge of the out-argued." Likewise, if called a hater, one may reply that "Hate is good, provided only that it is directed against hateful things. Like you." And then there is Birdman's All-Purpose Deflector Shield, useful against just about every accusation you can think of: "Ask not whether I am an antisemite/hater/conspiracy theorist/lunatic/idiot/you-name-it -- ask only if I am RIGHT!" For those wishing to master the art of the soundbite, a good collection will be found in my essay on Soundbites in the introductory section of my website.

One final note on soundbites is that they often sound outrageous:

** Racism is good, and in fact it is a law of nature: "Birds of a feather flock together."

** Ask not whether I am racist -- ask only if I am RIGHT!

** Slavery was good -- it gave blacks all the good things they are missing today -- a steady job, a stable home, a low crime rate, healthy food and a drug-free environment.

These statements aren't really outrageous, of course, but it is hard to keep from noticing their parallel with chutzpah, which is (or is supposed to be) outrageous. There is a virtue in chutzpah, however -- it is an offensive weapon which often throws opponents off-balance. In using soundbites, then, it may be wise to be aware of the 'chutzpah effect', and to cultivate it. After all, superjew Alan Dershowitz advocates more chutzpah for Jews, so maybe it is time that we use soundbites to develop a little Aryan chutzpah (OK, just call it nerve.)

* Phone in to talk radio shows. For folks who know their stuff and like to talk, this can get to a wide audience; and if the host likes you, he may invite you for special 'appearances' or interviews. Talk radio is known to be generally friendly to the 'right wing' viewpoint, and this needs to be exploited to the fullest.

* Mass email. Untargeted mass email is inexpensive, and has the potential of reaching millions. There are a great many people on the Net who read the conventional websites, but have yet to be introduced to the ideas of racialism, the NWO and other chewy topics. ISPs are very uptight about 'spam' however, with the result that any mass mailing will probably have to be done by a commercial mailer who can parry any legal problems and complaints about 'racist mail' and 'hate sites'.

When I attempted to do some mass emailing a couple of years ago, I wrote an essay which was specifically targeted to an uninitiated audience -- "Some Vital -- And Very Ugly -- Facts You Need to Know" found in the Liberalism section. Unfortunately, however, the essay was not properly documented with hyperlinks (and still is not, tho I would expect to do this before any further mass mailings), something which would have made it a much more credible piece by addressing in advance the disbelief that many readers experience in reading it. In fact, the reactions to this essay were what convinced me to create the Articles of Others section, wherein is contained substantial documentary evidence for just about any question that any reader can raise.

* Leafletting. This is a strategy that has long been used by activists, especially the NA. There are basically two types of leaflets:

(1) A sheet or small card printed with a simple message and contact information, including, if possible, how to get Internet access at the local library ("Did you know blacks commit crimes at 9 times the rate of whites? Want to know more of the facts that the media is suppressing? Then check with the Birdman -- see reverse side for contact information")

(2) A folded leaflet with a lengthy 'story' (The ones put out by the IHR are good examples of what can be done with this medium).

While both types of leaflets are not without potential, they are nowhere near as efficient as mass email, and there are many problems in getting them to their intended audience. These problems will vary, according to the laws of individual communities and other factors, but in my view there are only three ways in which this means of message-spreading can be done with any effectiveness at all -- (a) by putting under auto windshield wipers in parking lots or along streets with many parked cars, (b) by handing out in a crowd, or (c) by leaving next to residents' doors in condominium communities where there are many accessible doors within a short walk. On the whole, however, I cannot really recommend leafletting in most instances, not merely because of the inefficiency, but because of the likelihood of being hassled by the cops. (I speak from experience, and the literature I was handing out had nothing to do with race, but was 'only' attacking the politicians in St Pete Beach.) However, if you do decide to go the leafletting route -- or do any other kind of handout, for that matter -- you need to have checked local law (usually available at your local library) and have a copy of it on your person to show the cops. It is also useful to have a cell phone or a card with your lawyer's phone number on it and the lawyer available to take calls -- you can tell the cops to give the man a buzz if they have any doubts. An alternative is to leaflet at 4AM, but this may be a bit of a strain for those who hold a 9- to-5.

