Occultic Aspects of WW2:
Four Excerpts from Peter Levenda's Unholy Alliance

Compiled by John 'Birdman' Bryant


Birdman note: History as it is conventionally written is sterile, being merely a recitation of names, dates and places as they would appear in some pedagogical catalog of events. Celebrated Third Reich historian David Irving prides himself on inserting 'color' into his histories, but the only color which I have found is the color black, as I regard his name-date-place recitations catatonically boring, even if his history is a bit fairer to the nazis than the books of the run-of-the-mill New Yawk Jewish publishers. But what disturbs me is not just that Irving isn't really less boring than conventional historians; it is rather that his history, such as it is, leaves huge holes that he has made no effort to fill. This is particularly-well illustrated by the first of the excerpts below on the rescue of Mussolini. Irving mentions this rescue in just three places of his latest edition of Hitler's War -- pp 611, 625 and 626 -- and leaves the reader with the impression that there was no special story to be told, whereas from the excerpt below it would seem to be one of the most dramatic events of the war. In view of the things others have said about Irving, and in view of the money he has stolen from my wife, I have little reason to trust the man; and with the discovery of this and other huge holes in his history I have even less.


On the Rescue of Mussolini - pp. 226-9

[W]hen the Ahnenerbe's [the Nazi office in charge of occultic practices] archaeological digs began coming up empty, Himmler was hard-pressed to demonstrate [its] actual value in other areas. In September 1943 he had his chance.

The Pendulum Solution When Hitler received word of the imprisonment of Mussolini by the Fascist Council on orders of the king on July 25, 1943, he was under- standably distraught. On a personal level, although his political plat- form did not agree completely with Italian fascism, Hitler still saw Il Duce as something of a spiritual mentor. More importantly, Mussolini was an ally. He had been replaced by Marshal Pietro Badoglio, who at that moment was negotiating with the Allies for Italy's surrender. Only two weeks earlier, Allied forces composed of both British and American units had landed in Sicily and were meeting with less-than- enthusiastic resistance from Italian troops. This crisis caused the im- plosion at the emergency meeting of the Fascist Grand Council (which had not even met since 1939), resulting in a demand for the restora- tion of the monarchy under King Victor Emmanuel III; in essence requiring Mussolini's resignation as leader of the armed forces. This was enough to alarm the Fuhrer, but in early September Allied forces had crossed from Sicily onto mainland Italy ... and Badoglio rushed to sign an armistice with the Western powers. Italy-bereft of Musso- lini's leadership-had been handed over to the Allies. Germany had been betrayed. No matter what, Mussolini had to be rescued and Fascism once more restored to its rightful place in Rome.

But there was a problem. No one knew where Mussonlini was being held. According to Walter Schellenberg, head of the Foreign Intelligence Division (AMT VI) of the RSHA (Reichsicherheitshauptamt or Reich's Main Security Office) in his published memoirs, he had no idea where Mussolini had been taken after his arrest by the Carabinieri The RSHA was an organization created by the notorious Reinhard Heydrich in September 1939 to combine the various secret police agencies (the Gestapo, the SIPO, and the Sicherheitsdienst des RFSS or SD) into a single, monolithic police organization under Himmler's control. According to Schellenberg, Hitler had given orders to find and res- cue Mussolini as early as the beginning of August. However, Schel- lenberg was at a loss as to where Il Duce was being held. And he was already in hot water with the Fuhrer for suggesting that Hitler with- draw German troops to a position on the wrong side of the Po River to aid Badoglio in his efforts to "neutralize" Italy. Hitler considered such reasoning defeatist, and wanted Schellenberg arrested and thrown into prison (at best) or executed for treason (at worst). Himmler (who prized Schellenberg's abilities very highly and who would come to rely upon him extensively in the last days of the war) managed to run interference, and promised Hitler instead that his intelligence service would find Mussolini. Thus, both Himmler and Schellenberg were extremely motivated in their search for Mussolini, and were willing to try anything. Schellenberg, though, "had not the faintest inkling of where he was." To go on in his words:

