The Real Story of Rosa Parks

By Cap'n Ed Toner READER'S WRITE Archive

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Dear Editor,

The "Civil Rights Hero" Rosa Parks' story is taught to every public school child in America. "The Rosa Parks' Story" goes something like this; a poor tired black seamstress took a seat in the front of a Montgomery, Alabama bus on December 1, 1955. The driver asked her to move to the back under the state's Segregation law. For refusing, Parks was arrested. Four days later Martin Luther King arrived in town and launched the Montgomery Bus Boycott. After 381 days, the Supreme Court ordered the city buses integrated.

The True Parks' Story: the behind-the-scene true story is that Rosa Parks was the secretary of the local NAACP. The book, "Speak Now," a left-wing history of the civil rights movement, states that in August of 1955, (four months before the bus incident) Parks attended the Highlander Folk School in Mount Eagle, Tennessee. The "school" was started in 1932 by Myles Horton and James Dombrowski, both members of the Communist Party.

"Speak Now" states that the schools' original purpose was to train Communists activists on how to promote textile strikes, hold protest marches, picket lines and learn "socialist songs."

The Textile Workers Union was completely controlled by the Communist Party. "Speak Now," page 529 reads as: "FBI surveillance of the Highlander Folk School and the Southern Conference Educational Fund, (SCEF) intensified. In 1952 Myles Horton would invest their energy and resources in the historic Southern struggle over desegregation of the public schools."

"Speak Now," says that Parks attended summer training at the Highlander Folk school in 1955, 1956 and 1957. She is pictured with Martin Luther King sitting on the front row in a Highlander training class on September 2, 1957. Thus, the liberals' story that she was just a "poor tired black seamstress" when she sat in the front of the bus is a total lie!

On December 1, the black Troy State College in Montgomery opened a $10 million Rosa Parks Library and monument. Attending the dedication included the state's first Jewish governor, Dan Siegelman, who praised Parks. Coretta Scott King said that this incident launched her husband's civil rights career and added:

"By the sheer force of her will, she set in motion a revolution that continues to this day." Parks is called "The mother of the civil rights movement." Both NAACP head Kweisis Mfume, (who has five children by five different women; and never married to any of them) and Jesse Jackson (who is also the father of an illegitimate child) attended. Earlier, Clinton presented Miss Parks with the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor. Clinton of course fathered Danny Williams whose mother was a black Arkansas prostitute. Danny and Momma are nicely cared for in Australia, the last I heard.

An old city bus, like the one Parks rode on, is on display in the museum. Children are now brought on the bus and a harsh recorded voice tells all blacks to move to the back. This is deliberately designed to instill feelings of guilt and self-hate in White Children.

Ed Toner




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