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In 'Flipping the Bird' Wise wrote "Source please?" after you mentioned the apparently widespread African belief that having sex with virgins (preferably babies) cures AIDS and other diseases. Here are some links. One might think this is limited to SA but the reason why we have more information and statistics is probably because the white infrastructure is still standing. The first link is an article from Reuters on Kenyan culture that has not been widely carried by mainstream newspapers

Permissive African sexual traditions spread AIDS


SA teachers 'raping pupils'


This article seems like an attempt to blame whites and Apartheid for baby rapes by SA niggers. I don't think I'll pay 40$ to read the full version


South African men rape babies as 'cure' for Aids


The 185 child abuse cases that are reported to the police each day represent just a fraction of the true number committed, according to child welfare groups. Of these, just five per cent result in a successful conviction. For those mothers aware that their children have been abused, the decision to make a complaint is rarely easy.

961 Child Rapes A Day In South Africa


HEALTH-SOUTH AFRICA: A Rape Happens Every 26 Seconds


HIV/AIDS, the stats, the virgin cure and infant rape


An opinion piece on how reporters cover up the truth about Africa - in a leftist magazine


African wisdom VS AIDS. My bet is on AIDS




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