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John 'Birdman' Bryant was born in Washington DC 26 Oct 1943. His mother was from a Southern slave-owning family of Scotch-Irish descent; her grandfather, who graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in the 1850s, was later a physician for the Southern army in the American Civil War. Birdman's father was of Wisconsin German farming stock: He studied economics at the University of Chicago (The "Chicago School", home of ten Nobelists, including George Stigler, Joseph Stiglitz and Milton Friedman) where he was student assistant to the 'Grand Old Man' of the Chicago school, Frank H Knight, and later taught economics at Bradley Polytechnic Institute and Georgia Tech, worked as a TVA executive, and in his middle years served as Executive Secretary of the Arlington County (VA) Planning Commission, transformed the Rosslyn area of Arlington with a pioneering foundation-funded tax-policy study, and founded the locally influential Committee of 100.

The Birdman spent his early childhood in Arlington, and from 3rd grade through high school in Columbia TN ('mule capital of the world' and 'home of James K Polk, eleventh President of the US'), graduating from Columbia Military Academy (now Columbia Academy) where he was busted from the officer corps and almost expelled in his final year for what he calls 'a couple of harmless pranks' which included 'calling the wife of the head of the Junior School and asking her for a date' (He was saved from expulsion by his outstanding academic record). The same academic year he went on to become History Medal runner-up and co-editor of the school yearbook, in which he memorialized his 'pranks' in the Snapshots section.

After graduation, Birdman entered the notoriously liberal and avant-garde Antioch College in Yellow Springs OH, but dropped out after a couple of years to write what was eventually to become his magnum opus, Systems Theory and Scientific Philosophy. Married in 1966, he worked part-time as a computer programmer, and eventually took his undergraduate degree in mathematics at the American University in 1968. Since that period he has spent most of his time in study and writing on philosophical topics, publishing an assortment of papers on logic and other topics for both academic journals and the popular press. His most significant achievement in logic was his paper "The Logic of Relative Modality and the Paradoxes of Deontic Logic" which appeared in the Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic in January 1980.

In 1987 Birdman founded the Socratic Press as a vehicle for publishing his work after failing to find an agent for his first general-audience philosophical book, The Mortal Words of JBR Yant and Other Irritations. Later, one of the agents whom Birdman had queried changed her mind, but Birdman had already decided to self-publish: "If Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, William Blake, Lord Byron, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Stephen Crane, Upton Sinclair, Carl Sandburg, James Joyce and Robert Ringer can make a success at self-publishing, then so can I -- after all, I am better than the lot of them," the Birdman declared in his uniquely modest way.

Birdman's interest in racial matters first arose in 7th grade, where he made a speech in front of his class in favor of school integration which had just been mandated by the 1954 Brown decision -- a decision which he now believes was totally wrong. Following this foray, his racial interests lay dormant until the late 80s, when he began to notice that the race issue had moved beyond a generous and well-meaning attitude toward blacks and other minorities, and had become a full-court press to ram political correctness down every white man's throat. Influences during this period consisted of Willis Carto's Spotlight (now published as American Free Press), Wilmot Robertson's Instauration, Jared Taylor's American Renaissance, and especially The St Petersburg Times, the latter of whose liberal columnists raised the Birdman's hackles like nothing before or since, and the responses to whom provided considerable material for at least two of the Birdman's books, Nasty Letter Bombs and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Blacks.

When asked whether he is a white supremacist, Birdman responds: "Of course not. Only a fool would deny that blacks are superior in basketball and short-distance running, to say nothing of crime, which exceeds white crime by 900 percent; and likewise, no knowledgeable person would deny that Jews are superior in monetary affairs or the violin, and apparently also IQ. But when it comes to building civilizations, whites have done it far better than anyone else, providing you don't weigh your consideration too heavily with the vulnerabilities of white society which Jews have exploited, and with which they have managed to bring the West to within a generation or two of total collapse." Birdman continues, "You could call me a white separatist, except that that is not quite accurate. If the 'feral government' had simply left people alone, everything would be fine -- birds of a feather will naturally flock to their own neighborhoods, and the odd bird who doesn't flock will generally not cause problems. Since the feds have insisted on rescinding freedom of association, however, and indeed encouraging its opposite, including making illegal the private contracts that helped in former times to keep white neighborhoods white, many of us have now rediscovered the old adage that you can take the bum out of the slum, but you can't take the slum out of the bum. That's why integration is said to be the time between when the first black moves into a neighborhood and the last white moves out."

