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John, I was searching for some of your stuff and look what I found! Do you have a web site?

The John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute
40 Leon Street

The John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute (AAI) offers academic 
and cultural support for African-American and other interested students. 
The instituAfrican-American and other interested students. The 
institute, founded in 1968, was recently rededicated to John D. 
O'Bryant, the first African-American to be appointed a Northeastern U
•Ujima Scholars Program •counseling services •the AAI library •the 
Amilcar Cabral Memorial Student Center 

Ujima Scholars Program can help you improve your writing, reading, and 
study skills. It offers tutoring and course advising. Counseling 
services focus on the academic, personal, and social needs of students. 
The institute's library contains books, recordings, periodicals, and 
microforms relating to African-American culture. The collection supports 
research in the study of the African-American experience. Additional 
library services include workshops and Nia, a student literary guild. 

The institute presents lectures, seminars, and social programs that 
address the global experiences of black people. African-American student 
organizations, other campus groups, and organizations from the greater 
Boston community conduct many of their activities in the Amilcar Cabral 
Memorial Student Center. 
The Peer Counseling Program
The Peer Counseling Program, an integral part of AAI's counseling 
services, helps students adjust successfully to college life. 
Tutoring at AAI Tutorial assistance is available in most subject areas, 
including the following: 
•mathematics •science •English •economics •business 

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