What We Don't Dare Discuss

by Robert L. Kocher

Everything I have seen and heard throughout my life leads to the same series of conclusions. On the average, children do not develop well in the absence of a strong consistent responsible father of authority. And I would hasten to emphasize there is a difference between authority and wanton brutality. The father should also be worthy of respect as a role model. Women do not do well in instilling discipline in male children—and are not good disciplinarians, period. This probably reflects the fact that recent physiological studies indicate an innate difference in temperament between men and women—as if this were a new discovery that hadn't been known for thousands of years. Given the importance of the presence of a strong respectable father, recent and present fatherless social trends suggest an increasing psychological disaster. Recent social fashions in which men act more like women have also been devastating.

Children need consistently increasing levels of responsibility and direction from the age of three. Included in that is work, work values, and work-habits. One hundred years ago Americans lived in a rural culture in which children participated in responsible serious effort beginning at an early age. This was the best childrearing possible. It produced sense of direction, self-discipline, seriousness, work-habits, and the knowledge that accomplishments in life were the result of those elements rather than the right to unconditional entitlement. It produced the last of the great generations of Americans.

Sitting in front of a TV set, children don't get into trouble, but they don't develop the above traits.

There is a great urban and sociological myth—the belief that a background of family wealth is the determining factor in whether a person will become spoiled and indolent. Contrary to myth, the determining factor in whether or not a person will be spoiled or is spoiled is not family wealth, although wealth has allowed personal ease without responsibility or earning, and degeneration, in the past. The determining factor is whether a person acquires a sense of seriousness about life, acquires work-habits, acquires self-discipline, acquires a sense of direction, acquires respect for others and respect for the efforts of others, and acquires a sense of personal responsibility and accountability. The so-called inner city kid jive-talking on the street who grows up without work-habits, without serious quality guidance, and without any sense of direction or responsibility is every bit as spoiled as is the wealthy kid lounging at the country club with a drink in his hand. The difference between the two is that the wealthy kid's parents can buy him an education, a position, and occasionally even a high political office. Additionally, the effete wealthy have a mutually self-protective networking system that will find soft spots for their useless kids.

The spoiled wealthy are separated from the spoiled poor by the fact that the spoiled wealthy are protected by the inheritance of family social power, and by family-subsidized easy acquisition resulting from exercise of wealth, enabling them to secure comfortable superficial positions as professional polished charming social lushes—while the spoiled poor live rawer lives unprotected from the economic and social justice that confers upon them the rightful condition they earn.

This is not to assert that all poverty is pathological-sociological, or that all poverty is a matter of personal fault or personal attitude. It should be recognized that there are geographical areas in America where economic development has yet to expand, or has retracted, leaving people in those areas with scarce opportunity or resources regardless of personal attitude and characteristics. Many of the people in those areas live lives of proud diligence and self-discipline. However, the restricted social, educational, and economic opportunities in such areas leave their inhabitants poorly equipped to leave for better circumstances. Such people are not the subject of this analysis.

"Poor" Means Urban Black

But, in the other realm, today, America has a core pool of the most spoiled-rotten poor people imaginable. Many have cultivated the rationalized belief that they have a right to a passively obtained entitlement compensatory for their argued imposed unpleasant sociological happenstance. This attitude and the accompanying demands have displaced focus on seriousness and development of work-habits or incisive personal responsibility. This has been further extended into a sociopolitical movement that attempts to substitute development of political movements and political power for concrete effort and responsibility. This is particularly true overall in the urban black population. In the last 40 years the term "poor" has evolved into being a code-word for "black", urban black. If much of West Virginia is in an economically retrograde condition, or if portions of Western Pennsylvania have deteriorated to a point where entire middle-sized towns that have been gutted of industry can be purchased for 25 cents on the dollar, it is not of Politically Correct interest. Poor means Urban Black. It means steering urban blacks into becoming a deployable monolithic political block of leftist political activism and demands.

In previous generations there were waves of poor immigrants arriving in America—the Jews, the Italians, the Irish, the Poles, the Japanese, the Vietnamese, and so on. They arrived poor, but they were not spoiled. Hence, they didn't remain poor. If they had adopted the views and attitudes promoted by leftist sociological preaching, they would still be in poverty. Their lack of being polluted with defeating sociological rationalization is in serious measure responsible for their successes.

This is not the case with today's chronic poor. There is talk about the cycle of poverty from generation to generation in the inner cities. The cycle of poverty is the secondary consequence of the cycle of arrogant irresponsibility being passed from generation to generation. A multiplying aspect of this is that the irresponsibly poor also find it easy to become participants in a system of reciprocal exploitation. They are politically exploitable by, and dependent upon, people who will rationalize the reasons for their condition as being other than what they are. But at the same time, through leverage of votes, they are able to counter-exploit and blackmail the politicians who exploit them to obtain the ransom of funding enabling the irresponsible to remain secure in their condition. This symbiosis has displaced both productive effort and upward mobility in America.

Political Prisoners

In their effort to create an exploitable group, politicians created a powerful group that has subsequently taken the politicians prisoner. American politics and politicians are now prisoners of a system that demands rationalizations from politicians to the point of disallowing them any personal integrity or rationality, and now repels or rejects candidates of integrity or quality. For many people in political life the deterioration of integrity and the demand that candidates be of low quality are of little concern, and candidates don't feel like prisoners of corruption because they have no integrity to be violated and they embraced corruption before going into politics. The deteriorated political condition is like a gift from God that has made an acceptable garden spot for the corrupt and the mediocre while repelling necessity for ideas and integrity. The American people suffer the burden of enduring and subsidizing all of it. But, many of them are not blameless.

Politicians and academics are somewhat interchangeable within this system. The demands for cushioned irresponsibility among the professional poor parallel the demands for extended subsidized academic softness and irresponsibility in life found at higher educational institutions, with the consequent formation of bonding and brotherhood between the two welfare-based subcultures full of mushy minds demanding special personal entitlement. In addition, academics are expected to display the identifying academic subcultural affectation of proper polarization and hostility toward the outside world—and sociological theories ridiculing or attacking that outside world enable academics to show their behinds and receive attention.

In recent months the demands to award blacks reparations for their ancestors having been slaves has taken firm hold and will probably eventually be successful. The absurdity of the demands will not be examined here. But getting to the serious reality, unless accompanied by a change in black attitude and a number of other things, giving blacks $100,000 each will result in naught but the eventual argument that the first $100,000 was unjustly insufficient as demonstrated by the failure to produce positive results or failure to produce absence of further demands. At that point, the government and the political climate having already accepted the principle of compensation of award until social and financial inequality disappear regardless of pertinent destructive behavior patterns being legitimized, subsidized, and encouraged by those payments, what will evolve is a permanent system of periodic funding of an immovable culture of subsidized insatiable recalcitrant antagonistic irresponsibility coupled with entitlement to both the subculture and the funding.

The basis of proof that people are justly owed still more will be that those people will still ask for more. The presumption, of course, is that the supposedly pious recipients would not ask for more simply because it's an easy life for free, but only ask out of dire need. Questioning this presumption is met with massive melodramatic indignation over the insult to recipients' integrity. But, there will never be enough of anything to solve the problem when there is denial of the truth of the problem and subsidized pandering to that denial.

At the gym where I worked out, I overheard a conversation between two black men. One of them had been in a vague live-in relationship with a woman for several years and she had a child by him. He laughed as he told his buddy he never cared much about the woman and was planning on leaving her in another year. His buddy thought it highly clever and supported him in this life-style or whatever it is. This woman thinks she has something, and by heaven she does, but it's not what she believes she has. Neither of these two men treat women of their own race (or anybody else) with any honesty, or dignity, or respect, and it's a joke to them. In fact their entire lives have been lived for cheap easy scores without serious responsibility and laughing about it.

I have heard this, and similar conversations, too many times to be counted within an out-of-wedlock birth rate of sixty to eighty-five, or more, percent among various geographical segments of the black population. If confronted by the callousness of what they are doing, the standard answer is to get in your face and assert, "You don't understand what three hundred years of injustice has done to black people." In this manner the topic is changed into substitution of an attempt to push irrational guilt upon whomever questions any of it. Most white people have been conditioned and beat down to the point where they psychologically collapse when this ploy is used. The acceptance of, and immobilization by, that guilt has become entirely too reflexive and this reflex has ceded far too much power to a growing militant army of black psychopaths in the last nearly 40 years.

The "300 Years of Injustice" Con Game

That answer should not be acceptable—or even tolerated. Three hundred years of anything is no excuse for what is heard, or what is being done. Three hundred years of anything does not separate people from knowledge of what constitutes basic personal integrity. The attitude shown is not the result of three hundred years of injustice, but the result of being allowed to work nearly 40 years of unchallenged calloused con games and self-licensing sociological buck-passing.

I have never heard any widely accepted black leader confront and criticize any of it. Given continuation of present trends, there will be another ice age before anyone of any race has brains or guts enough to stand up and say rampant irresponsible psychopathic deviance is a prominent characteristic of the black subculture that is chiefly responsible for the problems of the black race. And that "anyone" I'm speaking of includes what passes for religious leaders.

Parenthetically, if any group needs a women's liberation movement, it is black women. Calloused black dude psychopaths use them without conscience, get them pregnant, desert the women and the children, then laugh it off. Some of them, the street-cool dudes, even come back later to sell drugs to the children they sire. Black women should rise up and just plain slaughter half the black men in the country without mercy until there is not a trace of Gangsta Rap music remaining in the world. Until they do so, there will be little future for the black race. The reason they don't do it is because they aren't any more responsible than the men.

General Colin Powell seemed to be an attractive possible presidential candidate in the mid 90s. He seems at first impression to be well-adjusted, intelligent, and a man who has lived a life of quality. That's at first impression. His views on American social and economic problems are somewhat naive and lacking in depth. He needs to read this series. He is also naive about the motivation and attitudes among the black community. To great extent this may be because the way he was raised and the subculture he inhabited in his military career isolated him from close familiarity with the cultural degeneration of recent decades. His views were not more naive or shallow than the views of many other candidates and perhaps the values he carries with him would have, by example, represented an improvement in the political and social climate in America. In spite of some personal reservations on my part, he was still at a level above many other possible candidates. He certainly would have been an order of magnitude improvement over the Clintons and would have been worth serious consideration.

White Man Under a Black Skin

His values and bearing are such that their presence castes, by contrast, a rejection of black culture that produces enormous resentment or moral alienation between him and most of the black race. He was decidedly unpopular among blacks to the point where 90 percent of blacks nearly despised him according to polls at the time. He was severely criticized by blacks as being "a white man under a black skin." What does that mean?

It means that anyone who does not act like mentally incompetent trash and spend most of his time justifying it in himself and others is perceived as providing no useful service to 90 percent of the black world.

It means the proper black person is expected by blacks to stay focused on socialist politics as the only way to advancement. Advancement through personal ability and effort is looked upon as a betrayal of that focus as well a betrayal of the mentality of eternal childhood entitlement.