During the late 90s the Internet was beginning to make its presence felt, but Birdman procrastinated about putting up a website until he was attacked in an unprecedented three-page spread in the Mensa Bulletin, the national magazine of the legendary high-IQ society, after he had published a statement in an earlier issue of the magazine stating his reasons for thinking that the Jewish Question would be the most important issue of the coming century. Normal courtesy dictates that Birdman should have had an opportunity to respond in kind, but this was not to be: After the attack, the Letters Editor told Birdman he would be allowed a response limited to a suddenly-newly-adopted and highly-restrictive 150 words; but when Birdman used his letter to point Bulletin readers to the full response that he had composed and posted for the occasion on a friend's website, the national President of Mensa refused Birdman the right of any reply whatever. [Entire collection of documents is HERE.] "I outsmarted the bastards, so they had to use force. It's the typical liberal-Jewish way: If you can't afford to respond, then suppress. It is just like they have done for years in Europe with the so-called Holocaust deniers -- they can't afford to argue the facts, so they put the opposition in jail -- eight thousand of them in Germany alone, the last time I heard," Birdman states. "Five people I know are now in jail, or have been there, for just this reason, and another has been heavily fined on several occasions. I am sure they would like to put me there as well -- if they can't get me for denying Jewish mythology, then they will probably settle for felony bird feeding, on the theory that I am spreading 'bird flu', 'SARS', 'West Nile Virus', 'hantavirus', 'Legionnaires' disease', 'swine flu', 'mad cow disease', 'AIDS', or any one of the other diseases du jour which the media are constantly putting people in a dither about, which for the most part are just as mythological as the Holocaust, and which -- like the Holocaust -- are intended to give our NWO masters another excuse for further quashing our freedoms and picking our pockets."

Birdman's local Mensa organization has been no kinder to him than the national one. When his regular column in the local Mensa magazine was canceled because one of his essays questioned the Holocaust Verities, Birdman retaliated by becoming a candidate for local Mensa office, which allowed him to publish a statement in the local magazine discussing his candidacy -- an opportunity which he used to examine the Jewish Question and the way he had been treated by the editor over his essay. While his statement was supposed to be uncensored, it was of course censored; but Birdman nonetheless succeeded in making his major points, even if, as he is famous for saying, "You can lead a horse's ass to 'oughter', but you can't make him think." The entire episode is described in one of Birdman's books which was specially written about the incident, Political Correctness, Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low-Morals Mensa: A Case Study. The incident still resonates in the local group to this day, and various other incidents which have taken place since then are documented in a special subsection of Birdman's website, The Ugly Truth About Tampa Bay Mensa.

Birdman has now been on the Net for almost 6 years as of this writing. At his website, , he posts a daily collection of news stories and a Weekly Letter which often focus on white racial or cultural interests, along with a daily cartoon ("The Mortal Words Birds") which he draws, and extracts from the Wayword Dictionary, which he writes. In addition, Birdman has posted a large collection of material on a wide variety of subjects intended to support his worldview and place the daily news stories in a context which shows the Big Picture of events. In particular, Birdman sees the world in the throes of an overarching conspiracy, whose protagonists are primarily but not exclusively the members of Organized Jewry, and whose purpose is to destroy Western civilization and the white race, and replace it with a race of low-IQ tea-colored drones that will have neither the will nor the wit to challenge what he calls the New World Order/Jew World Order. "Ask not if I am a conspiracy theorist, a racist, a bigot, a hater, a nazi or an anti-semite," Birdman says, "Ask only if I am RIGHT."

It is difficult to pigeonhole (!) the Birdman as to either racial or political orientation. While he spends much time criticizing Jews (whom he joshingly calls 'Foreskinners', after their peculiar religio-sexual practice of 'skinning the fore') and the Jewish establishment, and also gets in an occasional crack at blacks ('negroidals'), Islamics ('Towelheads') and just about everybody else whose shirts need unstuffing, he has friendly letters from Jews, blacks and a smattering of others posted on his site. ("My concern is in saving Western civilization and the race that built it -- the white race -- from the rising tide of Turd-world hordes, and I am happy to welcome into our midst anyone of any race, sex, persuasion or phone number who supports our program.")

As to politics, Birdman calls himself an 'Actonite libertarian' and explains his views as follows: "Leftists feel threatened by corporate power and ordinary libertarians feel threatened by government power; but Actonite libertarians feel threatened by ANY concentration of power, in accord with Lord Acton's dictum that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. My personal interest has been primarily in Jewish power, not because it is the only power, but because I see it as the present day's greatest threat. Jews have been behind virtually every one of the liberal schemes that are now individually and collectively threatening the West's survival: Communism, feminism, immigration, integration, gun control, labor unrest, overlawyering, fractional reserve banking -- including especially the Federal Reserve -- gay liberation, you name it." To this he adds, "The fact that Jews have been leaders in advancing practically every liberal and leftist program under the sun might make us think that this is just due to Jewish intelligence which makes the cream rise to the top. However, if Jews are so intelligent, then we have to ask why they have not recognized that every liberal and leftist program bar none has been a failure, a fact which ought to induce them to abandon their sinister political philosophy in droves. The answer, as I see it, is that Jews have not abandoned liberalism because liberalism has SUCCEEDED IN DOING EXACTLY WHAT ESTABLISHMENT JEWRY WANTS, NAMELY, UNDERMINING THE WEST AND THE WHITE RACE.