* 'Large' literature handout -- newspapers, booklets or mass-market paperbacks. This means of communication involves a substantive up-front cost -- the effort to compose and the expense to print, with the additional problem of distribution -- throwing on lawns, driveways or doorsteps. In spite of the costs, however, there is real potential here, especially when done in upscale neighborhoods.

(1) Large literature sends a 'complete message' -- as opposed to leafletting, whose message must necessarily be short -- meaning that, with large literature, the recipient does not have to go to the library or do anything other than read what is in his hands.

(2) The residents of upscale neighborhoods are usually older, and -- unlike current high-school graduates -- are usually literate enuf to read a serious book, and wealthy enuf to make a serious contribution to the Movement if sufficiently moved, which they may be, since older folks were raised before the liberal virus became endemic.

NB: Material in newspaper format is cheap to print and easy to distribute, but books (in the form of inexpensive-to-print paperbacks) may have more impact and get more readership.

* Publish a free 'community news' type publication filled with politically incorrect articles taken from TheBirdman.org which are left for distribution at various businesses or other public locations. Once your publication becomes popular -- if you can survive the Usual Screams from the Usual People -- you can start selling ads and -- Who knows? -- make a mint. Hey, it's a better prospect than working 9 to 5 under a negro -- or not having a job at all. (This idea is modeled after Walter ('Walter the Mule') Mueller's publication.)

* Run smallish 'display ads' (picture and text in a box) in your local newspaper, sporting (for example) a picture of the Birdman plus short pungent message. Birdman's pic is striking, so people will be drawn to the ad, unlike most other ads. The message can then be something like "Find out what THEY don't want you to know. Visit www.thebirdman.org or send SASE for free literature." Naturally, I am against putting money into the mass media's pockets, but if this is offset by the help it gives our cause, it may be worth it.

* Communicate to the powerful: We need to get our message out to people who have an ability to make a significant difference by their wealth, their intellect, their influence, their contacts, or in other ways which are unavailable to ordinary people. Mailing lists of philanthropic organizations, the wealthy, and Who's Who people are commercially available. The strategy would be to send a book or video to these people, or to send a letter which offers to send them a book or video (see below) if they respond.

* Make films which communicate our message. There is nothing more powerful than a well-made film, and the ability to make films is now within the technical ability of private individuals, who can make professional- looking productions with the use of VCRs, camcorders, modestly priced computers and editing software. In fact, there are many films which have already been made, and which can be cut-and-pasted or used directly to get our message across. Films are especially important because there is now a high degree of illiteracy among the population due to the dumbing-down efforts of the publik skoolz, but also because films are a powerful medium that in many ways can never be equalled by books.

* Utilize public-access TV. Current law requires cable providers to give access to 'public service programming' at little or no charge. This has truly major potential for not only filmmakers, but also for alternative news programming (such as a program based on news stories from the Birdman's Daily Reads page) and who-knows-what-else. Or to put it another way, with just a little effort we could start competing with Peter Lemmings, Tom Brokejaw and Damn Blather!

* Explore the commercial TV option. If you have a book to sell, or a website to promote, or if you have developed an expertise in defending our Cause against liberals, you can reach a huge audience thru TV. If you can afford it, there is at least one magazine (I think it is called Radio-TV Interviews Magazine) which you can use to get interviews, and you can also utilize direct mail advertising to get the attention of TV people who might invite you onto their programs. Local TV is often a good place to start (and to get experience), because a 'local angle' is what the stations are always looking for. It will be easier to get interviews if you are newsworthy; and if you have distributed 'racist' literature, or have a film or regular program on public-access TV, one of those may be the hook that gets you a place on the Tube.

* Put up a billboard The National Alliance has purchased billboard space, but unfortunately seems to have had a lot of difficulty keeping its message up, altho the controversy which was generated probably got them a bunch of new members. Ditto for an anti-immigration billboard in the Southwest a couple of years back, which was denounced far and wide by high government muckamucks. Billboards are expensive and risky, but the publicity is formidable, and a billboard ad gives your message a 'socially-approved status' that it would not receive from a mere handout or even a newspaper ad.

A variation on billboards has been done by at least one member of the Cause, who has a mobile billboard on the back of his truck. Small messages may also be placed on bumpers or back windows, tho these messages should not be too explicit (Try "Find out what THEY don't want you to know. TheBirdman.Org") so as not to encourage vandalism.