It means it is considered racial treason for any black person to betray a unified front of demands and interpretation being constructed and imposed by the political left and leftist-recognized or appointed black leadership. Any black person who is not a theatrical loudmouthed psychopath is viewed as undermining black cultural solidarity and abandoning what is touted to be the real method and identification of the struggle of black people. There is a corrupt black life style that is to be lived because living it confirms it as an acceptable social subcultural norm that psychologically supports other blacks living it, while failing to live it is failure to endorse that social norm and is looked upon as an abandonment of other blacks.

There is no reason for Powell, if he is an individual of quality, to either embrace the typical black value system, or to reject it because of his race. I don't agree with all white people, nor they with me. I don't find all white people acceptable. Many white people are repulsive idiots. It's not an exclusive white monopoly. I practice the principle of equal opportunity in recognizing people. People get the diagnostic category they earn without regard for race and, importantly, including all races. I suggest Powell do the same. There should be no reason to expect Powell to find all black people acceptable, or their life style acceptable. Powell should strive to be the best person he can be rather than conforming to a black stereotype. But nonconformity to the black stereotype represents a threat in the form of implicit criticism of the dominant black culture that produces a national 70 percent out of wedlock birth rate as well as a nearly unified set of demands for special privileges and compensations.

Black Politics

This answers one of the questions or accusations often leveled at the American Republican party. "Why don't Republicans reach out to blacks?" One of the reasons is that proposing a black candidate of any quality and integrity is received as an insult and threat by 90 percent of American blacks. The more intelligent, cultivated, able, and refined a black candidate is, the greater hostility he elicits from 90 percent of the black population. Presentation of a black candidate with the combined intellects of Einstein and Aristotle, and the temperament of St. Francis of Assisi would evoke race riots. There is no way to reach out to 90 percent of blacks other than becoming as degenerate as the present and recent black leadership.

Within an overwhelmingly large majority of the American black population, someone such as former DC Mayor Marion Barry out tom-catting around in the middle of the night and playing with drugs is viewed by them as their representative. That's why he was elected to office by a local black population. His activities had been common knowledge for years. There is an old saying within the subcultural vernacular, "The big coon walks late." It's a boastful expression that the black man with power parades it by swaggering around in the middle of the night with extra women or whatever. It's a badge of tribal alpha dominance and having made it. That's the level at which Barry functioned. Becoming Mayor of the nation's capital meant license to parade his disregard for what are perceived as white standards in the same way as US Representative Adam Clayton Powell did in the 50s. Barry's ever being voted into a position of responsibility or leadership initially was an act of mindlessness. His being returned to any responsible position was a collective act deliberately repugnant to morality and repugnant to anybody with an IQ of over eighty-five.

Jesse Jackson calls himself reverend. Reverend of what has never been determined. America, and particularly black America, is plagued by ministers who have the intellect and morality of primitive animals but who still want to claim the special privileges and immunities of the cloth. They use the pulpit as an convenient, easily acquired base to involve themselves in left-wing politics. Their religious training and message does not include emphasis on self-discipline, or responsibility, or respect for the efforts of others. In Jackson's case his commitment to the Holy Word does not extend to Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Jackson's message has always been exclusively political with little concern about anything else. He has lately fathered one illegitimate child whose mother received large sums of money that suspiciously resembles a payoff. There have been rumors of similar activities surrounding him for years which he has now proven should not be discounted. What else there is that has been hidden, paid off, or rushed out of town has yet to be publicly confirmed. Whatever else there is, you must look deep to find it because Jackson isn't volunteering any information. Jackson leads two lives. One is a public life of speeches and grandstanding. The other is a protected corrupt reality which is kept protected.

Upon being exposed, Jackson announced a withdrawal from public life and a serious retreat for purposes of personal moral and spiritual examination and repentance. Great minds accomplish such difficult tasks quickly. The bare pretense of retreat and repentance was miraculously completed in the three hours necessary to concoct brazenly insincere and fraudulent rationalizations after which he was back at business as usual working his mouth the next day without missing a step, declaring how important he was to the world and deflecting perception of his fraudulence by redirecting the focus to declarations that he was not going to be stopped by the ubiquitous right-wing conspiracy which is the paper tiger paraded by people such as the Jacksons and Clintons to triumph over whatever they get caught at. Personal embarrassment is nonexistent.

The First Black President

The Jackson manipulation utilized a common pattern in which a synthetic social cause is created so that absence of shame or absence of integrity becomes converted into a social triumph over the vicious forces of opposition defined by the cause. In this case any demand in recent years for personal integrity is asserted to be a right-wing conspiracy to be triumphed over. The triumph over the hypothetical conspiracy is declared to be more important than integrity, than honesty, than honor, than respect—than anything. Empty rhetoric of declared beneficial intent and indispensable need for superficial leftist activism from the people issuing that declaration trumps all else. As a reward for sharing this propensity for blatantly conscienceless display of evasion and fraud, combined with his Mayor Marion Barry style general trashiness, Bill Clinton was viewed by blacks as America's first black president.

(In once sense Clinton is black. He evidences absence of knowledge of, or concern about, the difference between good and evil. He exhibits a psychopathic brazen manipulative absence of conscience that he displays almost as a ridiculing challenge. He has no conception of a full view of the quality of life, but lives exclusively for momentary impulse. Appreciation of quality is not satisfying to him. He can act otherwise long enough to make a score of some kind, but it is something alien to him that he must superficially conform to with resentment. He reverts because he isn't anything else inside and it's nothing he believes in. He's in life for the quick score of the psychopath that has a component of a feeling of superiority demonstrated in manipulation of others to a point of contempt and ridicule of the rest of the world. These same characteristics, and the acts of defiance, are almost a cause for celebration in black leadership.

(Mayor Barry and Bill Clinton have more as common identification. You can dress them up, but you still can't take them anywhere because they don't know how to act. A sense of respect for the responsibilities and integrity of their position is not a serious priority in their lives. Baths, new clothes, and fine offices don't change the intractable juvenile trashiness on the inside. In a million years they would still be wondering why they should use the toilet instead of the potted plants. It's their inherent lack of class. It's an inherent lack of class shared by their supporters.)

So the trick since somewhere in the 60s is to synthesize an abstract alternative fraudulent social cause or value system, then claim concrete evil, degenerate, calloused, or fraudulent behavior represents noble dedication to some cheap claptrap abstract principle prescribed as supreme within that system. The new abstract synthetic moral principle licenses people to do whatever they want at less abstract levels and to even lay claim to righteous indignation for being questioned while doing it.

Playboy Hugh Hefner became the most successful exponent of this with his hump 'em and push 'em out the door sexual philosophy which focused upon the claim to be a moral victory over Victorian antisexuality (while, on less abstract real levels, psychologically maiming people who were incapable of living like psychopaths). In so doing, Hefner was probably one of the most important intellectual influences, in the sense of intellectually pathologizing and desensitizing people to dishonesty, in the last half of the, or perhaps entire, 20th century. The discarding of personal integrity and conscience in one area of life creates a subsequently less transitional or serious mode in compromising in other aspects of life. It desensitizes conscience and integrity. The disassembly and weakening of conscience employed to lie about one thing leaves less uncompromised conscience to object to lying and corruption in other areas. As a consequence, the discarding of conscience, the acceptance of dishonesty, and acceptance of construction of inane rationalization necessary to procure desired lunatic fantasy sex lives has licensed generalized aberrant intellectual and moral functioning. Initial practice in dishonesty in their personal lives has prepared people for applying dishonesty in the totality of their lives. If you can get a person to compromise themselves in their sex lives, you own them for anything else dishonest you want to do with them.

The Created Cause

The synthetic cause process has been expanded and employed throughout a wide spectrum of social and political life. And, people such as the Jacksons and the Clintons can evidence no regard or respect for any need for integrity or honesty at convenience while claiming such need to be the machinations of various vicious conspiracies over which they must triumph in crusading defense of invented higher alternative abstract nuthouse morality.

Through clever application of this process, employing psychotic levels of invented abstract principles to support a secondary concocted vehement moral indignation, criticism of all levels of egregious trashiness can not only be evaded, but can be met with a new form of righteous indignation. It has gone on so long that the people doing it have long since come to believe it. Consequently, the last vestiges of shame, or integrity, or honor, or personal embarrassment, evaporated in large portions of American culture somewhere around 1969, which is about the same time Senator Teddy Kennedy drove a girl off a bridge and left her to drown while he ran off to consult lawyers, then showed up in a hastily procured hokey neck brace at a press conference to present himself as the victim. When it worked, it marked the end of need for integrity in American life.

And honesty? Honesty about anything disappeared into a concealing cloud of fraudulent contorted purposely confusing avoidant abstraction so long ago as to be a rumored distant memory.

When the history of the American period since the 60s is written, assuming we ever regain enough honesty and integrity to write it realistically, the period will be looked upon as the reign of the mock cause and the abstract mask. Whether they be social or political causes/movements, or a combination of both, abstract fraudulent mock causes continue to be manufactured at convenience to mask and justify various corrupt concrete purposes which are hidden or denied. Those who don't want the responsibility or effort of developing themselves to the required level necessary for living in a free society go on to invent and expand the movement toward sociologically theorized socialism in which responsibilities and duties need not be undertaken and one is still assured of support. Those who hate the world and want to punish it by shutting off its electricity, or who want to create an additional bureaucratic world in which to find a comfortable employment nest and position of importance, or those who want to disassemble the capacity of the free enterprise system, find the obstructionism obtainable through creating a misused environmental movement offers oblique attainment of such goals. Those who have designs on getting their neighbor's spouse into bed invent themselves a personal dedication to the expanded order of consciousness of free sexual expression. And so on. It's all the same thing. We go to liberal colleges to become better at it.

Corrupt Black Leaders

So The Reverend Jesse has converted the issues of his primitive trashiness and defiant psychopathic fraudulence into a heroic more abstract confrontation over which it is his noble moral mission to triumph and continue his necessary work. For working his version of this fraud, The Reverend Jesse, as a representative of the oppressed classes, has typically raked in nearly half a million dollars a year personal income that people can even find in an operation in which anything that supports this life style is an expense paid for by the suckers. It's all personal profit while he is chauffeured in a limousine.

(Since this was originally written, Jackson's public exposure meant his former bed playmate no longer has the hold on him of the need to maintain secrecy. That meant it was no longer necessary for him to make nice to her and the kid and he withdrew from them. Hush money became irrelevant and no longer necessary. According to the AP, he stopped seeing the child after the article revealing his fatherhood was published. It apparently didn't sit well with the mother. Now she is suing him for child support and custody. Since it has been revealed that The Reverend is worth millions, the mother and child are looking for a more appropriate proportion of the action rather than allowing The Reverend to caste them aside as obsolete playthings.)

