The Multicriminal Society

by Fredrik HaerneJune 28, 2002

It should not come as a surprise that when the dark races increase their numbers in Sweden, crime rises accordingly. This piece is written in order to provide an insight into how their behavior is universal. As I read through these statistics I am struck by a thought: whether a Negro is living in the Americas, where his ancestors were brought as slaves, or in Europe, where he is a privileged immigrant, or in Africa, where he has always been the majority, his behavior remains the same. The Jewish media would have us believe that "oppression" and "racism" force him to theft, murder and rape. Curious, then, that his behavior only becomes more destructive the more dominating his position is in a society.

Besides: oppression, in Sweden? Racism, in Sweden? We were conditioned to welcome the dark races with open arms. It is not "ignorance" which makes us hate them now, it is experience.

The list of statistics below provides what I think is a clear image of the connection between crime and the dark races. You will note that the facts and numbers are collected from a wide array of sources. That is because we are never given a full picture of this issue in any private newspaper or public bureau's publication.

Since it is never certain how long this kind of list is allowed to remain on a Swedish discussion board, this is the best place to publish it, and I thank VNN for the opportunity. Remember when you read this that the dark races made up less than fifteen percent of our population in the nineties. Also remember that the same pattern is repeated all across Western Europe -- the multicriminal society is forced upon us against the will of the majority, and debate is silenced. Statistics from one country can therefore be used to understand the pattern in all Western European countries.

Crime statistics

-- More than 70 percent of all rapes in Stockholm in 1988 were committed by non-Swedes. (SCB, Statistical Central Bureau)

-- Of all the rapes reported to the police 1985-1990, 68 percent were committed by men born in other countries. The numbers do not show how many of the other rapes that were committed were committed by the children of non-Swedes. (Brottsförebyggande rådet, The Crime-Prevention Council)

-- Of all the inmates at the prison in Kumla (where Sweden's worst criminals are placed) 70 percent are foreign citizens. Many of the "Swedish" inmates are immigrants with Swedish citizenship, who are therefore counted as Swedes in the statistics. (Svenska Dagbladet, the Swedish Daily, 23/05/99)

-- 88 percent of the criminals under 18 years of age kept at the Kronoberg jail (in Stockholm) in 1994 were immigrants. (Expressen, The Express, 30/08/95)

-- The proportion of African youths at institutions for forced psychiatric care is more than 14 times their proportion of the population. (Dagens Nyheter, The Daily News, 12/05/95)

-- Of the 50 drug dealers arrested at "The Platform" in Stockholm between April and November 1996, 33 were born in Gambia. (Dagens Nyheter, The Daily News, 25/11/96)

-- An investigation carried out by the Gothenburg police shows that half of all the armed store robberies in the Gothenburg area between the years 1994-1996 were committed by immigrant youth. In the heavily armed robberies of supermarkets, post offices and money transports, ALL the perpetrators had an immigrant background. (Bohuslänningen, The Bohuslänning, 15/01/97)

-- Thore Karlsson at the Karolinian Institute's Department Of Criminal Medicine has investigated 500 deaths caused by violence, and reports that an immigrant is eight times more likely to kill with a knife than a Swede. (Hallandsposten, The Halland Post, 26/05/97)

A short note here: the "knife law" prevents the carrying of knives in public places ever since its implementation in the nineties, as a response to increasing violence. Today police officers report that they have seen no decrease in the carrying of knives among criminal gangs whatsoever, and crimes committed with knives have not decreased. My personal experience tells me, however, that the law has deterred law-abiding citizens from carrying knives for self-protection, because they fear being arrested should a knife be found on them some day, somehow. Personally I have no such fear.

-- 55 percent of the youth criminals arrested in Gothenburg in 1995 had an immigrant background. (Skydd och säkerhet, Protection and Security, no 3 in 1996)

-- Of the inmates at the so-called Paragraph 12 homes in the Stockholm region (institutions for criminal youths who are too young to go to jail) 60 percent have an immigrant background. (Göteborgsposten, The Gothenburg Post, 20/12/95)

-- Hans Klette, professor in criminal law, reports that of the 24 men who were convicted of gang rape between the years 1989-1991, 21 were foreign citizens. His study does not show whether the three others were Swedes or simply non-Swedes with a Swedish citizenship. (Dagens nyheter, The Daily News, 03/06/97)

-- Gypsies make up only 0.26 percent of the population, but they commit 90 percent of the street robberies of old people. That makes them on average 3,400 times more likely to rob old people compared to the rest of the population. (Finansinspektionen, The Finance Inspection, June 1994)

Speaking of Gypsies, the origin of their name is very revealing. It was invented when a Gypsy clan leader and his followers arrived in Paris in the Middle Ages. He lied to the mayor, claiming that he was an Egyptian prince, and so the word Gypsy comes from the French word for Egyptian, Egyptéen.