"Therefore, Himmler summoned some of the practitioners of the "occult sciences" arrested after the flight of Hess to Great Britain, and had them closeted in a Wannsee country house. These quacks were given orders to find out the whereabouts of Mussolini "

The "quacks" were quite expensive, demanding the very best in food, wine, and cigars, all of which were paid for by Schellenberg's department. Imagine the scene for a moment, and savor it if you will: People who had been arrested and thrown into the death camps in 1941 were now, in 1943, summoned to the aid of the Reichsfuhrer- SS, Heinrich Himmler himself, on a mission of great importance to the Reich. A hairbreadth away from being sent back to the camps if they failed and possibly being tortured and killed as the very "quacks" Schellenberg said they were, they instead settled in quite comfortably and ordered the best of everything: like prisoners on death row re- questing their last meal. It was either a mark of incredible audacity or an indication as to how far gone these individuals were that they were able to maintain their composure under these terrifying circumstances and go so far as to make the Foreign Intelligence Service foot a hefty entertainment bill for their "services." And a hefty bill it must have been, for it has been the author's experience from direct observation that occultists in general have tremendous appetites. For a while it must have been touch-and-go at the country house, and the anxiety levels of both SS officers and psychics alike must have risen to previously unrecorded heights. After all, finding Mussolini was a top priority of the Fuhrer himself. He was counting on the Italian leader's help in forming a new Fascist government and holding the line in Italy against the inexorable Allied advance. Moreover, there was danger on other fronts-notably in the Balkans-of the Italian Army simply surrendering en masse and leaving vast territories to the like of Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia. Thus, finding Mussolini was no sideshow. And the outlook for locating Il Duce using psychic powers didn't seem too optimistic at first. Even Himmler must have doubted the wisdom of employing his former prisoners in this ultrasensitive intelligence mission.

"Nevertheless, a "Master of the Sidereal Pendulum" succeeded at last in locating Mussolini on an island west of Naples. To do this seer justice, it must be recorded that at the time Mussolini had no apparent contact with the outside world. It was, in fact, the island of Ponza to which he had been transferred at first."

In other words, the "Master of the Sidereal Pendulum" had success- fully located the most famous Italian prisoner of the twentieth century ... and with no more than a decent meal, a few drinks, a good smoke, and a pendulum swinging over a map of Italy. It will be remembered that one of Hitler's closest friends was the "Master of the Sidereal Pendulum" Dr. Gutberlet. Whether or not it was this same "Master" who worked on the Mussolini problem is not revealed. Yet, Schellenberg's use of the same phrase to describe both men is provocative, if only coincidental. At the same time, astrologer Wilhelm Wulff was summoned to the office of Arthur Nebe, the head of the Kriminalpolizei and an SS- Obergruppenfuhrer who was also charged with finding Mussolini. Ac- cording to Wulff's own account, he drew up a Hindu astrological chart and pinpointed Mussolini's location on the same island of Ponza, which had been identified by the "Master of the Sidereal Pen- dulum." Wulff's success with this and other projects for Nebe led to the Gestapo releasing all of his previously confiscated books and most of his papers, and marked the beginning of his short career as Nazi astrologer working directly for Nebe, Schellenberg, and, eventually, Himmler. As for Mussolini, he was later taken to a hotel on the top of the Gran Sasso (in the Abruzzi), where he was spectacularly rescued by German commandos and glider pilots under the command of Aus- trian-born Luftwaffe officer Otto Skorzeny. Skorzeny will figure later in our account in a somewhat more sinister context ...


