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Who are the black leaders?

Frizzell Gray AKA Kweisi Mfume

The eldest of four, Kweisi Mfume was born as Frizzell Gray in West Baltimore in 1948. His father had no contact with him at all during his life. He was raised by his mother and a step-father until 1960, when his step-dad beat up and left Mfume's mother in 1960. She would die four years later.

When the young Mfume became a teenager, he quit high school and started a career in criminality. He ran illegal numbers, was a pimp, and even managed to find time to have five children by four different mothers.

After numerous arrests, Mfume decided on a new profession, race baiting. He got a GED and then attended college at Morgan State, graduating in 1976, and later earned a masters degree at John Hopkins. He changed his name from Frizzell Gray to Kweisi Mfume (which means "conquering son of kings" in the African language spoken by the Ibgo) In 1978 he won a seat on the Baltimore City Council.

In 1986 Mfume was elected to congress from an all-black voting district in Maryland. Eight years later, he was named head of the Congressional Black Caucus.

In 1996 Kweisi Mfume was chosen as CEO/President of the corrupt and nearly bankrupt NAACP. Mfume to his credit has now turned the NAACP into a good money making organization.

Today Kweisi Mfume has figured out a cash cow for himself and the NAACP by boycotting South Carolina and ignoring real problems blacks face today. The NAACP boycott thus far, has been a total bust and boom for South Carolina.

Louis Eugene Walcott AKA Louis Farrakhan, Calypso Louie, Louis Haleem Abdul Farrakhan

The tuxedo dressed Louis Farrakhan was born as Louis Eugene Walcott on May 11, 1933. Screwy Louie was raised without a father figure present.

The young Louie was musically inclined. At the age of six, he was given his first violin and by the age of 13, he had played with the Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony. A year later, Louie won the Ted Mack Amateur Hour. He was also one of the first blacks to appear on the popular show.

Popularly known as "Calypso Louie," he achieved fame in Boston as a vocalist, calypso singer, dancer, and violinist. However, February 1955 marked a turning point in the life of Louis Walcott. While headlining a show in Chicago entitled "Calypso Follies" the young hatemonger received rave reviews.

During his musical career, Malcom X recruited Louie into the Nation of Islam. Then Louie changed his name from Louis Eugene Walcott to Louis X. He adopted his current name of Louis Haleem Abdul Farrakhan in 1965. King Louie then abandoned his musical career for a career in hate and race hustling.

When Malcolm X was sent to hell, people suspected Farrakhan as being part of the murder plot but this was never proved (although today, he admits to having "some part" in the killing). Elijah Muhammad became to new leader of the Nation Cult of Islam.

In 1975, the leader of the Nation of Islam, Elijah Muhammad, died. The Black Muslims then chose one of his sons, Warith (formerly Wallace) Deen Muhammad, as their new leader. Farrakhan disagreed with the new leader's teachings, which involved the abandonment of radical Black Nationalism and the adoption of orthodox Sunni Islam.

In 1977, Farrakhan broke away from Warith Deen Muhammad's group and formed his own Nation of Islam. Today, only Farrakhan's group uses the name Nation of Islam.

In 1979, King Louie founded the Black Nationalist Final Call, a magazine that is sold on street corners and black businesses. If you go into an inner city and see blacks dressed in Tuxedos selling papers, it's the Final Call.

The Nation of Islam's beliefs include, "separation from whites and destruction of Jews and fags."

During 1991, King Louie re-introduced the Three Year Economic Program to establish an economic base for the development of blacks through business ventures.

In 1992, Farrakhan drew 60,000 people to the Atlanta Dome for a black militant rally.

Farrakhan's biggest publicity came on Oct 16, 1995, the day of the 200,000 man march in DC (referred erroneously as the Million Man March). His entire inspiration for the "Million Man March" is based on his alleged, "vision of being swept into a UFO that took him to a larger mother-ship."

