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Date: 3/21/99 3:02:04 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Edward Toner)
To: (Carl Kettler), (Charles Russell), (George & Andree Lowry), (Harvey Taylor), (Jerry Weiner), (Joe Pierre), (John Bryant), (John Kucek), (Misty Glynn)

posted 03-21-99 02:57 PM ET

Critics who see the Cube as a noble savage ought to
spend a
little more time with his
lyrics. Starting with his first CD release in 1988,
made with
fellow rappers in a group
called N.W.A. (Niggas with Attitudes), his
confrontational tone,
particularly against law enforcement, is set. On the
track, "**** tha Police," N.W.A. rappers put the
police on trial, and, not surprisingly, wind up with a

N.W.A. court is in . . . Beat up police . . . scene of
. . . Ice Cube will swarm on any mother****er in a
blue uniform
. . . gonna be a blood bath of cops dying in LA . . .
I'm a sniper
with a hell of a scope . . . Taking out a cop or two .
. . A sucker
in a blue uniform waiting to get shot by me or another
nigga . . .
the jury has found you guilty of being a redneck,
chicken**** mother****er. . .

The 1989 N.W.A. release of Straight outta Compton is
identical to the 1988
release, except that now the "**** tha Police" track
removed. Later Ice Cube CDs
call for the killing of law-enforcement officers, and
lyrics often
single out white male officers.

Violence directed more broadly at whites began in 1990
Ice Cube broke away from
N.W.A., starting with his first solo work called
AmeriKKKa's Most
Wanted. In the title
track Ice Cube claims to be a criminal and says:

. . . Ice Cube has got the 4-1-1 . . . Cops ain't ****
to me . . .
is on my dick. Stay off! . . . I'm wanted by America .
. . It's time
to take a trip to the suburb. Let them see a nigga
Point-blank on a Caucasian. *****the hammer and then
cracker won't smile. Take me to your house, pal. Got
to the
house. My pockets got fat, see. Cracked his head. Got
money and the jewelry . . . 'AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted'
that Ice Cube is the leader of the Lench Mob. Also in
the group
they have J-Dee, T-Bone. . . It's like a black thing.

Educated blacks who do not help take violence to the
should be killed, one
phrase says on another song. In more recent years Ice
lyrics occasionally
suggest that blacks who act too much like whites
should be

His violent racism got attention from the media in the
fall of
1991 when Death Certificate was released. In it,
whites and law
enforcement have been joined as targets by Asians and
a white
Jew who managed N.W.A. However, the threats against
and Jews
are relatively minor in comparison to repeated acts of
violence against whites.
"Horny Lil' Devil" is representative of the Cube's
take on

. . . you are the prince of darkness, arch-enemy,
father of evil,
hell-born, demonic, savage, fierce, vicious, wild,
barbaric, ungovernable, uncontrollable . . . the Beast
. . .
Looking at my girlfriend's black skin . . . she don't
like white men

. . . get your punk devil-ass hurt . . . where I'm
from, devils get
they ass kicked . . . I wanna kill a devil for talking
**** . . .
horny little devil, you better listen, before your ass
come up
missing . . . Trying to **** me out of my land and my
. . . right now you got the upper hand . . . when I'm
on top, I
won't be ****ing you, I'd rather put a buck in you.
Because I
hate the devil with a passion. And when I see the
whites of his
eyes, I start blasting. Dig a hole and throw his ass
in it. I won't
be happy until I'm down to my last ten . . . we'll
blow your head
off, and turn that white sheet to a red cloth . . .
beat the Jap
up .
. . put his dick on the wood block. Swing. Swing.
Swing. And
Chop. Chop. Chop . . . I'm gonna get my gun, and put
an end to
the devil. So get a ****ing shovel . . .

By 1991 Ice Cube had become a follower of Nation of
Islam, a
commitment that was
soon reflected strongly in his music. (In return,
Louis Farrakhan,
in a speech at the Los Angeles Coliseum last summer,
said that
music had more influence than preachers
among young blacks, and praised rap and Ice Cube in
from the podium.) The
pamphlet inserted into the Death Certificate CD, in
fact, shows
a photograph of the
rapper reading a copy of Nation of Islam's weekly
The Final Call, whose title
refers to the final warning God gives in order to get
blacks to
pledge to Nation of Islam doctrines just before the
onset of the
bloody Armageddon. In the background of the
photograph, posed menacingly behind Ice Cube, stand
of Nation of Islam's security force, the so-called
Fruit of Islam.

Hey Nancy, and Buck, and Alien - what do you think of
this? Is
it "racist"?


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