USAF EC-135N & EgyptAir Flight 990: Precursors to Remote-Controlled Flights of 9/11?
From: Stephen M. St. John
6 May 2006 marks the 25th anniversary of the mysterious crash of a US
Air Force EC-135N surveillance jet near Walkersville, Maryland, just a few
miles north northeast of Frederick and about 50 miles north northwest of
Washington, DC.
Within a few days of this crash, I heard a rumor within the financial
community in Los Angeles that Zionists had sabotaged the jet in a display of
Talmudic pique over the Reagan administration's proposed arms package for
Saudi Arabia which included five AWACS jets.
You see, the EC-135N was really an AWACS jet, except that the satellite
dish was housed in a protruding nose section rather than in the more
familiar disk structure on top of the fuselage of an AWACS.  (For photos of
the EC-135N, see
When this EC-135N  went down, a heated debate on the Saudi arms package
was already in its third week.  But very few in Congress could liken an
EC-135N to an AWACS and those who knew these jets were virtually the same
were not telling the public.  Hysterical, outrageous statements echoed under
the Capitol dome and on the airwaves and in the print media.  This gem from
ever-smiling Senator Joseph Biden is a good example: "Such jets in the hands
of the Saudis would let them strip Israel's most secret defenses totally
naked."  Yeah!  And I have a name brand for my line of swimwear: Push the
Jews into the Sea!
Though Reagan prevailed with the Saudi arms package, the political
trade-off, viewed in retrospect, has severely damaged the leadership role of
the USA as a solemnly-pledged sovereign equal among sovereign equals at the
United Nations.  With the rise of yet another silly Stanford Soviet expert,
the official position of the USA that Zionist settlements in occupied Arab
territories were "illegal" morphed into an ambiguous, more Zionist-friendly
catchphrase "obstacles to peace."       Dennis Ross continued under George
H. W. Bush and then William Jefferson Clinton to undermine United Nations
Security Council resolution 242 at the State Department.  In so doing, Ross
also undermined the Constitution of the United States, which holds that "all
Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United
States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land."  For a citizen of the USA,
disrespect for United Nations Security Council resolution 242 and the
Charter of the United Nations is tantamount to  disrespect for the
Constitution of the USA!
The recent treatment of the Zionist lobby by professors Stephen Walt
and John Mearsheimer barely scratches the surface when you consider this
statement by former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the late Admiral
Thomas H. Moorer, made on 24 August 1983: "I've never seen a president - I
don't care who he is - stand up to them.  It just boggles the mind.  They
always get what they want.  The Israelis know what is going on all the time.
I got to the point where I wasn't writing anything down.  If the American
people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they
would rise up in arms.  Our citizens certainly don't have any idea what goes
When a veteran of the stature of Admiral Moorer says "rise up in arms" you
have to know that he really smelled trouble!
Well, Reagan prevailed in his Saudi arms deal and a "Star of David"
asterisk was put on our constitutionally-mandated treaty obligations and
Reagan was reelected in 1984 by the greatest margin in the history of
presidential elections.  Thus the foundation for two more decades of strife
in the Middle East had been laid.  And the EC-135N crash quickly disappeared
into the mists of history.  Nobody ever really talked about it.  My copy of
the Air Force disaster report on the EC-135N, written by then-Brigadier
General Robert E. Chapman, went into deep storage.
Perhaps because of my request for the US Air Force report on the
EC-135N disaster, or perhaps because of my advocacy of the just cause of the
survivors of the June 1967 Zionist attack on the USS Liberty, or perhaps
because of both activities, I came under surveillance and grew more and more
aware of the police state tactics employed by our Zionist buddies.  This was
20 years before 9/11 and the subsequent erosion of our civil liberties.
News of the 31 October 1999 Egypt Air flight 990 crash at sea caused me
to refresh my memory of the EC-135N crash, and within days after rereading
General Chapman's report,  I was faxing an article to the international
community here in New York City in which I noted similarities in the two air
Both Boeing jets were flying on autopilot at cruising altitude when,
without any warning whatsoever, they suddenly and mysteriously went into
unrecoverable nose-dives that nearly reached the speed of sound.  Both jets
broke apart near the end of their long falls.
Unlike the Egypt Air 767, the EC-135N, a military version of the Boeing
707, had no black box.  But examination of the fully recovered debris
revealed the pitch trim setting in the full nose-down position.  Moreover,
investigators confirmed eyewitness reports of an unexplained explosion just
after the jet broke through a 2000 feet cloud cover.  They determined that
this explosion took place inside the pressurized compartment of the
fuselage.  They also concluded that even if there had been no explosion, the
EC-135N was already doomed in an unrecoverable plunge.  Again, unlike the
official story of the Egypt Air disaster, there were no allegations of
Perhaps the most intriguing of all the evidence pertaining to the
demise of the EC-135N, as noted in the Chapman report, were the incomplete
transponder beacon return signals recorded at the Martinsburg, West Virginia
air traffic control center just seconds before the jet began its plunge.