* Take over the political parties. This has been the strategy of the Libertarian Republicans -- place people who agree with you in key positions. To what extent they have been successful I can't really say, but if David Duke can get elected Republican country chairman for his area, then this opens big possibilities for the racially aware. The important thing to be noted, however, is that we have truth on our side (not quite as good as God, but he's dead) and a lot of anger by people who are angry about how the NWO is screwing them, and this can go a long way in winning an election -- at least until they can cook the vote tallies more effectively.

* Found your own political party. This is not as hard as it seems -- one of our regular readers has already done so -- and is advantageous for several reasons:

(1) It gives you the opportunity to put the issues avoided by the political establishment into a classic political context and embarrass the Republicrats by debating them or heckling them for refusal to debate.

(2) It is a great way to get publicity during an election campaign, and a way to 'legitimize' handing out literature (ie, to keep the cops off your back)

(3) It may help in getting favorable media treatment if you have mastered the soundbite, for media people love to quote soundbites even if they hate you.

(4) The work you do -- while unlikely to win any elections, at least at the outset -- nevertheless constitutes spadework for future political activity, including practical experience in getting your message out and in building a donor base.

(5) Should you choose to use a name like the BRASH party, ie, Bigoted Racist Anti-Semitic Haters, not only can you get a lot of attention, but you can create a natural defense against the usual slurs (After all, who can accuse you of being an antisemite if that's what you call yourself?). And why are we BRASH? Here's why:

- We're BIGOTS because we oppose the liberal establishment's nonsense about race, and since the establishment can't refute our arguments, they try to call us names. But if they are going to label our philosophy as bigotry, then we say it is time to make the world safe for bigotry, and in fact, it is time to EMBRACE it.

- We're RACISTS because we stand up for the white race and the world's greatest civilization which it has produced. The liberal establishment has no problem with black racism or Jewish racism or hispanic racism or any other kind of racism, but they want to destroy the white race because it makes minorities look bad in comparison and shows that the notion of racial equality is nonsense.

- We're ANTI-SEMITIC because the Jewish establishment is the driving force behind liberalism, and we oppose liberalism because it is destroying Western civilization and the white race. That means the Jewish establishment hates us, but since they can't answer our arguments, they have to try to make us out as mindless Jew-haters.

- We're HATERS because we hate those people and those ideas which are destroying our race, our country and our civilization, and because we believe that hate is good when directed against hateful things.

As an aside, one issue that has arisen recently is whether pro-white activists should dump everything else and present a united front by focusing on the single issue of Jews. This is a useful notion, but one could argue also that the Jewish Question should be placed within the nexus of other issues which are also a concern, eg, the erosion of civil liberties, CAFR, the Drug War, the restrictions on health freedom, the War on Terror, etc, etc, etc. My suggestion would be to try both ways and see which gets the best response.

* Use the Media Access Law to get media advertising at rock-bottom rates during political campaigns. While I don't have all the information on this, Jim Condit Jr has gone this route and apparently made a big splash. I believe his website (votefraud.org) has detailed information on this matter, and should be investigated by anyone going the political route.

* Use the Internet as an information source. The Net has been the major factor in raising people's consciousness about the NWO's war against the West -- it has managed to sidestep the major media, and in fact has brought the major media into decline. But until recently, there has been no well- organized source of information which puts Net-borne information into perspective and show how it forms a pattern, particularly as regards Jewish behavior. Happily, my own website, with its compilation in the Articles of Others section, has taken a big step forward over the voluminous but poorly-culled and ill-organized rafts of articles on important subjects sequestered in different websites all over the Net. Keeping these articles organized and up-to-date is a chore which I will continue to do as long as I am able.

* Hall of Shame/'NOT Wanted' Rogue's Gallery and Hall of Fame/WANTED -- More of One of the great unexplored potentials of the Internet is keeping track of the Good Guys and Bad Guys. I have attempted to do this to a limited extent with Movement people in the Net Losses section, but there is much more that can be done in terms of keeping track of politicians and other public figures, at local, state and national levels. Unless we know who the Bad Guys are, we can't fight them very effectively; and unless we know the Good Guys, we can't give them our support. Specifically, we need a Rogue's Gallery of Bad Guys, which contains their pictures, a description of why they are bad guys, and "contact info for those who wish to dialog, picket, protest, or engage in whatever other legal means of expressing outrage our system allows." We are not just talking about the odious cabal in DeeCee, but the bad guys in every burg and hamlet in the nation. (Remember, the policies of anti-freedom and political correctness may be hatched in Washington, but they are implemented locally, and that's where it needs to be fought.) Here is something that is not that difficult to do, and could give the movement some real attention. But we need a thousand (or ten) movement people to put up sites to do the job.

