Another Roundhouse Punch for Tim the Unwise

By Calvin M


We will include this excellent essay as part of our 'Tim Wise Collection' soon to be posted on the site.

In your essay "Paranoid Prejudice" you claim to have debunked the myth of Jewish power. You begin your polemic by portraying racially aware Whites as some kind of lunatic fringe by making reference to the "absurd" comments you receive about Black cranial capacity etc. In doing so, of course, you allow yourself to conveniently argue thenceforth from an assumed basis of absolute racial equality. It takes four short paragraphs for you to stumble into your first logic fallacy, "racism is a false belief system, a belief in a racial differences in cranial morphology is racist, therefore a belief in a racial differential in cranial morphology is false", that's known as assuming the first premise. Logically invalid, Tim. Clever though!

The biggest problem you have with this position, however, is that the morphology of the Black brain really is discernibly different from that of the White brain and Whites really do, in fact, have a greater cranial capacity than Blacks. This was once common knowledge until a Jewish academic called Boas produced a famous study indicating that this belief was false. The problem is that recent investigations indicate that Boas "misinterpreted" his data to a degree that cannot be explained by academic incompetence alone. In other words Boas lied.

The stock response to this line of reasoning is that, cranial capacity is not an indicator of intelligence. Women have smaller brains than men but women do not, nevertheless, have noticeably lower IQs than men. The problem with that point is that Blacks do have lower IQs than Whites and smaller average cranial capacities and are also underachieving as a social group. I think that these factors taken together constitute a "convergence of evidence" leading to an obvious conclusion. "Convergence of evidence" you might remember, is the judicial methodology invented by the legal team of Jewish scholar Deborah Lipstadt and used successfully in her libel defense in the Irving trial. So perhaps the White "racists" are really no dumber than Jewish academics?

Of course, people like you, Tim, have an answer for this argument too, "IQ is not an accurate measure of intelligence" you will tell me. In response to people who make this claim I have asked time after time for a list of examples of, professors, mathematicians, scientists, philosophers and doctors who have lower than average IQs. After all, if IQ is not an accurate measure of intelligence, a low IQ should not debar you from achieving success in areas of endeavor requiring higher than average intelligence. Guess what? I am still waiting for that list. It seems after all that IQ really does measure intelligence. Still undeterred, the race levellers will assert that, "IQ tests only measure a very selective range of intelligences". In doing so they you might say that they are demanding that standards of "exactitude" are adhered to. "Exactitude" is the standard of evidence demanded by holocaust revisionist Robert Faurisson. People who believe in racial equality hate Faurisson. These people believe that the principle of exactitude should not be applied to holocaust historiography, but paradoxically seem to have no problem demanding that it be applied to investigations of race. That's called hypocrisy. Incidentally, if the mysterious intelligences Blacks possess which are not measured by conventional intelligence tests are the intelligences which help them to create societies like Sierra Leone, The Sudan and Haiti, I think we can live without them, thanks all the same.

You also imply that white "racists" are crazy because some of them question the veracity of the holocaust. That's fine, Tim - the next time you deploy this argument would you kindly hypertext link the websites of major revisionists like David Irving, Germar Rudolf and Carlo Mattogno so that everyone can see just how crazy these revisionists are? I won't hold my breath.

There's another matter I'd like to clear up, Tim. You claim that Jewish over-representation in the media is a myth and that the evidence which seems to support this myth is due to a statistical sampling error. You admit that at AOL 21% of key executives are Jewish, but claim that this can't be called an overrepresentation because there are only 24 key executives. I'd be interested to know how you work this out Tim? 21% is 21%; it doesn't matter if it's 21% of 24 or 24 million. You are telling me that it's not significant that almost one quarter of the most influential people in a major media corporation are Jewish in a country where only three percent of the population are Jewish? That's called chutzpah.

If this were one aberrant corporation, of course, it would not be of such great importance, but as your second example reveals Jewish overrepresentation at top corporate level seems to be the norm. The statistics you quote are in fact, entirely compatible with the "racist" belief that Jews enjoy over-representation across a broad spectrum of most of the key areas of power and influence in American society. This argument has been expounded at great length and with scholarly erudition by Kevin MacDonald in his opus, "The Culture of Critique". Kevin MacDonald is a professor of Psychology at California State University. Which, incidentally, indicates that your attempt at the beginning of your essay to suggest that anyone who does not think like you is a low IQ trailer-dwelling paranoid was a deception.

Your second gambit in your attempt to explain away the surprising over-representation of Jews in top positions in influential corporations is to explain that most of these corporations have their headquarters in New York and NY has a far larger Jewish population that other American cities. This might wash if we were talking about the employees of the local bagel franchise, Tim, but we are talking about international corporations here. Most of the cleaners employed by these New York based corporations seem to be Black and Hispanic. If local ethnic demographics explain corporate employee ethnic composition, why aren't 18% of the people cleaning toilets in these corporate temples Jewish? Hey! Silly me. That's an easy one. Blacks are prevented from ascending by white racism, but hang on, since Jews, Asians and other ethnic minorities don't seem to be held back by Whites, "racism" isn't really an accurate term is it Tim? "Negrophobia" would be a better word to describe the mindset of the White population wouldn't it? Of course, a major disadvantage of the more accurate descriptor "Negrophobia" would be that it might lead one to investigate what exactly it is that White people fear about Blacks. An investigation of these fears might reveal that some of these fears were legitimate. So "White racism" is a far more attractive phrase for people who want to derogate Euro-American culture. I'm just thinking though that, because Jews are, as you admit, disproportionately over- represented in big American corporations' key executive positions and Blacks are underrepresented... taking into account that Jews are an intrinsic part of the corporate power structure, a structure that discriminates against Blacks... we should really be talking about White and Jewish Negrophobia. You aren't though, are you Tim? That's called a double standard.

Your position, Tim, seems to be that White people conspire to attain and to hold positions of power in society and use these positions of power to further their group ethnic ends to the detriment of other racial groups. Which is pretty much what the "insane" White "racists" are saying about Jews. To assert that a belief in a Jewish group evolutionary strategy is evidence of insanity in Whites and that a belief in a White group evolutionary strategy among Jewish intellectuals is simply proof of White "racism" is inconsistent reasoning, Tim. Inconsistent reasoning is a product of prejudice.

You see, Tim, what you don't seem to be getting is that your suggestion that White people are intrinsically racist and that Jewish people aren't, is itself an affirmation of a belief in an innate difference in racial attitudes unique to White people. So in reality it's not racist beliefs that you object to but simply racist beliefs not directed at the White majority. Having politically acceptable racist beliefs doesn't make you an anti-racist, Tim. It makes you an asshole.

For the record, Tim, I like Jews and I like Black people. On the other hand I hate people like you. People like you, Tim, are apparatchiks. You attach yourself to whichever orthodoxy holds sway at any given time. People like you were pen pushers in Soviet Russia and pen pushers in Nazi Germany and are now pen pushers in the service of a trans-national, fiscal elite. Like the class dweeb who attaches himself to the toughest kid in school, you have simply attached yourself subserviently to the dominant belief system of the day. Your deeply unoriginal essays are, simply, a manifestation of your need to display your fealty, like a dog rolling on the ground to have its tummy stroked by its master. I notice you have an annoying need to proclaim your fatherhood. Congratulations! That puts you right up there with Michael Jackson and a hundred thousand crackheads, the majority of whom will of course be Black but only because of extensive levels of negrophobia amongst Jeurasians.

Sift out the keywords, Tim: lied, hypocrisy ,chutzpah, deception, prejudice, double standard, asshole.


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