Blacks' Sucker-The-Man Ruse

By Richard/Founders America

How minorities sucker white civil society and destroy American civilization


A couple of white tourists in New York City were riding a bus, along with ten or so black folks. The bus suddenly was jarred by something, then came to a halt.

To the visitors' great astonishment, they were the only passengers sitting upright. The other riders were bent over or slung across their seats. The bus had been bumped by a car. The driver yelled for everyone to remain seated. A few of the "injured" passengers were moaning, as if seriously injured, and one appeared to be knocked out.

After the driver stepped off the bus, he walked about twenty feet or so from the door and quickly ran back to stop two black men trying to sneak on, who then argued that they'd just stepped off.

The tourists looked at one another, then began laughing at how a slight jarring had done so much damage. They were from South Dakota and, as all tourists are wont to do, stayed there to watch and learn as the scene unfolded--as passengers filled out injury reports in their "weakened" condition, and while one "unconscious" passenger was put in an ambulance and taken away.

What the tourists had witnessed was a Sucker-the-Man ruse. Every passenger feigning injury would receive part of a damage award won in a lawsuit filed against the city by a slick attorney, getting a piece of the action for helping citizens recover compensation for "injuries" they suffered while riding a city bus.

Needless to say, the tourists -- holding fly-over-country values -- were disgusted by the collective dishonesty of those folks.

I recall using a variation of that Sucker-the-Man ruse in sixth grade. I knew, then, how to challenge authority and weaken it, and get compensation--albeit in the form of attention from my peers.

America's blacks have evolved the technique to an art form, and white civil society is suffering to withstand its bad social consequences in weakened law enforcement, in welfare fraud, in affirmative action quotas, and in dumbed-down education and cultural standards that once were the envy of the world.

America's once-healthy white civil society is under massive attack from minorities, feminists and their liberal supporters (progressive Jew-driven social engineers)--all of whom are filling the void left by emasculated and retreating white males who cower impotently while their nation - their Western culture - is being destroyed.

It's an unprecedented rout of rational masculine mind by emoting feminine mind, where the former constructs high civil society and the latter invariably destroys it (read my essays, "Two Legs Of The Same Whore" and "NAFTA Revisited").

My Own Sucker-the-Man Ruse

Miss Wagner was an extremely thin and elderly sixth-grade teacher, holding a no-nonsense "I teach, you learn" philosophy.

One day, a classmate put a tack on her chair before class. The room was jittery with muffled laughter and excitement. The culprit would get much attention and respect from those peers inclined to collecting negative popularity, about which kind of reputation many children at that age hold uncertain opinions--whether or not positive or negative popularity garners the most attention and "respect."

Miss Wagner was strong in character, as I look back with mature sight. She walked with a perfectly upright posture, for a woman in her Sixties, and she spoke with clear and precise diction. She was always neat, dressing very conservatively to reflect her teaching role.

When she shot out of that chair, it was all I could do to stop from writhing with laughter. But I managed to firmly clinch the edges of my desk and turn fire-engine red from holding it all back.

I heard the class burst forth with a micro-second of restrained giggling, but our abrupt silence bespoke the gravity of what had just happened while Miss Wagner's contorting face and flailing arms reached uncharted range, then came to rest:

Authority had been challenged! What would it do?

Miss Wagner began with the first row, slowly walking down the isle to examine each student with a look of murder on her face. I had some time to consider getting a piece of the action--of the popularity the perpetrator had garnered for himself. I decided to get some.

When Miss Wagner came to me, I intentionally looked a bit sheepish. That was enough. Without any body language to telegraph her lighting-bolt action, I felt a stunning pain on the side of my face that jolted me into reality--and revenge-taking. I did get a piece of the action, but a bit more than I had bargained for in suffering the pain of that slap.

I knew how to respond and get sympathy from my peers, and challenge Miss Wagner's authority--challenge her powers of insight and fairness. Using all that I had learned about such acting from movies and TV, I looked her straight in the eye and said, with the injured face of a much-aggrieved victim, "Miss Wagner, I didn't put that tack on your chair," to which her immediate realization of my sincerity caused her to charge out of the room defeated.

