From the Talmudic
Madness of the JEW Mind.
Information, below, proves that 
6-million Jews  murdered by Germans during WWII is a cabbalistic number taken from  Talmudic lore composed almost 900 years before WWII occurred. In modern terms the 6-million claim is fraudulent.
If the Talmudic number had been 14-million , then Jewry would have accused Germans of murdering 14-million. FACTS are irrelevant to psychopaths. 
In the Hebrew text of the Tora prophesies, one can read "you shall  return". In the text the letter "V" or "VAU" is absent. Because Hebrew does not
have numbers,  the letter V stands for the number 6.
Ben Weintraub, a religious scientist, learned from rabbis that the meaning of the missing
letter means the number 6 million. The prophesy then reads: You will return,
but with 6 million less.
(See Ben Weintraub: "The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism", Cosmo Publishing,
Washington 1995, page 3. )
The missing 6 million must occur before Jews can return to the Promised Land. Jahweh sees this as a cleaning of the
souls of the sinful people. The Jews must, on the return to the Promised
Land, be clean - the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes. God spoke: "Can I forget the burning sacrifice (HOLOCAUST)?"
Rabbi Tanchum, son of  Chaanilais said: "In the time when Hanaanja, Misael and Asaeja from the burning stokes come, all people of the world  you will strike who hate you."

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*****A Review of a Most Important Literary Work*****

Separation of Church and State . . .?

     Below is not only a review of The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism by Ben Weintraub . . . but a very important article contributed by a major literary figure who must remain anonymous, because of agreements with CRIMINAL POLITICS Magazine. Due to the extreme pressure, which can be brought to bear by the ugliest part of the Zionist community, it was only upon such terms that we could get this significant and timely masterpiece prepared for publication in this issue. I am sorry that I cannot reveal his identity, because it would lend more credibility than can be gleaned by the depth of thought and analysis revealed by its author.

      Yes, of course, we hope that you will buy the book - - (multiple copies) - - but remember that even if you are not interested in reading the book, you will at least have a taste of what it is that is in store for America under international Zionist domination with the cooperation of the leadership of the Christian community. The domination and loss of religious freedom flows from submission and a lack of courage to stand up and defend the Gospels and religious faith of the overwhelming majority of the American people. You may wish to order an anonymous copy of this book sent to your pro-Zionist pastor, priest, or religious leader. . . . Ed.

The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism -
Keystone of the New World Order

     The "critical mass" has now been reached in the great Holocaust Controversy. It is a moot point whether or not Holocaust happened in reality or not, whether the number was one million, six million or none. It is idle chatter to write one more book on any of the "facts" disputed or denied or believed about The Holocaust because the plain fact of the matter, and some are not interested in facts, is that, whatever a person's point of view or research on this great 20th century argument, The Holocaust has been removed from the arena of debate and political history into the domain of theology.

      The Holocaust is established dogma of the Jewish religion. Whatever merit or lack of merit, the book by Ben Weintraub, The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism: Keystone of the New World Order may have, it does conclusively establish - - through impeccable, rabbinical primary sources -- the evidence that The Holocaust story is a documented part of Judaic doctrine. (See page 159 of the Appendix of the book for the Contents reproduced from Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg's book Judaism: The Key Spiritual Writings of the Jewish Tradition, Simon and Schuster/Touchstone, 1991.)

      . . .Ben Weintraub reproduces for all to see in his book, page 9 of the Contents of Hertzberg's book, which lists The Holocaust under Judaic Doctrine. Let us repeat - - one can affirm or deny the historicity of the event, but one cannot deny that this event has moved from the stage of recorded time during World War II into the "Tradition of the Elders" and religious belief of the Jews of the world.

      Weintraub argues, for this reason, that we are currently living in the era of a New Inquisition such as the one that flamed across Europe in the special Tribunal established in 1350-1400, engaged chiefly in combating and punishing "heresy". "Heresy" is any religious opinion or doctrine at variance with the orthodox or accepted doctrine . . . the willful rejection of any article of faith and by a persistent refusal to accept such doctrine without question. [Most people refer to this as "Catholic" influenced. They would no doubt be surprised to learn that Talmudic "teachings" were the influencing force behind this terror. -BeWISE]


[A photocopy of the actual 31 October 1919 article featured in The American Hebrew is shown. . . - It was a lie then, and it is a lie today!! -BeWISE]

     Thanks to the Polish Historical Society for this eye opening document! Note that the article was authored by the former Governor of NY State Martin H. Glynn. Is this a coincidence? Certainly a coincidence beyond believability. The gov't-political power play has been building long before WWII!

