Charles Darwin on Blacks

From his book "The Descent of Man"


"The American Aborigines, Negros and Europeans are as differant from each other in mind as any three races that can be named."

"I could not have believed how wide was the difference between savage and civilised man."

They seemed to possess "insufficient powers of reasoning" to discern nonobvious connections between moral laws and public welfare, and they lacked self-discipline; "Their utter licentiousness, not to mention unnatural crimes, is something astounding."

"Their language scarcely deserves to be called articulate, their houses are like what children make in the Summer with boughs of trees, nor were these homes graced by affection between husband and wife."

"I feel quite a disgust at the very sound of the voices of these miserable savages."

"Their judgements are in error, yielding patterns of behavior that are pointless, if not, indeed, in complete opposition to the true welfare and happiness of mankind."

And while Darwin did give the nigger credit for having a sense of sympathy, he also noted sympathetic behavior in lower life-forms like Crows and Baboons.

Darwin held out hope that in some cases the nigger savage could be elevated to the level of his white conquerers. Alas, we still wait in vain.




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