The Spitting Jackson

by Will Varner, from the American Times Today

Former Black Panther leader Jesse Jackson admitted in a November, 1969 "Life" magazine interview that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina hotel he spat into the soups and salads of White customers. "[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification," Jackson said.

During his early years in the communist civil rights movement Jackson often repeated this story to audiences. In fact the New York "Times" in a July, 1972 article, said: "Jesse would spit into their soup or salad before he brought it to the table, and watch with enjoyment as Whites ate gobs of saliva as though it were, say, oil and vinegar dressing."

Jackson's formerly self-professed behavior as a waiter reflects his contempt for Whites. When he was an adolescent he often made fun of Whites, recalls Horace Nash, a classmatte of Jackson's in Greenville.

"He [Jackson] made up foolish jokes about Whites, about how stupid they were," remembers Nash. "He used to turn things around, and he actually looked down on White people."

As a self-professed preacher Jackson sometimes delivers sermons on the legacy of slavery, and many of his campaign speeches are laced with strong racist overtones.

We urge all Whites that frequent fast-food chains and who are concerned about their health, to remember that if there are negroes preparing food there, you can bet that they are doing the same thing.

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