As a libertarian, Birdman hardly qualifies as a nazi in spite of often being called one, tho he does believe that libertarians ignore race at their peril, that America fought on the wrong side in WW2, that Hitler was a great man in many ways "even if he were one quarter Jewish", and that what he calls 'the Orthodox Jewish Version of the Holocaust' is a Jewish Big Lie, at least mostly. Birdman also calls himself a 'white racist', which he explains by saying that "Racism is not only good, but is in fact a law of nature whose most familiar rendering is 'Birds of a feather flock together'". Birdman also characterizes himself as a 'Martin Luther King racist': "What I want for my race is just what Martin Luther King said he wanted for his: An end to legal discrimination -- as in affirmative action, quotas and set-asides -- an end to the taxation -- paid mostly by whites -- that supports a parasitic class of welfare-addicted blacks, and an end to the constant bad-mouthing of whites which pours from the liberal media like a flood-stage river." In general, Birdman has unending contempt for the terms with which the liberal-Jewish establishment tries to smear racially-conscious whites: "Terms like 'bigot', 'hater', 'nazi', 'racist' and all the rest are really shut-up words intended to silence an opposition whose ideas are too powerful for Jews and their shabby goy liberal gofers to combat in any other way."

In the last decade or so, Birdman has been involved in several dustups over his pigeon-feeding, which have involved considerable press and tv coverage, a radio debate with the mayor of one of the communities where he did his feeding, a cartoon on the subject in the St Petersburg Times, and at least 7 laws which have been passed against him and his wife in the local communities where he has fed pigeons, including one which prompted the first veto ever of a law by a St Petersburg mayor. Not surprisingly, the leader of the legislative effort to pass this law was a Jew.

Consonant with his rejection of false modesty, Birdman is convinced that he should receive the Nobel prize. "There are many reasons why I am deserving", he says. "My application of systems theory to the problems of philosophy is a major advance for that discipline, and particularly includes (a) my discovery of the Fundamental Theorem of Utility Theory, which unites egoistic and altruistic utility theory; and (b) my work on paradoxes, which includes not only my analysis in terms of feedback loops, but also proof of the insignificance of the much-blathered-about Godel's Theorem , as well as resolution of the Allais Paradox, which appears in Bryant's Law and Other Broadsides."

"My book Systems Theory also includes a clear and unambiguous proof that intelligent machines will experience consciousness, a problem that Nobelist Francis Crick and many others have agonized over. There are, however, several other good reasons besides these for which I am due a Nobel," Birdman continues. "My short book The Most Powerful Idea Ever Discoveredis certainly one, as is my Success in Marriage -- Guaranteed!!!

My work in ethics and logic, which happen to overlap significantly, are also major accomplishments: In the former, my work on The Ten Commandments: A Re-Examination" could be cited (along with much else); and in the latter, my deconstruction of deontic logic by showing that 'ought' statements are sotto voce 'if-then' statements (See 'The Logic of Relative Modality' article mentioned above) and the naturalistic fallacy in Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Philosophy & Philosophers are also major accomplishments. Another important advance is my examination of existence status in my unpublished book Logical Alternatives. My poetry is another citable: My book Better Than Shakespeare puts me well ahead of the Bard, and my other poetry, found in Bryant's Law and Leaves of Grass , is more than just a chaser. Even my Actonite Libertarianism deserves a tip of the Nobelist hat; for this insight unites the philosophies of the Left and Liberty, thus making it politically possible for these two seemingly-opposite viewpoints to find a major common ground. And of course there is volume upon volume of quotable material, putting me well ahead of anyone you care to name on this score, from Shakespeare and La Rochefoucauld to Mencken, Bierce and Lenny Bruce. And finally I must mention my work on the Jewish Question: My book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jews is a monument to the examination of every aspect of this problem, and stands as a wellspring of insight and information far ahead of anything else ever written on the subject." Asked if his claim to be deserving of a Nobel prize was not just the product of a swelled head, Birdman replied: "I will be the first to admit that I have a swelled head, but hey, I have to have a place to put all those brains." Birdman continues: "I think it is pretty obvious that I will not get a Nobel, because the Nobel committee is Politically Correct up the tush, and thus desperate to give the prize to any two-legged black or brown nonentity which will not cause excessive laughter or ridicule. But the funny thing is, the Swedes are now choking on PC: Muslims have taken over major portions of the Swedish urban landscape, and are turning their turf into Third-World slums and free-rape zones for white women -- ambulances, fire engines, and even the police, don't dare go in. A large dose of political incorrectness is the only thing that is going to save the country from utter destruction -- something which, unfortunately for them, the Swedes have outlawed. Thus we can only wonder how many years it will be before the Nobel Committee is disbanded, with its remaining assets earmarked for 'people of color' to compensate for 'white racism'. Like my old pappy used to say, you can ignore the facts, but the facts sure won't ignore you. Likewise, the Nobel committee -- and for that matter, the Politically Correct world -- can ignore me, but they don't have much time left to do it in."

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