Now licensed by a 35 year backlog of rationality-deconstructing excesses of radical liberalism as well as the disregard of integrity created by Jackson and others, as well as being licensed by unobstructed access to a media that inappropriately confers visibility and importance on his every word in an entirely permissive uncritical atmosphere that creates and encourages him, Al Sharpton is a step below Jackson. Sharpton rode into national visibility and leadership by hyping and exploiting a supposed multiple rape and kidnapping of a black girl by whites some years ago which overwhelming evidence indicates was a hoax perpetrated by himself with no conscience or integrity. The black subculture loved it for its expression of insulting antagonism and ridicule. Sharpton has been on a roll ever since.

Louis Farrakhan and his followers are child mentalities dressed up in Halloween costumes anointing each other as quasi caliphs, ayatollahs, and potentates or whatever. At best, they resemble something out of an old Boris Karloff Frankenstein horror movie. Anyone with intelligence would be embarrassed to admit association with such a collection of childlike goofs.

The former Frizzel Gray, calling himself Kweisi Mfume and ascending as head of the NAACP, has had at least five children by five different women with whom he wasn't married. But calling himself a hokey dramatic African title like a little kid would do is sufficient to satisfy the kindergarten level emotional theater that dominates and guides the black world. Anything else is irrelevant. He rails at the injustice of blacks not starting on an even playing field while he abuses black women then abandons them and the children he makes to run off giving angry abstract speeches about the condition of blacks that he and others create in their personal lives. He points to the women and children he abandoned as an example of the unconscionable and debilitating conditions lived by the black race. He and others like him are, on the concrete level, in fact, the problem. What did he do in the way of staying around to guide the kids he made toward a better life? When his kids needed a father's guidance for a stable grounding in life, he was out slobbering other women.

If he had a shred of conscience he would be too ashamed to be seen in public. If blacks had a shred of conscience or concern about their children and the women of their race, he'd be stoned instead of being president of America's largest and supposedly most prestigious, black organization. But black crowds love it.

Martin Luther King gave speeches demanding that people be judged by content of their character rather than the color of their skin. But speeches are cheap to concoct, require no serious personal commitment, and can be detached from reality, or from having to live them. His character plagiarized its way through school and was in bed with one or two strange women just a few hours before he was shot—an example of the character he demanded black people be judged for. It was all talk. King was another combination Adam Clayton Powell and Marion Barry. This was the character beneath the speeches. To this day, those who realistically judge King by his character incur the consequence of being accused of a racist hate crime. But King was a pig masquerading as a religious figure.

King was one of the most effective Marxist revolutionaries of the 20th century, while claiming nonviolence. He presented himself as an alternative to violent revolution in such a way as to raise consciousness of that alternative resulting in people responding by gathering and organizing themselves around that alternative. He issued a double message while attributing the second message to the people who responded to it. To create sainthood and censor out the King reality, the FBI and other investigative files on King's communist connections have been sealed until the probable period when America will have moved so far left that those connections will be looked upon with amusement or pride of having pulled it off with such cleverness at the time.

What is amazing is that although what King was doing was quite transparent, King managed to get away with it. To great extent this was because he began his moves by confronting a class of southern whites who were absolute primitive garbage that not even a mother could love, and to criticize King appropriately was construed as friendship with that garbage. The polarizing hatred of that trash swamped out any realistic appraisal of King or consideration of the future. The radical left also needed to create a leftist black saint, which they did in the media and with censorship. The King legacy, the polarization along leftist lines, the deterioration of intellectual quality standards and disapplication of critical reasoning, and the negating of important personal property and associational rights in servitude to social engineering all continue to dominate American politics, law, media, and educational thought.

None of these people—and I will include those such as former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders in the same category, who was such an absolute lunatic disgrace to her office that, achieving the seemingly impossible, she embarrassed even the Clintons and had to be removed—have any class. It was impossible to dress her up, give her an important position, and make anything decent out of her either.

What person of quality would want anyone with any of these characteristics around themselves or around their children?

No Laughing Matter

This entire group of leaders is composed of mentally deficient and primitive grotesque caricatures, something out of an anti-black cartoon portraying blacks as ludicrous mindless howling chimpanzees. If they were accurately portrayed in pictures and quoted word for word in some sort of Aryan supremacist magazine, such portrayal would be protested as presenting distorted false racial stereotypes and a hate crime.

The problem is, it is not a cartoon and we are forbidden to laugh. Instead, these leaders present themselves before the public, or are presented before the public, while the warped social and political requirement is to regard them with utmost gravity and respect instead of more realistically evaluating them to be subhuman throwbacks to incomplete or reversed biological evolution. Fulfillment of this requirement has been achieved through the imposed institutionalization of massive amounts of psychological repression in the American population.

None of these individual leaders would be acceptable for membership in a culture of intellectual or moral quality. None would be acceptable in a culture of personal maturity. If they were white people, nobody with any intelligence or character would want them in their home, in their business, in their social circle, or even in the same world. No one with any intelligence or character would even want anyone else who did not find them repugnant in their home, in their business, or in their social circle. Their being black doesn't, or shouldn't, change it.

But there is a double standard based upon the implicit view that blacks are inferior and that what should ordinarily be intolerable or ludicrous should be accepted in blacks as a concession to their either unalterable or transient limitations. The intolerable or ludicrous is not to be viewed as intolerable or ludicrous if it's black. All things should be patronizingly tolerated or accepted from blacks in a display of special understanding and pity, and special exemption from responsibility.

Patronizing of the pathetically inferior and the fifth rate is looked upon as a demonstration of special understanding of blacks and argued to be a method of encouraging the black race. The reality is that it both licenses and impels blacks toward poverty of quality in all things while simultaneously and secondarily doing the same for whites with a growing degree of arrogance on both parties. All standards of quality in all things have deteriorated. Both races, and their institutions, are now accepting what should not be acceptable. And psychopathic members of both races are now expecting and demanding acceptance of themselves on the basis of personal characteristics which should render them unacceptable among civilized developed people. It should be doubtful that any civilized society will survive it.

Looking at the collage of conscienceless confidence men, fools, crazies, misanthropes, and throwbacks ruling the black social and political scene should impel anyone of unrepressed honest intelligence to wonder whether there are three functioning brain cells in the entire black race if these leaders are any indication of what black people are.

Con Men Are Not My Brothers

Politicians and clergy talk about bringing us together in unity and brotherhood. Such people are not my brothers. I've struggled much of my life to keep such people, black and white, as far away from me as possible and to free myself from their having any affect upon or control over me. Forcing me together with them is as repugnant a threat as can be imagined. I don't want any involvement or association whatsoever with the mess I'm seeing. I'd need to be nuts to want to be around such people. What half-witted busybodies authorized themselves to speak for me and decide I want any of it around me?

My first commitment and order of duty is to maintain quality, freedom, and integrity in my own life and the lives of those I care about. Anything or anybody who intrudes in that or affects it at all detrimentally can go to hell.

Association with such people is an intolerable imposition. In general, people who act corrupt or stupid are usually very demanding. They demand support and endorsement for their rationalizations. Any person or group for whom I must devise constant excuses and rationalizations at the expense of my integrity is a degrading imposition and undermining attack I do not want around me. I don't dance to other people's tunes. It's not incumbent upon me to exist in a state of servitude to accepting or inventing excuses. It's other people's obligation to conduct themselves in such a way, or improve themselves to a point, as to not inflict the imposition of my having to manufacture excuses for them or be compelled to sit in silent acceptance of such excuses. If they won't or can't, they are a disrespect for me and a burden I don't want around me. Bring them back only when they are willing and able. If they are unwilling or incapable, I want permanent separation from them. Any reasons for their behavior are irrelevant.

There are times when social grace, cordiality, and euphemistic accommodation are invitation to disaster. Excessive cordiality and euphemistic accommodation are the first step to self-enslavement. When soft euphemistic avoidant interpretations are substituted for the truth it creates monsters who want more of it and want to run your life with the rationalizations they invent to hide their deficiencies or confidence games. In a short time they demand to reorder the world according to the assertion that their failures are due to the world and you rather than the result of their deficiencies or limitations. It's better to tell people what they are, their limitations, and the consequences, rather than be subjected to such an assault.

I have an acquaintance who happens to be white, living in Ohio. He has seldom held a serious job or worked at anything longer than two months. He has had capacity to work, but won't work. After a short period he triumphs according to some internal role model he carries around inside him and tells the people he's working for to go to hell. In his recounting, he's been one of the best anyone has ever seen at anything he has ever done—the best mechanic, the best and strongest oil rig worker, and so on, but always for two weeks to two months. In brief, he has capacity, but won't take day-to-day responsibility for work. Like many in recent years, he does not understand that one of the primary prerequisites for being good at anything in life is long-term day-to-day reliability. Anyone can be a showman on a job for a few days. But if you don't keep at it reliably you aren't worth a damn to anybody and aren't the best, or even good, at anything. Showmanship without sustained effort and reliability is playing around in a little kid's world.

He did a stint in the navy in the 50s during peacetime. That didn't satisfy him. From there, he enlisted in the air force where he was a clerk typist during peacetime. He was put up for a cushy air force slot as a driver for an air force general in Washington. It would have meant a quick series of promotions to master sergeant. It was an opportunity that meant easy street for him for the remainder of his life. He proudly tells how he told the air force to stick the offer up their behind. By God, he told 'em. He left the air force when his enlistment was up.

Ever since that time, between two-month-long jobs, he's been trying to get on government military service related disability. He dances around the yard like a whirling dervish, but when he drives up to the Veterans Administration center, suddenly out comes the cane he stores in the back seat, out comes the worried pained look, and it's an academy award acted-out struggle for him to barely hobble up to the door and the office to apply for increased benefits. Apparently he's a method actor who has got so far into his role that he believes it.

His original doctors, including psychiatrists, couldn't find anything wrong with him. His first psychiatrist diagnosed him as a very long term passive-aggressive personality system that was not the result of military service. He hunted around to find other incompetent doctors he could lie to and who would believe his story. Over a period of years he discarded or overwhelmed correct medical reports from competent doctors while accumulating reports of physical and mental ailments from the incompetent doctors he could find to construct a biased dishonest file to present to various appeal boards. Additionally, he became more adept at fabricating fictitious conditions. He was persistent as hell and wore the caseworkers down a little at a time. They knew he was faking it. On various appeals they'd give him an increase of $50 a month or more just to get rid of him. Over a period of years the increases mounted up. Those increases were retroactive for previous periods, so in addition to future increases he got a check for previous years. Two successes in his con game got him one check for $40,000 and another for $20,000.

His wife is the same way. She was a nurse's aid in a hospital. She proudly recounts how she was so good at her job that the hospital offered to send her through nursing school and pay the entire cost. Get ready for this. She defiantly turned the offer down.

