There is absolutely no question of any genetic differential:

    Intelligence potential is distributed among Negro infants

    in the same proportion and pattern as among Icelanders,

    or Chinese or any other group.

    U.S. SENATOR DANIEL P. MOYNIHAN, Democrat/Catholic.


    Abstract intelligence is the sine gua nom for the existence

    of a civilized society. Fifty years of research in the U.S.A.

    have revealed regular, persistent, and statistically   

    significant mean differences between Negroes and Whites.

    DR. HENRY  GARRETT, head of Dept. Psychology, Columbia U.


    Today, psychological and genetic tests place the matter

    of mental inequality beyond doubt, as far as the White race

    and Black race are concerned....the intelligence level of

    the Negro is far below that of the White.

    EDWARD M. EAST, Prof. of Genetics, Harvard U.


    ...the size of the brain relative to size or weight of the

    body is of crucial importance in placing each species or

    subspecies in its proper place in tables of advanced or

    less advanced stocks...the average brain of the Negro differs

    in weight, being 100 grams or thereabouts less than the

    average of the is quite impossible to 

    maintain the brains are the same when we find a distinct

    difference of this kind.

    ROBERT GAYRE, M.A.,D.Phil.,D.Sc., Ed."The Mankind Quarterly".


    1. IQ's of American Negroes are 15‑20 points lower on the

       average than American Whites.


    2. Negro overlap of the White median IQ, ranges from 10‑25%

       (equality would require a 50% overlap).


    3. About 6 times as many Negroes as Whites fall below IQ

       70 (feeble‑minded group).


   4. About 6 times as many Whites are in 'gifted child'  



    5. Negro lag is greatest in tests of an abstract nature:

       involving reasoning, deduction, comprehension, etc.


    6. Negro‑White differences increase with age, the gap of

       performance being greatest in high school and college.


    7. Large and significant differences appear in favor of

       Whites even when economic factors have been equated.


The above statistics are taken from "The Testing of Negro Intelligence", (Social Science Press), by Prof. Audrey M. Shuey, Chr. Dept. Psychology, Randolph‑Macon College. The test comprises 382 comparisons, in which 81 different tests were employed covering a wide sampling of hundreds of thousands. The tests were designed to measure the kind of mental ability necessary to do well in a modern urban, highly literate civilization.

The tests received high praise from Drs. Garrett, Gayre, Josey, Baker, Woodsworth and other distinguished scientists.  Nevertheless, six university presses refused to publish it ‑ rather than risk losing their government subsidies.

    The COLEMAN REPORT (1966) was supported by the Federal Government at a cost of $1‑million. It researched 600,000 children, K‑12, in 4000 demographically representative schools in all parts of the country. About 15% of Negro children equaled or exceeded the White average; 85% fell below the White average. In order of races Whites were first; Orientals second; Amerinds (the most economically deprived of all) third; Mexicans were followed by Puerto Ricans; and last, Negroes. The Coleman Report was buried by LIBERALS/MARXISTS/JEWS.

    During the Civil War several thousand Negroes escaped to Canada via the "underground railway". Their descendants have lived in Canada "discrimination free" ever since. Yet their mental test scores are the same as the "oppressed" American Negro.

    The size of the human brain is related to a capacity for

    performance in thinking, planning, communicating, and  

    behaving  in groups, as leader, follower or both...In living

    individuals and populations differences are found in the

    regular size of the lobes and in the surface areas of the

    cortex; the size of the surface area varies with the   

    complexity and depth of the folds on the inner and outer

    surfaces of the hemispheres. The larger a brain is the 

    greater the cortical surface area, both proportionately

    and absolutely.

    DR. CARLTON COON, Prof. of Anthropology, Harvard.


    The human cerebral cortex is the specific organ of    

    civilization...Foresight, purpose and ideals toward which

    we strive as individuals and as nations are functions of

    this cortical gray matter.

    PROF. C. JUDSON HERRICK, University of Texas.


