Before You Click Again . . .

John Bryant is a member of Tampa Bay Mensa and American Mensa, Ltd. However, TBM wishes the casual web-surfer to understand that neither TBM nor AML in any way condones Mr. Bryant's long-standing and frequently bruited opinions favoring (for example) adult sex with children, the separation of the races, and rape, or against (for example) Judaism, liberalism, tolerance, or the imaginary "Illuminati conspiracy."

Mensa as an organization has no opinions, no religious, racial, or nationalist affiliations, no political action committees, and no long-range goals beyond the fostering of human intelligence. In the summer of 1946, at a meeting of six or seven of Mensa's founders (the association became official in November 1946), an individual present moved that black people be excluded from membership in Mensa. After what a Mensa historian described as "a short, appalled silence," the founder of Mensa immediately amended the motion to replace the phrase "black people" with "green people with yellow stripes," and in that form the motion passed, with one vote against. The only bias that Mensa has ever shown remains just that: People who have green skin with yellow stripes are excluded from membership in Mensa.

The Tampa Bay Sounding, TBM's monthly newsletter, states as part of its editorial policy that "personal attacks and bigoted, sexist, hateful, or otherwise offensive material will not be published." It is this policy, which has been in place in one wording or another for all of TBM's existence, that caused the ExComm to question whether to include a link to Mr. Bryant's site on our official web site, which represents TBM to the world. In the end, it is in the spirit of fairness that TBM has included a link to Mr. Bryant's site: We believe in free speech, and we believe that to censor Mr. Bryant would diminish us. (That is the opinion of TBM's current ExComm, not of Mensa, which has no opinions.)

If you still want to visit Mr. Bryant's web site, here is the correct link: