Oy Vey! R Wins First-Ever Hoots-Pah Award

Full of Boston Baked Beans, Takes Wind Out of ADL Gasbags

Congratulations, R, and Mazel tov!!!


> On the way to work this morning I found out about an ADL rally in
> Boston in
> response to the guy who wanted to blow up the Boston Holyhoax
> memorial and
> the bridge named after the dead ADL leader Leonard Zakim.
> So on the subway I read in the newspaper that there is an ADL rally.  I
> called the mayor's office and find out the time and place.  At
> work I made a
> flyer, printed out some anti-ADL propaganda from Jeff's Archive site, and
> off I go.  I caused some serious outrage.  One black guy in an expensive
> suit asked me for a flyer because the white girls wouldn't give it to him
> because it had anti-mixing propaganda and they didn't want to offend the
> poor monkey.  I had no such protective attitude towards his feelings and
> gladly gave him a flyer.  He asked if I think he shouldn't date
> white women,
> and I said yes, it equals genocide.  I asked him didn't he agree
> and won't
> it be a shame if there are no more white people, just mulattoes?
> He wasn't
> used to a White man who stood up to him, and walked away without a word.
> I gave flyers right to all the various ADL associated and
> salaried diversity
> workers at this thing.  I distributed NA literature within ten
> feet of Elie
> Wiesel (I think it was him).  The diversity workers were at first curious
> and didn't understand my sarcasm when I handed them the flyer
> saying, with a
> straight face, "I am here to support the ADL in it's drive to abolish the
> Constitution"  Then one of them with a pin on her that said, "A World of
> Difference" came and found me and gave me back my flyers.  I thanked her
> because now I could hand those flyers to more people.
> The police were very friendly!  Wow!  If the Jews saw that they must be
> scared.  The ranking cop asked me for a copy of what I was
> handing out, and
> I gave him one of the anti-ADL articles.  He skimmed it, gave it
> back to me,
> and said I could distro so long as I was quiet during the
> speeches.  I chose
> the ADL article becuase maybe he'd have judged the flyers too
> offensive, and
> he didn't check and see if I had anything else.
> Then I went to the sidewalk and started handing out flyers.  I would say
> with a yiddish accent, "Support zee ADL to abolish zee Constitution!  No
> more Free speech or guns for Americans."  There was an ADL guy
> right there,
> Jerry Tarsy, whom I noticed after a bit.  He was gauging the
> reaction of the
> crowd as they walked by, and one of them refused my flyer saying,
> "I am in
> favor of the Constitution!"  I explained I was being sarcastic
> and that the
> ADL is destorying the Constitution.  He said "Oh, OK," and took my flyers
> and articles.
> When I noticed the ADL guy, I said, "Oh, here's the ADL right here!" and
> smiled big.  An old Irish cop who was following me around jumped
> in between
> us and said, "Now be nice!" like he was about to prevent a brawl
> between two
> schoolkids.  I said, "Oh I won't do anything, it's OK."  The ADL
> guy looked
> back at me and tried to look me in the eye, but he glanced away,
> sheepish,
> and said, "We support your right to free speech, we just want you
> to speak
> softly during the speeches and not disrupt."   I said that's fine and
> offered him a flyer, which he took with an air of gathering
> intelligence.  I
> had the big smile and the feeling of Wotansvolk in me the whole time, a
> happy warrior.
> A LOT of people were psyched that I was there and took my flyers
> happily, I
> got to say.  I was very surprised.  One older guy, probably a White
> nationalist, took my flyer and thanked me, and when I tried to give him
> anti-ADL articles he refused, saying, "I know all about the ADL."
>  One young
> guy who was also a White nationalist started quizzing me about what was
> wrong with the ADL and when I was not able to argue articulately
> and "quick
> on my feet" he criticized me harshly and said I shouldn't be doing the
> distribution if I couldn't argue well.  But he failed to realize
> that nobody
> engaged me in debate at all, it was just about passing the stuff
> out in the
> first place.  I know I'm not a quick on my feet debater, but for street
> operations like this you don't need that.  He was the only one who even
> debated me at all, kind of a funny character.  Probably a lone
> wolf or WCOTC
> or something.
> What else, while the memory is fresh.  I gave the flyers to a lot
> of Jews,
> and some reacted with outrage, throwing the flyers on the ground
> or tearing
> them up.  When they threw them on the ground I would say, "Oh
> don't litter"
> and I'd pick it up.  During the speeches, at one point I was way
> in the back
> of the crowd where I was allowed to be loud and obnoxious, and I heard
> snippets of things like, "White supremacists are desperate losers" and I
> made a mime act of having my feelings hurt.  Another snippet,
> "There's still
> a lot of hate out there!"  I raised my hand, "Yep, there's some
> right here!"
>   Then a nigger got up and said, "We won't ever forget the
> Holocaust or the
> Middle Passage," and I yelled, "What about the Ukrainian holocaust, which
> was committed by Jews?"
> But the cops, wow.  They were all smiling at me.  They know the
> deal.  and a
> lot of plain old Gentile citizens did too.  I also handed literature to
> nigs, but I would give them anti-ADL articles and say, "The ADL supports
> Israel's apartheid system and they are murdering Palestinian children."
> I wonder if this will make the ADL think twice about holding rallies.  It
> was a perfect opportunity to distro NA literature, and I'll do it again.
> Wish I'd had more time to prepare.
> I had to leave after a half hour because i had to be back to
> work.  Too bad,
> because it was good.  But I did my damage.  I'll post this to the
> NA egroup
> when I get home.
> R

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