Republican/Democrat Education Plan Doomed – Again.

Until Integration America’s Public Schools Were Among the Best in the World.

                   It’s Genes that Count NOT Environment

The average Negro pupil (I.Q. 80.7) cannot go beyond a national standard Seventh Grade curriculum; for half the Negro group the Fifth Grade is maximum...only one (1%) per cent of the Negroes are intellectually equipped to do acceptable college work (110 I.Q. and over). Thirty (30%) of Whites are so equipped. DR. HENRY E. GARRETT. Head Dept. Psychology, Columbia U.

 The differences in thickness of the supragranular layers of the cortex of White and Negro brains is the difference between civilization and savagery. DR. WESLEY CRITZ GEORGE, Head Dept. Anatomy, U. N.Carolina.

  The supragranular layers in the dog are 1/2 the thickness of those in the ape, and the ape's only 3/4 the thickness of White man. The Negroe's are 14% thinner than White man. CARLTON PUTNAM, LLD, Princeton, "Race and Reality".

Non-whites are more intelligent in direct proportion to the amount of White genes they carry. (Evidence suggests that) the average I.Q. of Negro populations increases by about One (1) I.Q. point for each one percent (1%) of Caucasian genes. (Conversely, Whites grow dumber as they grow darker, Ed.). DR. WILLIAM SHOCKLEY, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford U.

   Whatever may be the sociological value of the legal fiction that "All men are created equal" there can be no doubt that...in its biological application...this statement is one of the most stupendous falsehoods ever uttered...Dr. EARNEST WOOTEN, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard.

 Genes determine CAPACITY. CAPACITY determines environment.

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

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