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Rescuing Democracy Current New Books

What's Behind Bush's War
With Iraq?

Keys to 9/11

Did the Government Okay the
Anthrax Attacks?

Police State USA?

U.S.-British Oil Imperialism

The Disinformation Age

Profiles in Courageous Dissent

Fighting For Democracy

TIA Alert


The Fabulous Revolution
of Oz

Military Dictatorship USA?

The Necessity for Enlightened

The American World Empire

The Criminal High Cabal

Daring to Think the

The Destruction of American

Top Ten Fallacies About

Completing the American

Global Economic Exploitation

Building a Unified Activist
Citizen Taskforce

The World Dominance Plot

War Crimes and War
Casablanca As Allegory

Blowback: Costs and
Consequences of
American Empire

A Second Pearl Harbor?

A Supine Press Fosters an
Uninformed Citizenry

The Cost and Consequences
of American Plutocracy

Books and Cartoons
to Beat the Bushes

Taking America Back From
the Plutocrats

Citizens Are Responsible
for Understanding

Freedom in World History

Vulture Capitalism

Freedom and the Internet

Global Epidemic

Nader Leads the Blue-Greens

The Depleted
Uranium Cover-up

The Wall Street Scam

A True Democratic
Henry B. Gonzalez

Video: Shame On America

The Insanity of Ann Coulter
and the Rabid Right

The Social Security
Privatization Hoax

Listen, Little Man by Wilhelm Reich

Current Featured Article:
The Bush Junta is Killing Journalists

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Current Recommended Books

Current Progressive Initiatives

Selected Articles

Transformative Contemplation

Communing With Kindred

Philosophia: the Search for Wisdom

Language and Human

Ken Wilber's Flawed

The Perennial Tradition

Rediscovering and Preserving
Human Wealth

Notes On Language
and Poetry

Meditation: Activity in the
Spiritual World

What Weldon Wrought

Inspiration: Rebirth of

Egomania: the
Invisible Pandemic

Plotinus's Practical Mysticism

The Ivied Walls
Come Tumbling Down

Lewis Mumford's Green City

Battling Computer Viruses

Brain, Mind, and Altered
States of Consciousness

Cheers for the Secular State

Illuminated Manuscripts

The Menace of America
Online (AOL)

AOL's Greed Destroys
Netscape Navigator 6

States of Consciousness:
Evolutionary Aspects

Clinical Psychology:
Problems and Prospects

Profiling and Personality

Review: Harold Bloom's The Western Canon

Colloquy:  The Caterpillar's

Magic, Science, Religion,
and Spirituality

Sticking It to the Ozone

Technology and Learning

Scenes For Meditation

Flash Fiction

Funny Valentine

Through with Love

Culture Shock

My Last Analyst

The Shadow of Your Smile


Beware Hidden Messages!

School for Conjurers And


I Deny Everything

Staying Up With Your TV   

Alien Replicants Among Us!

Poor Man's Burden

The rOil Family

The Case of the Cuckoo

How to Listen to Billy Collins

The Greatest "Computer"
Buy in the Universe!

Operation Head Trip

A Sure Cure For Illiteracy

Esoteric Teaching of
St. Groucho, a Modern Guru

NEVER FAIL----Help Services

Learn to SEE the
Sound of Music

Early Egyptian Art

God Be Merciful to Me,
a Re-Publican

Saving It Up

Article: Taking Humor


The Fertile Crescent

While America Is Still Free



Review: Undressing

Billy Collins

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A New Book on How We Must Take Back Our Country

Published by Dandelion Press and available for order at 1-800-861-7899

Upcoming Book

The Perennial Tradition

Overview of the Perennial Tradition, the secret heritage, the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of mysticism

Hermes Press

Essays on social issues, literature and the arts, and poetry

Enlightened Thinking
Critical thinking,
critical consciousness

Novel: President Of The World
A metaphysical thriller

Novel: The Season Is Over
A Belgian family's struggle
to survive World War I

How To Become A
Modern Guru
A satire on modern
"Spiritual Masters"

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Radio Interviews

2/1/03: Jeff Rense Interview

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The Meria Heller Show



What Is Going On???

DNA Live Radio

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