      It may come as a surprise to many readers that not only is one called a "Holocaust denier" for not accepting this belief, but in the most advanced countries of Europe - - Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden - - one is fined and put in prison for rejecting this faith, or dogma of Judaism. How could this be so you ask? Because, not since the power of the Universal Catholic Church waned in the last century, has any religion worldwide been so powerful to fill that vacuum and demand worldwide obeisance or be scourged and punished as the most reprehensible of beings - - even as a heretic.

      A Moslem religious leader may put out calls for the death of a particular heretic or person offensive by deed or word to the Moslem faith, but the power to enforce such a decree pales in comparison with the Power of the Jewish religion in the closing decade of the first 2000 years after Jesus Christ's birth. The powerful ones of the earth truly believe that with the end of the period of Christ's religion, we move into a New Age.

      Millions of words and millions of the masses are led like the children by a Pied Piper out of this world to the illusory tune of a magic flute called "Peace on Earth." This by the same composers who wrote the Internationale song of the Communist ideology, which Kenneth Goff, the communist who rejected the Party, called "a religion." This "religion" is far from being dead as the astute observers know. It is only those who trip lightly along after the Pied Piper's tune sung by the world's most powerful media, that believe communism is dead and that we won the Cold War.

      Weintraub's book then makes its central plea or argument that since the Holocaust Dogma is a Jewish religious dogma it therefore MUST NOT be taught in any public school or subsidized in the form of "museums" by the American government, which currently upholds the Supreme Court decision that the first Amendment of the United States Constitution forbade the public purse, or state, from supporting any religion.

      Thus, argues the author, it was very necessary that the Jewish rabbis and lawyers promote The Holocaust under the guise of "history", not religion. This is purely a mask suiting the believers in the orthodox Holocaust doctrine to teach their faith throughout the public institutions of the United States for at least 20 years at the time of this review.

      The time has come, says this book, for all fair-minded people to reappraise the situation with respect to the teaching of this religious dogma of the Judaic religion in America. Hundreds of books currently criticize our country's Public education system for one reason or another, but not one of these books has brought to our attention this devious doctrine being taught throughout America. The clue to the knowledge that this dogma of belief is not history is that it may not - - or never be - - debated or disputed IN ANY SHAPE or form.

      Most accounts of history are constantly being debated or revised, or made subject to new research by, for example - - doctoral theses that come up with a new version of why the West held an erroneous opinion of Christopher Columbus as a great navigator, when indeed he was "just another reprehensible European out to subjugate Indians." But, however controversial such a point of view may be, it is not denied entrance into the book stream-of-consciousness.

      . . . .Not so with the many revisionist titles which discuss the Holocaust - - the details of the ovens, the type of gas, the number of days required to cremate a body or the numbers of Jews in Germany at the time. The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism does us a favor by quoting a little-noted new dictum of American jurisprudence, which doesn't seem very "prudent" in this instance. They have pointed out, according to the Reader's Digest Legal Problem Solver: A Quick and Easy Guide to the Law, 1994, under the category Freedom of Speech, p. 486 . . .

      "A public school teacher's right to free speech is limited in some respects. In general, teachers may express their views on political or historical events. However, a teacher cannot present views in a classroom that deny known facts. He may not teach that the Holocaust never happened or that the United States was the first country to send a satellite into orbit, for example. In addition, a teacher may not make statements that disrupt the running of the school or interfere with the educational process."

      Does it not seem that the legal advisors who created this "law" were making of the "educational process" something like processed cheese" Few philosophers have made iron rules about what this "process is"; however, most of the great minds agree that it includes the right to question and the right to disagree. John Milton says in Areopagitica:....

". . .Our faith and knowledge thrive by exercise, as well as our limbs and complexion. Truth is compared in Scripture to a streaming fountain; if her waters flow not in perpetual progression, they sicken into a muddy pool of conformity and tradition. A man may be a heretic in the truth; and if he believes things only because his pastor says so, or the Assembly so determines, without knowing another reason. though his belief be true, yet the very belief he holds becomes his heresy . . .