F.W. Vint, Medical Research Laboratory, Kenya, Africa, published reports (1934) of "examinations of the cerebral cortex of 100 representative adult native brains (not including samples from prisons or mental hospitals) which were compared with European brains."  He found that the "supragranular layer of the Negro cortex was about 14% thinner than Whites".

    The whole anterior frontal area on one or both sides may

    be removed without loss of consciousness. During the   

    amputation the individual may continue to talk, unaware

    of the fact that he is being deprived of the area which

    most distinguishes his brain from that of a chimpanzee.

    After its removal there will be a defect but he may well

    not appreciate it himself. The defect will be in his ability

    to plan and take initiative... although he may well be able

    to answer the questions of others as accurately as ever.

    DR. WILDER PENFIELD, Prof. Neurology and Neurosurgery,

    McGill University, "the World's top brain surgeon".


Dr. Albert Schweitzer, renounced a world‑renown career in Germany as theologian, author, organist, and authority on Bach, to earn a doctorate in medicine. He then established a hospital in Lamberne, Africa. There, because of his Christianity and humanitarianism, he devoted 40‑years of his life tending to Negroes. Dr. Schweitzer, idolized by "liberals", was awarded the Nobel Prize. During his acceptance speech he said "the Negro is our brother, but he is our little brother...and with children nothing can be done without the use of authority...The combination of friendliness with authority is the great secret of successful intercourse with the Negro."  Following that statement Dr. Schweitzer fell from LIBERAL grace; as did Solzhenitsyn when he called Bolsheviks animals.

    No western‑trained Negro doctor ever volunteered to help

    Dr. Schweitzer, and his experience so convinced him of the

    lack of.... mental standards and character in the pure Negro

    ...that he never felt it worthwhile training Negroes for

    higher responsibilities in his African hospital.

    H.B. ISHERWOOOD, "On the Edge of the Primeval Forest."


    It will be seen that when we classify mankind by colour

    the only one of the primary races... which has not made

    a creative contribution to any one...of our civilizations

    is the Black Race.

    DR. ARNOLD TOYNBEE, "The Study of History".


        A solution to these problems must be found, but it will

    never be obtained from falsification of the facts of   

    hereditary and racial history.

    ROBERT GAYRE, editor. "Mankind Quarterly".


    Races of men are differentiated in the same way as well

    marked species of animals.



    The average Negro pupil (I.Q. 80.7) cannot go beyond a 

    national‑standard Seventh Grade curriculum; for half the

    Negro group the Fith Grade is maximum...only one (1%) per

    cent  (110 I.Q. and over) of the Negros are intellectually

    equipped to do acceptable college work. Thirty (30%)   

    of Whites are so equipped.

    DR. HENRY E. GARRETT. Head Dept. Psychology, Columbia U.


    The differences in thickness of the supragranular layers

    of the cortex of White and Negro brains is the difference

    between civilization and savagery.

    DR. WESLEY CRITZ GEORGE, Head Dept. Anatomy, U. N.Carolina.


    The supragranular layers in the dog are 1/2 the thickness

    of those in the ape, and the ape's only 3/4 the thickness

    of White man. The Negro’s are 14% thinner than White man.

    CARLTON PUTNAM, LLD, Princeton, "Race and Reality".


    Negroes are more intelligent in direct proportion to the

    amount of White genes they carry. (Evidence suggests that)

    the average I.Q. of Negro populations increases by about

    One (1)I.Q. point for each one percent of Caucasian genes.

    DR. WILLIAM SHOCKLEY, Nobel Prize Laureate, Stanford U.


Dr. Curt Stern, Prof. of Genetics, University of California, reports that "the Average American Negro gets 3/4 of his genes from his African heritage and 1/4 from White genes." White genes raise Negro I.Q.; conversely, Black genes dumb‑down intellectually superior races. "Almost White", is an oxymoron, because there is no almost White race. Either you're White or you are not White.

    As a social anthropologist I naturally accept and even stress

    the fact that there are major differences, both mental and

    psychological, which separate the different races of mankind.

