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Save $9.95 by ordering Oldest Feathered Friend and Marathon in the Sky together.
Both great programs on a single VHS tape, for ONLY $29.95.

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Oldest Feathered Friend $19.95 (video)

Our gold-medal award winner on the world of pigeons. The documentary takes you through key chapters in the history of pigeons and their relationship with humans.

Oldest Feathered Friend documents the many areas in which pigeons have affected human history. It includes eleven chapters that chronicle the evolution of the pigeon, and specifically the Rock Dove, as our oldest domesticated bird.

Oldest Feathered Friend

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Marathon in the Sky

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reviews and awards
Marathon in the Sky $19.95 (video)

Critic's choice as the finest film ever made on racing pigeons. A thrilling look at one of the world's most exciting, least-known sports.
"This is by far the best video I have seen on the hobby and sport of racing pigeons. It very clearly and chronologically tells about the birds we love so dearly."
- Charles E. Weaver, President, American Racing Pigeons Union

A Dovecote Heritage $33.95 (book)
new book!
This will appeal to anyone interested in the social, historical, or architectural aspects of dovecotes. There are detailed studies of particular areas, including London, Scotland and mainland Europe.
A Dovecote Heritage

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Doves and Dovecotes

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Doves and Dovecotes $39.95 (book)
new book!
This, the first substantial account of dovecotes and their inhabitants for over 50 years, is more than just a study of one of the least recorded kinds of vernacular building. The entertaining and highly readable text attempts to classify a wide variety of types and styles.

The Pigeon in History $33.95 (book)
new book!
An exhaustive study of the pigeon from primitive and biblical times to the present day, providing a fascinating journey through the countries and cultures of Israel, Egypt, Greece and Rome and many others.
The Pigeon in History

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Birds of War (video coming soon)

The third video in our series on pigeons. This new documentary will tell the amazing story of pigeons as a centuries old means of military communications. Rare historic films and photos make this a long-overdue history of mankind's most loyal messengers.


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