     . . .To be still searching what we know not, by what we know, still closing up truth to truth as we find it . . ..this is the golden rule in theology as well as in arithmetic, and makes up the best harmony in a church; not the forced and outward union of cold, neutral, and inwardly divided minds." (p.222, Harvard Classics, Vol.13)


      Milton continues to argue that dissent is absolutely vital to liberty in the state. The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism dissents from the prevailing orthodoxy of political correctness in viewing the events during World War II. It does not ask the reader to concur with every opinion of the author - - but passionately pleads the right to question and explore the opinions of any people in any age.

      Weintraub approaches the key to the New World Order, as B'nai B'rith calls the Doctrine of the Holocaust, through the mystical beliefs of Kabballah, the Jewish Oral Tradition - - especially Gematria, which is the belief that the Letters of the Alphabet each carries a numerical equivalence, and that God created the world through these letters of the Alphabet. By reading the Old Testament in this numerical way, the rabbis may come up with startling conclusions or prophecies.

      We leave you to read the book to find out how the Hebrew letter vav, which has the assigned number 6, and other symbolical meanings, figures in the founding of the state of Israel in 1948, and how exactly this letter predicted - - (through a misspelled word by God) - - that the Jews would return to their homeland minus exactly 6 million people! Since God said so - - how could any mere mortal question that number?

      As the method of mystics is to "meditate" rather than to use reason although this does not preclude that the results of meditation are very reasonable, we find an unusual section of this book's Appendix describing the "Meditation Room" of the United Nations in New York City.

      Again, the author asks the reader only to consider his hypothesis, and if found untrue, to discard it by proof to the contrary. Weintraub may be a bit of a mystic or visionary himself, in his imaginative deductions, however, why not order this book and find out for yourself how close to the truth Weintraub's arrow has shot?

     . . . However, if this review cannot persuade you to study The Holocaust, and you say you are not interested in the subject - - you had better think again. Why? . . . . Because even no less a personage than Edgar Bronfman, President of the World Jewish Congress, says the issues of The Holocaust are vital. He means of course, vital to the Jewish people, but if so, then it must follow that it must be of interest to you also. . . ..for what befalls this enigmatic people, relates to all the world's people and particularly to the Christians, who today are blamed for The Holocaust as Nero once blamed them for burning Rome.

     ....Edgar Bronfman is also concerned with the threat to the world's Jews today, that he agrees to match any contribution you make (up to $25,000). The latest fund-raising plea from The World Jewish Congress arrived September 27,1995, but is undated. Your dollars are pledged to work closely with the police of all nations to monitor "anti-Semitism" wherever it may raise its ugly head.

      The many Traditions of Judaism will also be untied under one umbrella and laws will be pushed in all nations to combat anti-Semites. Indeed, Edgar promises to turn up the pressure on nations supporting "Terrorists" (such as those who deny the Holocaust or even question it). In fact, Bronfman calls all efforts to study The Holocaust impartially as "a conspiracy against the Jews." Alas, writers will be discredited, stigmatized or put in prison for "trying to refute the fact that 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis."

      In addition, your contribution would help return stolen property to the Jews from the Nazis and the Communists. Never mind if that is a very precarious business, with rightful ownership being very dubious and hard to prove. And since the highest echelon of Communist rulers were Jewish, as Frank Britton proves in his book BEHIND COMMUNISM, [and many others... -BeWISE] it sounds as if some Jews were mistreated by their own brethren!!! They were Semitic-anti-Semitics no less!

      Furthermore your valued contributions would help to distribute to all nations through the United Nations and other heads of state, the U.S. Congress, and the Knesset, a long list compiled annually of the heretics loose everywhere in the world.

      This sort of behavior was once called by a nasty word: blackmail. If you are not in agreement with the agenda for domination by the Jews, you are automatically a "hateful" person - - without regard for "human rights." That's the trouble with the last word - - there is no such thing as "human rights" - - rather, only God-ordained Laws that people must live by to be decent individuals. To condemn the world to believe a lie is madness. [YAHWEH's WORD...--BeWISE], America's Bill of Rights, the First Amendment in particular, is the only bulwark between freedom and tyranny for the 21st century.

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"Ben Weintraub" is an alias. The author, a well established female educator, is listed in  Who's Who of American Women, 2000 Women of Achievement, International Authors and Writers, Dictionary of International Biography, and Community Leaders of America ..
"Ben"  is seeking a new publisher with  strong right-wing credentials..
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