    Indeed I would be inclined to suggest that however great

    may be the physical differences between such races as the

    European and the Negro, the mental and psychological   

    differences are  greater still.

    Dr. L.S.B. LEAKY, "Progress and Evolution of Man in Africa".


    I was moved by the message of humanity embedded in its walls.

    The Olduval Gorge offers a lesson that no matter how   

    different human beings are on the surface, ultimately we

    come from the same place. We share a common ancestral home.

    And in the end, no matter our sex, the tone of our skin

    or the God we believe in ‑ no matter the wide oceans or

    expanses of land that separate  us ‑ we are all part of

    the same human family.

    HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, Washington Times ( 4‑3‑97).





    It is not in our stars, dear Brutus, that we are underlings,

    but in ourselves.

    WILLIAM SHAKESPEAR, "Julius Caesar".


    White South Africans are fleeing the country in increasing

    numbers mainly because of violent crime the government said

    this week...A recent crime survey by a S. African banking

    group revealed that on a typical day 52 persons are slain;

    470 seriously injured in assaults; more than 100 women are

    raped; 270 automobiles are hijacked...and 590 homes are


    WASHINGTON TIMES (10‑17‑96), Johannesburg Wire Services.


    I can conceive of no greater calamity than the assimilation

    of the Negro into our social and political life as our equal.



    There is nothing more terrible than a barbaric slave class,

    who have learned to regard their existence as an injustice,

    and now prepare to revenge, not only themselves but all

    future generations. In the face of such threatening  storms

    who dares to appeal with any confidence to our pale    

    exhausted religions.

    FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, "The Birth of Tragedy".


   Amerinds, alone, populated the Americas until Spanish Conquistadors and Portuguese explorers introduced Negro slaves who mixed their African genes with the Indians. In 1619 about twenty Negro slaves arrived with British colonists and indentured servants at Jamestown, Virginia. At inception every one of the thirteen American Colonies recognized slavery. For census purposes Negroes were counted 3/5th of a man, Amerinds were not counted. Jefferson, who owned over 200 slaves, stated in the Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal". What he meant obviously was, "Equal before the Law": Neither Negroes nor democracy are mentioned in the Constitution.

   With the coming of the Industrial Revolution British textile mills afforded a growing market for American cotton farmers. To meet increasing demand more field hands were required. Nordics refused the jobs. They weren't physically or mentally adapted to laboring under a hot southern sun ‑ Negroes were. And they were easily obtainable. African tribal chiefs were the procurers. Their tactics were to burn down neighboring villages then round‑up the stampeding Negroes ‑ as rancheros round‑up spooked cattle. The captives, men woman and children, were then chained together and sold to Arab, Jew, and White slave merchants.  The principal unit of exchange, for Negroes being shipped to America, was cheap rum. Tribal chiefs became so addicted to the "ruddy cup" they would routinely sell members of their own family and tribe for it. The greatest number of sailing vessels used to transport slaves were owned by JEWS. Slavery, of course, has appeared in almost all human societies since the beginning of history. Negro Africa is no exception. Today, in fact, Negroes conduct a brisk slave trade in the Sudan, Somaliland, et al.

     Slavery was an important function of African social and

     economic life.   

     JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN, NEGRO, "From Slavery to Freedom".



     In the United States Southern plantation owners paid hard cash for Negroes. As valuable chattel, slaves were cared for by their owners from birth to death. In the vast majority of cases slaves were treated humanely, often affectionately. Albeit, Negroes brought their savage genes with them from Africa. Therefore, sanitation, discipline and order had to be instilled and maintained, in that sense Negro lives were regimented. Plantation schools, and Bible studies were available to them. They had to be taught how to work, how to use tools, how to garden, how to perform chores. Even so, living conditions were much better on the plantation than in black Africa, and individual life‑span was longer. By the time of the Civil War slavery was becoming an economic liability, and ‑ challenged by machinery ‑ was dying of obsolescence. The war, ostensibly fought to "free the slaves", actually was fought to expand Rothschild's banking empire. Now free, the Negro ‑ 200,000 years behind on the evolutionary scale ‑ suddenly found himself adrift in the 19th Century White world.