Getting Their Share

Both of these people are motivated primarily by some sort of twisted resentment of what others have and a demand that those others "share" what they have. Offering opportunity to either of them is an attempted diversion from that demand and from some sort of entitlement they believe is owed them for their supposed victimhood that is met with anger. In their mind you don't see opportunity or see the value in it. Giving them excellent opportunity doesn't change the concocted belief that they have somehow been cheated out of something in life for which they deserve compensation. Anything that moves them off that view and into the adult world of taking personal responsibility and valuing opportunity rather than compensation from others for hypothetical victimhood is taken as personal insult and injustice. They are determined to be looked at as victims deserving compensation regardless of opportunity they are given. Opportunity is not an acceptable substitute for what they believe is just compensation for victimhood. Opportunity is not a substitute for receipt of some kind of warped concept of justice. His wife says she believes that, "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need" is the way things should be. Whether that need is the reasonable consequence of refusing responsibility or opportunity is something not to be discussed. This has become a common paradigm and frame of reference in people since the early 60s. There are exponentially increasing numbers of people in America who view themselves as too special and too good to utilize opportunity, but are only interested in redistributing the effort of others and satisfying their own resentments and compensate for their self-conferred condition of victimhood.

("From each according to their ability, to each according to their need" is part of an avoidant linguistically existential structure of language utilized by Marxism and Paramarxism. It describes a condition that exists while leaping over and avoiding consideration of the cause of the condition. In this instance "need" exists and need confers entitlement to take from others unconditionally. Whether or not a person has created that need through personal irresponsibility is excluded from the conceptual loop. Personal responsibility is also leapt over. Consequently, what is created is license for a lackadaisical life style whereby one is allowed to unconditionally confiscate from one's neighbors to support without any further considerations.)

This character finally got into my medical and psychiatric library and got information enough to fabricate the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. He limped to the Veteran's Administration with his fabrication and new tale of victimhood and got complete disability with large monthly support and retroactive compensation for a fabulous amount of money.

After this triumph he came to me, still playing the sad-eyed victim, complaining how terrible it was that it took him 41 years to get it. It took 41 years to get justice. He's talked himself into believing it was justice, not deliberate fraud. He expects me to agree with the story he's talked himself into. I told him there was nothing wrong with him and that there was nothing in his military experience to generate post traumatic stress disorder. He exploded in anger and said, "Well, there were guns going off" when he was in the navy. The fact of the matter was that he was never in any danger. It was a peacetime exercise. It was fun, just as he has fun shooting his new 44 magnum pistol and rifle he bought with newly acquired public money. To somebody with post traumatic stress disorder from guns being shot off, 44 magnum pistols would be expected to exacerbate phobias and stimulate reawakenings of memories.

He's obsequious as hell and uses it to immobilize people while he uses them and the system. Not enthusiastically supporting him in his dishonesty is interpreted as a horrible betrayal of his friendliness. He and others like him ingratiate themselves in order to set up guilt if you do not allow them to use you as a support group for corrupt and fraudulent thinking.

An Inch Becomes a Mile

I strongly dislike the manipulation, and the dishonesty, and the constant attempted wear on my personal integrity required to be around either of them and have consequently distanced myself from any further association. I don't want either of the two of them around me. Period. They claim to be hurt and not understand why. It's going to come to the point where they are going to need to be told straight out that the two of them, beneath the constant manipulative ingratiation, have been parasites their entire lives while they pissed away opportunities other people were hoping for. The 41 years is not an injustice, but was the time needed to put together a deliberate fraud paid for by their next door neighbor's taxes. Being obsequious enough is supposed to protect them from criticism, but not at my house. Having played around all their lives and wasted their lives pursuing resentment and attempting to force others to take care of them instead of taking the good opportunities they were offered, they have put themselves in a situation where they are now dependent upon stealing from others in their older years. I will not tolerate the abuse resulting from my not lying for them or supporting them when they lie to me in this sad-faced act they use to become obsequious freeloaders. Stay the hell away.

If they are hurt and angry over the truth, I can live with it. It's the only way that works. The two of them should have been set straight many years ago. It must be done with far greater frequency in America as a corrective measure. It's one of the most effective forms of psychotherapy there is. If people had done it to these two goofs 45 years ago they might have become responsible and respectable adults instead of parasites living off feigned victimhood. A social environment which is too acceptant or nonconfronting of immaturity of dishonesty and immaturity produces dishonest and immature teenagers and adults. The most important first stage system of psychotherapy is a confrontive corrective social environment.

The first point of this story is, an inch becomes a mile. Any time a person or group of people demands to lie to you and others, they become angry with you if you don't agree with them or don't support them. Any time people lie to the point where they believe their own lies and lie to themselves, they become angry or vicious toward you if you don't support them in this endeavor. If they aren't set straight initially, they don't improve and they escalate their demands. One way or the other, if you are around such people for any period you will end up walking a tightrope where your slight deviation from their story and distorted view of life, or an accidental slip where you reveal truth or character, will evoke anger, viciousness, or violence. It's part of a constant war they wage to direct, control, and immobilize your critical thinking processes. They are poisonous to have around you or anywhere in your life.

The second point is that somewhere in all this you may notice some parallels.

Black leadership and the predominant proportion of the black race have become tyrannical and venomous in this regard. They have a con game they are working and demand absolute obedience to it. They have the entire damned country tied in knots and walking a tightrope. They need to be told straight out that there's going to be no more listening to it.

It is entirely realistic to point out that black people in America, by their consistently chosen representation, and their personal actions, have, on the average, what can be charitably called a very serious credibility problem.

By Their Leaders, Ye Shall Know Them

One consistent pattern that is a part of this is that it is impossible not to find someone dishonest enough, mindless enough, insincere enough, brazenly psychopathic enough, childish enough, or trashy enough not to be found acceptable, or enthusiastically embraced, as a highly visible leader and representative of the black subculture. I am willing to be corrected on this if someone will furnish information to the contrary. Information means information, not excuses or sob stories. On the other hand, blacks who are intelligent or show integrity and character will be vehemently rejected by other blacks on that basis. There is no reason to excuse any of it except we've been intimidated and ground down to the point of not acting like serious adults and making adult demands for other people to take up adult integrity and adult responsibility. On the sane side of the boundary between sanity and insanity, there is consequent ample reason to view a black person with sound statistical suspicion. Not to do so would require a disregard for reasonable prudence approaching a suicidal obliviousness. Fear, disgust, and suspicion of blacks by other races becomes statistically clearly justified. If an overwhelmingly large majority of blacks regard a black person of serious intelligence and character as being insultingly unrepresentative of blacks and an affront to black culture, then why shouldn't whites and others view serious intelligence and personal integrity as being unrepresentative of blacks? The answer is both painfully obvious and painfully avoided.

This nearly overwhelming statistical suspicion is one of the most difficult hurdles that blacks of any quality face. The worst enemy that black people of any ability or quality have to fight is the predominant members of the black race, their demonstrated characteristics, and the leadership they choose to represent blacks and black values. It's killing blacks of any integrity or quality. The black race is eating alive any of its own who have any ability. The best of the black race suffer horribly at the hands of the black race.

There are several patterns within black leadership and the demands made by that leadership. One three-step pattern begins with black accusations of other races judging them and the black race on the basis of unjustified stereotypes. In the second step of the pattern, they commit the exact same actions and exhibit the exact characteristics that they claim were unjustified stereotypes and accusations in step one. In the third step of the pattern they repeat the arguments made in step one and become indignant if either they, or their arguments, are not believed, lacing their indignation with accusations of racism. The idea that step two automatically self-ridicules step three and retroactively invalidates step one is beyond their displayed comprehension or is insufficient to penetrate their infantile obstinance and defenses. There is a type of unresolved primitive mental compartmentalization that keeps the events and the logical connections between them completely separated.

As a practical matter, line up the Mfumes, the Sharptons, the Jacksons, and the rest of the absolute trash; then ask yourself which of the so-called unjust racial stereotypes they refute. They are poster children for every degenerate characteristic attributed to the black race. But these characteristics themselves, multiplied in effect by arrogance, preclude these people, and others like them, from honestly admitting the condition, from seeing the condition, or from being concerned or embarrassed about it in themselves. The irrational fear of being called racist now forbids outsiders from confronting the reality of the situation.

The Source of Black Self-Destruction?

It's long past time to ask the question, is the predominant black mentality capable of temporal integration? Does it understand that principles or conditions or personal characteristics are defined in terms of temporal continuity instead of momentary claim or imitation. That is, what a person does and the way they live over time is to be taken as the reality of their beliefs, their personal characteristics, and possibly even genetically determined predisposition. Is the predominant black psyche capable of understanding contradiction?; i.e., is it capable of understanding that certain characteristics or actions are inconsistent with, or mutually exclusive of, other characteristics and actions, and that the demonstration of one set nullifies any credibility of their commitment to, or even their understanding of, the second set. According to empirical actions, it apparently does not. Before anything else changes, that must change.

The predominant proportion of blacks do not have a very integrated mentality. Neither do they lead very integrated lives. Everything is a momentary impulse, momentary action, or momentary argument, without conception or concern regarding the whole of things.

This compartmental pathology, the disinclination to see and resolve contradiction, and the word salad used to defend it have become an expanded pattern among both white and black people since 60s hippies-reasoning and the countercultural deconstruction of rationality, but it is decidedly prominent among blacks and is viewed as a black special entitlement.

An unbiased observer happening upon the scene would eventually need to consider the possibility that civilization seems to place the majority of blacks into something far above their head and into something they seem incapable of understanding, or even wanting, except for the physical ease civilization brings. This is seen not only in America, but in the recent history of black Africa which has become a chaotic hell filled with marauding psychopaths who have been released from any remnants of restraint or rationality under black rule and under reascendant dominance of black African culture. Realistically, white rule was the only thing that kept African blacks from destroying each other and the African black race as they are now doing.

(The history of white oppression of blacks in Africa is largely a Marxist myth or exaggeration. What happened is that whites moved into parts of Africa that were nearly uninhabited and uninhabitable unless turned by the plow and made inhabitable by altering the physical environment through technology. Capetown, for instance, was created by whites out of nothing. If you want to establish farms and sanitation and water supplies and energy sources and road systems and mechanisms for economic exchange there can be a Capetown and people can live in the area. Without that creation there is, and can be, nothing and nobody.

(After such areas were developed to the point of being inhabitable, blacks swarmed in while crying oppression, then demanded the right to vote so as to then steal everything fair and square through social democracy. The white South Africans tried, unsuccessfully, to keep them out as a matter of their own survival. But African blacks saw what had been done, wanted it, swarmed in, and confiscated it. Few people other than white South Africans questioned what was happening. The predominant outside view was guided exclusively by Marxist and para-Marxist interpretation with an emphasis on an image of heroic struggle for democracy.

(However, democracy is a glittering generality. While in some variant, it is necessary for human freedom, it is also true that in any finite part of the universe where there exists a predominance of mindless thugs and pathology, democracy becomes an instrument for imposing legitimization of the most oppressive and vicious system of government imaginable. The employment of the term is often used as a verbal shield to impose evil intent.

