Subj: ADV7-10-99: Knowledge and Discipline
Date: 7/10/99 12:18:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (American Dissident Voices)
To: (National Alliance)

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of July 10, 1999

Knowledge and Discipline
by Dr. William Pierce

As I was preparing this week's broadcast, the news story causing the
most excitement in the controlled media was a series of drive-by
shootings last weekend in Illinois and Indiana by a 21-year-old student
at the University of Indiana, Benjamin Smith, who killed himself as
police were trying to arrest him. In addition to himself Smith killed
only two other people -- not much to get excited about by today's
standards, when drive-by shootings are a nightly occurrence in a number
of our larger cities. What really had the media people stirred up about
Smith, however, was the fact that he was a member of a pro-White church,
and his targets were all non-Whites: Blacks, Jews, and Asians. A Black
and an Asian died.

I don't know anything about Smith except what was on the television news
and the Internet, but I cannot help but feel some sympathy for him.
Smith, according to those who knew him, was intelligent, quiet, and
serious. He was a student of criminal justice at the University of
Indiana. Most notable, however, he was racially conscious. He was
unhappy about the destruction of our White society in America and the
perversion of our European culture by the program of
multiculturalization promoted by the government and the media. He
distributed leaflets on the University of Indiana campus in Bloomington
expressing his views, and the university administration harassed him for
it. He distributed leaflets off the campus in Bloomington and in the
Chicago suburb of Wilmette, Illinois, where he grew up. Leftists,
feminists, and Jews organized a public demonstration against him in
Bloomington in an effort to stop his leaflet distribution, and the
police in Wilmette arrested him. Blacks repeatedly smashed the windows
of his apartment in Bloomington to show their disagreement with Smith's
"racist" views. It must have been very stressful for Smith, trying to
exercise his freedom of speech in a society which pays lip service to
our Bill of Rights but which actually tries its best to make life
difficult for anyone who doesn't toe the party line.

Finally something snapped, and Smith began shooting at Jews, Blacks, and
Asians. He apparently had given up completely at trying to make a
difference with his leaflets, and his shooting was an expression of his
frustration. He obviously didn't intend to survive. He didn't try to
conceal his identity. He simply drove up to groups of non-Whites in his
car in broad daylight and began shooting, then drove off until he saw
another group of non-Whites and began shooting again.

Now the media people are wringing their hands and asking the question:
"How did this man's talk about hate lead to a racist killing spree?" And
the media are trotting out all their Jewish experts to ask similar
questions. I saw Rabbi Marvin Hier, one of the head Jews at the Simon
Wiesenthal Center, and Mark Potok, a Jewish expert at the Southern
Poverty Law Center, both on television asking, "How can we stop hateful
talk like that in Benjamin Smith's leaflets from leading to hateful acts
like this series of shootings?" And from the leers on their Jewish faces
when they ask this question you can see what they're thinking; you can
guess what they want the television viewers to think. They want to plant
the suggestion that the way to stop racial violence and hostility is to
stop what they call "hate speech." If no one is permitted to say hateful
things, they suggest, then people will be less inclined to do hateful
things. That's the sort of feminine reasoning which seems to be
agreeable to America's couch potatoes.

You know, I haven't seen any of Benjamin Smith's leaflets, but I
wouldn't be surprised if there was nothing hateful at all in them. What
the Jews call "hate speech" these days, what they want to have outlawed,
is any Politically Incorrect speech. They don't care about crude or
vulgar expressions of hatred, because they don't see that as very
persuasive or effective. The speech they want outlawed is any speech
which might be dangerous to them, any speech which exposes their schemes
or interferes with their plans.

As I said, I cannot help but feel some sympathy for Benjamin Smith. When
I lived in Washington, DC, I was almost constantly enraged by what I saw
all around me. In Washington it wasn't just the presence of the Blacks
and the Jews and what they were doing; it was at least as much the
behavior of the Whites which enraged me. It was the effeminate and
pusillanimous behavior of the members of the White majority, who really
didn't like Blacks and Jews much more than I did but who were terrified
of being thought "racist" or Politically Incorrect if anyone found out
what they were thinking.