Various Forms

That scenario in various forms -- to challenge authority and weaken it for personal or group- based gain -- is repeated over and over again against white civil society by minorities, predominantly by black and Hispanic men who have strong advocates in HUD, EEOC, and the ACLU (all Marxist-run organizations). The most recent and powerful example being Rodney King's suckering the L.A.P.D. into making him a martyr for the Black Cause, and for defeating white authority and power--for destroying white civil society.

The Sixties generation (spawn of a growing feminist challenge to "father knows best" and cause of this massive cultural decline) played the same game in taunting and tricking "pigs" sworn to uphold civil society's laws, although it was a far more direct and purposeful confrontation against police than any game-playing by those dope- smoking airheads. Some even injured themselves so that they could accuse police of brutality (Did you see Inside Edition's recent report about the video showing a teenager repeatedly striking himself in the face with his fist, after detectives had left the room? That's an excellent example of a Sucker-the-Man ruse).

Criminals of all races know the game, but blacks are in an especially powerful position to play it, having garnered in this century a tremendous I'm-a-victim-of- racism advantage, which clever ploy I debunk in my essay on the subject, "Those 'Racist, Sexist, Bigoted' White Males."

Because it's considered a badge of honor in black communities to be able to tell other blacks that

"I was pulled over for no reason by white cops"


"I was questioned for no reason by white rent-a-cops in that store"


"I didn't cooperate 'cause I feared they was gonna beat me."

And because blacks uphold a group-based agenda to destroy white civil society and garner power for their race, many blacks -- especially young black males -- exhibit a strong self-interest in creating mayhem--in making white police officers (white civil society) appear racist and unfair. Elite media play along because they're mostly progressive/liberal and hate authority, too; especially any religion-based authority premised on morality and the idea "Creator."

The Sucker-the-Man ruse was effective when Martin Luther King played good cop to Malcolm X's bad cop in the Fifties, playing white emoting liberals in politics, media and churches for the emotion- dependent and irrational dupes that they were, and persuading a propagandized white majority into accepting unconstitutional special rights and privileges for blacks, along with accepting forced integration of white public schools and the no-amount-is-good-enough welfare programs to feed and grow that underclass; the beginning cancers on American civilization that have spread to produce what we now witness on many of America's once-safe streets: unbridled savagery and lawlessness (read my essays, "Keeping Civilization: a deadly serious business" and "Rules for Keeping Civilization").

All of their many Sucker-the-Man ruses --

such as calling white police officers vulgar names and mouthing-off to them, or even murdering them, in order to produce revenge-taking rogue cops;

or drawing an officer's attention by acting suspicious, then charging racism for being questioned;

or acting badly in a restaurant, then charging racism for the bad service;

or filing a false hate-crimes report (an epidemic phenomenon);

or acting as if they had stuffed something under their clothing in a retail store, then protesting loudly when corralled;

or simply resisting arrest for real wrongdoing and taking body blows in hopes of getting an ACLU attorney to halt an otherwise certain conviction (Rodney King)

-- gravely interfere with white civil society's attempts to catch criminals and undermines police officers' morale, not to mention causing the public's mistaken and growing questioning of whether or not so many black men belong in jail.

This is not to deny that police, on occasion, wrongly vent their outrage over law-breaking and this revolving-door criminal justice system. Many citizens cheer such "injustices" because they know that an impromtu beating is the only real punishment that a law-breaker might get in this risk-the-victim "justice" system (read my essay, "Risk-the-Victim Jurisprudence").

While liberals blame police and society for criminals' bad behavior, the police blame liberals' liberalism for increasing criminality. But LEFTIST media, politicians and activists are winning the culture wars -- this psychological combat between two forces, Maternalism and Paternalism -- using their own Sucker-the-Man ruses to garner great emotional capital over any political/social issue, like playing video tape over and over again of police beating a resistor, which ploy always defeats the truth if the emotion elicited is strong enough, distracting the public from any rational examination of the facts (read my essay, "Maternalism and Paternalism").

Liberals will argue that criminals deserve our compassion, understanding, and a second chance. But if a police officer loses his temper out of tremendous frustration over a broken criminal justice system, liberals suddenly lose their understanding and demand that that officer lose his job, serve time in jail, and be ostracized from society (read my essay, "The Donahue Syndrome," to discover why liberals protect criminals and hate authority).

