Birdman, many thanks. It's not my intention to assail you with a constant stream of pontifications on Tim Wise, but I remembered an earlier piece I wrote which is a refutation  of an earlier essay of Tim's which you thought needed spiking. I didn't send it because I didn't think that it was of sufficent caliber for your website. On re-reading it I actually think that it's quite good. Anyway, if you like it I'd be delighted if you would post it.


Cheers! Calvin 



Pro-White author Birdman Bryant has challenged the race realist community to refute the assertions made by anti-racist author Tim Wise in his ZNet essay, "Playing Our Race Card: Reflections on Reverse Discrimination". In ascribing any credibility to Wise in the first place, Birdman, like Jared Taylor before him, is displaying, to paraphrase racists, TNLB, typical non-liberal behavior. In doing so he assumes that Liberals subscribe to baseline levels of honesty, common sense and integrity. Being a liberal apostate, who once espoused the same vapid opinions as Tim, I have no such illusions. Bryant and Taylor are too smart to have ever believed in the liberal catechism. I, on the other hand, was dumb enough to partake of the poisoned fruit, but as the cliche goes, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time". I know Tim’s mindset from the inside out. I accept Birdman's challenge.


Tim's knee-jerk musings were inspired by, in his own words, "A case arising in New Orleans, in which the city's first Black D.A apparently fired 53 Whites in his office and replaced them with African Americans".   Tim's analysis is that such apparently signal events are not indicative of a general trend and are, in fact, newsworthy simply because of their stunning infrequency. As such, the widespread reportage of this example of reverse discrimination is an unwelcome distraction from the under reported pandemic discrimination suffered by Black Americans. Let's subject Tim's conclusions to some heavy redneck analysis.


First off, I have a problem with the phrase, "apparently fired". I've been employed, I've been unemployed and I've been fired. I have never, however, been, "apparently fired". Is Timmy expecting us to believe that these people are still there hiding under their fucking desks or something? Right from the out Timmy is pouring on the salve of good ol' liberal linguistic emollient. Eddie Jordan was using a, "sledge hammer approach to achieving diversity" which was "clumsy" and "wrong headed". It takes Tim around one and a half thousand words to finally admit that Jordan's actions were, "clearly wrong". By that time Tim has bathed the whole issue in so much semantic whitewash and "context" that if you had been told that Jordan had masterminded the 9-11 atrocity you'd still be indignant about a refusal to grant him a pilot's license.


It should be clear from Eddie Jordan's actions that his and Tim's interpretation of "achieving diversity" is not the same as yours or mine or any other sane persons. This is full on Robert Mugabe diversity. You know? The disinheritance of White people through a campaign of brutal murder, torture and intimidation. This is the diversity Black raps bands are “celebrating” when they crow "Homies think I'm crazy cos' I killed a White baby". 


Let me tell you how it is Timmy. Cases of reverse discrimination against Whites are, as you assert, a statistical rarity, not because, as you claim Blacks are less likely to discriminate against Whites than Whites are against Blacks, but because the catastrophic level of Black underachievement means that few Blacks ever attain positions from which they can discriminate against Whites. The Jordan case, a case of vicious racial discrimination, blatant to the point of stupidity, not a case of " a sledgehammer approach to diversity" shows that when Blacks are unfairly elevated beyond the limits of their natural abilities to positions of power over Whites, the results can, however, be spectacular.


Why are so few Blacks achieving positions of authority in society?  Well! The ugly truth is that a hugely disproportionate number of African-Americans seems to be too busy:


a. Indulging in illegal intoxicants.


b. Committing crime.


c. Being in jail.


And generally conforming to a stereotype created for them by the culture machine of the media elite.


Don't believe me? Ask Bill Cosby.  Speaking of Bill, did you ever see proportional representation of Whites on the Cosby Show, or for that matter My Wife and Kids, or any of the many other “Black comedy” shows where White people are consigned to the role of occasional comedic geek? That’s probably an accurate indicator of the position Whites will enjoy in Wise’s new utopia.  You could say, of course, that White people are just getting a taste of their own medicine. Fine, but in that case, will people please stop telling me that they are involved in a struggle for “tolerance”? Tell it like it is. You are involved in a campaign of revenge against Whites for perceived historical damage done to Blacks, from which all Whites, even (especially) the White trash descendants of indentured servants somehow benefited. 


