Birdman 'Refuted' by Adams Family Member

By John "Birdman" Bryant


Half-Jew Michael Adams <> believes he has penned the ultimate answer to Birdman (see link). However, before the Mamzer divisions, schvartzer regiments, Latrino diggers, Mexcrimentals, Towelheads and other Lilliputian legions which Michael believes he is leading break out the bubbly, it would help them to know that Michael once strongly supported the Birdman's site, and even made a generous contribution under strained financial circumstances (his check bounced). However, during the last year or so Michael has been suffering a severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder, where of course we are referring to the disorder brought about by having a deficit of attention from certain people like the Birdman whom Michael has already acknowledged as great, and who are supposed to recognize Michael's Great Talents as The Bard of Begrimed Buffoons or whatever it is he calls himself, thereby qualifying him to sit among the Immortals, or something like that. Well, sorry, Michael -- you just don't quite reach that level, but your screed will nevertheless achieve an immortality of sorts by being linked here -- if not as a successful refutation, then perhaps as presenting a clear and convincing contradiction between your one-time love affair with the Birdman's site and your present view which is summarized in the following quote:

"Look, Birdman-- nobody cares about you insignificant far-right/racist/libertarian/undermench/repressed-homosexual/anti-Semitic shits capering around out here in the red state hinterlands because frankly your crackpot theories about the fundamental nature of society, revolving around in a discount glass case picked up from Adolf Hitler's yardsale have no validity!"

Yes, Michael, there is no condemnation like self-condemnation, as demonstrated by your little turncoat backflip which has succeeded in installing your head directly up that place where the sun never shines. But hey, it's all of a piece in wanting to get some tiny recognition on the 'insignificant' (but popular!) Birdman site, and if you can't get that recognition thru love, then try it thru hate, just like all those far-right 'undermench' you denounce!

Here is Michael's screed:

Postscript: After having written the above, I read the link Michael sent me about his going to jail, and now I understand better where he is coming from. From reading the posted arrest reports, I discover that he is only 24, but weighs 300 pounds -- a singularly unhappy situation -- and the unhappiness plus youthful lack of maturity, plus the fact that he was expelled from high school for fighting, were undoubtedly contributing factors to the harassing letters he wrote which got him jailed. I also discovered that he previously gave himself the nickname Aryan Barbarian. Ah, but that was yesterday, and Jew (Jewth?) will out, will it not?

In conclusion, let me quote the last paragraph of Michael's letter, where he gives the url about his jailing:


Well, if you won't come out here and refute me then I'll go out and refute someone who will. I've been dropping this off at all the white nationalist sites, and those poor, beleagured fuckers won't even deal with me. I guess they figure they'll get their asses intellectually kicked by a non-Mensan half-Jew. Pretty appalling, huh? Especially for a gang of iconoclasts who believe whole-heartedly that "truth is its own author". The lot of you couldn't fight your way out of a paper bag-- intellectually, physically, or morally. Quit blaming others for your sense of alienation, and grow the fuck up already. Your wounded adolescent antics are tiring.

Michael "Lawless" Adams


So much for the Aryan Barbarian.


[Michael continues the conversation. Birdman's comments are interleaved with his text:]

Dear Birdman,

I think you are trying too hard up here, with what
you're trying to do in the sense of trying to
discredit me. It's petty, infantile, and flailing.
Especially when you attack my half-ethnicity. It was
you that said Jews were for the most part, "O.K",
except for "problem Jews". But what you have to
realize about me, is that I have no real connection
with the pro-Israel crowd.

[Being pro-Israel is not the only Jewish sin, by any means. Try reading my site -- you might learn something.]

That was never my milleu [sic].
What "Michael Goes to Jail" proves, is that I have
balls-- whereas the rest of you all hide behind
websites (-- or at least clicking on websites) and
would never conceive of going after the people who
drove you in the far-right direction in the first

[Does sending threatening letters to your former teachers prove that you have balls, or just that you don't have brains?]