Liberals' Sucker-the-Man ruse was apparent in the media's handl- ing of the O.J. Simpson trial. Quoting from my essay, "Social Compliance In The News Room":

Emoting liberals invariably set up conditions for war, then demand peace. For example, Mark Fuhrman's racism springs from his firsthand frustration -- his street experience -- with liberals' liberalism. Yet, liberals and some conservatives hypocritically call him "racist" but deny their own racist views, deny their use of the term "nigger," as if they can't see the fraud perpetrated by O.J'.s defense team; as if liberals haven't created the social conditions for cultivating racism in Fuhrman; as if black males don't play the system and commit most of the crime (proportionally); as if racist views aren't justified to protect oneself and community; as if most police corruption isn't a product of liberals' liberalism--of letting criminals go after police catch them, tying officers' hands, and cultivating an evil citizenry. Those black and Latino males know how to badger police to the point of making "rogue cops" of them. Rodney King staged his own beating, as many minorities try to do, for avoiding imprisonment on grounds of police brutality and racism. And some good cops turn bad, planting evidence to put away crooks that a sick criminal justice system would keep free for terrorizing an already crime-numbed public.

Rodney King's own Sucker-the-Man game-playing now stands as the archetypical Sucker-the-Man ruse (O.J.'s jury verdict is a close second). It was successful beyond blacks' wildest dreams. He had suckered those police officers into appearing mean and unfair -- a common ploy of criminals -- and had duped a nation by simply

(1) resisting arrest,

(2) refusing to obey lawful orders to passively lie down,

(3) and moving to invite blows he knew would come only to the large-muscled areas of his body

[Note: Police officers avoid breaking bones when force is necessary in making any arrest].

But King had planned only to use the abrasions and bruises to convince his liberal attorney. He must have felt like he'd won the lottery after a video tape of the incident was aired on national TV. And he did win the Sucker-the-Man Lottery, as did the 294,000 black opportunists who soaked Denny's restaurant chain to the tune of $47 million--with help from the EEOC, the Justice Department, and from clever blacks taking every opportunity to play a Sucker-the-Man ruse on that business (this included blacks applying for jobs with the intention of sabotaging their chances, then using their refused applications to collectively sue for damages and a redress through the EEOC, one of the most powerful Sucker-the-Man agencies in America).

The degree of King's cleverness is matched only by the extent of liberal media's dishonesty in airing that deceptively edited video (some weak-brained conservative pundits also fell for the ruse), in which video tape CBS producers had taken great care to avoid airing King's initial aggressiveness, and which motive on their part had had as much to do with their dishonesty as with their own hatred for the "pig" police that conservative citizens generally support--hatred for lawful authority (read my essay, "Rodney King's Ruse & Dan Rather's Revenge").

Dupes or Players at the Washington Post?

A more recent example of Sucker-the-Man game-playing is reported by Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy, which piece prompted another Post columnist, Jonathan Yardley, to write a pandering commentary on Milloy's gripe, "Store 'Blew It' in Harassing Young Black" [Richmond Times-Dispatch, December 10].

Is seems that a young black male, Alonzo Jackson, in Prince George's County, Maryland, walked into an Eddie Bauer store wearing a shirt he purchased there the day before. Store sales personnel suspected that Jackson was wearing a stolen shirt and stopped him. Was it a racist "mistake" or an honest suspicion premised on shocking statistics, which reveal that a huge number of young black males are plugged into the wrong end of the criminal justice system--or was it a Sucker-the-Man ruse?

Doesn't experience -- far more than learned prejudice -- drive whites to be watchful of black males? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are black males suspected of criminal intent -- stereotyped -- because they commit so much crime, or because whites are predisposed to unwarranted and racist stereotyping (read my essay, "Ruminations on America's Last Social Taboo")?

Recent statistics for certain urban areas reveal that as many as 1 in 3 black males between the ages of 15 and 35 has been arrested for crime. And that figure is made even more alarming when one considers that only 1 in 10 perpetrators of crime is ever caught! There was an army of black criminals at that Million Man March (the elite media haven't provided any figures on falling crime rates for the day of the march, and they're silent about Minister Farrakhan's tour of the Third World and his claim that Islam will defeat the U.S.).

