The Ugly Truth About Tampa Bay Mensa

By John "Birdman" Bryant


The local Mensa organization to which I belong is called Tampa Bay Mensa. There is a little knot (ok, LARGE knot) of members whose behavior has been shameful toward me over the years -- shameful enuf, in my view, to make their behavior inimical to Mensa (the only condition under which a member can be expelled), except for the fact that they have behaved toward me pretty much like the powers-that-be in National Mensa have behaved. The sordid story of National Mensa is told on the Jewish Question page of my website,; the purpose of the present section is to tell the ugly story of Tampa Bay Mensa as I have experienced it.



Political Correctness, Censorship and Liberal-Jewish Strongarm Tactics in High-IQ/Low-Morals Mensa: A Case Study

This is a short book intended to tell about my first major clash with Mensa Jews and their shabby goy gofers. My story is somewhat confirmed by the fact that the main protagonist of this book, lawyer George Zadorozny, was recently censured by the Florida bar for effectively stealing money from one of his clients, a fellow Mensan. Too bad the SOB didn't get put in jail.



* Unanswered Letters to Sounding Editor Maxine Kushner (1999 & later)

* Correspondence With 'Webspinner' Mary Matthews (August 2002) - And why does her title make me think of a nest of Black Widow spiders?

* Here is the 'Warning Link' that Mary Matthews and her friends set up so that anyone clicking on the link to my site from the TBM Members Links page would see this before they could view the site. It is outrageously libelous, but I was happy to allow it to be left up because it degrades the Jews of Tampa Bay Mensa and their shabby goy gofers far more than it hurts me. This 'Warning Link' remained up for several years, but sometime during 2005 the entire Members Links page was taken down, possibly as a result of my correspondence with Tom Thomas (see below). The current 'webspinner' Ellen Berry refused to comment on this matter, but my suggestion is that the Members Links page was taken down for one of the following reasons:
(a) TBM members who actually read my page noticed that the Warning Link was libelous, but the TBM leadership did not want to remove the Warning Link, so they just removed the Member Links page
(b) The TBM leadership was getting too many embarrassing questions about the Warning Link, such as, "Is this what you do to the people whose sites you don't like?"
(c) The link was giving my site a lot of traffic

* Suppressed Correspondence With New Sounding Editor Tom Thomas (February 2005)

* Reader Bonus: The Big Catfight Between Mary Matthews and Maxine Kushner - Mary is not merely upset, but completely puzzled, as to why Maxine has treated her so badly. There is, however, an obvious explanation -- tho one which Mary would no doubt reject: The Jewish hatred of gentiles, and a desire to dominate them (Maxine is apparently Jewish; Mary apparently gentile). I had no part in this conflict, but thought I would throw it in 'just for fun' since Mary and Maxine have played such an important role in my own TBM experiences.


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