It was the trendy, liberal airheads, mindlessly parroting every cliché
they learned from television and eagerly embracing every fad which came
along, no matter how degenerate or destructive. It was the homosexuals
and the pushy, obnoxiously assertive feminists, who knew they were on a
roll and were determined to make the most of it.

And it was the utterly corrupt and deceitful behavior of the politicians
and the bureaucrats and the media people in Washington which enraged me.
If anybody in this country really needs to be put to death, it's not the
convicted serial killers sitting on death row in the various state
prisons: it's the people sitting in public offices in Washington -- all
of them. And it's the lying, treacherous minions of the controlled
media, panting and wagging their tails frantically in the hope of
receiving a pat on the head from their Jewish masters every time they
slant the news in the required direction or put the proper "spin" on a

Washington is really the armpit of the universe, where nothing is too
corrupt or treacherous or destructive, and I did find it frustrating
being there and watching all of the degenerates and criminals doing
their filthy work and not being able to stop them. There were times when
I had some pretty violent thoughts. But I am not suicidal, and perhaps I
have a little more self-discipline than Benjamin Smith had. Perhaps I am
a little better able to postpone my gratification. And so I wrote books
instead of going on shooting sprees. But I still sympathize with
Benjamin Smith. It's just a shame that he didn't have a little more

The media circus resulting from Smith's activity last weekend is what we
have come to expect from the Jews who control the media. It was another
excuse for them to harp on the dangers of permitting Whites to think
"racist" thoughts and express "racist" sentiments. And this time they
even had the titillating twist of a White "racist" church to work into
the story.

It's really too bad that they had virtually nothing to say about a Black
church which has been involved in the racially motivated murder of
Whites. The charges recently brought against one of the members of this
Black church for the murder of a White man would have given them an
opportunity to tell us about some far more interesting things than the
two killings by Benjamin Smith. The Black church to which I'm referring
is the Black Hebrew Israelites, led by Yahweh ben Yahweh. The murderer I
mentioned is Robert Rozier, a Black former National Football League
player. On March 23 of this year -- that's just three and a half months
ago -- Rozier was charged with the ritual murder of a White man outside
one of his church's meeting places in Newark, New Jersey. Rozier and
another Black member of the church, John Armstrong, stabbed 52-year-old
Attilio Cicala to death as a ritual sacrifice of a White man to their
Black leader, Yahweh ben Yahweh, who was born with the name Hulon

The murder charge against the Black football player Rozier was reported
by the Associated Press in March, but I'll bet you never heard about it.
The news was even printed in the New York Times, but no one I've spoken
to remembers seeing it. People tend not to notice little two-paragraph
news items which appear just once on page 126, tucked in among the ads
for hemorrhoid relief and telephone sex. You still can dig it up from
the New York Times site on the Internet, however, if you're interested.

The point is that the way in which the news is reported makes all the
difference. Most people in this feminized age simply don't relate to
bare facts. They relate only to other people. They aren't able to
assimilate evidence that doesn't appear in a personal context. It just
doesn't mean anything to them unless Tom Brokaw or Bill Clinton or
someone else they can relate to explains it to them and tells them how
they should respond to it. They really do need to be told whether or not
a news item is interesting and what attitude they should have toward it.
I'm sorry, but that is the level to which the television-viewing
American public has sunk.