Jonathan Yardley is Politically Correct

Columnist Jonathan Yardley believes whites unfairly commit "casual discrimination" (his term), as if whites ought not to be on guard against black males. He would have you trust every one of them, rather than employ a very reasonable stereotype to avoid possibly being robbed or raped or murdered.

What does common sense direct you to do? It councels you to error on the side of caution, which kind of common sense -- along with real world statistics and the experience to support cautiousness -- explains whites' fear of blacks (and now Latinos).

Such careful attention around young black males is extremely warranted. Jonathan Yardley, Courtland Milloy and other liberals would have you risk suffering some kind of Sucker-the-Man ruse, like risk being approached by a black youth who asks you for the time of day and, then, at your most vulnerable moment, jackhammers your face and robs you--or worse. That scenario -- along with carjackings and ATM robberies and violent rapes and murders -- is being committed at alarming rates by young black and Latino males who pray on whites, although rates are declining just a bit as whites arm themselves to the teeth, pass tougher sentencing laws, and move away from them.

Black racists and white liberals would have you believe it's mostly black-on-black crime while black males target whites at a rate far beyond whites' assaults on blacks. For example, 3000 white women have reported being raped by black men while only 11 black women reported being raped by white men during the same period, which ratio is off the charts when considering Jonathan Yardley's pandering claim that whites "just don't get it."

In the face of that statistic, read what Mr. Yardley writes about Milloy's account of the "outrageous" treatment Alonzo Jackson received:

"The story he told was infuriating: No other word will suffice. Not merely was it outrageous in its specific details -- the rude sales people, the bullying cops, the bewildering youngster -- but it was a classic instance of the casual discrimination to which black Americans are subjected routinely, automatically, unthinkingly."

One wonders what kind of account Milloy and Yardley might write about blacks raping, robbing, and murdering while people across America, while Alonzo Jackson and they hysterically fume about Jackson being mistaken for just another petty thief, and which overly righteous reaction on Jackson's part reminds me of my own Sucker-the- Man challenge to lawful authority in the sixth grade.

Reason argues that Mr. Jackson may have played a Sucker-the-Man ruse on that Eddie Bauer store -- and gotten away with it -- thus garnering the popularity and "respect" of his black peers while possibly becoming wealthy. All he needed to do is act suspicious in his new shirt to get a piece of the action.

I believe Jackson knew full well that going back to that store -- while wearing a shirt he bought there only the day before -- would arouse suspicion and provide him an opportunity to sucker the Man.

Whites are beginning to "get it," which fact explains why liberals like Yardley are so outraged in having their racial pandering exposed --in having their snivelling support of a black criminal class reveal far more about their own Sucker-the-Man game than reflecting any real compassion for "stereotyped" blacks.

Liberals now are well-exposed in their attempts at making whites feel guilty about taking sensible precautions to protect their lives and property from young black males' criminality, including moving away from them. Whites are waking up from their decades-long slumber, induced by a pandering and liberal media, which are driven by emotion- based sympathies for a self-defeated minority, rather than any fair concern for the truth that serves good civil society and keeps American civilization strong.

Mr. Yardley explains that after Jackson had produced a receipt for the shirt, which he was required to surrender, and after he got liberals' sympathy and his shirt back, Eddie Bauer management only put a "spin" on the thing, rather than "undertake serious efforts at opening the minds of its personnel up an down the line"--and which "serious efforts" might include exactly what in Yardley's mind? He means an effort to further brainwash already suckered white employees into forgetting that young black males are the greatest threat to their life and property, in and outside the store (next to the threat Latinos pose).

"We've changed many of the things we say and even do, but we don't seem to have changed the way we think; whether this is a matter of uniquely American racial attitudes or of immutable human nature is beyond my powers to say, but it is deep within us," opines Yardley on the state of whites' attitude, as if what whites say and do don't reflect more the effectiveness of liberals' lies about race issues these past forty years, and about the differences between blacks and whites in intelligence, temperament and character potentials--and as if what whites really think about blacks isn't more the stark truth while what liberals say and do about them (liberals also move away from them) don't keep blacks unchallenged for the tremendous rates of criminality they exhibit (keep unchallenged the Big Lie that "all men are created equal"), and keep alive the bad social policy in America that ensures white civil soceity's eventual destruction at the hands of self-serving minorities.

