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Race & Rape in America

(2/28/97) The following information provided by contributor W.S.W. is from the January 1997 Department of Justice (DOJ) Statistics Report "Sex Offenses and Offenders" by Lawrence A. Greenfeld. To order a copy of the full 39- page report, call 1-800-732-3277. It is also available on the Internet at ( under "What's New." Editor.

The Report: "The racial distribution of arrestees for rape is similar to the racial distribution for all violent UCR* arrests--56% of arrestees for rape in 1995 were "white," 42% were black, and 2% were of other races."
[*The 1995 FBI Uniform Crime Reports is being cited here. WSW]
Editor: To confuse rather than elucidate, the DOJ and the FBI classify most Hispanics as white, although the majority of Hispanics are non-white. The category "Other" refers to American Indians and Orientals. Offenders from the Middle East, India, Pakistan, etc. are also classifed as "white." Therefore, I've placed quotation marks around white where ever it appears in the DOJ text.

Editor: Greenfeld boldly misleads casual readers! In the 3-page Executive Summary (1/97, NCJ-163931, p. 1) for the full 39-page report, the BJS Statistician Lawrence Greenfeld comments: "Federal statistical series obtaining data on arrested or convicted persons... show a remarkable similarily in the characteristics of those characterized as rapists:... 6 in 10 are white,..." (?) If the Department of Justice would separate Hispanics from whites, whites would be less than half of the offenders, possible only one-third. However, even 6 in 10 is not a "remarkable similarity," especially when 72% of the population is non-Hispanic whitesw. When less than half the offenders are of any one race, there is no similarity. In the Executive Summary, Greenfeld draws the wrong conclusion to mislead readers without the time or inclination to check out and understand the full report. See "FBI says gender and race no longer crime factors!" for a report on when and how the FBI started hiding the racial factor in American crime.
WSW: "Rapes with black offenders and black victims were about twice as likely as "white-on-white" rapes to involve the use of a gun or knife (14% versus 7%), but interracial rapes, black-on-white or white-on-black [of course white-on-black rapes are so scarce that this statistic more accurately reflects black-on-white rapes], were equally likely to involve the use of a gun or knife (about 22%)."
                      Offenders in State prison
                       All                 Sexual
Characteristic         violent    Rape     assault

Estimated number
of offenders, 1994     429,400    33,800    54,300

  Male                  96.2%      99.6%     98.8%
  Female                 3.8        0.4       1.2

  "White"               48.1%      52.2%     73.9%
  Black                 48.2       43.7      22.8
  Other                  3.7        4.1       3.3
WSW: Note in the above statistics that while black males make up only about 6% of the US population, they commit over half of all violent crimes and over 43% of all rapes. The "Other" category is primarily Asian-American and American Indian.


WSW: The following table details the "characteristics of known offenders in murders involving sexual assault from 1976-94."
characteristic        All      Sexual assault  

  Male                86.6%        95.0%
  Female              13.4          5.0

  "White"             47.8%        58.0%
  Black               50.3         39.9
  Other                1.9          2.1
Source: FBI, Supplementary Homicide Reports.
Sexual assault murder victims differ markedly from other murder victims. Compared to all murder victims, those who died as a consequence of a sexual assault were substantially more likely to be female and "white."
WSW: Note that black men (6% of the population) are over-represented according to their race by a factor of more than eight (for all murders) and by a factor of more than six (for all murders involving sexual assault). If you'd rather compare by race alone, the factors are four-plus and three-plus, respectively.


WSW: The following is a breakdown of the characteristics of murder victims and sexually assaulted murder victims according to the FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports.
Victim                              Sexual   
characteristic          All         assault 
----------------      --------     ----------
Sex of victim
     Male              76.4%          18.0%
     Female            23.6           82.0

Race of victim
     "White"           51.7%          68.4%
     Black             46.3           28.9
     Other              2.0            2.7


WSW: This next information was tucked away at the bottom of the report. Too bad, it's quite illuminating.
About 8 out of 10 sexual assault murders were intraracial [within the race]. "White" victims and "white" offenders accounted for 55% of sexual assault murders, black victims and black offenders accounted for 24% of all murders involving sexual assault. [However,] 2% involved black victims and "white" offenders, 15% involved "white" victims and black offenders, and the remainder involved victims and offenders of other races. [Editor: Quotation marks around whites added because DOJ includes most Hispanics as whites.]
Editor: For black on "white" compared to "white" on black, there are 8 times more blacks committing sexual assault murders on "whites." Since "whites" outnumber blacks 8 to 1 in the American population, the per capita ration is 64 to 1. You can look up this information yourself at (

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