By Greg Kay
In America, there is a sexual holocaust in progress even as we speak: an orgy of violent rape that dwarfs the comparitively recent news from the Balkans, and the Soviet invasion of Germany and Japanese occupation of the Asian mainland in World War II. This holocaust is a deliberate program of violent sexual assault by one race upon another, and it is called 'interracial rape.'

Virtually every case of black-on-white rape is a hate crime - nearly every one, because of the very nature of interracial rape. Certainly, every rape perpetrated by a Negro upon a white woman that he has had to leave his predominately black neighborhood in order to find would easily meet that definition, and not only for the very real psychological and social consequences to the victim which, in extreme cases, see her cut off from the members of her own society. The reason goes well beyond that.

It is often argued that rape is not a sex crime, but a crime of violence or an act of power and control, but interracial rape, while it encompasses all of these motivations, is something more. Interracial, black-on-white rape is also a violent
political act - a form of terrorism - the ultimate statement of the black power movement that has disguised itself under the innocuous-sounding banner of 'civil rights.'

Consider this: being able to take to woman or women of someone else and use them for your gratification, as an extension of the basic biological desire to breed that pits rutting animals against one another for the favors of the herd's females in order to pass on
their genes, is the ultimate statement of superiority, and the ultimate denigration to the male or the group to whom the female belongs, as well as to the woman herself. The act demonstrates not only to the victim and her attacker, but also to the kin of both the raped and the rapist that the rapist is the one with the power.

Both blacks and their liberal white and Jewish admirers who have labored endlessly on their behalf in order to raise that race to a useful position of political power all out of proportion to both their numbers and their contributions to society, have long recognized a simple but overlooked fact. Black-on-white rape as a political act is part of the world view of both the radical liberal and the open Communist. At the infamous Jefferson School, among others, it was reportedly taught by Communist historian, Dr. Herbert Aptheker.

At first, the Communists attempted to deny that any black-on-white rapes ever occurred, but when the facts of several cases became too obvious for even them to overlook, the line was changed to suggest that such an act was an un-condemnable and even semi-laudable revolutionary statement by the down-trodden proletariat against the corrupt elite, and was justified as a sort of payback for all of the white-on-black rapes which they claimed had occurred both during slavery and afterwards. To the leftists, the act of such a rape was not nearly as "criminal" as for a white victim to report the act the authorities, thus reinforcing the "racist" status quo. The victim, in radical philosophy, became the oppressor and the rapist the patriot throwing off his shackles.

The class of educated Negroes, many of whose most notable members were already either openly Communist or sympathetic to them, quickly picked up on the concept of rape as a justified revolutionary act. Radical Negro Eldridge Cleaver said so openly.

"Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man's law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women - and this point, I believe, was the most satisfying to me because I was very resentful.I was getting revenge."

Black sociologist Calvin C. Hernton, in his work "Sex and Racism in America", made the following statements:

"I am well aware that, like murder, rape has many motives. But when the motive for rape, however psychotic, is basically racial, that is a different matter. I think now that, at one time or another, in every Negro who grows up in the South, there is a rapist, no matter how well hidden." The reason for this, he quickly goes on to say, is not the fault of the Negro, but of the white man, reinforcing the radical philosophy.

Although the FBI was inexplicably reluctant to keep records of race in rape statistics for many years, there are other figures out there. Consider the implications of a study done in Washington DC, a city with a black majority, by a Dr. Hayman. Hayman, in the late '60s and early '70s, recorded the racial data of those women who came to the DC General hospital for medical examinations and treatment following reported rapes. His figures are disturbing. In this particular urban area, black on black rape accounted for 76% of all reported cases of violent sexual assault, while white on white rape made up 3%, and white on black rape less than %. Astonishingly, black on white rape amounted to 21% of the total, indicating very clearly that urban blacks raped not only at a rate of 97 to 3 in comparison to the urban "white" population (a deceptive figure in itself, since Hispanics are considered white in many reports), but that they are far, far more likely to choose white victims than a white rapist is to choose a black victim.

In the ground-breaking study, "The Color of Crime", the figures show that American blacks in general are 38 times more likely to commit interracial rape than whites (again, with Latin American Hispanics who have a much higher crime rate than ethnic Europeans counted as white.) on a per-capita basis. In fact, even though blacks make up a fairly small percentage of the population, they commit the majority of all interracial crimes, including rape, in actual numbers of crimes. For instance, in 1994, Negroes committed 30,000 interracial rapes, while whites (again, including Hispanics) committed only 5,400, despite a population several times larger.

These and other studies show conclusively that interracial rape is very much a black on white phenomenon. It leaves one with the question, "Why?" Is it that blacks are simply more culturally or genetically prone to rape than other ethnic groups? That answer is obviously "Yes," but there's more to it. The radical blacks and their leftist defenders have told us the reason, a reason we refuse to accept. Do they know something we don't, namely that we are in a war, not for "equality", as there can never be true and total equality in an integrated society between two groups who are so very different, but a war for the supremacy of the one and the subjugation of the other, with no middle ground and no neutrality? Could it be that the Caucasians, the white race, are in a war for their place in the world and, ultimately, for their very survival, and nobody told them?

Or, even worse, could it be that they were told, many times, by voices "crying in the wilderness," but they chose not to hear?

Background information from "Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape" by Susan Brownmiller, and "The Color of Crime", available at http://www.duke.org/