The Story of Jack Parsons - pp. 244-246

[I]t was well known that Hess was mystically inclined and deeply involved with astrology. ... Who better to debrief Hess, the Egyptian-born mystic, than another mystic, one with strong ties to the German occult movement: Aleister Crowley himself? Further, it was probably no secret at all to American and British intelligence officials that deep within the United States' own rocket program-and thus engaged in a highly classified race against the Nazi scientists at Peenemunde-lurked another Thelemite [follower of 'Great Beast' Aleister Crowley] and member of Crowley's OTO, the brilliant engineer Jack Parsons. Parsons was involved in rocket fuel research, principally of the "solid-fuel" variety, and therefore his work was vital to the war effort and to the subsequent space program. A charter member of Cal-Tech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Parsons is probably the only known occultist-and certainly the only Thelemite-who has a crater on the Moon (dark side) named after him. Although this is not the space to go into the Parsons story in detail, some information is necessary to show the extent to which Crowley's organization was involved in magick and the war effort on the side of the Allies and on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1939, Jack Parsons became involved with Crowley's OTO through the Agape Lodge of California, then being run by one W. T. Smith, who had been a Thelemite since 1915 via the Vancouver Lodge under Charles Stansfeld Jones ("Frater Parzival"), an accountant and a very early member of the OTO from the first days of Crowley's rulership of the Order's English-speaking world community. In 1942-a significant year as we shall see-Crowley removed Smith from leadership of the Agape Lodge and installed Parsons as its chief. The Agape Lodge was run from Parsons's home in Pasadena, where rituals were held daily and from where Parsons would collect member- ship dues, etc. and forward them to Karl Germer on the East Coast. who would send them on to Crowley in London. In other words, this OTO Lodge was being run more or less openly during the war by a man-magickal named "Frater 210"-simultaneously involved in criti- cal work for the war effort, under the spiritual guidance of a former concentration camp inmate who corresponded regularly with a man accused of being a former German spy, now living in London! Parsons joined the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory, Califor- nia Institute of Technology (GALCIT) in 1936, working for Frank J. Malina and Theodore von Karman at Pasadena on various problems related to rocket propellants. Once America entered World War II, the need for discovering a reliable solid propellant became crucial, particularly if the Navy was to develop JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off) aircraft. Try as they might, the GALCIT people could not come up with a workable formula. The fuels they developed had a tendency to deterio- rate after only a few days, making them impossible to transport and store aboard ship. All the different types of black powder fuels were tested and scrapped. Finally, it was Jack Parsons who came up with the solution that enabled America to enter the rocket-propelled aircraft race. In 1942- the year he became head of the Agape Lodge and moved its headquar- ters into his home-he decided to abandon the black powder concept altogether and came up with a solution that could only have come from someone with a working knowledge of the arcane lore of al- chemy and magic: Greek fire. To this day, no one really knows how he intuited the switch from black powder to asphalt and potassium Perchlorate. But it worked, and was GALCIT's first breakthrough of the war. The solid propellant designed and formulated by Jack Parsons became widely used by the US Navy in 1944 and 1945 with great success." Parsons himself, however, became the subject of what might have been a Federal investigation into his occult activities during the war. In April 1945-the month the war ended in Europe-he became in- volved with one "Frater H," who proved a disastrous companion for Frater 210. Claiming he was working either for Naval Intelligence or the FBI or even, oddly, LAPD-depending on the source you believe, if any-Frater H succeeded in virtually destroying Parsons's life and his grip on reality. Performing various rituals of sex-magick and an- gelic invocations with Frater H, Parsons believed he had contacted some of the same higher powers with which Crowley had conversed in Cairo in 1904; he even went so far as to communicate these beliefs to the Great Beast himself, without going into details, pledged as he was to a pact of secrecy with these alien beings. Crowley rightly as- sumed that Parsons was being made a victim of some sort of confi- dence trick just as the mysterious Frater H was absconding with money from a joint account he held with Parsons and wound up actu- ally marrying Parsons's girlfriend. By 1948, Parsons had declared himself the Antichrist. By 1952, Parsons-now known as "Belarion Armiluss Al Dajjal Antichrist"- would drop a vial of fulminate of mercury at his home laboratory and with the resulting explosion one of the more brilliant-if terribly sad-figures in contemporary occultism would be dead at the age of thirty-eight. Upon hearing of her son's death, his mother committed suicide the same day. "Frater H"-the man who was most responsible for leading Parsons into madness by (among other things) stealing his money and his girl- friend-was none other than science fiction author and Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard.