* Stand up and be counted: Put your mouth (and your money) where your heart is. I find it most distressing that so many people either wish to be anonymous, or do not wish to 'expose' themselves as racialists, opponents of the NWO, and the like. America is supposed to be a free country, but people are so timid about speaking out that our forebears who wrote the First Amendment could be forgiven if they thought we had all been lobotomized. We cannot have serious free speech unless people are willing to stand up and be counted; and the fact that the great majority are not willing does not bode well for resistance to the tyranny that is surely coming down the pike. It is pitiful -- literally pitiful -- to see how people who come from 'the land of the free and the home of the brave' are neither free nor brave, but these poor piddly wimps that have about the same backbone as a chocolate pudding. Perhaps the reader might reread the quote from Churchill at the beginning of this essay for a little inspiration.

* Each one teach ten (or whatever number) This idea, from Master of Webpage Wizardry Tsun, is one which has been knocking around in my head almost from the time I became a presence on the Net. The basic idea is to use your personal influence with 10 (or however many) friends or relatives to get them to look at the issues, with the hope that they will become converts once they come into contact with the truth. If you 'convert' them, it then becomes their obligation to find 10 others who will be similarly 'educated', and bingo, the whole world is shortly informed -- or so goes the theory.

If you are going to make converts of your friends, one of the best ways may be to regularly email them stories from the Net which you pick up on enlightened websites such as (of course) the Birdman's. The downside of this is that it is slow, or that your friends may not have email access, but the upside is that it may be the most effective way of converting people. A quicker way would be to invite them over for a good movie and discussion afterward, but this movie has yet to be filmed, and should be one of the Movement's top priorities. (Another priority, I might add, is a film of the American concentration camps -- that one just might scare the hell out of a few couch potatoes.) In fact, what seems to need doing is to create a series of movies, where the first introduces the Big Picture, and the subsequent movies explore particular issues which were only touched on in the initial movie.

* Different strokes. The information war will have to be fought differently in different countries. While in America we can talk about the issues directly, other countries may require a more indirect approach that will vary with the legal climate. For example, if one is forbidden to talk about Jews, one might talk about 'those who harm us by ...' or 'those who want to give away our country to others'. One important part of such a strategy should be a discussion of the laws which prevent free speech: One can keep asking who is trying to suppress information, and what it is that they are afraid of others finding out, after which should be listed some possible candidates.

It can be argued that if Western civilization and the white race are to be saved, they must be saved here in America. Europe is the Old Country with a history of monarchy and dictatorship and a very weak tradition of individual freedom, while America was birthed by men who rejected the Old Country and her ways. What is more, Europe is home to a whole host of 'anti-racism' laws, which prevent frank discussion of the problem of race. A further important point is that Europe has never been a place congenial to the individual ownership of firearms, while in America such ownership was seen from the outset as a bulwark against tyranny. Mao correctly noted that political power flows from the barrel of a gun; so now that the populace of all Western countries, including Canada and Australia, have been disarmed except for America, we are the only white population standing in the way of complete white enslavement and capitulation to the NWO.

There is, however, a countervening point of view, to wit, that the proportional representation system of most European countries will allow a pro-West government to emerge more quickly than in America's winner-take- all two-party Tweedledumb-vs-Tweedledumber system. We see this possibility in the performance of France's National Front, Belgium's Vlaams Bok party, the British National Party, and others, each of whose main attractiveness is of a pro-West nature.

Whether the European or the American system will ultimately prove to be more fruitful it cannot now be said. It is possible, however, that the combination of their different approaches will be better than either alone: America will provide the 'free speech' necessary to educate Europeans over the Internet, while Europe will provide a political system that will give whites a fighting chance to reclaim their homeland.

But if pursuing an information war is at the center of what we should be doing, there are other important matters we must address.