    All intelligent, conscientious men, White and Black, knew (and know) that the Negro must be sent back to Africa, his homeland, and colonized there with the financial support of the United States government. Four major forces circumvented colonization:

1) Lincoln's murder. 2) The nation was encumbered with war debts. 3) Negroes were a source of cheap labor, and no longer had to be cared for "from cradle to grave". 4) The ILLUMINATI, expected to use the Negro as a "Fifth Column" to destroy Western/Christian Culture.

   Nothing is more certainly written in the book of Fate than

   that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain

   that the two races equally free cannot live under the same

   government. (The sentence inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial,

   Washington, D.C., fraudulently stops at the semi‑colon).



    I have urged the colonization of the Negro and I shall  

    continue. My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with 

    this plan. There is no room for two distinct races of White

    men in America (Whites and JEWS), much less two distinct

    races of Whites and Blacks...Within twenty years we can

    peacefully colonize the Negro...under conditions in which

    he can rise to the full measure of manhood. This he can

    never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our 

    fathers dreamed, with millions of an alien, inferior race

    amongst us, whose assimilation is neither desirable or 


    ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Lincoln's "Collected Works".


    We have between us a broader difference than exists between

    almost any other two races...If this is to be admitted it

    affords a reason, at least, why we should be separated.

    ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Sandburg, "Abraham Lincoln, The War Years".


    Social intercourse always implies sexual intercourse.

    E.A. HOOTEN, Prof. Anthropology, Harvard U.


    I did this (rape) consciously, deliberately, willfully,

    methodically...It delighted me that I was defying and  

    trampling upon white man's law, upon his system of values,

    that I was defiling his women.

    ELDRIDGE CLEAVER, "Soul On Ice".


    The inevitable result of racial a massive 

    reduction in the proportion of intelligent offspring.

    NATHANIAL WYLE, JEW, Educator and writer.


    Some races are obviously superior to others. A more thorough

    adjustment to the conditions of existence has given them

    spirit, vitality, scope and relative is 

    therefore of the greatest importance not to obscure this

    superiority by intermarriage with inferior stock, and thus

    nullify the progress made by a painful evolution and a 

    prolonged sifting of souls.  Reason protests as much as

    instinct against any fusion, for instance, of white and

    black peoples...(white) greatness falls whenever contact

    leads to (such) amalgamation.

    GEO. SANTAYANA, Amer‑Span. philosopher,"The Life of Reason."


    If the Negro is not removed from the United States the future

    America will be mongrel, such as the peoples of (today's)

    Egypt, India, and certain Latin American countries...when

    two races come into contact one will expel the other...or

    adjust their differences through a process of inter‑race

    breeding...the character of the higher race will tend to

    be obliterated in the mongrels.

    ERNEST SEVIER COX, "White America".


    Dr. Carlton Coon...states that while the White and Yellow

    races were toilsomely evolving, the Negro in Africa "stood

    still for half a million years"...To be more specific, the

    Negro's  brain is smaller and lighter, less complicated,

    less developed... The primitiveness of his brain betrays

    itself in the very speed with which it develops after birth,

    and then suddenly stops development, leaving him like a

    "lobotomized European".     

    WILLIAM G. SIMPSON, "Which Way Western Man".


    The Australids, shown to be primitive by their morphological

    criteria, did not progress on their own initiative beyond

    the food‑gathering status; nor did those classic prototypes

    of paedomorphosis, the Bushmen or Sanids. A parallel   

    conclusion is forced upon us if we look at the results of

    cognition and attainment tests carried out on various races

    living under conditions of civilized life. The Mongoloids

    and Europids did best in both these types of tests; they

    were followed (at some distance) by the Indianids, and the

    Negrids were still less successful. In conformity with these

    results the races among which civilization originated and

    advanced were the Mongoloids and Europids...Cranial capacity

    is, of course, directly related to the Ethnic problem since

    it sets a limit to the size of the brain in the different

    taxa; but all morphological differences are also relevant...

