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On tonight's show: "Time for a Founding Fathers Solution." I will talk about why the pending Immigration Bill leaves us no other choice and no time to even debate whether or not to take direct action anymore because the Bill endangers the very existence of this nation!

I'll talk about how all of our efforts to effect political change without using force have been complete and utter failures and I will look candidly at why citizens know this but want to continue going down the road of total failure!

I will talk openly of my thoughts about removing from power, defiant and traitorous U.S. Senators. I will talk about how Senators have NO personal security details protecting them and how any nearby staffers or even law enforcement officers can be instantly incapacitated using cheap TAZERS, leaving Senators themselves totally vulnerable to any "corrective measures" we choose to apply.

Of course, you already KNOW what "corrective measure" I advocate!

I will talk about how this tactic can be applied to ALL 64 U.S. Senators who appear to be betraying this nation by siding with law-breaking illegal aliens over the expressed wishes of actual citizens.

I'll talk about what it meant in the past to be an "American" , how the immigrants of today are totally devoid of that goal and why the glorious history of this nation and protecting America for our children compels us to act boldly and to act now.

Tonight, I will do something on the air that will cause a complete, 100%, absolute SHIT STORM to come down on me from the government.

It will far surpass anything I've ever done before in its seriousness and its effect.

The powers-that-be are going to go absolutely ballistic.

I believe if they don't literally blow their lid, some folks in government may have a sort of stroke over this.

I think some of the more laid-back types will actually end up stuttering with ferociousness over what I will do tonight because no other American has EVER done this before.

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