Examining Tim Wise's Dubious Racial Statistics

By John "Birdman" Bryant

Note: This essay was originally published as Birdman's Weekly Letter #330 - June 21, 2005


In his essay "Overclass Blues: Reflections on the Irony of Privilege", (http://www.zmag.org/sustainers/content/2003-09/12wise.cfm) leftist Jewish 'antiracist' Tim Wise, in an effort to 'prove' that blacks are not only 'equal' to whites, but actually BETTER, has the following to say:

BEGIN QUOTE "Even closer to home, the well-off engage in more than their fair share of destructive activity. Suburban schools have higher rates of violent and property crime annually than urban schools according to the Departments of Education and Justice, even though the former tend to be doubly privileged: mostly white and mostly affluent. "Whites (the group with racial privilege in the U.S.) are far more likely to drive drunk, have a rate of child molestation and sexual violence against children that is 75 percent higher than that for blacks, and are equally or more likely to use drugs than blacks or Latinos. In fact, white high schoolers are more likely to use every category of drug than blacks. "It also isn’t poor folks of color creating computer viruses that have caused over $65 billion in damages worldwide, but almost always upper middle class white suburbanites. "Yet, as a recent AP story on the latest Internet meltdown noted, criminal prosecutions of the hi-tech thugs wreaking all this havoc are few, penalties are minimal and only a few people have been imprisoned for such behavior. Interesting, considering how utterly premeditated virus creation is--far more so than typical street violence, which regularly lands its perpetrators in jail for long stretches, even when the damage is miniscule [sic] by comparison. "Our unwillingness to label destructive behaviors by whites and those in the upper classes as a character flaw typical of the group as a whole, while we readily do so for people of color and the poor, speaks to our insipient [sic] racism and classism, both of which are so endemic to the national culture." END QUOTE

Whenever I hear statistics -- and particularly unfootnoted statistics -- which conflict with things I have previously heard, I always recall Disraeli's remark about there being three categories of falsehoods: "Lies, damned lies, and statistics". I also think of Darrell Huff's little book, How to Lie With Statistics, which gives many examples of what Disraeli was talking about. I even think about the Russian cold-war report of an auto race between and American and a Russian vehicle, in which the American car came in way ahead, but which the Russian report described as: "The Russian car was second, while the American car was next-to-last." And I especially think about Margaret Mead's famous (or infamous) book, Coming of Age In Samoa, in which the 'great Boasian anthropologist' was hoodwinked by a couple of teenage girls who convinced this 'stolid scientific investigator' that 'free love' was the norm in Samoa, when this was an absurd lie -- a fact which was not exposed until recently because it reinforced so well the destructive worldview that the Jewish intellectual establishment has been trying to put over on Western gentiles for so long.

All of this is to say that I do not find Wise's statistics credible. Yes, they could have been published in the form he says (tho I will not hold my breath till he presents me with citations), but I can well imagine that they are either aberrations, groups of poorly selected cases, the product of poor record-keeping, or else reflect important data which has been omitted. The following is a list of possible explanations for each of the questionable statistics which Wise cites:

* School damage: This statistic may represent (1) the damage done in one school year to basically-white schools by bussed-in negroes who see the pristine white school as a 'sheet of paper white/upon which each of them may write' for their apish gangland scratchings, combined with (2) the fact that the inner-city schools are already so trashed that it is pointless to make expenditures to repair them, as the repairs themselves would quickly be trashed, or else the money gets stolen by the black 'educators' before it can be spent.

* School violence: There may not be as much violence in inner-city schools because they are all-black or largely so, and are thus without racial conflict; but in suburban schools, the negro presence among whites may stir up racial animosities that result in violence.

* Drunk driving: There may be more drunk driving citations among whites because blacks prefer to take crack; or there may be more citations for whites because cops have given up patrolling the ghetto because of the serious risks to officers and a policy decision that it is better to keep the peace in white areas and simply let the negroes strangle on their own shit.

* Child molestation: This crime may appear to be less frequent among blacks because it is more accepted (Is not the term 'mother-fucker' merely a product of horny negresses who get off on their preternaturally-horny children?); or it may be an epiphenomenon of (largely white) feminists, who use this more-or-less-irrefutable charge against men whose property they want to take in a non-amicable divorce.

* Drug use: It is doubtful that whites use drugs at an equal or greater rate than blacks -- after all, who ever heard of a crack house in a white neighborhood? Chances are, this statistic has a lot to do with blacks being unwilling to report fellow blacks to The Man, particularly since so many of them are users themselves. Such reports would not only be the act of a race traitor, but would finger those making them as 'acting white' -- a deadly label among the welfare-supported drugged-to-the-eyeballs ghetto set.

* Computer viruses: If it is not all those black 'computer experts' we see in on TV who are lurking behind their computer screens back in the ghetto creating viruses to trash the Internet, it is only because all those 'computer experts' are figments of Jewish Hollywood's imagination -- or rather, its lying to the public about black 'equality'. And if you think I am wrong on this, just rent yourself a tank and take a little tour thru your local ghetto -- you will see destruction and vandalism everywhere, and the only reason you don't see it on the Net is because negroes don't have the intellectual wherewithal to be there. But don't blame whites -- instead, how about the ChiComs, who hate the Net and who are nothing if not eager to bring one of the greatest accomplishments of Western man crashing down like Bill Gates' Windows? Or how about the Israelis, from whom most of the commercial Net scams originate, and who are constantly sending viruses to 'antisemites' in hopes of disabling their computers?

Somehow, I think Wise's attempt to paint whites as possessing pathologies equal to those of negroes falls a bit flat.


Letter from Donaldo to the Birdman on Tim Wise:

Date: 6/7/05 8:22 PM Subject: BWL#328

Brother Zionist:

I have been following your and Rob Freeman's correspondence with the Jew Wise with compound interest. Both of you fail to stress the most important fact, Jews are not White. The Jew Wise is no quarter breed. I can tell from his cunning that he is a full blood and quite likely is one of the Wise Elders of Zion.

You failed to stress to commerce path of slaves. Negro tribes in Africa sold their misfits and criminals to Arab slave traders. That explains their genetic criminal tendencies. They in turn sold them to Jew slave traders on the West coast of Africa. All of the slave ships were owned by Jews, and most were captained by them. They loved to throw Negroes over the side with injuries or disease.

On reaching the U.S. East Coast or the Caribbean Islands, the slaves were sold to more Jew slave traders. There was one more Jew, an auctioneer, who sold the slave to the plantation owner. The Jew kept the White plantation owner in debt with usury. Most Negroes are too dumb to realize that they should be the most enthusiastic Zionists. See http://www.blacksandjews.com .

Does the Jew Wise object to over half of the faculty of UCLA law school being of his race? How about the same for the economic school? Does he object to over 99% of Hollywood and television directors and writers being his co- racialists? Did he object when over 70% of Slick Willie's cabinet was kosher? How about limiting the presense of the Jew in any section of society to 2%, the same as their ratio in the population?

How about the Jew Wise talking about Jewish privilege? His record is getting scratched from repetition and it is time for a new track. When was last time you heard a Jew apologize for stock swindling, Ectascy smuggling, diamond smuggling, sex slavery, moving fraud, tax fraud or espionage?

I don't know if I have shared this orginal riddle with you.

Q:What is the difference between a Negro and a Jew? A:With a Jew, the black is on the inside.

Another riddle:

Q:What was missing from the Million Man March? A:A thousand miles of chain and a Jewish auctioneer.

It is time for the Jew Wise to make Aliyah and get away from anti-Semites and holocau$t Deniers. Even the score, 6,000,000 more. (The Five Words)



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