* Time is of the essence. We have only a limited time to get out our message; for educated people who are schooled in the traditions of freedom and self-responsibility that have been hallmarks of America and the West are rapidly dying off, and the whites who are left are the dumbed-down de- racinated and feminized products of our publik skoolz, the Tube and the ethos of socialistic government dependency which they spread. The longer we wait to get moving on some kind of plan, the less chance it will have to succeed.

* Money talks. You can get your message out to anyone provided you are willing and able to spend enuf money. The Jewish establishment has lots of money and spends it readily on liberal -- read 'anti-white and anti- Western' -- causes. Whites, on the other hand -- not having the socialistic inclination of Jews, nor the same feeling of responsibility toward their own kinsmen -- are as tight-fisted as a Scotsman who recycles his wife's tampons, in spite of the many noises which one hears in praise of whites' 'sympathetic' and 'liberal' nature. My point -- made several times before -- is that whites are going to have to start opening their wallets while we still have the chance to get our message out. One thing which I particularly have in mind is funding specific projects such as the ones discussed in this essay -- that way, the contributors can feel that they are getting something tangible for their money, while worthy projects can get the kind of funding they need.

* Credibility. Pain is the only route to the brain, ie, as long as people don't feel pain, they won't move, and tv, liquor and other narcotics do much to insure that they will continue to feel nothing -- until it is too late. HOWEVER, the politically-incorrect information that the movement collectively possesses ought to make a lot of people pretty angry, and it is that anger which we must rely on to get people moving. To do this, however, it is vitally necessary to make ourselves credible. My own credentials give me a credibility that most others in the movement don't possess, and I plan to exploit that credibility wherever I can. But almost anyone can come across as reasonably credible if he knows what he is talking about and is careful to cite sources for his claims rather than making wild statements, profane interjections about other races, or similar capers which are bound to turn a lot of people off who might otherwise be receptive to his message.

* Organize or die. Jews are successful because they are intelligent and hard-working, as well as racially-conscious and willing to work for something greater than themselves. Whites have a huge advantage over Jews in numbers, which translates into a huge advantage in wealth and also a huge advantage in intelligence (There are ten times more Mensa-level gentiles than Mensa-level Jews in America). But in spite of these advantages, whites are dominated by Jews. Obviously there is an enormous unrealized potential in whites which can be mobilized for overcoming Jewish dominance, if we can only head the lesson which bitter experience has taught the Jews so well: Organize or die!

One point that needs to be made in the present context is that the organizational ability of whites seems to be crippled by a difficulty in getting along with others. Elsewhere I speculated that the Jews' ability to cooperate was the result of Jewish achievement which gave them greater confidence and thus made them less inclined to play ego games, including the most common one of pulling others down in order to build oneself up; but whatever the explanation, poor cooperation among whites seriously impairs the Movement -- something which means that whites cannot take advantage of their numbers, and thus they end up much like a herd of sheep who are controlled by a single dog.

The question then arises, Is it possible for us to learn better interpersonal skills? The answer is obviously Yes, but the question is How? This is a complex subject on which many books have been written, so I think it must be put aside till some future time.

What we cannot afford to put aside, however, is the need for organization. What I particularly have in mind is people who will build local organizations that are able to do things in a coordinated fashion that will make the media take notice. These might include distribution of effective literature (unlike that of the NA, which is generally regarded as crapola), local radio and TV interviews, political activity of the sorts described earlier, picketing, visiting and informing the police of what is going on, and the like. "Think globally - Act locally" is a good philosophy, with the added benefit that, by informing local people, there is less likelihood that the NWO federales can get a draconian hammerlock on the local power structure.

But how can you build an organization without coming out of the racial closet? Answer: You can't. And that is an important reason why people MUST do it. Of course there are other reasons, eg, the more people who come out, the easier it is for others to do so; and the stronger an organization, the less likely that its people will get pushed around by the Powers-That-Be.

One important factor to consider in any organizational work is the fact that lefties, and especially lefty Jews, are experts in disruption of meetings and have absolutely no shame in the kinds of things they will do. That means that security matters must be thoroughly thought out before any meetings take place. This can range from speakers collecting their fee in advance (you get paid whether you speak or not, thus giving your hosts the motive to have good security) to having participants show ID and sign statements allowing security people to use force. But the best security for most purposes is probably to stick to communications where no security is needed -- after all, people don't become converts by going to meetings, but by having the facts set out for them in a way they can understand, which is best done by videos, printed literature or the Internet.

