Rape Tolerated in US Army
Posted on: 2004-04-13 17:17:15

by William John

Coming out of the Wichita Eagle -- yes, we know that paper -- is a story that should make everyone's blood boil just as much as the story of the Wichita Massacre did.

Apparently, with the growing number of female GIs serving in Iraq, rape is becoming increasingly prevalent. The authorities obviously do not seem to take this too seriously, dishing out "light punishments such as reprimands and pay cuts" according to the Denver Post. Yes, pay cuts for offenses that can be punishable by life imprisonment in most states, and should be punishable by death everywhere. For years, I thought Dr. William Pierce was off in his prediction, made more than twenty years ago, of the eventual decriminalization of rape. But now he's been proven essentially right, as least as far as the US military is concerned.

And it isn't a matter of laziness. No, "though evidence was gathered to prosecute a military police officer for one of two rape allegations, reports show his commanders merely dropped him in rank and discharged him at his request." It's quite clear that it is a matter of policy, silent though it be, governed by the fear of the mostly White military authorities of embarrassing the mostly Black rapists, and thus angering their Jewish advocates in the US media. If it became generally known that there was an epidemic of Black-on-White rape in the US Army, that might bother White Americans. It might upset the agenda of forced 'diversity' and multiracialism that the Jewish media have been pushing for four decades, might contradict the image of race relations they have labored so hard to create in the minds of American Whites; one of White guilt, Black innocence, White predator, Black victim.

And this is not just a few isolated cases; it is an epidemic. "Many of the Army cases -- 25 others are still sealed awaiting disciplinary action -- confirm trends among reports from female troops who said they were attacked by fellow soldiers during Afghanistan and Iraq military operations: Specifically, that their complaints were met with incomplete investigations and lenient treatment of offenders."

It is now common enough to be called a "trend" -- a trend met with "incomplete investigations and lenient treatment of offenders."

This is unacceptable. But it is happening, and will continue to happen, in fact it has to happen, because there is no other way to maintain at once the racial and sexual integration of the army and the illusion of racial equality without covering up all of the evidence that contradicts that illusion. So this will go on, and it will get worse, and the White military authorities, the ones who are "protecting us," and "spreading democracy," will continue to do nothing out of personal fear of the consequences of taking action. They will let young White girls, many still virgins, deluded into joining the Army by the feminist propaganda of the Jewish media, be raped by animalistic non-Whites without consequence.

This is the system we live under. This is the system we are spreading around the world at the cost of our own blood and wealth. It's time we tear it down and build anew.

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