And that's why the news about the ritual murder of Attilio Cicala
outside the so-called Black Hebrew Israelite temple in Newark has made
virtually no impression on the consciousness of the public. And that's
too bad, because it's really an interesting story: much more interesting
than the story of Benjamin Smith's shooting of a Black and a Korean last
weekend. The Jewish media bosses hoped that you wouldn't pay any
attention to the news about the murder of Attilio Cicala, but I'm going
to tell you about it now, because I think it's something you ought to

The story goes back 25 years to a horrendous series of racial murders in
California, many of them in the San Francisco area. Over a period of six
months in 1973 and 1974 members of an offshoot of the Black Muslims
called "Death Angels" murdered several hundred White men, women, and
children. The exact number will never be known, because many of the
victims were so-called "street people": runaway teenaged girls on drugs,
hippies, and the like -- people who weren't missed. There were many of
these pitiful lost souls on the streets of San Francisco in 1960s and
1970s. Their corpses often were hacked up and dumped in the ocean or
buried. But the San Francisco police who tracked the Death Angels
counted 15 very tangible victims from all walks of life, not just street
people: 15 murdered White people, and eight others who were seriously
injured during attempts to murder them. While they were looking for the
killers the police referred to the series of murders as the "Zebra"
killings: all Black on White.

Eventually the Death Angels were broken up when San Francisco police
arrested eight of them. Four of them were put on trial, and after the
longest trial in California history -- a year and six days -- were
convicted on all counts. The transcript for the trial filled nearly 14
thousand pages and was bound in 141 volumes.

You say you never heard of any of this? Could that be because the Jewish
media bosses -- the ones who have been making such a circus of Benjamin
Smith's killing of one Black and one Korean -- didn't want you to hear
about it? Could it be that the news of the Zebra murders didn't fit the
pattern of White aggressors and non-White victims that the media bosses
wanted to imprint on the consciousness of the White public?

During the trial of the four Death Angels between March 3, 1975, and
March 9, 1976, a great deal of interesting information came out that the
White public should have been told about. One of the Death Angels who
had been involved in many of the murders, Anthony Harris, obtained
immunity from prosecution by testifying against the other Death Angels.
Harris was on the witness stand for 12 days, and the chilling details of
his testimony make very interesting reading. He told the court that the
Nation of Islam -- the so-called "Black Muslims" -- taught that the
murder of a White person -- a "blue-eyed devil" -- was pleasing to
Allah. There was an elite organization in the Nation of Islam whose
members had especially pleased Allah. That was the Death Angels. To
become a Death Angel one had to murder nine White men or five White
women or four White children. In 1974 the San Francisco chapter of the
Death Angels had fifteen accredited members.

Harris related the horrifying details of some of the murders. There were
the young White couple, Richard and Quita Hague, who were grabbed off a
San Francisco street at gunpoint, taken to a rail yard, and butchered
with a machete. Richard, a mining engineer, was 30 years old. His wife
Quita, a reporter, was 28. They were out for an after-dinner stroll when
three Black Muslims forced them into a van. Two of the Muslims were in
the process of raping Quita when the third grabbed her by the hair,
dragged her over to the railroad tracks, and slashed her throat.

Some of the White victims were taken to a loft used by the Death Angels,
where they were tied to chairs and tortured to death. Harris testified
that he was given the butchered remnants of one of these kidnapped
torture victims, all trussed up in a plastic sheet like a turkey, and
told to drive the package to a bluff overlooking San Francisco Bay and
throw it into the water. Other victims, more fortunate, were simply
gunned down on the street. And the killing wasn't confined to San
Francisco or even to California. Other groups of Death Angels murdered
Whites in other states: in New York, in Georgia, in Florida. The word
spread among Black Muslims everywhere. The only people who didn't hear
about what was happening were ordinary White citizens, like Richard and
Quita Hague. They didn't hear about it because the Jewish media bosses
didn't want the White population to become alarmed. They didn't want
Whites to take measures to protect themselves. They didn't want Whites
to stop feeling guilty about how badly they had treated minorities.

