Today's Good Reads - Some Words of Explanation for the Newbie

By John "Birdman" Bryant

The flow of information in the present day is suffused with two major problems. The first is dishonesty: Liberals -- and especially the liberal-controlled media -- won't be honest about racial, ethnic, sexual and similar groups; conservatives won't be honest about sex or religion, and very often not about race; and libertarians won't be honest about either race or the defects of capitalism (eg, monopoly, the political power of large organizations, or the problem of inheritance). On this page we will be honest about everything -- or at least until somebody starts paying us off with some Really Big Bucks and Hot Sex. (Hey, at least we are being honest!)

The second major problem with the flow of information is not that there is too little information, but that there is too much. In fact, with the advent of the Net, we are literally awash in it. I regularly read the offerings of several websites in addition to surfing, but most of what I find I consider to be, if not junk, then at least of little interest to the well-informed. The articles below are the result of my rigorous daily cull, plus a selection from my stash of permanent-interest files which I shall be gradually adding to this site. They represent the best of the best -- what I think will be appreciated by the sophisticated readers of this page (dat's yew, babe!)

One other thing you need to know about this page: You won't find 'conventional news' here -- no train wrecks or airplane crashes, no Hollywood gossip or Beltway scandal, no 'politics' as it is usually reported. Such stuff is what I call 'junk news' -- it has no significance whatsoever except to supply the Chattering Classes with grist for their cocktail party conversations. What you will find on this page is information about the subjects which are really important: freedom, culture, race and ethnicity, science, conspiracy, history, economics, the NWO (New World Order), BUG (Big Ugly Government), ZOG (the Zionist Occupation Government), censorship, forteana, spirituality, health (and especially natural healing and preventative medicine), art, fun, jokes, sex, more sex, and always sex. This page is intended to keep you 'up to date' on these subjects, while the remainder of this site is intended to give you the background you need to more fully understand the Daily Reads, this crazy world, and -- indeed -- life itself.

This page should be up and running at around 7:00AM Eastern Time daily except Sunday (Hey, gotta do muh prayin'!), or unless we're hacked (twice in the first month, yet!), in which case it will be up later in the day. Enjoy! And don't forget to buy some of my books once in a while -- they're great reads, they make perfect gifts for the guy or gal who has everything (or nothing), they'll help you to survive and prosper in this jungle of a world, and your support helps to insure that this page will remain as a permanent fixture for your reading enjoyment.

So read it and be damned!

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