While in the UFO, he claims to have spoken to the late Elijah Muhammad before being beamed back to earth. (The Washington Post, Sept. 18, 1995, p. D3). The reason for the rally though was about money.

King Louie had to find a new way to pay for his and his family's ornate palaces in Chicago and Phoenix, his Lexus, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Lincoln Town Cars, a Mexican villa, a new 77-acre Michigan estate and over $1.5 million dollars in unpaid back taxes.

This is the reason he had an $11 registration fee for the March, a $3.99 per minute 900 number for call-in registration (Average call is three minutes), a $700 vendor's fee, (reduced from $1000), and even ads in his newspaper soliciting for "donations" to "help defray the astronomical costs of the march," in exchange for listing the donor's name and city under appropriate categories (Platinum, Gold, etc.): $1000 or more (Platinum), $500 or more (Gold), $100 or more (Silver), $25 or more (Patron) not to mention $2 "special issues" of his 'Final Call' newspaper.

King Louie continues today with recruitment of youth gang members, prison inmates, and poor blacks with the same message that many critics term as "words of hate and racism." In a speech given March 11, 1984, Farrakhan proclaimed, "Some white people are going to live... but (God) don't want them living with us. He doesn't want us mixing ourselves up with the slave master's children, whose time of doom has arrived."

Alfred Sharpton AKA Big Al

Alfred Sharpton Jr., who loves to hear the sound of own voice, was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1954. Al's big mouth started at a young age.

When he was 4, he claims he gave his first sermon. At the age of 10, he claims to have been ordained a minister. But Big Al also claims to have a rough childhood. His father started having a sexual relationship with Sharpton's older half-sister. This would force his mother to leave his father and go to live in the projects of New York City.

At 14, Sharpton was made the youth leader of the militant Negro group, Breadbasket, run at that time by the notorious Jesse Jackson. Sharpton also says Jackson taught him how to negotiate with whites and how to "hustle money from the civil rights industry".

During 1980, Sharpton briefly managed wife-beater James Brown. James Brown, to his credit, was very quick to fire Sharpton once he knew what this money hustler was up to.

1984 was Sharpton's break out year. That was when Bernard Goetz shot those four black thugs who were going to rob him. Sharpton was smart enough to jump on this opportunity to promote himself, and he got lots of press coverage, something Sharpton just loves.

In 1987 the Tawana Brawley case was opened. In case people don't remember, Brawley claimed that four white men raped her and covered up in feces. But a grand jury found this whole story to be a fabricated lie. However, Sharpton decided to make this into a political issue. He would go around NYC and be side by side with her, telling people how horrible white people were and racism had to stop. Of course, Sharpton was making good money from donations from blacks. But Sharpton also slandered many people including the Prosecutor the Brawley case. In 1999, Al Sharpton and one other were found guilty of defamation and ordered to pay a huge settlement. Sharpton still believes the Brawley case today to be true.

In 1991, Sharpton helped stoke the outrage of the black community of Brooklyn's Crown Heights, following the accidental killing of a black child there by a car in the motorcade of the orthodox Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. The days of violence that followed culminated in the street mob-murder of Yankel Rosenbaum.

Big Al has also run three times for public office, twice for Senate and once for Mayor of NYC. All three times he was soundly defeated.

In 1995, Sharpton supported a racist and obviously explosive street protest against a Jewish-owned Harlem clothing store, Freddy's, which was accused of attempting to drive a black record store out of business.

In a rally broadcast on his weekly radio program, Sharpton spoke thusly: "We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business on 125th Street." Also broadcast were these statements by protest leader Morris Powell, head of the 125th Street Vendors Association: "We're not going to stand idly by and let a Jewish person come in black Harlem and methodically drive black people out of business. We are going to see that this cracker suffers. Reverend Sharpton is on it."

On Dec. 8, after two months of rhetorical violence, protestor Roland Smith entered the store armed with a pistol. Screaming, "It's on now, all blacks out," Smith opened fire. He set the store ablaze, and then shot himself. Smith killed seven store employees, most of them minorities. Afterward, Sharpton said he had only been seeking to mediate, he should have been jailed as an accessory!