(One of the greater threats to human freedom has become not so much direct conquest through war, but instead is now theoretical-political demographic. Any thriving and productive society is subject to the threat of immigration into that system by mobile marauding elements to a numerical strength that then enables them to impose legal confiscation of, or sacrifice within, that society and system for their own benefit through the glittering generality of social democracy. Such people are interpreted as legally entitled to do so under the doctrine of majority rule. Marxist/para Marxist interpretation then steps in to promote the concept that refusal to submit to servitude or refusal to permit confiscation is suppression of a struggle for democracy. That's democracy with music, dramatic slogans, cliches, and colorful banners around it. The so-called struggle for democracy is not infrequently a linguistically hidden vehicle for licensed predation and intent to impose servitude and confiscation upon others. A thriving and productive society which has built itself from personal freedom and enterprise must maintain itself free from enforced servitude to outside elements as well as dilution of the ethos that built it by restricting immigration and access to citizenship. And damn the rest of the world if it doesn't understand or doesn't like it.

(What has happened in general is that other races have built separate advanced societies leaving blacks behind or sidelined to live as they always have. Black dominated cultures and societies do not develop anything of consequence independently. There is a critical lack of progress-producing creative initiating structure. While blacks can immigrate into other cultures and survive, or sometimes even flourish in various niches they find in those cultures, as a historical fact black-dominated, and especially African, cultures and societies did not develop anything of consequence independently. Black African culture on the whole is a highly dependent stagnate culture that must wait for outsiders to develop and maintain something in order to exist above stone age levels. Black African culture never produced increased opportunity for black people. The only way it can produce opportunity is through immigration and confiscation from others. This is what happened in Africa. This is empirical fact that is subject to denial, to temper tantrums, or to simple historical observation depending upon someone's state of mind.

(None of this is to say that if African blacks had developed anything of valuable consequence that marauding outside "explorers" wouldn't have slaughtered the people and taken it—as they did with the Incas and Aztecs in the search for their gold—if those explorers had been capable. But as a practical matter most of black Africa was bypassed by outside contact or interference because blacks had never developed or found anything worth stealing.

(Blacks have adopted a Marxist or Para-Marxist view that looks at life only as it is in the present without regard for, or conception of, the creative efforts, or lack thereof, that produce a given condition. Even 50 years ago most of black Africa was barely known to the outside world with the occasional exception of a few idiot great white hunters desperate to prove their manhood by swaggering through the wild and the insects to kill poor defenseless dumb friendly elephants with shoulder-fired antitank guns. The area and the culture had not advanced an inch in tens of thousands of years. In many areas it still hasn't. It wasn't because of white oppression. There were no whites and little outside influence present for thousands of years. It was because African blacks had developed absolutely nothing.

(As a general rule in adult life, if you develop nothing yourself, you either end up with nothing yourself or end up dependent upon whatever secondarily spills over from the margins of another society. You quickly find that others who are doing something are doing it for their own benefit, not for the benefit of people who want to take it over.

(African blacks who looked at what other races had built had an emotional revelation that told them they wanted what they saw. Marxism/socialism, which is a philosophy based in emotional sublimation, says to want something somebody else builds and not to have it regardless of whether you build anything of comparable worth, is inequality and social injustice that you have the right to correct. The almost orgiastic empty glittering abstractions of Marxism obscure critical history of conditions and events while licensing people to act on sublimated primitive motivation. These same verbal constructions license African blacks to control or enslave the people on whom they are dependent under the concept of social justice in such a way as to deny their dependence upon the people from whom they steal. So African blacks shouted slogans, took over what others had built, then declared those others to be now dependent upon African blacks for preservation of their lives.)

The Black Psyche

In the black psyche emotional components are developed, and indeed these emotional components may be at times very intriguing, but higher cognitive components seem to be lacking and/or rejected. Emotionality, regardless of its capacity to intrigue, regardless of its entertainment value, or regardless of occasional display of warmth; if lived without conscience and cognition is an unreliable, incompetent, oblivious, depleting, destructive, and sometimes dangerous mode of life. This condition is not capable of being assimilated to significant extent into a civilized and cognitively demanding culture without destroying that culture. This condition will not be acceptable among civilized and cognitively functioning people.

Neither will emotionality and impulse without cognitive control and cognitive components produce competent personal lives, or create or sustain a culture of productive functionality beyond primitive food-gathering, hunting, and marauding seizure levels. It makes no difference how intriguing or likable or anything else that emotionality is.

In clinical and sociopolitical evaluation, the worlds of emotion and cognitive function should never be confused for one another. There are people who can intrigue you with their tears and sadness, but are unwilling to take effort and responsibility for undertaking serious adult effort in their daily lives to end the causes of their condition. Whoopi Goldberg may be a fountain of lively emotion, with a mouth to match, but that doesn't qualify her to be your neurosurgeon.

The value of temporary superficial drama and image and imitation and theater without substance reign supreme in black culture. The base of black culture centers on feeding into temporary emotion. Beyond that there is superficial imitation or lip service with no continuity or verbal connectiveness between events. The conduct of many black church services, for example, resembles primitive tribal fertility rights where there is nearly unrestrained emotional expression, but nothing of substance that seems to persist beyond the moment to seriously affect the way people attending conduct their daily lives. It's strictly a periodically repeated momentary emotional experience.

I believe in evolution. Over the years I have come inexorably to the belief that the evolution of human beings has occurred as a moving average with a bell-shaped curve distribution of characteristics around that average. Each race or group has its own average. Within the bell curve around that average at any time there may be people who by chance genetic statistical combination represent the previous, or even far earlier, stages of development. There are also people who represent the next, or farther beyond, level of development. Thus, within the statistical pool of human genetic composition there may be some people who represent primitive developmental stages who are not equipped to function beyond that stage any more than a cocker spaniel can be taught to solve algebra problems. But also, another proportion of people in any race represents what some of us rather vainly hope the human species will evolve into in the future.

Environmental Factors Not All-Determining

Certainly, environmental factors exact either an attenuating or augmenting effect in development of these characteristics. But environment is not the all-determining element that those arguing that all individual differences and inequalities are random acts of social environmental injustice would have us believe. While a purely environmental view offers the tantalizing release of people from having to face feared realization of their inherent intellectual limitations and lack of stellar genius, and also suggests by extension of concept that people should be awarded compensation for the social environmental injustice of those limitations, it disregards the fact that there are easily perceived human differences that we quite willingly admit exist along all aspects of human physical characteristics. It is a overly strained line of reasoning to believe that the same quality of variability, quite arbitrarily, does not extend into intellectual and emotional characteristics. But we are socially and politically compelled to declare ourselves blind in that area and to adopt strained concepts in desperate attempt not to be classed in the same category as Hitler. The employed threat of such classification ends rational consideration.

(Plus, since the rise of liberalism, personal humility has become one of the earth's most scarce commodities, to be replaced with rationalization and blaming others. It has been nearly 40 years since I have heard someone accept and admit the fact that they simply didn't have the innate talent and ability to do or understand something. Instead, you hear volumes of rationalizations. We have spawned a culture of arrogant blowhardism under a banner of sociologically rationalized egalitarianism in which loudmouthed fools expect their word to be taken as seriously as those of ability who have worked and studied for years. Besides, if facts and logic conflict with your arguments you can now declare them to be an arbitrary artifact of European civilization, thus converting stupidity into pluralistic countercultural genius.)

Some of these inherent differences are often seen in children at a very early age. (Leibnitz, for instance, taught himself high proficiency in Latin and Greek by age twelve.) There are levels of ability, qualities, and characteristics that can not be acquired. They must be present at birth. They can be superficially imitated or be taught to be obeyed in people born without those qualities, or in people possessing these qualities in marginal degree, but they can not be acquired in the depth to be believed in and be stable in the internal structure of those who are fundamentally incapable. I find these qualities to be independent of education. I find some high school graduates and below who possess astounding capacities and insights. On the other hand there are PhDs who are mentally and spiritually flatlined below the level of many dogs and who spend their lives trying to hide it behind pompous posturing forms and arrogance.

Some people are capable of intellect. There are other people incapable of any serious intellectual pursuit or even of intellectual curiosity of any quality. They may become intellectual technicians and some of them may graduate with doctorates on the basis of memory. Some may affect a veneer, but they lack that peculiar capacity of intellectual continuity and the ability to associate ideas within the whole of things. They lack the depth of understanding and curiosity necessary for creativity. Those who have that capacity, if they haven't been too beaten down and repressed, recognize its absence in others. Those who lack it may dismiss its importance or can't even perceive it. Some who haven't that capacity, but are able to see it and resent it, spend the happier days of their lives persecuting its existence, with unfortunate considerable success, in others who have it. Some may be angry at its existence or be resentfully perplexed —and are often resentfully perplexed by those who have it.

Some Don't Have It

There are people intrinsically incapable of any serious personal introspection or even of deep personal curiosity. Those who have that capacity, recognize its absence. Those who lack it dismiss its importance or can't even perceive it. Some may be angry at its existence or be resentfully perplexed—and are resentfully perplexed by those who have it.

There are people who derive a deep existential satisfaction and pride from moral dignity. There are others for whom such is an impossibility. They lack the human dimension of moral dignity or esthetic moral appreciation. The significance of anything beyond immediate sensation is lost upon them. Those who have that capacity, recognize its absence. Those who lack it dismiss its importance or can't even perceive it. There are people who spend their lives in resentment persecuting those who have it or arguing that the absence of such satisfaction is an aberrant artificiality. Some may be angry at its existence or be resentfully perplexed —and are resentfully perplexed by those who have it.

It's a little like having minimal table manners, isn't it? Those who do not have them are not embarrassed by their absence in themselves and become both confused and irritated over the perception of their absence by other people.

A parallel can be drawn to people who are born tone deaf or colorblind. There are people born tone deaf and colorblind to introspection, to thought, to adventurous investigation, to moral dignity, or to anything else. In some cases they are of such mentality that if they can't eat it, drink it, drive it, engage in sex with it, or use it to impress somebody else, then they don't understand it and don't have any use for it or want any part of it to the detriment of all else. That's as much as you get from them because that's all they are. (Don't marry such a person if you aren't such a person or you will be isolated and tormented in your marital life. For those who make the mistake of disregarding this advice, after a while, you will find that a roaring sex life will be insufficient to bridge the chasm between you.)

A proportion of people are like fish who hatch and immediately look for a school of other fish to join. Their direction in life is determined by dependence upon conformity to the random mass movements of the school. Little else is within their capacity beyond momentary superficial social reference or validation. When the movement of the school of fish goes in an errant direction, their inherent limitation to mindless conformity to that direction makes them dangerous. (The founders of the American Constitution were well aware of this and the dangers it presented. They attempted to construct a document and system of government that would be resistant to such danger.)

For other people, their lives are built around introspection, around the capacity for perceiving a broader and symbolic significance to actions and everything else.

The Real Class Struggle

One of the primary axes demarcating American politics, and indeed world politics, is the titanic confrontation and struggle between those primitives who neither possess nor are concerned about such capabilities and want to build societies devoid of, or repressive of, such dimensions, versus those who are possessed by such capability and want to build cultures and societies around such dimensions. The first group is resentful of and hostile to the second. The second is desperately fearful of the first. The contest between the two is interminable. This is the foundation of a class struggle very seldom examined. It's a class struggle that cuts through social classes, economic classes, educational levels, or even titles of nobility for there are people within all classes that are separated from each other along this division.

