From William Pierce's ADV newsletter, June 12, 99:

I'll give you one more example, much closer to home, of the way in which
the media bosses keep Americans confused about what is happening in the
world and thereby paralyze their will to take appropriate action. I am
sure that you remember the killing of a Black ex-convict in Jasper,
Texas, last summer. Three White ex-convicts had been drinking one night.
They gave a ride to a Black ex-convict they knew. And then they killed
him by dragging him behind their pickup truck. We have hardly had any
bigger media circus than the one the controlled news media organized for
us in connection with that killing. They painted it as a uniquely
horrible crime. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to make the more
impressionable elements of the White population feel guilty for being
White and to beat the drums for a Federal "hate crime" law.

So rather than spoil the effect of the Jasper killing, the media bosses
completely suppressed the news of another dragging murder. This other
murder happened just two months after the Jasper murder. Last August 1,
a 26-year-old Black ex-convict, Christopher Coleman, dragged a
46-year-old White woman, Patricia Stansfield, to her death near the
little Illinois town of Streator. The Black stole a car belonging to a
friend of Patricia Stansfield and dragged the White woman two miles
along Illinois State Road 18 from Streator into the countryside while
she screamed and pleaded for her life as her body bounced and scraped
along the pavement.

I would have told you about this sooner, but the media bosses blacked
out the news of this murder so completely that there wasn't even
anything about it on the Internet. I had to have a friend get the
details from a small-town newspaper, The Pantagraph, in nearby
Bloomington, Illinois. The murder trial of the Black has been set for
July 12, but -- hey! -- don't count on seeing anything about it in your
newspaper or on your television screen next month. Just as the murder of
Serbs by KLA terrorists doesn't fit, this dragging murder of a White
woman by a Black doesn't fit either.