The Story of Anne - pp. 253-5

An OBE for an OBE? The intelligence operative known by her code-name, Anne, probably never received the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her amazing work for the Secret Service during World War II, but she certainly deserved it for she performed one of the most amazing feats of intelli- gence gathering of that or any war. She penetrated to the heart of the Reichswehr in Berlin, copied classified documents, and reported on secret conversations between military leaders ... and all without leav- ing her armchair in London. She did it by utilizing her special gift of astral travel, what New Agers today refer to as "Out of Body Experi- ence" or ... OBE. This charming and intriguing story is given in only one place the author is aware of, a book entitled Women in Espionage by a former Czechoslovak government official whose book on Rudolf Hess-Hess: The Man and His Mission-appears in many World War II bibliogra- phies. The official's name is J. Bernard Hutton, and he claims to have tracked down and met the mysterious "Anne" . . . who unfortunately remained loyal to the Service (and to the Official Secrets Act) and would not divulge any details of her exploits on behalf of MI5. How- ever, he was able to determine that "Anne" had one day appeared at the office of an "Intelligence chief" with a sealed letter of recommen- dation from one of his friends. I like to think this "chief" was Maxwell Knight, whose tolerance for the occult was no secret, but that is pure speculation on my part. No matter. "Anne"-a former ambulance driver whose poor health had forced her to retire professed to be able to obtain information on Nazi military intentions by "mind-traveling": that is, she would lean back in a chair, close her eyes, and "travel" to the place desired and eavesdrop on what was being said. She could even read documents and-with her photographic memory and command of the German language (the result of some student years spent in Berlin and Zu- rich)-relay their contents completely and accurately upon her "re- turn. Anne was tested several times by the Service, and found to be quite reliable. She was then "sent" on various intelligence assignments to Germany and parts unrecorded, successfully bringing back the war- critical data as required. Mr. Hutton reports that Anne's information was treated with respect and that "British political and military strategy was influenced and helped by Anne's reports. " Compared to the trance medium employed by Himmler to uncover the conspiracy behind the Beer Hall explosion, Anne wins by a land- slide. One wonders if any Nazi psychics were ever aware of Anne's spiritual form wafting through the halls of the Reichswehr, the Reichs- tag, or perhaps even the bedrooms at Hitler's Berchtesgaden retreat, recording everything she saw with her ethereal-yet lethally photo- graphic-second sight?


On Samuel Untermyer - The Man Who Declared a Jewish War On Germany in 1933

[O]ne particularly interesting American contribution [to the occult side of WW2 was] in the person of Samuel Untermyer. Sam Untermyer was reportedly a member of the Golden Dawn [a famous occultic society associated with Aleister Crowley] in New York City, and was well known in local legal and political cir- cles as something of a philanthropist as well as a formidable attorney. According to investigative journalist Maury Terry, a British newspaper called Untermyer a "satanist." To the British press, of course, this could have meant anything from Theosophist to cannibal. Consider- ing Untermyer's accomplishments and sentiments, however, the au- thor tends to agree that, if anything, he truly was a member of the Golden Dawn. In 1903, he purchased the former estate of Samuel Tilden in Yon- kers. Tilden was famous for his unsuccessful bid for the presidency against Rutherford B. Hayes in 1876. This property-known as "Greystone"-became a public park after Untermyer's death in 1940, and it would be here at Untermyer Park (within walking distance of David Berkowitz's Yonkers apartment) that the Son of Sam cult would have its earliest meetings-and where it sacrificed dogs to Satan- thirty-seven years later.

Excerpted from UNHOLY ALLIANCE, BY PETER LEVENDA (Continuum International, 2002)



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