One Black Muslim in Atlanta who learned that the murder of blue-eyed
devils was pleasing to Allah was Hulon Mitchell, known at the time as
Hulon X. Hulon was given control of a Muslim mosque in Atlanta, but his
career in the Nation of Islam was cut short when he was caught dipping
into the collection plate and having sex with underage Muslim girls.
Hulon moved to Florida. In 1978 he founded his own Black church in
Miami. He called it the Nation of Yahweh, called its members Black
Hebrew Israelites, and took for himself the name of Yahweh ben Yahweh.
Hulon's new church flourished, and he soon formed an elite group in it,
which he called the Circle of Ten. He also branched out to several other
cities, including Newark.

He taught his followers that the killing of blue-eyed devils was
pleasing to Yahweh, rather than to Allah. Soon one of the members of his
church, NFL player Robert Rozier, brought him the ear of a White man he
had just murdered: his first victim. A number of other victims followed
during the next few years. One of these victims was Attilio Cicala, the
52-year-old Italian man murdered in Newark.

As with the Death Angels in California, many of the ritual murder
victims chosen by Yahweh's followers were the easiest White victims:
people who wouldn't be missed -- young runaways, street people, Whites
who lived in Black neighborhoods or who associated with Blacks. It
wasn't until November 1990 that the police finally wound up Yahweh's
murder spree, charging him and sixteen of his followers with a number of
felonies, including 14 murders. Actually, the murder of Attilio Cicala
was not one of the 14 murders the Black Hebrew Israelites were charged
with. That murder remained unsolved until last year, when Black
Israelite John Armstrong, also known as Yokonon Israel, was charged. And
finally Rozier also was charged in the murder of Cicala this March. He
will be tried later this year.

Well, Blacks will be Blacks, and they, at least, understand that we're
engaged in a race war. But that's our fault, really. We shouldn't have
brought them here. As soon as we rectify that mistake a big part of the
war will be over. Meanwhile, there's not much point in our being angry
at Blacks or shooting one or two of them here and there, a la Benjamin
Smith. That's just foolishness. What we need to win this war is
self-discipline: iron self-discipline, and Benjamin Smith didn't have

We also need knowledge of the sort I try to disseminate with these
broadcasts. If we are to make intelligent decisions about the world
around us and about our future, we need to know that hundreds of White
Americans have been ritually murdered by members of Black religious
groups during the past 25 years. Even more do we need to know that news
of these murders has been suppressed by the Jewish news media, and we
need to understand why this news has been suppressed. We need to know
what the Jews and their political, ideological, and religious allies are
aiming for when they deliberately suppress the news of the mass murders
of Whites by the Death Angels of the Nation of Islam and the Black
Hebrew Israelite followers of Yahweh ben Yahweh, while filling our
television screens day after day with the details of Benjamin Smith's
killing of one Black and one Asian. We need to know these things if we
are not simply to be led like lambs to the slaughter.

Knowledge and discipline, those are the keys to our survival as a
people: knowledge of what is really happening in the world and why, and
the self-discipline to deal collectively and effectively with the very
real threats to the future of our people, rather than expressing our
frustration in foolish and undisciplined acts of premature violence. And
if our knowledge leads us to anger, to rage of the sort that I felt
while living in Washington and of the sort that Benjamin Smith
presumably felt while attending the very Politically Correct University
of Indiana, let us direct that rage not at the random Black or Asian on
the street, but rather at the evil creatures who planned the government
policies which are putting more and more Blacks and Asians on our
streets, policies which are leading America into becoming a non-White
country in the next few decades. Let us direct our rage at the evil
creatures who conspire to keep our people ignorant of the real dangers
around them by suppressing the news of the Zebra murders and the Black
Hebrew Israelite murders.

And if we sometimes feel ourselves frustrated by the willful ignorance
of the lemmings and by the malice of those among our people who have
cast their lot with our people's enemies, let us remember that it is we
who are becoming stronger, not they; let us remember that more and more
of our people are understanding what is happening and are drawing the
correct conclusions. Let us remember that with growing knowledge and
growing self-discipline among our people, we -- not they -- will
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Clark Howard, Zebra (Richard Marek Publishers, New York, 1979)
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