Yardley closes his commentary by trashing Eddie Bauer (he doesn't like their merchandise) and suggests boycotting the stores. "When one offender is caught in the act it may give us a shiver of pleasure to slap it on the wrist, but when everybody's doing it that slap sounds like a single hand clapping," he writes of "offender" Eddie Bauer, as if wrist-slapping isn't liberals' telling art form and the nation's doom.

Didn't Jonathan Yardley keep his silence throughout the Seventies and Eighties about liberals slapping the wrists of robbers, rapists, and even murderers while clapping enthusiastically for every insane liberal turn the nation took?

Liberal emoters are only shameless and ignorant to write so much blather about a possible mistaken charge of petty larceny while young blacks and Latinos openly terrorize the nation.

Given the dire statistics, Eddie Bauer and every other store ought to stop all young black males at the door and frisk them.

The Tragic Social Consequences

What liberals like Jonathan Yardley fail to comprehend is that blacks are getting a worldwide reputation for being inherently predisposed to criminal behavior--unable to abide any white civil society.

For example, Nigeria, that purported pinnacle of black industry and culture is the most corrupt and self-debased black nation with which the Western world does business. It's reputation precedes its ambassadors, so that the common word among Western diplomats is "watch your back and your wallet" when around Nigerians (Arab nations have the second worst reputation, then Latin countries).

Another example is the inordinate number of black soldiers here and overseas who behave criminally. The case of the teenage Okinawan girl being raped by three black soldiers is unusual in that the story ever got out. The military has, for decades, taken great precautions in hiding the startling figures of black criminality in the military, to protect the reputation of its presidentially installed forced- integration order, which order was premised on the false belief that a racially integrated combat unit is as combat-ready as a racailly homogeneous one (this refers to Truman's executive order to integrate the military, which was signed for only political gain -- black votes -- and not for any racial "justice" or consideration for combat readiness).

But much of blacks' bad reputation in America -- the growing opinion that blacks are a criminally inclined race -- has as much to do with liberals' maternalistic treatment of them as any inherent proclivities they display.

Liberals' liberalism has robbed American blacks of self-esteem with special rights, special welfare programs, and a dumbed-down education system--to accommodate their generally low-intelligence and bad temperament potentials. So while liberals, especially progressive Jews and liberal Christians, strongly acted to "help" blacks these past forty years (abridging the Constitution and ignoring all of history in their efforts) they actually destroyed a once-stable subculture in America, forced it upon white civil society, and then plunged a grand civilization into inevitable dissolution (read my essay, "The Progressive Jew in 'Weimar' America").

As has been said by many conservative pundits for nearly a decade now, liberals' liberalism has managed to do to blacks what the Klan never could have accomplished--rob them of their family structure and the self-esteem required to keep it. And blacks aren't blameless while they injure their reputation by criminal behavior, which continuing trend mostly reflects their inherent intelligence, character, and temperament potentials.

[Note: The level of civil society that a homogeneous group is capable of achieving relates to the average intelligence potential within the group; the lower an average intelligence score in a society the lower its civility. With fast-growing black and Latino populations in America, and with a slow-growing white majority population, the average national intelligence score has been falling for several decades. It's much worse if one excludes Asian scores, which trend forecasts greater civil unrest to come.]

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Didn't discrimination by whites against blacks begin with whites' evaluation of blacks as being a primitive, violently aggressive, and difficult- to-educate race (here and in Africa)? This stereotype isn't a "white thang," but a generally accepted evaluation--and one having a strong foundation in reality.

In The Final Analysis

Liberals' liberalism and historic discrimination (mostly justified) can't excuse blacks for their Sucker-the-Man game playing.