    DR. JOHN R. BAKER, biologist, Oxford, Fellow of the Royal

    Society, from his acclaimed (but suppressed) book, "RACE".

    It would be absurd to claim any superiority of all Europids

    over all Negrids on the evidence of achievement in the 

    intellectual field; yet it must be allowed that the    

    contributions of Negrids to the world of learning have,

    on the whole, been disappointing, despite all the     

    improvements in facilities for their education. American

    Negroes are better known for their mass appeal in public

    affairs and popular entertainment than for great achievements

    in such subjects as philosophy, mathematics, science or


    DR. JOHN R. BAKER, biologist, Oxford.



    Neither Cleopatra nor Socrates was black. The ancient Greeks

    did not steal  their philosophy from Egyptian priests, 

    and Aristotle didn't loot the library at Alexandria. The

    roots of Western Civilization cannot be traced to Africa.

    Nevertheless these are among the claims of the Afro centrism



    movement which thrives on many campuses.

    MARY LEFKOWITZ, JEW, professor Greek classics, Wellesley,

    Excerpted from the Washington Times, 1996.


   ...the ideal is attained only when a particular region is

    inhabited exclusively by a people of one ethnic stock who

    compete solely against each other in the schools and   

    colleges, with the result that an elite emerges which assumes

    the leadership of the people...the Negro peoples are being

    made victims of a political philosophy ‑ disguised as a

    desire to promote their welfare ‑ which will distort their

    natural development, rob them of their own self‑respect

    and of satisfaction in their own achievements and ways of

    life, and do them untold harm...

    ROBERT GAYRE, "The Mankind Quarterly" VI 4‑1966.


    More than 70% (1996) of all Negro children are born out of wedlock. Their illegitimacy rate, per capita, is over five (5) times that of Whites. Negroes commit 15 times more murders than Whites; 19 times more robberies; 10 times more rapes and assaults. There were 629,000 racial attacks (1985), 90% of these were committed by Negroes on Whites. According to the FBI these figures vary from year to year but across the USA represent an upward trend. The most ominous crime is the increasing number of White women raped by Negroes. (In sub‑Saharan Africa rape is considered normal behavior).    

    I did this (rape) consciously, deliberately, willfully,

    methodically...It delighted me that I was defying and  

    trampling upon white man's law, upon his system of values,

    that I was defiling his women.

    ELDRIDGE CLEAVER, "Soul On Ice".


    If, hypothetically, all NEGROES and JEWS were to disappear from the United States tomorrow there would be an immediate and glorious renaissance of the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers. On the other hand should the White race   disappear "the home of the free and the brave" couldn't survive a single day!

    The Negro has much to offer. But he never can realize his potential, his manliness, or attain to happiness living within a White society. He is not a parasite by choice. He has dignity a JEW can never possess. The American Negro should have been encouraged, and helped, to develop a Nation‑State uniquely his own ‑ in Africa, his ancestral HOMELAND. Instead he was manipulated by the JEW: used in his sweat shops; used to tenant his slums; used as plaintiffs in civil‑rights cases to batter down White enclaves that JEWS didn't have the guts to attack; and used to perform as anarchists in the streets to help advance ILLUMINATI aspirations. Only Louis Farrakahn seems to understand what W.E.B. Du Bois envisioned and Martin Luther King destroyed.

    IQ TEST SCORES are by no means the sole determinants of racial viability and value ‑ however important IQ scores are to Western Culture. Common sense, extra‑sensory perception (ESP), courage, loyalty, perseverance and Soul ‑ that indefinable, mystical essence that provides each race a distinctive character ‑ all of these qualities and more, which the Negro possesses to a great degree, can be transformed into his own Nation‑State. The Racial Soul can achieve its destiny only within its own territory, among its own People, wherein it establishes its own culture and its own relationship with the Universe. Not every race is compelled to fly to the moon. Few men are Titans. All men are less than God. Albeit, for the graceful palm tree and the giant Sequoia to fulfill their destinies in Nature's grand design each must grow in its own mileau!

