Tiger Woods, Race, and Professional Sports
by David Duke

Tiger Woods won the Masters golf tournament in 1997, his first major tournament as a professional, and he broke the low-stroke record in doing it. The commentators said that his victory would have a great social significance. No one would doubt that practically every Black who paid attention to the Masters passionately rooted for Woods. Just as it is normal to root for those from their own home town or high school in a sports game, it is natural for people to root for those of their own race (those that look and act similar to themselves). Many Whites also rooted for Woods, but his easy victory also made quite a few Whites uneasy. It impacts many racially aware Whites who are sports enthusiasts and will fuel the media-generated dogma that Blacks are essentially the same as Whites (and maybe even better). The Tiger Woods phenomena affords an important place to examine the considerable influence of modern spectator sports on racial attitudes.

White males are more engrossed in spectator sports than probably at any time in history. There are many reasons for this, but it probably finds its roots in the natural fascination males have with physical contests. Whether there is a struggle between men, roosters, dogs, or any life form, men simply find any kind of fight irresistible. In the tooth and fang world we evolved in, there is no more compelling spectacle than the physical contest. It visually brings to life millions of genetically imprinted life and death struggles that go back to the time of one-celled organisms duke-ing-it-out in the ring of a microscopic droplet of water.

When the Romans built the Coliseum, they understood this fascination, and they knew the cheap seats would be filled every weekend. However, the Roman sports addiction was limited to a game or two a week, and only in limited cities of the Empire. In Western Civilization, because of satellite and cable TV, the games now never end. Twenty-four hour sports broadcasting is here and it is probably, minute-by-minute is the most profitable genre of broadcasting. Giving male Homo Sapiens 24-hour sports is analogous to giving a heroin addict access to all the smack he wants -- whenever he wants it. A great portion of European and American males simply cannot resist spectator sports.

In America it is part of the male maturity and bonding process to have a Bud and root for the home team. Countless millions of White men (as well as non-Whites) have a sports addiction that finds them sitting on the couch for untold hours, swilling alcohol and eating junk food. Instead of exercising and becoming strong, engaging in healthy competition, struggle, sacrifice, courage and team spirit, they watch others exercise and become stronger. Anybody who tells them to put down the beer and potato chips, turn off the TV and go lift weights or jog, or play racquetball or basketball, or even read a book, would be accused of being downright Un-American, or maybe even some sort of faggot. Ultimately, the choice we have is to actually live our own lives or suffer a twilight existence, living through the victories and defeats of others.

Not only is the spectator sport addiction damaging to the lives of millions of young and old White men who waste excessive time and adopt unhealthy lifestyles, it wrecks psychological damage of the worst sort. When the young Black man sees Black heavyweight boxers routinely defeat Whites, or sees Black star running backs such as O.J. Simpson be made into idols desired by the most beautiful of White women, it affirms Black racial pride and a sense of supremacy and solidarity. When young White men see such Black athletic supremacy, it has the opposite effect on their spirit. Their sense of racial pride and solidarity is weakened. Young Whites tend to emulate and identify with athletic stars, and many of them are Blacks such as O.J. (before his fall) Michael Jordan, and countless others. The anti-White press makes the sports champions appear not only as great athletes, but also as great men, which is usually far from the truth. Once more, the racial realities are obscured by the media.

In South Africa the media gloated that the difference that allowed the turning of their country over to communist savages was the threat that South African football teams would be barred from international competition unless they approved the referendum. Imagine, the destruction of a nation in part so that football fans could watch their teams on the "tely"compete internationally. During my race for the Governorship of Louisiana, our sports crazy fans were told that our universities sports programs would have trouble recruiting if I were elected. It pains me to acknowledge that I probably lost some votes because some members of our race were more worried about their school's football team than the safety of our own kind from Black crime or the racial discrimination practiced against thousands of Whites with affirmative action.

The sports addiction manifests itself in grotesque and twisted values. When the University of Nebraska suspended a Black football star who assaulted and raped White women, the coach and the alumni fought to get his playing rights restored. Only a few feeble feminists objected. Such actions at Nebraska are not rare in the realm of college sports. The truth is that many of the colleges sporting mostly Black football and basketball teams have had some sort of scandal which included the assault or rape of White women by Black players. Even the enemies of our heritage must shake their heads in amazement at seeing many Whites who would angrily call for the maximum legal penalties against Blacks who assaulted White women, cheering the same such scum on the football and basketball arenas of America.

