Hate Crime Stats

From American Renaissance


Despite this squeamishness about classifying anti-white crime as “hate,” the FBI’s 1997 statistics reported 1,629 black hate crime suspects as opposed to 5,344 “white” suspects (this number is artificially inflated by including Hispanic perpetrators, whose numbers are not known). Given that there are about six times as many whites as blacks in the United States, blacks are, on a per capita basis, twice as likely as whites to commit officially-recognized hate crimes. The real number of anti-white hate crimes is probably much higher. Every year blacks commit about 1.5 million violent crimes against whites (including Hispanics), whereas whites (including Hispanics) commit only about 170,000 such crimes against blacks. If anti-white violence were scrutinized for bias as carefully as anti-black violence, the FBI’s figures would surely change substantially. Needless to say, there is essentially no public scrutiny of the built-in biases in the way hate crimes are identified and reported. Without such scrutiny, neither the police nor the media are likely to change their ways. --American Renaissance Nov 2000



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