Al Sharpton also is a tax fraud. The IRS concluded in 1997 that he owed over $100,000 in unpaid income taxes. Sharpton dismisses this as "another white-Jewish lie" to put him in prison. Sharpton is also good friends with another felon and tax-cheat, Don King.

At least Al Sharpton is an equal opportunity hate monger. He hates "fags", "yellow blacks", "white inter-breeders", and "diamond dealers". Sharpton also hates Clarence Thomas and Alan Keyes.

Today Al Sharpton still does what he does best, run his mouth, and disrupting traffic on highways. Anytime something bad happens to a black, you can count on Al Sharpton to be there trying to grab news coverage for himself as well as money.

Jesse Louis Burns AKA Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson was born as Jesse Louis Burns on October 8, 1941 in Greenville, SC. Almost right after Jesse was born, his father, ran out on the family never to return again. His mother in time remarried and in 1956, Jesse assumed the last name of his stepfather, Jackson.

Jackson's hatred of white people started at a young age. Horace Nash, a classmate of Jesse's recalls his contempt for White's:

"He [Jackson] made up foolish jokes about Whites, about how stupid they were," remembers Nash. "He used to turn things around, and he actually looked down on White people."

Jesse Jackson admitted in a November 1969 "Life" magazine interview that when he worked during the 1950's as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the soups and salads of White customers. "[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification," Jackson said.

In 1959, Big Jesse was admitted to the University of Illinois, only to transfer to North Carolina A&T University in 1961. Jesse Jackson graduated from NC A&T in 1964, near the bottom of his class.

He went to the Chicago Theological Seminary in 1964, but never finished.

Jesse Jackson in 1963 married Jacqueline Lavinia Brown and had five children, Sanitita Jackson, Congressman Jesse Louis Jackson, Jr., Jonathan Jackson, Yusef DuBois Jackson, and Jacqueline Lavinia Jackson.

Also in 1963, Jesse Jackson was arrested in Greensboro, SC after trying to get blacks to riot and disturb the peace.

During the 1960's Jesse Jackson became a leader of the Black Panther movement out of Chicago. Jackson was hired in 1965 by Martin Luther King, Jr. to be a full time worker on the communist lead black disruptions during that time period.

In 1966, King Jesse became Head of the Operation Breadbasket, a militant black organization that was in the guise of a food bank.

He claimed in 1968 to be right next to Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was assassinated, but other eyewitnesses and pictures dispute that claim.

Jackson founded PUSH, another black militant organization in 1971. That group today still exists within Jackson's "Rainbow Coalition".

In 1984, King Jesse became the first black to run a semi-serious campaign for President. Although it was a total failure, he was able to divide the Democratic party so much; Ronald Reagan won every state in the Union during the general election except for Walter Mondale's home state of Minnesota.

He would run again in 1988, and had a little bit better success but still the Republicans trounced the Democrats in the General Election. Ever since then, the Democrats have been urging Jackson not to run for President.

In 1984, Jackson also anointed himself God over the his own group, the Rainbow Coalition, a combination of communist, gays, blacks and liberal trash. Jesse Jackson kissed up to Communist Fidel Castro and was able to get the release of American prisoners in Cuba.

Jesse Jackson was elected Shadow Senator of Washington, DC in 1990, a position he holds today, although he rarely ever shows up in Congress for any work.

In 1998, the NAACP snubbed Jesse Jackson when they anointed Kwasi Mfume President and not Jackson. Jesse Jackson has a secret war going on with them ever since. His latest was trying to upstage the NAACP's boycott of South Carolina, with one of his own from Georgia. Needless to say, no one cared.

Today Jesse Jackson is a race hustler, talk show host for CNN, President of the Rainbow Communist Coalition, and continues to fight for the rights of black felons and thugs worldwide.


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