* Don't look for a Savior -- become one! Religions of the world have given us the Savior story innumerable times (16 at last count, I believe), and from this it is obvious that people are inclined to sit around waiting for someone to transport them to heaven -- whether religious guru, Space Brothers, or some other form -- rather than doing anything themselves. But the reality is that Saviors are rare, so if you want anything done, you have to do it yourself. You may not attain the status of a Jesus, but people will often accept someone's leadership based on the simple fact that he makes things happen. And don't get the idea that leadership is 'born, not made', for raw talent -- and whites have plenty -- is no substitute for hard work, self-education, and good planning. Remember Demosthenes who put pebbles in his mouth to overcome a stutter and become one of the greatest speakers of Ancient Greece, or any of the other great white men who have proved that where there's a will, there's a way.



This is a critical moment in history, for never has there been a time when the white race has been on the cusp of extinction, and along with it the marvel of Western civilization which it has produced. The reason for this situation is not so much because of the decline of white numbers, but rather because of the decline of the white spirit -- deadened by luxury, by the idiot box, by the evaporation of religion, by the forgetting of white history and white knowledge, by the out-of-control growth of government, and above all by the effect of a race of aliens -- namely Jews -- who have not only parasitized their host, but are in the process of killing it in the apparent belief that revenging the ancient wrongs done them by gentiles is better than enjoying the fruits which this race provides in abundance to all who are lucky enuf to live in its bosom.

And if the white race is to be saved, who is to save it? The answer, dear reader, is YOU. At this moment there are only a very few who know the score. There are some -- the libertarians -- who see the danger of government; and there are many who see the unfairness and destructiveness of politically correct racial policies; but there are only a tiny number who see the destruction of our race and understand what that will mean to Western culture, and who see that this destructiveness has been fueled in large measure by Organized Jewry. That then means that you, and the small number of others who have come to the same perception as you, are the ones who shoulder the responsibility of saving our race and our civilization. It is no use to say you are not up to the task, for there simply are no others who can substitute for you. Yes, there are others whom you can convince to help you, but it is entirely dependent on you that they become informed, recruited and energized. You are, in short, a member of a tiny elite. You hold knowledge that few others possess, but which has the power to move mountains, and you hold the responsibility to get that knowledge out to others so those mountains will be moved. It is you, then, who must be the modern Moses that will lead white men out of the wilderness of ignorance of self-destruction.

If, however, the burden upon your shoulders is beginning to feel heavy, it may help to remember the words of a song familiar to many of you which begins:

"If you are worried and you can't sleep
Then count your blessings instead of sheep
And you'll fall asleep counting your blessings."

It can be argued that today in America we are not as free as we once were, but I am not sure this is quite the case. Yes, it is true that there is a great deal more government regulation of business, personal demeanor and the use of private property, but it is also true that information and speech is freer than it has ever been, thanks largely to the Internet and the collapse of sexual and religious taboos, and also the rise of racial consciousness. In fact, one could even argue that taxation and regulation of business is less debilitating to freedom than it once was: In the case of taxes, incomes are now much larger than they once were, so that even a 40% tax on incomes -- the current effective rate as calculated by many experts -- is not as difficult for the taxpayer to pay as the very tiny rates mandated by the Stamp Act and the Townshend Duties which set off the American Revolutionary War, simply because the incomes of Americans in the Colonial period were so small that even the tiniest tax was a heavy burden. As to the regulation of business, personal demeanor and private property, while the laws are much more intrusive now than even 50 years ago, much of the impulse of new laws has been to replace the ethical constraints of moribund religion which was once much more important than law in restraining people's behavior.

Now at this point many readers are probably saying, Yes, there are lots of things that can be done, but doing just one thing is only a drop in the bucket, so what use is it? The answer to this is what I call the Fun Factor: If every interested party would simply pick one thing that he thinks he would find enjoyable, a hell of a lot of things would suddenly start getting done, and the people who do these things would be rewarded not merely by knowing they are doing something constructive, but also by simply having fun. Contrariwise, one should NOT do something he DOESN'T enjoy, because he won't do it well if he doesn't enjoy it, and he won't do it very long because he doesn't. In short, if the Revolution isn't fun, don't bother with it.

Note: We will do a followup essay to make more specific suggestions after we have had some feedback.



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