    The FACTS are irrefutable: integration with alien races

will destroy not only the White race ‑ a genocidal TRAGEDY ‑

but will deprive Mankind of its greatest benefactor, Western Civilization. When the White Race is lobotomized who will care for the diseased, famine‑stricken populations of the World? Surely not JEWS whose practice is to fleece the sheep not feed them. The ILLUMINATI goal is fulfillment of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion  ‑ not fulfillment of Martin Luther King's pitiable DREAM of EQUALITY.


    We are exterminating the bourgeoisie (Aryan) as a class.

    VLADMIR LENIN, JEW, Communist, Supreme Dictator, U.S.S.R.


     Nathanial Weyl, JEW, ("The Mankind Quarterly", XI,# 3, Jan. 1971), using calculations provided by the distinguished British geneticist Sir Julian Huxley, concluded the following:

     If, in the United States, Negroes (average IQs of 80‑85)

     interbreed randomly with Whites (average IQs 100) the next

     generation of Americans would have an average IQ of 98.46.

     "What a small price to pay for EQUALITY!" Yet this decline

     of 1.5% in average intelligence would cause a decline of

     50% in the number of people with IQs of 160 plus! "In short

     it would halve the production of people with the intellectual

     powers requisite for leadership and creative effort in  

    advanced societies. To this must be added the massive    

     negative effect caused by the shift from assortive to random

     breeding in terms of intelligence."


    It remains to be seem whether or not the Negro living in America has the WILL to demand his own unique Nation‑State in Africa or remain forever a slave to LIBERALISM/MARXISM/JEWRY.

    The sole condition required to centralize power in a   

    democratic community is to profess equality.

    ALEXIS de TOCQUEVILLE.                            


     I was very much attracted to Dutch girls. I wanted    

    desperately to make love to exert some form of

    superiority over the White race. That's always the aim,

    isn't it? For brown skinned men to overpower the White man!



    ...We want poems

    like fists beating niggers out of Jocks

    or dagger poems in the slimy bellies

    of the owner‑jews...


    ...Setting fire and death to

    white ass. Look at the Liberal

    Spokesman for the jews clutch his throat

    and puke himself into eternity...


    Put it on him poem. Strip him naked

    to the world! Another bad poem cracking

    steel knuckles in a jewlady's mouth...

    LEROI JONES, Negro, "Black Art".


    From reeking West whose day is done,

    Who stink and stagger in their dung,

    Toward Africa, China, India's strand,

    Where Kenya and Himalayan stand

    And Nile and Yang‑tze roll:

    Turn every yearning face of man.


    Come with us, dark America:

    The scum of Europe fattened here

    And drowned a dream,

    Made fetid swamp a refuge seem:

    Enslaved the Black and killed the Red

    And armed the rich to loot the dead;

    Worshipped the whores of Hollywood

    Where once the Virgin Mary stood,

    And lynched the Christ.

    Awake, awake, O sleeping world.

    Honor the sun;

    Worship the stars, those vaster suns

    Who rule the night

    Where black is bright

    And all unselfish work is right

    And greed is sin.


    And Africa leads on.

    Pan Africa!

    W.E.B. Du BOIS, Mulatto, "Ghana Calls".


    You know what the American Dream really is? 10‑million

    blacks swimming to Africa with a Jew under each arm.

    STANLEY KUBRICK, JEW, "Vanity Fair" (7‑1‑99).



    Whitemen will stick it in anything. .

    They would stick it in the crack of dawn

    If they could reach that high.

    GRANDAD, from "Down on the Farm."


    Negroes are getting lighter:

    Blackgirls got round heels.



    If you marry - marry light !