Note to BWL subscribers

By John "Birdman" Bryant


(1) If you have subscribed to Birdman's Weekly Letter and have NEVER RECEIVED IT (except maybe one sent to you special at the time you requested the subscription) then Birdman probably forgot to put you on the subscription list, even tho he said he did. (This is due to a pecularity of his mail program, which requires him to write you BEFORE he can actually put you on the list -- it sometimes results in his forgetting to add an address.) So just write again and let him know.

(2) If you RECEIVE THE LETTER ONLY SOMETIMES, we suggest you get a second address at which you also receive your subscription. Then if it doesn't come at the primary address, you can (probably) get it from the secondary one.

(3) If you have STOPPED RECEIVING the Letter altogether, write us to make sure it is going to the right address or addresses.

Note: We get several kickbacks every week. Of those, some seem to be permanently bad addresses, and we eventually remove them. The others we continue to mail, but we do not resend a kicked-back letter unless a resend is specifically requested by an individual.



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