Tim Wise on Racial Violence: A Response

By John "Birdman" Bryant

Originally published as Birdman's Weekly Letter #327 - June 3, 2005


In his essay "Coloring Crime: Violence, Deviance, And Media Manipulation" found at


leftist and hate-filled Jewish 'antiracist' Tim Wise attempts to put a liberal spin on out-of-control minority violence, with the apparent hope that he, along with fellow Establishment Jews, will help to precipitate a psychological meltdown in whites, and thereby destroy their pride, their unity, their culture and of course their genome. The essay's first significant foray into this genocidal snakepit gives us the following assertion:

QUOTE: As one especially egregious example, consider the May 2 broadcast of Good Morning America, during which Charlie Gibson and the bunch replayed video from Milwaukee, showing several black women attacking a car with baseball bats at a gas station. The car did not belong to President Bush or the Mayor of Milwaukee, or anyone else whose victimization would have made this scene nationally newsworthy. The persons inside the automobile, though surely horrified by the event were only slightly injured, further reducing its logical news value beyond the confines of Milwaukee itself. Yet there it was on national TV, with Gibson explaining that police had released the video in the hopes that the public might “help in catching these young women.” That the women are not likely to be interstate fugitives on a national car-bashing spree--and thus there isn’t much that viewers in Omaha or Poughkeepsie can expect to do about them or much reason for them to worry--never seems to have entered his mind. What could possibly be the probative value of this story outside of Milwaukee? What purpose could it serve, other than to provide some exciting footage to fill space between gushing stories about soldier boys in Iraq and the women who love them back home? The answers are: very little value, and very little purpose. As such, to play this footage, given its likelihood for reinforcing common racial fears and assumptions, seems a singularly remarkable display of irresponsible journalism, which can do nothing to improve the odds of apprehending the subjects, but which serves to maintain the impression of blacks as lawless thugs. END QUOTE

It does not take that over-cited rocket scientist to figure out that a story like this would have been the subject of national media coverage for WEEKS had the perps been white and the victims black. The fact that it was actually covered by one program in the major media -- altho not a regular news program -- does suggest, however, that the tight liberal/leftist/Jewish reins on news coverage of black crime may be loosening a bit; but on the other hand this may just be an aberration due to the TV folks' inability to pass up such dramatic crime footage even in the face of the perps being Darklings -- or perhaps a fear that another network would snatch the scoop. Certainly the whining by Wise in favor of censoring this type of coverage is merely what, for long and long, has been the standard line among media executives; but then Wise is an Establishment Jew who is evidently being paid to keep a tight lid on the on the boiling melting pot until America ends up with a social meltdown or a political explosion.

But if this is not extreme enuf, Wise then tells us the following:

QUOTE "One should contrast this coverage with the decided lack of the same in cases where whites engage in acts of mayhem. Three days after the airing of the Milwaukee video, for example, white college students at the University of Cincinnati celebrated Cinco de Mayo by taking to the streets, overturning cars, throwing sofas out of windows and setting them on fire. Yet, there was no footage of the mini-riot on GMA the next day, despite the fact that such an event surely must have provided some exciting video." END QUOTE

College students? Celebrating Cinco de Mayo? How about HISPANICS, Mr Wise, where the lack of news coverage is explained by politically correct news coverage that always shows the higgledy minorities in a good light if at all possible?

But if all this is not absurd enuf, here is what Wise has to say in the immediately following paragraph:

QUOTE "Even recent footage of affluent white high schoolers “hazing” classmates by throwing feces on them and attacking them with fists, food and pig intestines has not been presented in such a way as to inspire fear at the sight of such teens in one’s neighborhood. Hazing, after all, is seen differently than “wilding,”--the term of choice when the perpetrators of the nastiness are people of color." END QUOTE

Here we have Wise making the ridiculous equation of hazing and WILDING. This is absurd not merely because hazing is endured VOLUNTARILY, but also -- and most importantly -- because wilding generally involves RAPE AND MURDER, as the Central Park jogger case of several years ago made clear. And Wise is of course careful not to mention the equivalent of MINORITY hazing, which often involves the brutal rape, torture or murder of whites by gang member wannabees, and adds to this a touch of terror by having the bullet with which the victim is ultimately dispatched carefully painted with the colors of the gang involved.

