Rose at 7:50 A.M. Good day's work. Finalised the deal on renting 1203 Newton Street from tomorrow, though they asked for half the entire rental sum in advance which just about cleans us out.
In the PO Box was the new Address Book application from Canada; installed it and—got the David Duke list to load with virtually no problem. Hurrah! 404 names and addresses of his best contributors; I weeded out half a dozen duplicates. There are some names I recognise too—I'll have to weed them out first.
January 7, 1995 (Saturday)
Key West (Florida)
10 A.M. moved over to 1203 Newton Street, a two room apartment, ground floor, modestly furnished, for $700 per week! (South Africa would have been free). Benté has a lot to answer for. Can't find any phone in it, just evidence that one has recently been removed.—Got some work on DRESDEN done during the day, but the gent upstairs has a noisy disco-type soundblaster which needed some verbal attention from me. There has however been $200 in the DIFF box each of the last two days. Time to get to work on milking the David Duke list.
January 8, 1995 (Sunday)
Key West (Florida)
Benté was completely and profoundly amiable at 7 A.M. (after a row last night about money). Rose at 8:30 A.M., breakfast with Jessica at Croissant Shop.
Good day's work on DRESDEN.
The noises from upstairs continue, alas. A repeat of the Pillar martyrdom? I hope not.
Late evening, typed first draft of the funds appeal letter that is to go to the David Duke list. I am quite satisfied with it.
January 9, 1995 (Monday)
Key West (Florida)
A cold night; rose at 8, breakfast with Jessica at the Croissant Shop. Agency at first seemed pessimistic about the phone, but Brian came round at 5 P.M. to say they'd have it switched on in twenty four hours.
Correspondence all morning. Only $91 in DIFF box today; things could get tight.
At The Reach, lunch with Jessica, who is still a little darling and greatly admired. Major ego trip for me. Two girls from the Midlands, Emma Lynch and Samantha; latter a horse lover, reminiscent of SSG at her gooiest over horses rather than men. Also works in a garage. Must drive the men nuts, that she puts horses first. Waitress hinted that I put their 00 on mine; turned out, after I agreed, that they'd lunched.
Worked on DRESDEN in the afternoon and evening. A chilly spell.
January 10, 1995 (Tuesday)
Key West (Florida)