As you may know, Gypsies absurdly believe themselves to be superior to all other races, despite their repulsive way of life. Gypsies in Sweden are typically on welfare, even as they are heavily involved in drug dealing and thievery. They call non-Gypsies "gais," and to steal from a gai is not a crime according to their tradition. A common Gypsy modus operandi is to enter a store in large numbers, so that the shopkeeper will not dare do anything to stop them. While some of them keep the shopkeeper occupied, the rest steal whatever they want. It is not just Gypsy youth gangs who behave this way; it is common for several Gypsy families to enter the store together, and the (fat, broad-shouldered) women, young as old, do as much of the stealing as the men. The pattern is even more common in Eastern Europe, where the Gypsies are more numerous, and in Finland, where all Gypsies in Sweden were deported by the king Gustaf Wasa in the 14th century. When Sweden is run by nationalist! s again, perhaps we could send to Finland the rope that should have followed this Gypsy wave as an accessory.

I recall one instance a few years back when a shopkeeper, upon having his store invaded by a swarm of Gypsies, locked them all up inside and called the police. He was of course immediately charged with hets mot folkgrupp, "instigation against ethnic group." The accusation has also been made against a Swedish professor in sociology who wrote a book about Gypsies in Sweden, describing their culture of planned permanent unemployment and crime. He didn't mean to write anything bad about them, but he was forced to by reality. Intellectuals and journalists all over Sweden immediately cried for his head, but he was never charged with a crime.

Costs of the multicriminal society

Now for a description of what the immigrants cost us. Again, this is an issue where the government has been working hard to obscure the facts, but information can still be found by those who look hard for it.

-- Immigration of refugees costs the Swedish state 100-150 billion crowns each year. (Ferdinand Banks, professor of macroeconomics)

-- Those who are granted asylum in Sweden can automatically bring in their closest relatives, who can bring in their closest relatives, etc. The record is held by a refugee who brought in 247 "close relatives" to Sweden. (SCB, Statistical Central Bureau)

-- The cost for supporting one single refugee in Sweden in 1993 would have been enough to give food and shelter to a hundred refugees in Bosnia during the same year. (Ministry of Immigration)

-- Almost 90 percent of all refugees who have come to Sweden after 1990 lack any real means of supporting themselves. (Socialnämnden, The Social Board)

-- Only 1,810 of the 127,000 immigrants who during 1993-94 were given permanent asylum in Sweden were real refugees according to the Geneva Convention. (CSB, Statistical Central Bureau)

-- Gunnar Jervas, doctor at the Åbo Academy and laborator at Försvarets Forskningsanstalt (The Defence Research Institute), reports that the number of granted asylums based on the Geneva Convention's definition of refugees was only five percent in the year 1992. He also notes that the number of people who are permitted to stay in Sweden tend to be much more than twice as many as those said to be refugees. (Statens Offentliga Utredningar, The Government's Public Research, report no 113 in 1993)

Final word

Few dare tell the truth about the problems the dark races cause us, and those who do are treated in a way that can rightfully be described as persecution in several cases. In spite of this, however, the effects of the darkening of our society have not gone unnoticed. A majority of Swedes know what is happening, and are enraged by it.

The great nationalist band Ultima Thule has always expressed what we are not allowed to think, let alone say out loud. All Swedish nationalists, and many others who were young in the nineties, recognize the following song. Since it is inspiring to us, I have translated it into English. It symbolizes an important fact: despite having a massive propaganda machine aimed at us for nearly an entire century, our spirit has only been suppressed, but never broken. The future is White.

The Beast

Hear the cry of the Beast, from the west to the east

Piercing marrow, sinew and bone

Preparing to steal from your hands every meal

Hungering for blood on its throne

Long enough have we slaved for our Beast

Enough is enough today

Long enough have we slaved for our Beast

Enough is enough today

What fathers gave, from cradle to grave

Feed the Beast, never ask for your share

It is ancient and knows, its fire and claws

Tear apart the land in your care

Long enough have we slaved for our Beast

Enough is enough today

Long enough have we slaved for our Beast

New time is coming

Ice in its soul, it devours you whole

Ashes and death where it's been

Let borders of steel bring the Beast to heel

Protecting our birthright within

Long enough have we slaved for our Beast

Enough is enough today

Long enough have we slaved for our Beast

New time is coming!


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