There have been numerous credible reports -- eyewitness accounts, recorded sonic signatures, video footage -- of explosions occurring in the basements of the Twin Towers several seconds BEFORE the aircraft impacted the towers. In fact, William Rodriguez has been screaming about this since 9/11, and even reported it to the “9/11 Commission” during his closed-door deposition — which testimony, as we all now know, this phony “Commission” roundly ignored. It is a matter of record that Rodriguez physically RESCUED people from the basement who were badly burnt from bombs going off seconds BEFORE the aircraft impacted the tower. If further proof were needed of these pre-impact below-ground explosions...

The following information was emailed tonight, 07/25/06, to Drs. Fetzer and Jones with Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Hello, Drs. Fetzer and Jones,
Thank you for all your efforts and hard work in getting at the real truth about 9/11.
I discovered last night information I think you should see. It is about the discrepancy in the precise times of the airplane impacts into the Towers:
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University vs the 9/11 Commission Report.
The bottom line (I am a corporate controller) is that according to the differences, the seismic readings happened before the planes hit.
Last night and tonight I sent two posts to Liberty Forum about this, and so I am copying and pasting them here for you (as they tell the entire matter; or at least enough to get you thinking).
I have looked high and low, but can not find this new information anywhere on the internet.
Post to Conspiracy 911 7/24/06
WTC7 must be the focal point to exposing the govt's coverup...HOWEVER I'd like to take a sharp turn if I may and give you something else to think about:
The official 9/11 Commission Report (your tax dollars wasted) states the following:
Impact time, AA Flt 11: 8:46:40 a.m.
Impact time, UA Flt 175: 9:03:11 a.m.

The official data readings from Lamont-Doherty Observatory give the following seismic events:
Time 8:46:26: 0.9 Richter, signal duration 12 seconds [reported as first impact, WTC1]
Time 9:02:54: 0.7 Richter, signal duration 6 seconds [reported as second impact, WTC2]

Two notable seismic events occurred several seconds BEFORE the planes ever hit the towers and were so close timewise to the actual impacts of the planes that Lamont-Doherty reported them as the impacts. The logical conclusion (which coincides with many eyewitnesses in the basements, e.g., William Rodriquez) is that these were explosives detonated to coincide with the aircraft hitting the towers. They were very close to getting the timing right. This is one time I’m going to believe the gov’t; I think their times are correct, down to the second!

And, oh yes, getting back to WTC7, it did have quite a conflagration of fire that day on the south side of the building, and yes, it did have fairly large damage to the south face from debris of WTC1 hitting it...HOWEVER, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that these caused it to collapse IN NEAR-PERFECT SYMMETRY EXACTLY LIKE A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION; there is also no evidence to back a claim that support trusses for the floors 5 through 7 were damaged so as to cause the building to collapse.
Putting hypotheticals and conjectures aside (which are not evidence), we do have the fact that WTC7 fell in near-perfect symmetry at free-fall speed, exactly like a classic controlled demolition, and this is for all the world to see.
ONE OTHER THING: if you view the video “Eyewitness 9/11”, you will see indisputable evidence by scientific sound analysis of the collapse of WTC1 that shows massive explosions occurred before the tower began to collapse; and, as would be expected, the first notable came from the basement. <;q=9%2F11+eyewitness>
A real investigation is needed NOW, and not like the first disgraceful one that didn’t even resemble one.


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