Tim claims to have heard dozens, nay hundreds of claims of reverse discrimination over the years. He even claims to have developed a methodology whereby he can quickly discern the universal falsehood of such claims. It seems that Tim is a regular little witchhunter general. Funny how Tim’s clairvoyant powers seemed to abandon him in the case of Black bigot Eddie Jordan. It’s a bit like the strange disappearance of Uri Geller’s supernatural powers whenever the phrase “laboratory conditions” was whispered in his ear. Tim is expecting us to believe that he is the recipient of near constant complaints of discrimination from Whites. Tim is a Jewish intellectual who pretends to represent blue collar America. Sorry Tim, that checked work-man’s shirt is just a little too well pressed, the nasal whine a little too irritating and real men don’t invent tortured neologisms like “audibilize”, and if you think that the utilization of such pretentious jargon is a demonstration of your intellectual superiority, neither do English Professors. Speaking as a genuine member of the evil White working classes, I have never once heard anyone making a claim of reverse discrimination. I find it hard to believe that Timmy, in the rarefied milieu of intellectuals and professionals that he inhabits has heard “hundreds” of such complaints. I suspect that Timmy is being creative with his anecdotal evidence, or, in the parlance of the working-class White folk Tim pretends to represent, Timmy is a lying sack of shit.


The simple fact is that far fewer African-Americans ever attain positions in the workforce which grant the power to hire and fire and this explains the lack of reverse discrimination against Whites. Tim, who cannot for reasons of political correctness acknowledge this obvious truth, takes six whole paragraphs to convince us of its veracity. What exactly is Tim trying to prove? Does the fact that, for reasons of underachievement, Blacks are statistically less likely to practice anti-White discrimination, make it OK for the few who are able to discriminate to do so in grande mal Eddie Jordan fashion? Six paragraphs to establish exactly nothing. Nice work Timmy?


Wise concludes this sorry exercise in tail chasing by observing that, because reverse discrimination claims are 72% less likely to be successful than claims of discrimination made by Blacks, reverse discrimination claims are less credible. The heuristic alternative carefully avoided by Tim is that the fact that discrimination legislation was set up for Blacks, was designed for use by Blacks and that discrimination trials take place against a popular cultural background in which racism is portrayed as a uniquely White attribute, makes it almost impossible for White victims of discrimination to get justice. If the racial roles pertaining to this statistic were reversed, Tim would, of course, be presenting this as res ipsa loquitur evidence of anti-Black racism in the judicial system. The double standard seems to be about the only standard Tim Wise adheres to.


Timmy continues his rambling and by now, largely irrelevant discourse by citing two cases of reverse discrimination, one successful and one unsuccessful, which if they prove anything, prove nothing more than that academic standards have ceased to be the major criteria for admittance to American universities. A sad reality which assholes like Tim are most likely to be responsible for.


Slippery Tim likewise evades the rather obvious reasons for the justifiable reservations White employers have about hiring Blacks and Hispanics. White people are wary of these particular ethnic minorities (but not others funnily enough) because of the reputation these minorities have for gangsterism and trouble making. If Blacks and Hispanics don’t like this then they should address their concerns to the minority of miscreants in their own communities rather than blame Whites. If you create a society in which people are encouraged to cling to their pre-immigration cultures so that they might feel more comfortable, how valid is it to deride White people for showing a preference for people of their culture? Are White people not allowed to enjoy the same privileges as non-Whites?


In a similar vein, Tim fails to see that the statistics he provides revealing that Blacks earn an average of 10% less than whites, only indicates racial discrimination in the absence of any other obvious explanation. Maybe Blacks are more troublesome, less productive and less dedicated employees? Isn’t there a statistic pertaining to the profusion of criminal records among professional Black basketball players? Might this not indicate a hidden factor mitigating against Blacks in the workplace? If there is, don’t expect to hear about it from Tim Wise. You see Wise’s is not a genuine statistical analysis, based on all of the available statistical data, it’s an analysis based on selected statistics, carefully culled from the available data. That’s not an evaluation technique. It’s a propaganda technique.


Tim’s closing gambit is the tired old “blame the rich strawman”. Pretending to champion the little guy against the bad rich guys was the modus operandi of Wise’s predecessors in Communist Russia. Having achieved their ends (power of course) they showed their great love of the proletariat by exterminating about sixty million of them.  Nepotism is nothing new and was far more evident back in the fifties when crime was far lower and feral ethnic gangs had not made large parts of our inner cities no go areas. It’s not nepotism which is responsible for the implosion of American society. It’s Tim Wise and the liberal intelligentsia.


In conclusion, Tim invites those in disagreement to write him and give it their “best shot”. Don’t flatter yourself Tim. I don’t even limber up for lightweights like you. Consider this to be a backhand slap.


Calvin M