This class struggle was nowhere better illustrated than in the 90s by the Clintons and those people who supported them, as contrasted with many of those who vehemently opposed them. Almost as a symbol of triumph, the Clintons defiantly paraded an absence of, and even hostility toward, any level of intellectual depth, any conception of moral dignity, or any degree of personal introspection. They were, and continue to be, shallow clawing grasping decerebrate life forms who are further twisted by enraging diffuse existential emptiness in their lives. (This existential rage should be a future separate subject. For the present, let it suffice to say those with such absence tend to lead chaotic, turbulent, and diffusely unfulfilling lives—and they also tend to take the resulting anger and frustration out upon the people and institutions around them in an infantile and defiant destructive rage.) It was the limit of the Clintons' capability.

To the Clintons and their supporters, this represented triumph over what they view as arbitrary or irrational social values as well as validation of the same state of primitive unawareness in themselves. To many others, it represented the intellectual, sociological, and genetic equivalent of the ascendancy of the Anti-Christ. The employment of the term Anti-Christ is not meant to assert this was a religious matter, although for some people it was. But, for even those of personal depth and capacity who are atheists, the Clintons represent the ascendancy and triumph of a frightening atavistic reversion in the human state.

The Clinton precursors were the Kennedys. No Kennedy has shown any concern about moral dignity or shown indication of higher order mental processes in their lifetime. Joe Kennedy sired a litter of mindless, ruthless, conscienceless jackals and released them upon the world to satisfy a voracious hunger for power. The Kennedys frightened people with any depth. But Jack Kennedy did, at least, demonstrate a little charm and barely imitated some personal refinement. The Clintons, however, display only coarse primitive snarling evil, approaching the mental functionality of hyenas on the hunt—or in Hillary's case more like a cobra. It's their inherent limits. A developed concept of quality in life is beyond their capacity. All their years of prestigious education didn't change it, but merely decorated it. This is generally true of education.

In an act of personal and racial damnation, instead of perceiving and rejecting the functional vulgarity in such people, American blacks implicitly declared their own developmental stage and capacities to be similar by resonating with, and embracing, the Kennedy and Clinton mentalities with resulting near-hysterical support. One might interpret this support as an expression of hostility inflicted upon society and the white race, or upon blacks having found someone of their own level, or a combination of both. But one way or the other their lack of perception in the matter, and their instant bonding with that which should be unacceptable, isn't a good sign.

Those people without the higher cortical functions of perception of quality of life, of introspection, of moral dignity, of serious intellectual consideration will be tolerated from a distance, but will be denied full association with people possessing those functions. Such association is impossible and attempts to produce it are disruptive to both groups. It's bitterly disruptive to the first group who either refuse to understand the unbridgeable chasm, or for whom such understanding is beyond their capability. It is impossible for the second group because perverse primitive instinct within the first group is either out to destroy anything the second group attempts to accomplish, or will destroy it out of ignorance.

A Danger Signal

Those people with the higher cortical functions of perception of quality of life, of introspection, of moral dignity, of serious intellectual consideration, and so forth are responsible for the advancement of mankind—and responsible for the maintenance of civilization. And yes, the character of civilized countries can be diverted at times by the Stalins, the Heinrich Himmlers, the Clintons, the Hugh Hefners, the Kennedys, the Politically Correct, and whatever. But collaterally there is still evidence of something else having had taken place in those countries in the way of human development and civilization.

Among those groups or nations who lack the necessary threshold proportion of people possessing those functions, civilization does not develop, prosper, or survive. If the predominant culture or congenital population characteristics persecute, swamp out, or otherwise fail to respond to such people as a result of incapacity, the culture either never develops beyond primitive levels or decays. There must be a combined capability made up of the proportion of advanced people and sufficient capacity in the rest of the group.

The black race is at present willingly led, culturally and politically, nearly exclusively by people who show no evidence of intellectual capacity, who show absolutely no evidence of moral dignity, and who show no evidence of serious introspection. Moreover, the majority of blacks flock to such people as if the alternative were something that had been forced upon them and never really understood or believed in with any depth, and this leadership group offers release from forced bondage to pretense in such belief.

This is danger signal that should be heeded.

The proportionate threshold is too insecurely developed and too poorly internally supported.

In their political life blacks gravitate toward the lowest and most corrupt personality that presents itself and they follow it as if it were a homecoming victory parade, or as if it were a victory in a racial war or rebellion against quality and refinement in anything. In this, they are carrying on a passive-aggressive rebellion against an intelligent civilization that pressures their unwillingness or incapacities.

Regardless of any other arguments, that is much of what is destroying the black race in America and elsewhere. It is one of the reasons the races are separated.

There is in the previous five paragraphs an apparent key or unifying principle that, if applied, explains much of the functioning of the predominant black mentality. Whether it is argued to be right or wrong, or is distasteful, its application rather accurately predicts political behavior and much social behavior.

There must be a combined capability made up of the proportion of advanced people and sufficient capacity in the rest of the group to produce cultural and economic development of that group. The want in that regard is the essential basis of difficulty blacks face in America. The want in that regard is essentially the present problem in black Africa and the reason why black Africa has never shown signs of developed civilization in the past. We try to be gracious in avoiding saying it to the point where we have lost an essential truth.

An earlier paragraph described evolution as a moving average from which there are deviations from the mean. Within the bell curve around that average at any time there may be people who by chance genetic statistical combination represent the previous, or even far earlier, stages of development. There are also people who represent the next, or farther beyond, level of development. Thus, within the pool of human genetic composition a proportion of people in any race represents what I hope the human species will evolve into in the future.

What exists is an apparent difference in the average between the black race and various other races. Every measure or inference indicates the average level for blacks is less developed. This can be attributed to environment, to genetics, a combination of the two, or whatever makes you comfortable, but it's a lower level of development. Kweisi Mfume, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al can come to me accusing me of racism or stereotyping or whatever, but the only argument that will viewed as valid will be when they and their followers begin acting like intelligent human beings instead of subhumans. Until such time occurs, they are only further evidencing the argument that blacks are at a lower average level of development. Empty protests and accusations, or canned speeches that are completely disconnected from any reality, don't refute consistent long term patterns of behavior. For a man who has used and deserted five women and the children he made with them to confront me with the simplified and distorted assertion that it is only the color of his skin that is arbitrarily found objectionable is an assault upon reason. It is the color of his soul and mind that must be addressed.

If It Walks Like a Duck . . .

There are some brilliant and dignified black people. There are some incredibly shallow stupid people of other races. But the difference in average developmental level corresponds to differential proportion of characteristics between the black race and other races. It results in too great a racial proportion that is incompetent to order their lives comprehensively. It results in inadequate critical proportion of people with those characteristics necessary to create or maintain a civilization. It results in too small a racial proportion of people capable of perceiving and following critical quality leadership capable of maintaining a civilization. It results in too large a proportion of people whose critical reasoning capacities are too primitive to prevent embracement of lunatic ideas and lunatic leadership. The absence of ego and superego functionality produces a mentality that is impulsive and produces conceptualizations dominated primarily by immediate experience and immediate conditions without sufficient concern for what produced those conditions.

It also produces phenomena such as the recent Cincinnati race riots. On a superficial level, the riots occurred because police had shot 15 blacks over a period of years. Closer examination reveals most of those who were shot were little more than rabid animals, some of whom were attempting to kill police officers or other people. The situation is generally impossible. black culture is producing a steady output of aggressively feral products who view civilization as an oppression against which they feel entitled react with aggressive hostility, supported and licensed by Marxist rationalizations. The inner cities are inhabited by tens of thousands of kids who have been sired and abandoned by the Kweisi Mfumes of the world, who are being trained as vicious gangsters even in their music, who are being licensed by radical leftist sociological interpretation, and who become psychopathic adults. It's producing one aspect of a war against civilization and civilization is losing that war. The police and the justice system are being cornered and overwhelmed by those realities while the left fans the flames with cries of racism.

There is a proportion of such people in all races. In the white race the proportion is worrisome. In the black race the proportion is catastrophic. The social and political consequences in the white race are a constant lurking danger leading to a precariousness of rationality and sociopolitical stability requiring eternal vigilance. In the black race it leads to catastrophe. Black Africa is the catastrophic model. British and American Liberalism are precarious models.

These racial proportions, the lurking danger and the catastrophic, have been organized in parallel political directions, focused into a convergent and coordinated block, and then deployed by the Democratic and various other leftist parties and movements.

There are other aspects of the relationship between the races.

Games Leftists Play

There is a complex gamesmanship involved. First, there is a passive-aggressive type of sadism involved among white leftists. Part of the game is one of pushing someone who should rightly be viewed as a moral and intellectual abomination upon people, then laughing, and taunting, and accusing those people of racism when they gag. It's a game that has been worked very successfully to give practitioners power and dominance over other people as well as provide attention-getting social roles for those who play it.

Partially as a result of this game, white people have bent over backwards in ignoring angry childishness in the black community. It has destroyed white and black alike. white people in America have contorted themselves into psychological knots and have been beaten into little more than crippled, bland, spineless, vegetables in their attempts to accommodate irrational black cultural and political positions, in their attempts to excuse deficiencies in black culture, and in their attempts to avoid accusation of being racist. Looking at reality and being racist have become converted into equivalence.

The task of pretending not to notice or to excuse what is so obvious that nearly psychotic levels of denial must be employed to maintain that denial has produced a condition of confused habitually reflexive near-psychosis in whites. It is a reflexive borderline psychosis that has expanded in the white mentality and which whites are now using to run their own lives, with disastrous results. Many whites have become mentally dysfunctional. Dysfunctionality has become a necessity, and an inculcated necessity, for whites to accept and live with the lies and distortion they are fed under modern liberalism.

We don't even speak English in America any more in our desperate attempts to acquire blind dysfunctionality. We speak dysfunctional radical euphemism-ese concocted by so-called social liberation movements. Abject stupidity, psychopathic behavior, adults engaging in perpetual infantile rebellion characteristic of the childhood "terrible twos," are entered under the bland euphemistic abstraction of cultural pluralism. If you are dealing with somebody who wants what they feel regardless of whether it's possible or regardless of what it does to you or anybody else around them, the matter is inverted from their immaturity and converted into your fault by telling that you have incapacity to deal with feelings. I'll always remember my days as a graduate student under a leftist professor who accused me of having intolerance for ambiguity when I asked him to provide a clear answer to a straight question he didn't want to face. War is peace, freedom is slavery, and to doubt it is intolerance for ambiguity. There is a system of blandness of language that obscures the reality of anything. Americans have had their eyes and ears disconnected from their cognitive minds by an intervening distorting evasive system of language. Inappropriate blandness of language is the new opiate of the masses.