One ruse gaining widespread popularity among blacks is staging "hate crimes," in order to play on whites' unwarranted guilt (Some of the recent church burnings in black communities may be attributable to this). Another one is starting rumors about a white conspiracy to kill all blacks; a means to keeping a strong hold on victimhood. And another ruse blacks use is to trick white co-workers into bantering comfortably about racial stereotypes, by telling jokes and making references to skin color, then suing the company for a "hostile workplace" after accumulating sufficient witnesses and "racist" remarks.

Many blacks view this baiting of whites into joking about race as insurance against being fired for low job performance or layoffs. Blacks (especially black men) know what they're about in these Sucker- the-Man ruses, and they're dead serious in their task to undermine white civil society -- to divide and conquer it -- and make of America an Africanized "Amerika."

If there is any universal lesson to be learned from white Americans' experiment with liberals' racial diversity schemes, it is that race-mixing is a deadly serious adventure--and an historically failed one (read Aristotle, and study world history).

History is replete with examples of the destruction that comes with forced integration of diverse tribes. It is said of Babylon that just before its dissolution and collapse it was full of diverse races, cultures and languages. Rome suffered the same fate (read my essay, "Restoration Revolution or Futile Posturing").

Would that white Americans had thought more deeply thirty year ago and avoided trading in any of liberals' emotional capital -- which capital is liberals' natural commodity while conservatives trade in ideas upon which civilizations are born and maintained -- maybe the nation could have avoided all the chaos that's to come in falling victim to liberals' liberalism and minorities' Sucker-the-Man ruses.

Recovering White Civil Society

America is in rapid decline from decades of liberals' nation- destroying liberalism. These steps, if taken now, can halt the decline and possibly save American civilization. After slashing welfare:

1. Make strong and continuing efforts to deport illegals while gaining strict control of our borders and airports, and while severely punishing those who hire illegals.

2. Halt legal immigration for five years and severely restrict it thereafter.

3. Stop the Family Reunification Program, which, in effect, allows virtually all Third Worlders an economic refuge in America.

4. Stop paying churches and private charities to recruit immigrants for resettlement in the U.S. Catholic Charities is the worst offender.

5. Make American citizenship a valued status (we're citizens not "consumers") by disallowing citizenship to children born to illegals, and stiffen requirements for obtaining citizenship.

6. Stop the practice of dual citizenship. There must be no divided loyalties in one's nation.

7. Remove education and medical "rights" for illegals and their children (the Supreme Court defies the will of the majority and subverts the Constitution by providing benefits to illegals).

8. Halt all bilingual education programs, and require all government and private agencies to do business with the public in English (it's an outrage that in some communities in California and Florida there are government and business employees who must be cajoled into speaking English to their English-speaking customers).

9. Halt affirmative action and quota programs, which only inflame racial animosities.

10. Halt race-based scholarships, which defy common sense and fair play.

11. Stop the forced integration of public schools (forced integration has ruined public education for both blacks and whites).

12. Stop mainstreaming pregnant teens and the mentally retarded, and remove nurseries and health clinics from school grounds (a school nurse is sufficient).

13. Toughen academic standards across the board for teachers and students in all grades.

14. Reinstall and strengthen studies in Western civilization.

15. Remove all revisionist "history" from school texts.

16. Teach moral values in the classroom, which values ought to be the first thing we impart to our children.

17. Stop minorities' sucker-the-man ruses and dismantle the EEOC.

That's the short list of necessary steps for repairing America's social infrastructure. The following special interests precipitated this crisis and will oppose controlling immigration: foreign lobbyists ((self-serving)), liberal Democrats ((bereft of any rational sense)), neocons ((testosterone deficient)), Catholic Charities and other left- leaning religious organizations ((Marxist and recruiting-dependent churches)), progressive Jews ((Marxist/utopian dreamers)), ACLU ((Marxist sympathizers)), multinational corporations ((greedy vulture capitalists)), agriculture industry ((exploiters of migrant workers)), education lobby ((federal loan dependent)), the tourist and airline industries ((come-one-come-all dependent)), Limbaugh and Bennett and Kemp ((NAFTA supporters)), and all minority groups hoping to bring to America more of their own kind--for increasing their political clout and transforming America into what they escaped in coming here.

Stand up for your culture--for white civil society and its American civilization or lose it to chaos.

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