You speak of the check that bounced, but as I
recall, I sent you cash or a money-order to right that

[True -- but only several months later, after I inquired about it when you wrote me for another reason.]

As for my size, I'm built like a
refrigerator-- like that football player in the
mid-'80s who was just fucking HUGE, hence his

[I can imagine that you shovel in food like a refrigerator. I don't know about the rest. But I do know that ballsy you don't seem to have a picture of yourself on your own website. Now that wouldn't be because you look like a, uh, refrigerator, now would it?]

I could tear anyone [sic] of you in half, if I so
chose, because most of you white nationalists tend to
be middle-sized and frightened.

[But could you do it while carrying 3 or 4 bullets in your brain from a WN gun? Or wouldn't that affect your behavior? But whatever you answer on that one, it is hard to keep from noticing the (here, subtle) threat of physical harm, the same problem that got you in trouble with the police. Slow learner, wot? But then maybe you already have 3 or 4 bullets in your brain, wot?]

The big guys have no
reason to be anything less then confident in the world
as they strut their stuff. . . . . . and I gurantee [sic]
you, that you won't post this response in your "Net
Losses" section because you're a turd-gobblin'
semi-showman of dubious intellectual credentials.

[Insult is the last refuge of the out-argued.]

can go 'round and 'round forever, but I gurantee [sic] you--
you won't win. No one ever does. See you in the funny

Michael "Lawless" Adams

[Do you still want me to put this in Net Losses? In any event, I will put it in my Weekly Letter.]

[Second letter from Michael, with Birdman's comments interleaved.]

Dear Birdbrain,

[Again, insult is the last refuge of the out-argued.]

My picture was up at the "The 'Ari Wonderful'
Foundation for Teaching Tolerance & Cooling Off!",
which clearly, you didn't bother to read, but yet was
important for understanding why I left the movement.
Please read this before you go on:

[I read it earlier. Typical 'confession material' of the right wingnut antiforeskinner who came in from the heat/hate by means of the power of LOVE! But what is significant here is that, while a picture of a somewhat unpretty male is posted there, that individual is not identified. If that constitutes 'posting your picture' then I think we may not be speaking exactly the same language.]

And if you had bothered to read everything at:

You would realize that I included all our
correspondance, and the part where you simply wouldn't
deal with me anymore because I defeated you so soundly
on the floor of debate.

[It was simply so devastating I had to call an ambulance.]

Read everything on that page
toward the bottom, and truely decide if that's
something you want your readers to see. 100 people saw
it last night, and I'll tell you John-- it did not
make you look good. The reason I went after you
personally is because that's what you do to others.
You fight dirty, I fought dirty. But your tactics over
the last two e-mails strike so low, that they're not
even worth my time.

[Why do I think you are about to end this conversation -- a conversation which has permitted you to 'defeat' and 'refute' me so thoroughly? Is it because you have done such a brilliant job that there is nothing left to do? Or is it because you got yr arse whupped? Guess I'll never know....]

You can walk away with what ever
sense of victory you want, but yet you never came out
and REFUTED me in the first place.. Do it, and I will
be more inclined to come back to the table, but at
this point you're wasting both our time. Print this in
your weekly letter if you so choose, but I doubt you

Michael "Lawless" Adams

P.S. I can give you the story on the "Michael Goes to
Jail" one, but if you had bothered to read it, you
would see the origins of where my hatred came from for
political-correctness and liberalism. It was something
I had to do so I could move on in my life and salute
these people "good-bye" with the middle-finger in the
most outrageous way possible. But I'm not in any
serious trouble, if you must know. . . . .

[You are in serious trouble because you have not yet learned to control your impulse to strike out at people who displease you, to say nothing of the more subtle aspects of existence such as why civilization is falling down around our ears. The latter is what my website is about; your need at present is to keep from failing Getting Along With Others 101. Good luck. (You'll need it.)]