As Blacks became dominant in the biggest spectator sports, many White sports enthusiasts have consoled themselves by saying that Blacks are better in sports such as basketball, football, and boxing because of certain particular physical features, while Whites are better in others. It is true that athletic Whites tend to be stronger while athletic Blacks tend to faster. Whites dominate in power sports such as weightlifting, gymnastics and wrestling. In professional football itself it is interesting to note how the speed positions such as wide receiver and cornerback are almost entirely filled by Blacks, while the offensive line which depends essentially on sheer size and strength is dominated by Whites. A smattering of Whites are at the offensive positions that rely on both strength and speed such as tight ends and to a lesser extent fullbacks. An example of the genetic differences in speed skills between Whites and blacks is confirmed by the fact that all of the 16 finalists in the 100 meter dash at the Olympic games were Black. Blacks have this dominance in the dash even though on a world-wide basis at least ten times more Whites compete in organized track and field. Far from proving racial equality, such clear racial differences of athletic ability simply serve to as one more verification of fundamental differences between the races.

Some Whites have wrongly suggested that Blacks do not have the mental ability for certain sports and positions. Intelligence may be a factor at the quarterback position, but one must still understand that such play is still based on repetition and experience and fundamental skills. The quarterback does not have to design the plays or even call them, he simply has to have the physical skills necessary to execute them. Although there are some times when a quick-thinking quarterback will have an advantage over a slower-thinking one, and that probably is the reason for the preponderance of successful White quarterbacks in an 80% black sport, but I expect that number to remain disproportionate, but not so pronounced

Some Whites surmised that blacks did not have the mental poise and intelligence to be the best at golf. They looked at the fact that not one homegrown Black had ever won a major and that on one hand could be counted all the Blacks who ever qualified for the PGA Tour.

Well, it looks like that line of argument will not break par. First, sports, are simply not dependent on mental acumen. They are dependent on genetics, physical training, and mental conditioning. If a Black man has an average intelligence, he can learn how to play the greens at Augusta, whether to hit it above or below the hole. He can certainly develop the different kinds of shots necessary to master any situation. The golfer himself does not even have to think up the shots himself as there are many coaches and instructors who can teach any non-idiot the range of shots that are possible and the way to play any hole, and in the game itself the caddie can also instruct the young player the strategy of a particular shot , even during the round itself. Genius is not required. What is required is the physical skill to execute certain kinds of shots including distance, direction, height, spin, etc. on a consistent basis, and that depends solely on muscle memory and conditioning.

One could question if Tiger Woods is genetically a genuine Black, as he is at least one half Thai, plus his Father is a mixed-race Black. But, racial pedigree not withstanding, Tiger had the best of coaching and the highest of discipline since he was a toddler, and by playing so much competitive golf from an early age-- he is both used to winning and used to what the sport's commentators call "pressure." It is the same type of experience and adaptation that athletes such as Michael Jordan or Jerry Rice possess, or for that matter a Joe Montana.. Within a range, I do not believe that handling pressure is a purely genetic thing, for it is true that some are disposed to handling pressure and others not, but ability to withstand pressure can thrive in the low intelligent just as much as the extremely intelligent. In fact, the highly intelligent can mess up his play by thinking so much that the purity of his play is lost. One can be taught to thrive on pressure, or to hate it. Woods handles pressure quite well.

The 6'2" Woods may well have some innate advantages no doubt. A great many successful golfers are quite small in stature. I have always thought that the larger golfers had a lot of unlocked potential simply because the truth is that few hit the ball proportionately farther than the smaller player. When you see someone as diminutive as say, Corey Pavin hit the ball almost as far as 6' 4'' players you know that if the larger player had Pavin's technique, with their greater arch they could out hit Pavin by a country mile. At 6' 2" Woods had the best training from practically diaper age, and has fully developed the potential of his size. Plus, whether or not it is true for him as an individual, Blacks on average have a longer reach (longer arms in proportion to height) than Whites. This could give him a longer arc and could be partially responsible for his greater distance-- his greatest golfing asset. Also, it is true that blacks have faster twitch muscles than Whites for quick bursts of speed, which may also account in part for his clubhead speed and longer distance.

No matter what the reasons, Tiger Woods achievements have been considerable for a twenty-one year old. And he ultimately deserves the credit for them, as he did what he had to do in his young life to achieve what he has. He has worked hard for his goal.

Because of the emphasis many put on sports heroes, Woods ascendancy in the golf realm will simply add to myth that most Blacks are just like us.

Given a certain set of circumstances, individual Blacks can excel. But society is made up not just individuals, but also of groups. The quality of the group as a whole ultimately determines the quality of the nation. A number of White men will be suckered in by a wave of admiration and emotion for one Black golf player into believing that the Black race can fit in and do well among the White race. That is simply untrue. Some individual Blacks obviously can. But, as a whole, the race cannot. For the mental abilities that go into the making and maintaining a civilization are not the same as the requirements for a great golf player. The qualities that account for the advancing and maintaining of a scientific and civilized society are simply not the same as the qualities to run a 100 meters under 10 seconds or dunk a basketball, or for that matter, break the Masters record as a rookie. And the fact that only one American Black can qualify for the tour and that he may be the best in the game, has no real effect on the innate differences that divide the two races into one that builds a Massachusetts Institute of Technology and another that makes Haiti the way Haiti is. It's the difference that puts on the menu a cannibal chief's corpus delicti or a French chef's Cherry Jubilee!