In the present context I think it is important to point out a particularly egregious mistake in Wise's reasoning, found in the following quote:

QUOTE What’s more, the typical formula of “urban schools/urban kids of color bad,” “suburban schools/white kids good,” is also false. According to the Departments of Education and Justice, white high school students are more likely to bring a weapon to campus than blacks, and according to the Centers for Disease Control, white male seniors are twice as likely as black male seniors to bring a weapon to school. In fact, among all major racial and ethnic groups for which data is collected, blacks have the lowest rate of carrying weapons to school. END QUOTE

There are several things which make this statistic suspect, but the most important one, and the only one we shall mention here, is that 'possessing a weapon' is not equivalent to 'perpetrating violence', as Wise implies. Indeed, the exact opposite is the case: Carrying a weapon is much less of an indication that the carrier wants to assault someone as it is an indication that he is afraid of those who might otherwise perpetrate violence on HIM. This, of course, is perfectly logical: Negroes were bred for size and strength, as high-profile TV sportscaster Jimmy the Greek so 'racistly' pointed out a few years ago (and for which he was promptly fired); and now that negroes have been put in schools alongside whites, these whites feel intimidated, particularly in view of the 'hate whitey' attitude that so many of them have come to possess due to the likes of professional Jewish hatemongers such as Wise.

One of the most significant features which characterizes Wise's essays, of which I have read several, are his citation of dubious and rarely-documented statistics, and the often-ill-supported conclusions drawn from these statistics, such as the one just illustrated. Since I have already spent considerable effort in another essay demonstrating the frailty of Wise's statistics, I shall not perform a similar analysis for the present essay beyond what I have already done, tho if Wise had bothered to provide any documentation for any of his often-incredible and perhaps Kabbalistic numerology, I would have felt compelled to say that those who disbelieve Wise's conclusions and possess some statistical expertise have an obligation to check out this (currently-nonexistent) documentation and see whether it genuinely supports Wise's conclusions. For my own part, having seen for myself Wise's dishonesty, biased reasoning and and other maculae, I am disinclined to expect much from any documentation that Wise could dredge up. In fact, having examined in depth so much of Wise's shoddy work, I am disinclined to expect anything whatsoever from him beyond propaganda, weasel-words and egregious falsehoods.


Another exchange with Tim Wise

[Tim Wise responds to Birdman's 'Flipping Back the Bird':]

wow, amazing...i spend a week and a half going thru your arguments, all of which i think are absurd, just as you feel about mine, writing about 15,000 words in response, and yet you wimp out halfway thru, having ignored pretty much everything I said, which if it were all "gibblefab" or whatever it is you said over and over, you should have been able to shoot down with footnoted references, as I provided and you ignored.

Please, by all means post this on your website permanently. I will certainly be doing so on mine...

You can't ignore half of someone's argument by saying "it's all gibblefab." That is called losing a debate...

And please note, that by ending your piece with essentially a call for gas chambers, you not only confirmed everything I already knew about you and your type and readers, you made yourself look like a hateful prick to anyone who reads this exchange with an open mind.

Didn't take much to out you as the little Nazi wannabe I suspected you to be...

I will be responding to your other critiques, but posting them on my own website. I see no point in engaging you directly any longer, if all you are going to do is launch ad hominems (which I did too, but at least I also did research, provided data, footnotes, etc) and ignore most of what I say. I tried to engage your arguments assuming you would take it as seriously as I did. You apparently don't. Fine. Take care of yourself.



[Birdman responds:]

We have now had our little exchanges. They will be placed on my website (and perhaps yours) for others to read. What my or your opinion happens to be of our own or the other person's work doesn't really matter that much, except insofar as this opinion is reflected in the exchanges between us. Instead what matters is what the readers of these exchanges will think. I am willing to let it go at that, because in my view that leaves me with a big advantage, tho I have no illusions that it will do much to change the opinions of your hard-core liberal/leftist/Jewish followers. I will say, however, that, for anyone with eyes to see, you exhibit all the earmarks of confessing that you lost your ass in the debate: Incivility, insult, ad hominem arguments, bias, ignoring facts, mounds of irrelevancies, bafflegab, repeating arguments I had already demolished, and of course an indisguisable bolus of what the LLJ's are supposed to be so much against -- HATE.

I used to be willing to argue with others till the cows come home, but with all the correspondence I have, I just can't afford the time (I am sitting on more than TWELVE HUNDRED emails, most of which I will never have a chance to even open, and that is only a small part of my life). I might feel differently about arguing with you if you really had some arguments, but I could not find a single thing in your first piece that gave me so much as a pause. My job, as I see it here, is to garner maximum credibility, and you have been most helpful to me in that with all your incivility, insults and the other things enumerated above, in addition to the usually-fatuously weak responses to my criticisms. For that I thank you.



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