Staffer: Senators "Shocked, Stunned, Terrified"

After release of their Home Addresses and Private telephone numbers by Hal Turner Show!

Over 1,400 visits to this web site by "" IP addresses since last night!

A visibly shaken Diane Feinstein took to the floor of the Senate this morning and, with her voice trembling, told fellow Senators "We've all heard about the phone calls and the threats."

She wasn't talking about Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity; she was talking about me!

Within hours of me releasing their home addresses and phone numbers, U.S. Senators realized they were facing determined and able Patriots who were gearing up for a fight of historic proportions. 18 of those Senators changed the votes they had cast just four days ago (on Monday) and today voted to kill the ghastly immigration bill.

This is a perfect example of how strength, determination and an overtly militant, confrontational approach gets real results! If we apply the exact same approach to our other pro-white activities, we will see real progress.

Those in the pro-White movement who have touted "educating our people," have achieved nothing for decades. Yet today we all witnessed fans of the Hal Turner Show achieving dramatic results against the most powerful people in this country, within twelve short hours!

The time for "educating" is over. It is time now for action. I am leading the way. I didn't seek this role. It was thrust upon me by virtue of taking action. Join us as we continue to take extraordinary action to secure the existence of our race and a future for White children.