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Ladies & gentlemen:
As a Financial Consultant and a Financial Analyst, it behooves me to relay to you Sierra Times readers a process by which most of you will financially benefit greatly.  When you do, I ask only that you dedicate a portion of your savings to the Sierra Times.  I ask nothing of this personally.
In this case, we will address the issue of Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance costs.
In the homeowners and auto insurance realm, do not be deceived:  Your smiling faced insurance agent is paid a commission only to enroll you.  When it comes to claim time, they will always set you up with one of their "adjusters".
This is by private contract between your agent and the insurance company he represents.  Your homeowners/auto insurance agent is barred by contract from "interfere" in a claims process.  At claim time, you are turned over to an "adjuster" who may not be acting in your best interest.  Your "agent" is about as useful as tits on a boar when it comes time to claim your losses.  With that in mind, you must realize that you are ultimately just a number with your homeowners/auto insurance company, no matter how personable your agent seems, and no matter how long you have remained with the same insurance company.
On the other hand, remember that all insurance companies must be admitted to the state they sell in, and that they are under the thumb of the various Insurance Commissions of each state to act in "good faith" to their insureds.  As such, it really doesn't matter what insurance carrier you are with, since they are all equally held liable by each state to perform as represented.
The only real difference between homeowner/auto insurance policies is the rate they charge for their coverage.
All insurers, from time-to-time, engage in "buying business", which means that they substantially lower their rates to acquire new business.  As time goes by, they will raise those rates to become profitable as those acquired insureds stick with them.
To take advantage of those lowered initial rates, every homeowner and auto insurance buyer needs to follow this simple procedure:
!:  Make a copy of the face page of your homeowner/auto insurance every year, which shows all the limits of coverage you currently have..
2:  Make up a cover sheet that asks, "Please compare same coverages and fax back your bid".
3:  Call every insurance agency in your locale, asking for their fax number.
4:  Fax a copy of your cover sheet and face page to every insurance agency in your area.
5:  You will receive faxes back from every agency, letting you know their bid.
6:  Pick the lowest bidder, and repeat this process every year.
You will find that you will save substantially on your homeowner/auto insurance costs each and every year you do this.
This information was given you freely, and in a Christianlike manner.  When you discover your savings, please dedicate 10% of it to the Sierra Times.
Carl F. Worden