Anything that stimulates or recreates internal unresolved psychological conflict in people focuses their attention and raises their emotional drive levels relative to that stimulating object. This is one of the patterns being exploited by insult and shock television and a class of people who have successfully become national figures by inflicting constant outrage and theatrical psychosis upon the public. They exploit the internal conflict and turmoil they are able to produce in people. You can't turn them off or dismiss them because their distorted mental conditions are real. They appeal to, and organize, people with similar problems and have ascended into the institutional power structure. They are moving into and taking control of the educational systems and other institutions while being glamorized as social causes in the distorted virtual reality of the media whose members supported George McGovern and the Clintons in the order of 89 percent. Part of this was covered earlier in earlier articles.

In terms of the relationship between black and white people the incapacity to resolve the level of denial required in irrational accommodation to black patterns, together with the intense emotional charge of the conflicts in terms of personal integrity or sanity involved—and the conflict between personal belief and the psychological pressures imposed in liberal virtual reality media— have produced an obsessional attention upon blacks in America, and secondarily in Africa. It's like having a rock in your psychological shoe. In this case it's the constant psychological turbulence inherent in being required to deny what all senses and logic find obvious while that which is contrary to logic and senses is escalated. Seventy per cent of American politics has become centered upon black demands and discontent. black voters and movements have been allowed power far beyond what the rationality of their political position warrants. This power has been accented as whites, who have become culturally and politically disenfranchised under American virtual reality managed politics, show up at the polls in increasingly fewer numbers as the result of being offered little sane representation of any integrity and have consequently deserted the political process. The American political process has become a virtual reality controlled and staged on liberal TV in which ordinary people have little control and see little relevance to their world.

Mau Mauing

Second, blacks play their own sadistic game in this that integrates into the previously mentioned psychological turbulence of whites. They have constructed, and play, a game of ritual humiliation of, and imposing submission upon, whites. Demanded toleration of outrageous political positions or outrageous representation is an attempt to obtain demonstrated special privilege of exemption from responsibility or rationality. They expect, rather demand, to be babied and patted on the head and given unconditional acceptance for immature conversations and assertions that no intelligent sane person should tolerate. It has evolved into, and evolved from, a type of bullying that was known in the 60s and 70s as Mau Mauing. It's become a little more subtle. There is in this a test to see how much hostility and irrationality any white person, or group of white people can be subjected to, or of seeing how exquisitely the white person can be made to dance to the tune of Political Correctness in any social situation or elsewhere. blacks have had the satisfaction of making pandering fools of white people as they have been successful in grinding the white population down with the help of academics and the media.

Some of this has become an institutionalized defiant hostile irrationality. We have so-called black studies where history is revised and there are contorted attempts to glamorize and exhort pride in a black African culture that never showed any signs of having discovered the wheel, never developed or implemented architecture at significant or widespread level, never developed a printing press or significant written communication, never developed a system of complex calculation, never tilled the soil to serious extent, never reduced vulnerability to insects and disease, or worked metals. The continents of Europe and Asia are replete with records and ideas and writings and scrolls and inventive developments and architecture going back centuries or thousands of years. In the defiant and absurd childlike demand to create a glamorization of black African history and culture we are constantly bullied against making the observation that South of the Sahara, which is the historical boundary between the black race and the rest of the world, there is no evidence for even so much as construction of a decent outhouse. I don't say this out of brutality or to rain on somebody's parade, but because this bullying and complete childlike nonsense has long gone beyond the boundary of patient toleration and beyond allowing maintenance of personal integrity on the part of those being demanded to accept it. People can now graduate with majors in such studies in colleges, which equips them to be nothing but part of the supply of professional irritants and kooks for the remainder of their lives.

Part of this is looked upon as an attempt to pump people up with a false pride in something that never existed except in a little kid's fantasy world. What it's creating is arrogant angry delusion.

The primary function of leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Kweisi Mfume, and Al Sharpton is the sadistic emotional satisfaction of humiliation and submission of white people —for which they are paid large amounts of money and accumulate considerable power. The consequences of this is that the pursuit of such emotional satisfaction and its substitution for analysis:

1) It keeps blacks functioning at childish levels of maturity.

2) It both perpetuates, and deflects realistic examination of, grave defects within black culture.

3) It produces crossed substitution of purpose. Various forms of gamesmanship and pathology have become a substitute direction for serious black development and achievement.

4) Beneath the superficial repressive mechanisms whites have adopted to accommodate this, it increases white anger and increases deep level hostility between the races.

5) whites have become so conditioned and so reflexively repressed that they now are frightened not to talk to each other like idiots in their effort not to even think in terms of levels of realism and intelligence that would offend blacks. Speaking to another white person intelligently is looked upon as an act of racism.

6) Both races are destroying their lives as the destructive thought processes and patterns and rationalizations have been legitimized, internalized, and adopted in their lives.

7) white people have sacrificed their sanity in an attempt to avoid looking at anything realistically. They are so conditioned and it's become so reflexive that they are becoming hopeless beyond cure. black leaders now safely operate on the principle that whites are now psychologically debilitated to the point of defenseless immobilized catatonia. They keep them in that condition with constant jabs and can do so because once a person is off balance it is easy to keep them off balance. It has got out of hand to the point where it's a constant feeding frenzy of bullying whining whites by black leaders and blacks. In general, white people have become much too psychologically inhibited, thus allowing uninhibited aggressive crazies to take over their lives.

Liberals Want Blacks to be Inferior

Recognition of, or toleration of, the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, the Marion Barrys, the Kwesei Mfumes, the Farrakhans, the Elders, etc. by the white Liberal power structure is an indirect insidious method of conferring or enforcing inferiority upon black people. If that degree of degeneracy is accepted to represent black people, it's a way of saying black people are inferior. If left to their own devices the Ku Klux Klan couldn't state the assertion with better effect than is done by the white Liberal community and is being done by blacks themselves in even remote acceptance of such people. If the Jacksons, Sharptons, Mfumes, Elders, et al are, indeed, representative of black people, then most black people are, indeed, inferior, hopeless, and are incapable of anything beyond voicing angry frustration over their incapability.

In short, what is done to undermine a group of people is to appoint degenerate leaders to represent them, then recognize those leaders as a method of indirectly assigning inferiority as a characteristic of the group, and perpetuating that inferiority. In the case of blacks, they believe they are achieving a voice when what they are actually receiving is a form of assigned degradation. Blacks haven't caught on yet.

To some extent this leadership assignment represents both the implicit evaluation of black people as being mentally inferior and assigning them spokesmen on that level. It should be perceived as an insult by blacks, but isn't. It also represents the warped mentality of leftists. Leftists choose to accept black leaders who comfortably share the same dysfunctional mental level as themselves. Leftists also recognize leadership that they believe, or want to believe, represents the homogeneous mentally deficient and immature level of black people. Leftist organizers strategize that the assigned leadership will also serve the purpose of keeping blacks in a politically exploitable condition.

If blacks were worth a damn and had any real guts, they'd riot against the Mfumes, the Jacksons, the Sharptons, the Elders et al in response to the insult, degradation, and stigma such people are bringing upon the black race. Until they do, black people will continue to be looked upon as nothing but exploitable dupes by sharpsters and psychopaths of their own race, and by the political left. They will also be looked upon as pariahs by the general population.

But blacks have a history of rioting against the wrong people for the wrong reasons, resulting in a worsening of the ultimate conditions they complain about.

In accepting or patronizing clearly degenerate black representation, white liberals interpose a peculiar psychological distance, and superiority, between themselves and blacks. There is a new plantation and a new slave quarters for the inferior that is run by inferiors assigned or recognized as black leadership. It's a type of subtle distancing segregation. Simultaneously, white Liberals also indirectly rationalize acceptability for their own separate degeneracy taking place in the master's grand plantation manor. If a Jesse Jackson is acceptable, then so is Ted Kennedy's running a girl off a bridge, so was Bill Clinton's pawing the clothes off little more than high school girls in the Oval Office, and so are gay congressmen chasing after capitol page boys. Degenerate black leadership forms part of a cultural support group for white liberal degeneracy.

One way or another, liberals pat blacks on the head for acting like blacks were participants in athletic marathons for pathetic severely mentally retarded children. In return, blacks slobber on themselves in gratitude for the special acceptant attention they receive and for the release from adult world accountability that being treated as mentally debilitated confers—and they strive to remain in that relationship.

This produces problems.

1) It's become a major industry.

2) It has become a social institution imposing social conformity pressures that both insure perpetuation of, and repress confrontation of, the pattern.

3) There is nothing in this interaction that prepares people for adulthood or creates adults that think and function like adults. What is created is a channelizing path, and a subsequent adult black population, that functions as if it had Down's Syndrome.

4) In the mature adult outside world, people's tolerance for pandering to mental childishness is limited to their capacity to be inculcated with denial and repression. People of healthy seriousness and maturity want to deal with adults of seriousness and maturity instead of juvenile delinquents and retardates. The childish black mentality being cultivated results in those possessing it being eliminated from association with the mature adult world. This seems to be a source of inconvenience and vexation to liberals in general.

5) No civilized society can run on this level.

6) While a large proportion of blacks like to be treated and taken care of as unconditionally loved mentally debilitated children on Mondays and Wednesdays, they become angry at being formally classified as childlike mental inferiors, and they don't want to be dismissed as childlike impulsive mental inferiors on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's a conflict they avoid realizing or resolving. They only want what they want at the moment when it suits them or is to momentary advantage.

Black People of Quality Rejected

Black people of any quality have been declared nonexistent or unrepresentative in America. Someone such as a Dr. Thomas Sowell, who has a Nobel-quality mind is down-played as a "lightning-rod" or other terms which subtly dismiss him. Dr. Alan Keyes, who I supported for the presidency, appears to be one of the better minds in the nation. His mind approaches the mentality characteristic of the core mentality of diverse-capacitied geniuses that originally created America. I don't know where he came from or how he got that way, but he just may be of a quality of mind we are fortunate to see once in a generation and which should be a cause for celebration. He is saying things with a breadth and depth that desperately need to be heard in America. God help us, he even talks about the need for personal responsibility. Everything he says shows evidence of being well thought out rather than being the typical patched-together cliches. He is one of America's leading scholars of constitutional history and interpretation, and probably belongs on the United States Supreme Court. One way or the other, I'll take it.

But, I'm not likely to get it. Unfortunately, Keyes may never have a chance. He elicits a profound hatred from people of his own race—far more so than does General Powell. The political left fears him more than they fear a medical diagnosis of terminal illness. He's pushed aside by the shallow grasping self-serving mediocrities in the Republican party. He's made into a non-person by the leftist dominated media that creates and maintains the TV virtual reality that controls American politics. He'll never get by the trash we've accumulated in the Senate or the playactors, the playactresses, and other assortment of kooks who will be assembled to work against him.

The most certain path to becoming a pariah in the black and white liberal community for a black person is to show signs of responsibility and intelligence. At the same time, the most difficult burden for a black person of any quality is to escape the stigma placed upon him by the actions of 90 percent of the black race.