[Third letter responding to Michael, whose letter has only been selectively quoted because it was too long and largely irrelevant]

Back for more, I see, just after you were getting ready to throw in the towel. I see you are quick to forget pain, so I will give you a little more. In particular, here are the main points of your latest 'response' with my comments (I am not including your complete letter because it is wandering, irrelevant and would put everyone and the cat to sleep):

* You 'respond' to me by sending me correspondence between you and Tom Metzger. Brilliant. Maybe next time you can respond by sending me correspondence between you and the tooth fairy.

* You omit Metzger's letter, as well as your first one. Sounds suspiciously like Metzger trashed you. But then you are good at forgetting pain.

* You make another of your ugly demands for me to read your page. But if I am as bad as you say (immature, toxic, etc), why are you so hungry for me to read your stuff? A bit revealing about your REAL feelings, wot? Which is to say that you are desperate for attention, and/or you respect the hell out of me. Wot?

* You say: "You tear into me, because I reveal things about myself." Wrong. I tear into you because you come across as stupid, ignorant, obnoxious, immature, criminal, and violent. I know these things because you have revealed them about yourself. Didja get da konnekshun? Huh? Huh?

* You again claim that you "bashed my brains with that 'screed'". But you forgot that you were about to quit this correspondence because YOURS were bashed. DUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!

* You reveal your megalomania by saying that

"If I ever go national [an option which you can take at any time, I presume], I
will take you on live on national television where we
can see what kind of debater you are instead of some
dude who hides behind a keyboard, a computer screen,
and a P.O. box who had the sword of integrity run
through him over and over again."

Oh, WOW! Have the TV networks been beating down your door begging you to be on Prime Time? Whadda they offer you -- a million bucks an appearance? Gee, I never knew I was in the presence of such talent...

* You say: "And about righting
that bounced check-- I rectified that, once you
informed me, once I had the occasion to contact you
months later. Quit fighting dirty with half-truths,
lies, and insinutations which I must correct you for
over & over again."
And I say, I told the truth -- your check bounced, but you did, eventually, make it up. Which is to say that it is YOU who is fighting dirty, a fault to which you have already explicitly admitted. And as to the book I promised, the contribution arrived after the offer expired, shall we say. And then there was a small matter of the bounced check fee, which may have reduced your contribution a bit... Can we call it settled now? Wot?

* You say "So quit playing
your vicious game, and if you had any integrity you'd
publish this too-- which I'm guessing you won't. So
fuck you in advance, "Birdbrain"."
I say, if you regard the 'game' as vicious, it is only because you have been hurt badly by it (Gee, I thought you forgot pain so well...). I also say, who in the world would willingly publish insults like the ones above from scum like you, except me? NO ONE, that's who. I have been tolerant way beyond what could be expected of any human being. You don't deserve my attention; you deserve only the scorn that your own words bring upon you, and which I have posted in this and other letters for all to see. You can write back if you wish, but nothing further of yours will be posted or responded to. You can be happy you got your 15 minutes of (in)fame, and managed to waste some hours of my time, but you will surely get nothing more.

PS: OK, one thing more, in response to a second letter that arrived before I could finish this one: You say

"Well, let's talk
about you, John. Who is your wife? Is she someone
comporable [sic] to your intelligence level, or is she an
undermench [sic] who goes along with everything you say? I'd
figure the latter, because someone insecure like you
would need that. And that's true of most above-average
white nationalist types. They marry someone beneath
them because those are the only ones who will put up
with you. What do you say to this?"

Just let me say that you do not have the moral or intellectual wherewithal to so much as speak of my wife. She was a full-academic-scholarship Phi Beta Kappa graduate of one of America's most prestigious women's colleges, to say nothing of a top-flight career computer programmer. Untermensch? Let's just say that her achievements are a sort of mirror-image of your failures.



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