This, I pointed out in my fax broadcast, suggested electro-magnetic wave
interference, or sabotage by remote control of the aircraft.  I suggested
that Egypt Air flight 990 may have met the same fate.
But the most significant evidence pertaining to the destruction of both
jets addresses the question of motive.  Who benefits?  Both air disasters
served the national security interests of the Zionist state.  The
destruction of the EC-135N was a shot across the bow to those who would even
think to sell AWACS jets to Saudi Arabia.  And the Egypt Air jet carried 33
high-ranking Egyptian military officers, many of them generals.
In my fax broadcast, I noted Egypt's heavy loss of military officers
aboard Egypt Air flight 990.  I further noted that many of them had just
participated in US sponsored armaments programs here in the USA.  Then I
cited from the right wing Zionist weekly newspaper published in Brooklyn,
New York, the Jewish Press, a statement by then-Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu's Director of Communications, David Bar Ilan, that these US
sponsored armaments programs for Egyptian military officers constituted a
"dire threat to the state of Israel."
Within about 24 hours of my broadcast fax's arrival at the Israeli
Mission to the UN, the New York City tabloids, so careful to have omitted
Bar Ilan's crucial statement about the armaments programs being a dire
threat in their sensationalist and lurid coverage of the Egypt Air disaster,
reported that he had just had a heart attack.  It was his first.  A second
one not long after proved fatal.
Sensing I had indeed hit a nerve, and that I was on the right track, I
sent another fax broadcast on 31 January 2000.  Noting my statements that
the crashes of both jets, the US Air Force EC-135N and Egypt Air flight 990,
not only touched on the national security interests of the Zionist state,
but were also quite rare events in and of themselves, I was dismayed, but
not surprised, to hear of the downing of an Alaska Airways jet off point
Mugu on the coast of  California even as I was sending this repeat fax
broadcast.  In my imagination, I felt as though somebody was telling me: "We
make the facts.  Here is an example of a jet suddenly and unexpectedly
having fatal problems with its pitch-trim setting, and there is absolutely
no connection to the national security interests of the Zionist state.  You
need to amend your article that you are now faxing."  At the very least,
this was a strange coincidence indeed!
Unlike the Egypt Air 767, the EC-135N did not have a voice recorder on
board.  The last radio communication from the pilot was routine.  But not
until the official story of 9/11 began to unravel did I begin to fathom the
significance of the cockpit voices from Egypt Air 990.  They were fake!
These voices were the result of the technological wonder called voice
morphing in which the sound of anybody's voice can be duplicated in real
time. If the full range of the subject's voice has been recorded, which
usually can happen in a 10 minute phone conversation, and then fed into the
computer software, anybody speaking the subject's language can very
convincingly sound like the subject person on the phone to his or her
family, friends, coworkers, etc. etc..  In practical terms, problems with
voice morphing will arise when gaps in the impersonator's knowledge become
apparent to his or her interlocutor.
Despite what Universal Studios will have you believe, the alleged phone
calls from the flights of 9/11 were all fake too.  They were all the
"product" of voice morphing technology.  Cockpit voice recorders do not pick
up sound in the passenger cabin, unless of course you are watching a Zionist
propaganda movie.  But voice morphing technology can turn a cockpit in real
life into a sound stage very much akin to what the people in Hollywood use.
With the right access, budget, time and "work-up," your bowl of jelly beans
can sound like a familiar voice from the past.
A Canadian professor of mathematics, Kee Dewdney, after conducting
experiments that proved the utter impossibility of cell phone calls from
airborne jets, gave a practical criticism of the transcripts of the alleged
9/11 cell and air phone conversations which is reminiscent of the great
literary critic I. A. Richards.  Dewdney found that the conspirators betray
themselves with their own words and behaviors and left the overall
impression that they would be poor candidates indeed for an opening for
scriptwriter at the Aaron Spelling studios in Hollywood.
Families, friends, and colleagues of the 21 killed aboard the EC-135N
on 6 May 1981 are holding a private reunion on the 25th anniversary of the
crash later this week.  A memorial was established at the National Museum of
the Air Force in Fairborn, Ohio, and another one is planned for the crash
site with the kind cooperation and support of the good folks of
Walkersville, Maryland, among others.
In the best tradition of our military, these men and women are
tightlipped about the missions that they have carried out in the interests
of our national security.  And, as the late Admiral Moorer once told me, the
military is not a democracy, but rather an organization that supports a
democracy.  Hence, the responsibility lies with the citizens of this nation,
if not their elected representatives, to probe in areas where people in the
military are not accustomed to go when there are compelling reasons to do
I have been in e-mail contact with two family members of two of the
victims aboard the ill-fated EC-135N and I know that they are wondering
about the circumstances of the jet's crash.  One of them made me aware of an
explanation to the effect that the presence of authorized civilians aboard
the jet caused a breakdown in military discipline, which resulted in the
crash.  Indeed, the wife of one of the pilots was in the left pilot's seat,
and her husband occupied the right co-pilot's seat.  This arrangement, part
of a program whereby spouses of military personnel would periodically visit
with them while on duty, certainly cannot explain anomalous transponder
beacon signals, or a mysterious move from cruising on autopilot to full nose
down attitude, or an unexplained explosion within the pressurized cabin of
the fuselage.