With the avalanche of equality propaganda, millions who admire Woods might pleasantly imagine that an unknown Black young man who wants to move into the apartment next door will be like a Tiger Woods. The truth is that he is exponentially more likely to be like a Willie Horton or a Rodney King. In fact, Tiger Woods in his particular achievement is one out of 30 million. The chance for a young Black man to be a criminal is one out of two. (fully one-third of young Black men at any given moment are in Jail, on probation, or parole in America--and that does not count the blacks who have been discharged from the criminal justice system or the fact that only a small percentage of crimes are solved leaving criminals not apprehended.--Washington Post Aug 24 or 26)

Every day there are many more White men and women who get sick and tired of the antics of sports stars such as Dennis Rodman or the Dallas "criminals" football team. They defect to watching Whiter sports such as baseball and progressively, ice hockey, tennis and golf. Now the ubiquitous Black face in sports will be seen in golf in the image of Tiger Woods, who barring any unforeseen circumstance will likely to be the favorite for at least the next ten years in every golf tournament he enters.

Those of you who find that somehow distasteful, and I bet you that many of you do, deep down inside. I suggest you change the focus of your life from spectator to participant, from high fat foods of the couch potato to the health and vigor of playing sports themselves, and I suggest you change the order of importance of things in your life. The really big game which we are engaged in is the very survival of our kind of life on this planet. I don't begrudge you any leisure activity, but I hope you spend the lion's portion of your free time doing something that has real meaning and purpose, something that is vitally needed. Fighting for your heritage is something that can make you a competitor and champion in the most important contest on earth. I ask you to spend your time, your money, your effort, your passion on the survival of your race and the passing to your children of the life, culture, and freedom that our ancestors bequeathed to us. And, there is no more exciting game on earth than this ultimate contest of survival and dominance. Whether you like it or not, you are in that contest.

I am not condemning every White person who watches a Black dominated sporting event to some sort of racial perdition. I might even watch a football game once in a while. What I am saying is that all of us need to fully understand how the media has conditioned us to make spectator sports a bigger part of our life than it probably should be. Once you understand the use of black-dominated sports in the battering of our racial spirit, I believe that you will act accordingly.

Those who are upset about Tiger Woods, I say to you, why so? Golf is just a game. Race, and its reality--is life itself, and it charts the depths or the heights as to which humanity will soar or plummet.

When Tiger Woods won the Masters by a record score, one CBS commentator called it "not only important in the world of golf but having tremendous social significance." He obviously attempted to make his Wood's race significant to promotion of his multiracial world view.

He played a great four rounds at the Masters. He may yet turn out to be the best golfer of all time up to now. But let's put it in perspective. It's only a game, a pastime of no real significance in comparison to freedom, or invention, or medicine, or philosophy, or prosperity, or crime, or poverty, or degeneration, or of evolution. Golf can be fun, but it is truly trivial compared to the splitting of the atom or the invention of the transistor or the computer, or the Genome project. It is insignificant compared to even whether one young man dies in war or from cancer or alcoholism, or whether he accomplishes feats of genius and vision and daring that will someday take us to the stars. Compared to the fate of our race, who wins some golf tournament is about as important as single grain of sand at the bottom of the Atlantic.

So you see, if you are a golfer, do not get too upset over a double bogy or a three put green. Get upset over your White brother wasting his life rooting for some Black who happens to be a great dribbler of a basketball, but a really pitiful example of a human being. Get upset over the thousands of White women who are raped and murdered by Blacks every year in America. Get upset when you see a Black, crack-smoking, whore monger as mayor of our nation's capitol, get upset over the government--through its current immigration policy--that is making you and yours a soon-to-be minority in your own country.

And, don't take out your frustration by rooting for the ol' home team which looks a lot like a team so far from home it could actually be from Kampala, Uganda rather than from Kansas City or Kingsport, Tennessee. Take out your frustration by joining with your other racially awake brothers in the fight for your rights and your very survival in this nation and on the planet. Become a real hero, not a spectator of false ones. Be a man, damn it!

Whether or not Tiger Woods wins the next major, the world will still spin on its axis the next morning. If, however, we do not win our struggle for the survival of our heritage, the troglodytes who shall inherit the earth will not know if the world has an axis or even if it spins at all.

While Tiger and Greg and Ernie and Nick prepare for the next  major, you and I will be laying the groundwork for the next millennium. When we win the crucial contest our people are engaged in, we will find another mountain to climb or planet to walk on. Our genotype will survive and enter a new evolutionary stage that will forever change the world and some day send us across the universe. This is my vision, and I construct my life out of that vision. How about you, will you join in me in playing the greatest game of all?  There is an important position open on my team.