Letter to David Irving on Nazism and the Occult

By John "Birdman" Bryant


To: David Irving From: John Bryant Re: Two suggested questions for you to address at the Orlando shindig

On pain of being thought annoying, I would like once again to ask you to address the subject of the Third Reich and the occult. I bring this up again because of two matters: First, that one of my correspondents who has read all your books tells me that you do not address this matter anywhere that he remembers; and second, because I have recently secured a copy of Peter Levenda's 1995 book Unholy Alliance -- one of the sources for Jim Marrs' book Rule By Secrecy, the extracts from which you declared to be false -- which in my view -- having read only a small part of the book -- makes a very impressive case for the intimate relationship of the occult and the Third Reich. I say this especially because I judge the credibility of Levenda in the same way that I judge you and the Holocaust revisionists to be credible in comparison with the Court historians -- you guys go to the documents and to the other direct evidence, and are not satisfied with copying each other -- this is what I take your phrase 'real history' to mean. In Levenda's case, the back cover of the book states that

"Author Peter Levenda has personally translated numerous Nazi documents relating to the exploitation of the occult for political and military purposes. He has breached the inner sanctum of the Colonia Dignidad, the nazi's hidden refuge in South America, which remains in operation to this day. And he has compiled a chilling and comprehensive history of a would- be Master Race's slavish devotion to Satanism, human sacrifice, Black Magic and the secret delights of Hell."

Obviously, Levenda is no nazi partisan, in contrast to yourself, and seems to be trying to sell his book on shock value. Clearly he regards the occult as 'evil', as do most people. In my view, however, the occult is a body of knowledge which is only beginning to be scientifically investigated, and which -- like most things in this world -- is only good or evil according to how it is employed. Thus I do not see the nazi involvement with the occult as 'evil', but merely a fact which may explain many important things about them. I am aware, however, of the obvious conflict between your compaign to 'give the nazi Devils their due' (or make them look good) and the fact that many regard the occult as evil, which provides you with a strong motivation to stay as far away from the subject as possible. However, if you are indeed a student of 'real history', it seems obligatory that you address this subject in some way, if for no other reason than to debunk Levenda's seemingly highly credible argument. This becomes even more important in the resurgence of the real 'old-time religion' which Christianity has been attempting to stamp out for the last two millennia, but which is re-emerging in numerous ways, from the intimate relation of Christianity and the cult of the amanita muscaria mushroom to the fact that Christianity itself is but a variation on a sun-worshipping religion whose Christmas creche is taken directly from the Isis/Osiris religion of ancient Egypt, and whose celebration of the vernal equinox remains as it was in ancient times: An Easter/East-looking Son-rise/sun- rise service. Another way the Old-Time Religion is re-emerging is in modern politics, as can be seen from the books of various writers, including Jon Rappoport, Cathy O'Brien (The Trance-Formation of America), and former Nebraska legislator John Decamp's book The Franklin Coverup. The things which these writers reveal is truly frightening, and in fact the recent pedophilia scandals of the Catholics are but a superficial dimension of what these authors long-ago revealed. And if Marrs and other authors are to be believed, the secret societies which are believed to have so much influence in modern politics -- the Masons, Skull & Bones, the Illuminati, Knights of Malta/Templars, CFR, and others -- are part of the nexus that is intimately involved with ancient knowledge, theories of racial purity and the extraterrestrial origins of the human race which have been explored by many authors from Aryan supremacist Mme Blavatsky -- on whose 19th century book The Secret Doctrine a swastika appears on the cover page -- to modern authors such as Jewish Sumerian textual scholar Zecharia Sitchin (Annunaki) and the less-respectable 'anti-semite' David Icke ('shape-shifting reptilians').

Another topic which also greatly interests me, and which would probably be a lot easier for you to address than the occult, was expressed by a paragraph from my last Weekly Letter:

"Now that the Holocaust has been thoroughly investigated and found to be largely a hoax, and the Katyn massacre has been found to be the responsibility of the Soviets rather than the Allies, it seems that there remain a small number of other important questions to be answered in order to ascertain whether the nazi regime was significantly immoral in any way. These include Krystallnacht, the Reichstag fire, and whether the invasion of Poland was genuinely justified or simply an act of territorial aggrandizement. Also remaining is the question of whether WW2 was actually the product of the deliberate scheming of secret societies or interest groups, tho this would not necessarily impugn the nazi regime. Another important question in my mind is whether -- as some say -- Hitler actually bypassed the 'international bankers' with an arrangement of interntional barter, or whether his regime was significantly built up -- as others have alleged -- by those self-same international bankers."

In conclusion, I hope you will address some of these matters in Orlando, and if not there, then somewhere. I am asking my questions now so you will know in advance and have a chance to prepare, in case you care to.



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