Through their leadership and their actions, blacks, as a whole average, are accumulating an enormous burden of proof that they, and that means they, not everybody else, must satisfy before they will be accepted by any society through means other than downgrading that society to a point of equal deficiency. That downgrading appears to be what black leadership and the black political movement appears to be attempting to accomplish—with alarming success. They are escalating their attempts with the childish obstinance of a third grader who doesn't see why he should be required to learn multiplication tables and is determined not to do so. In this case the release from such requirements represents a demand to be something special.

(We've downgraded the lower school systems. We've downgraded the academic evaluation tests. We've downgraded admissions requirements for higher education. We've downgraded the qualifications needed to graduate. The promise of ease of attainment without qualification has appeal to a proportion of members of all races such that the result is not only to produce blacks who are products of preferential laxity in requirements that one should be justifiably suspicious of in terms of capacity to function at purported levels, but a wide spectrum of people of all races who are of, at times dangerously so, real incapacity. The prospect of being dependent upon a heart surgeon, or an attorney, or a commander in the military, or a professor in the classroom, or a justice in the court system, who is a product of this system is a frightening probability that outweighs any other considerations. Aside from casting doubt on capacities of blacks who have seriously earned positions, the catastrophic result has been to both produce justifiable doubt regarding, and reduced functionality of, those professions and intellectual infrastructures absolutely necessary for survival and continuation of an advanced civilized society.)

Simultaneously, at first impression, one of the goals of liberalism seems to be to cripple anyone with an IQ of over 90 in order to achieve equality. Whether the equality in question is equality with the deficient mentality of liberals, or equality among the general population is a matter for further investigation.

I notice there is a black woman president of a major university who is an absolute raving militant idiot of the Jocelyn Elders type. That's about all she has ever had going for her. She is nothing but a silly childish caricature of the worst of the twisted reasoning and motivations of the 60s protest movements. She'd be an embarrassment to the school if the faculty didn't have the maturity of rebellious five year olds. She was chosen because she's black, a woman, and because the university faculty wants to show its behind to the world. Now, what does this do to the status of a degree, or the content of a degree, from that countercultural playschool or to the condition of higher education in general? American society is being taken prisoner and degraded by it.

One of the quarrels between the predominant proportion of blacks, and black leadership, versus blacks of any quality is that blacks of quality have upgraded themselves rather than downgraded society. blacks of real achievement are viewed by other blacks as betraying the downgrading of society and abandoning the majority of the black race to the harsh realities of needing to merit accomplishment. This is interpreted as holding other blacks back. So what happens in the black world is that the people who should be celebrated and listened to as people of quality and distinction are instead hated as traitors and are displaced by degenerates and madmen.

The Lack of Racial Integration

The sum total of all of this is reflected in racial segregation. Racial integration is something that non-blacks pretend to want in order to conform to social pressures and the pressure of the virtual reality portrayed in the media. But, in fact, just below the level of superficial psychological repression, whites and Asians fear and are otherwise repelled by blacks. They consistently act out these feelings and act out the perceptions of blacks that they deny making.

Racial integration is easily and freely available for anybody who wants it. It's as simple as whites who want, and are committed to, integration remaining in racially changing neighborhoods or moving in to such neighborhoods.

But racial segregation represents the desire and intent of the vast majority of the people, otherwise it would never have occurred, and would not still exist. If integration were wanted, it would take place simply and naturally. Racial integration would occur because white liberals would either voluntarily remain in racially changing neighborhoods, or would move into predominantly black neighborhoods. Everybody who claims to want racial integration would do so. So why doesn't this happen?

There are dozens of fascinating explanations designed to avoid the truth.

It doesn't happen because, in empirical fact, regardless of their politics or avowed social and racial views, most whites will not live in an area that is more than 10 percent black and generally become uncomfortable with even less than that proportionate level in their neighborhoods, in their educational facilities, and in their other institutions. blacks are perceived as too primitive, too aggressively primitive, and subject to interactive within-group atavism to be tolerated by other racial groups. Virtually all racial integration that has occurred in America has occurred at gunpoint, or implicit gunpoint.

When I left the Washington, DC suburban county of Prince George's County Maryland in 1990, it was 10 percent black. blacks were concentrated in one semi-isolated area of the county. The blacks began to make their presence felt. whites began to move away. In a short period the movement became massive as blacks filled in behind a moving wave of fleeing whites. By somewhere around 1998 the county was about 70 percent black as liberal whites in one of the most liberal states in the union abandoned the county in panicky desperation to distance themselves from blacks. They will vote for Senator Barbara Mikulski or the Clintons and issue statements supporting or even demanding racial integration while they are hurriedly packing their bags and moving their furniture.

According to the year 2000 census, the proportion of whites in America's 100 largest cities dropped from 52 to 43 percent as whites fled those cities and left them in the hands of minorities. This is the latest stage of a continuing trend.

Every property management company in the Washington, DC area knows if they allow more than 5 percent black tenants in an apartment complex the whites will move out. It's an empirical fact of life.

There were several communities in Maryland that were designed by liberal idealists to be completely racially integrated. Over a period of years, what evolved in those communities is a practical segregation of the races within those communities.

Assertion and support of racial integration is an attempt to synthesize a self-fulfilling prophecy that people are nearly forced by social pressure to participate in on the abstract level. The unstated part of the self-fulfilling prophecy and social pressure is that somebody else is going to be the one moved or forced into actually doing it. white integration proponents make demands on other people, but erect mysterious barriers for themselves.

Voting with Your Feet

Voluntary segregation is the sincerest form of protest movement. People adopt views under social and political duress, and even seek to impose them upon themselves and others. They then silently protest and reject those views in themselves and in the environment they have created by packing their bags and leaving.

The social and political environment is controlled by such extremism and driven to such schizophrenic irrationality that laws are passed forcing cab drivers to take black fares and pizza delivery boys to make deliveries to black neighborhoods inhabited by a subculture in which people are casually killed for attractive tennis shoes and jackets by young feral monsters who become adults with the same mentality. The people passing the laws must certainly know that compliance with such law would mean being killed or hospitalized in a month.

Get this straight. MONEY HAS NO COLOR. Cab drivers don't invest in taxicabs for the purpose of turning down $50 fares. Nor are other businesses created to turn away black money. The reality is, given the appeals process, the average person recently convicted of murder and sitting on death row has a life expectancy five or 10 times longer than a kid who is suspected of having fifty dollars in his possession and who is forced to deliver pizza in the wrong neighborhood. It's not a civil rights issue. It's a not wanting to be killed or maimed issue which should take precedence over anything else in a sane society. The person who is being put in jeopardy would be allowed to evaluate participation in risk in free society.

The concept of imposing involuntary servitude as having any precedence in personal rights was extinguished years ago by the so-called civil rights movement and the authoritarian demands of social leftists who used it as a tool to impose forced compliance to ever-expanding erosion of personal boundaries concurrent with engineering a condition of ever-shrinking personal choice in their desired conformist leftist society. black people have been used as a wedge to impose involuntary servitude to a social system while systematically expunging the principle that social and economic interactions occur only on the basis of voluntary mutual consent of participating parties in a free society. The erosion of right to be free from involuntary servitude has been extinguished to the point where people can not refuse to be killed in forced service to various irrational demands by people who, in fact, use those demands as a method of practicing a type of denied passive-aggressive sadism and are now under no restraints. Rights of personal choice and freedom have been dismantled by equating them with racism.

People are being told to believe the goal is civil rights and equality. The goal is turning out to be absolute submission and obedience in all things and civil rights is a vehicle to impose it.

I recently saw the movie Arlington Road. The plot was built around a college professor who taught a course in terrorism at a college. Predictably, the course and the plot of the movie centered around so-called domestic right-wing extremist groups and eventually centered on his next-door neighbor who was part of a secret right-wing plot. There are never any leftist plots or extremists in movies or reported in the media. During the 60s and 70s there were about 550 bombings by left-wing groups per year in America. I don't know how many there are now. Leftist bombings are not to be called bombings. They are interpreted as acts of social activism in pursuit of justice. That having been established, the only serious threat to America according to movies and the media is right-wing plots and right-wing militia groups.

In this particular movie, made in the late 90s, the professor asked the class what caused domestic (right wing) terrorism in America during a prolonged period of unprecedented prosperity. Conveniently, nobody in the class or elsewhere in the movie had an answer.

The partial answer to the professor's question is something as follows. The existence of the prosperity is arguable and should be the subject for another analysis. But even if it existed, prosperity isn't everything. The reasons are only partly economic, although there is an economic aspect which can not be discussed within the limits of this piece. Prosperity damned well isn't everything when people begin operating on the arrogant assumption that other people are docile underlings to be manipulated and used for theoretical so-called social purposes as if they were toys to play with.

Basically, there is an undercurrent of people wanting to see some integrity on the national American scene. They want their lives and their respect back. They want to take back their lives from imposition of madness and from repression of reasonable observations and logic in themselves. They reject involuntary servitude. They want to throw off the yoke of mental dysfunctionality that is being pushed upon them. They are angry over their perception of having been taken prisoner and being subjected to forced servitude to a war against Western civilization and against themselves as part of that civilization. They want freedom from the arrogant assumption of social authoritarians to subject people's lives to review and to impose involuntary servitude to social and economic subjection to sadists and kooks. They want rights protecting them from the direction tentatively charted by the imposition of arbitrary and capricious deaths at Waco and Ruby Ridge in the carnival atmosphere that prevailed. They want serious accountability for what took place then and in the future.

Accountability means far more than having some goof stand up before TV cameras to say he or she accepts responsibility, then skipping off to attend a cocktail party somewhere. If people can't obtain accountability within the system, they may be forced to protect themselves by obtaining it outside the system.

That's for starters. I doubt if the people who made the movie or others in the leftist community would like my answers to their questions.

The question is, when are more people going to act like honest mature adults? When are they then going to demand respect for themselves as honest mature adults, and going to demand other people act like honest mature adults?

Personal Note

Meanwhile, my modified interferometer is working and I have refined certain of my conceptualizations on the physics of light. Perhaps Zola can be talked into publishing an original physics tutorial here as an Internet first (gratis, of course, since it does not deal with economic or political topics). It would add a touch of class to the joint.

I'm working on building my house.

I'm working on certain personal engineering projects.

I'm dealing with numerous health problems.

I want to spend more time on the firing range.

This distribution and dilution of effort spreads me thin which leaves me less time to write political and economic analysis. This may be a cause of relief and celebration on the part of some people. Such celebration is a healthy sign. If it comes to the point where I offend or otherwise disturb the complacency of less than 10 people a day, it means I'm getting soft beyond toleration of myself, and beyond usefulness to myself or other people.

Robert L. Kocher is the author of "Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing," as well as many other articles (available at http://zolatimes.com/writers/kocher.html). His email address is steiner@pop.mountain.net.


from The Laissez Faire City Times, Vol 5, No 20, May 14, 2001