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Date: 3/29/99 4:47:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Edward Toner)
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Topic: MUTINY!
posted 03-29-99 12:14 PM ET

What a pack of lies were presented in this sick TV flick.
Grief! Cowards, traitors and mutineers were suddenly hero's! Ta
Da! A few facts now. The show didn't even mention the cause
of the explosion. Supposedly, it was caused by some poor black
sailor who didn't have gloves or training. Hogwash! Every man
jack who ever went throught boot camp had the best training in
the world. Next, only po black boys was handlin dat stuff, y'
know man? More nonsense. There were whites and blacks doing
the same job. Fact - When ordered to do so, all the white
sailors returned to work. 200 blacks refused to. Of them, 150
relented when threatened with severe disciplanary action and
went back to work. They got 3 months in the brig. The other 50
were sentenced to 15 years, but Truman released their sorry
butts after 4 years. I think the plot is to have Clinton proclaim
them hero's and give each one the CMH. Produced by Steven
Rosenfeld, Executive producer David Israel. Kosher rating - eh,
not bad.

Reminds me of a few others. GLORY! Brave negro battalion of
volunteers attacks Ft. Wagner. Attack repulsed; brave negro
warriors march back to Washington. Did the movie show that?
Halaluleah, Hell no! AMISTAD. Brave negro Cinque frees the
slaves! Free at Last! Free at last!. Then what did Cinque do?
Why he went back to Sierra Leone and established his own
slave trading center, of course. Did the movie show that? NO,
NO. you crazy, man?
Black history month featured the USS MASON, a brave little
Destroyer Escort who worked miracles, and did it with the all
black crew. Really? No, just kidding. The CO, XO and all the
officers were white, like the CPO's and senior PO's. PC has
triumphed again.

posted 03-29-99 04:32 PM ET

oh, brother....


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