Study : African Average IQ is About 70

Information from Chris Brand


Phil Rushton's paper showing African students (University of Witwatersrand) have a mean IQ of only 84 [see McDougall NewsLetters 1998] is now published: J. Philippe RUSHTON & Mervyn SKUY (2000). 'Performance on Raven's Matrices by African and White university students in South Africa.' Intelligence 28, 4, 251-265. The authors note: "Black South African students are a highly selected population. They have passed standardized school matriculation exams, entered university and been chosen for a first-year course in Psychology on the basis of academic performance. Assuming that these students are 1 standard deviation {15 IQ points} above the population mean, the results are in accord with earlier work finding that Africans, in general, average a tested IQ of 70." -- Chris Brand <> Edinburgh. Psychorealist and author of THE 'g' FACTOR.* (Wiley DePublisher, 1996. 2001 edition available free at UK Consultant Researcher for Woodhill Foundation (USA) (helps offer birth control to drug-addicted mothers).



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