It is finally time to admit that there has been a cover-up of the true
circumstances of the downing of this US Air Force EC-135N and that there
exists very strong prima facie evidence of a terrorist act of mass murder,
which, in retrospect, appears to be part of a pattern of behavior associated
with the national security interests of the Zionist state.  This pattern of
behavior reaches all the way to 9/11, which achieved the Zionist
Neo-Conservative goal of putting American muscle on Mesopotamian patrol.
Americans need to suspend their games and other entertainments and
engage themselves in a national day of reckoning about what really happened
on 9/11.  When Americans can see actors and actresses portraying the alleged
hijackers and other passengers on United Airlines Flight 93, but cannot view
any surveillance videotape from any of the "Category X" high security
international airports from which the flights of 9/11 departed, one can only
conclude that there is something radically wrong.  There is a Praxis of Evil
in our midst.  A fungus among us.
The Scholars for 9/11 Truth ( and the Scientific Panel
Investigating 9/11 (, among others, have proved beyond
any reasonable doubt that the 9/11 Commission Report is part of a cover-up
of what really happened on 9/11.  Indeed, all the lies that we have been
told about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - and they were very big lies
- are but little ones when compared with the BIG LIE about 9/11.
The 9/11 Commissioners ignored indications of remote control piloting
of the jets of 9/11 brought forward by retired Army Colonel Donn de Grand
Pre (among others), who had convened within days of 9/11 a meeting of
military, commercial and civilian aviators and experts.  Their conclusions,
which De Grand Pre reported to the highest levels of the Pentagon, were that
the jets of 9/11 could not possibly have been flown the way they were flown
by Arab flight students and that the best explanation for these flights was
that they were flown by remote control during the peak activities of
multiple NORAD drills.
The common thread linking the EC-135N disaster with the Egypt Air
Flight 990 disaster and the attacks of 9/11 is the technology of remote
control of aerial vehicles.  Chief among those comprising the small universe
of people conversant with this technology is Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who left his
post at System Planning Corporation after President George W. Bush appointed
him Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller of the Pentagon in the months
leading up to 9/11.  In September of 2000, exactly a year before 9/11 and
two months before the presidential election that brought George W. Bush into
the White House, Zakheim had signed a controversial paper, published by the
Project for the New American Century, which suggested that "a new Pearl
Harbor" type of event would greatly facilitate implementation of the
recommendations in this paper.  Hence, it can be fairly said that the motive
and the means and the opportunity to pull off an event like 9/11 converged
between the ears of Rabbi Dov Zakheim.
There is an urgent need to reopen the investigations of the EC-135N
disaster, the Egypt Air Flight 990 disaster and the attacks of 9/11.  These
investigations must take into account the Talmudic law of the Moser, which,
like the Mafioso code of omerta, prohibits a Jew from informing upon another
Jew to a non-Jew, a practice that is not only diametrically opposed to the
adversarial process of our legal and judicial systems, but also to the
proper functioning of our intelligence and law enforcement communities.
Battle lines must be drawn.  This Praxis of Evil, or fungus among us,
cannot be allowed to co-opt our public officials any more.  Already the
party of Sodom and Gomorrah and Tel Aviv is hinting at a Hillary Clinton -
John Murtha ticket for the up-coming presidential election in 2008.
Murtha's congressional district in Pennsylvania is where United Airlines
Flight 93 left an 8 mile wide debris field after being shot down with two
Sidewinder missiles.  It is apparent that Murtha is being rewarded for not
challenging the absurd, official story of what happened to flight 93.
Murtha has made a pretense of challenging the 9/11 Commission Report
with his "Able Danger" revelations.  But let it not be forgotten that no
matter what the alleged hijackers said or did in the months and years
leading up to 9/11, there is no proof that they were at any of the airports,
let alone on the flights of 9/11.  (Again, where are the routine video
surveillance tapes showing them there?)  Even Lee Harvey Oswald showed
suspicious behavior well before Jack Ruby shot him on 24 November 1963 in
Dallas.  And I don't mean running home to get his handgun after the JFK
assassination.  While in Moscow even as JFK took the oath of office, Oswald
was supposedly buying pick-up trucks for anti-Castro groups in New Orleans.
One suspects that if you were in the active files of both J. Edgar Hoover
and James Jesus Angleton back in those days, you could be in two places at
once in more ways than one!
Murtha's failure to be honest and open about the locally-reported 8
mile wide debris field extending west from New Baltimore in his own
congressional district makes him at the very least an accessory after the
fact with respect to the attacks of 9/11.  When you consider that he is in
the opposition party trying to bring down the Party of God's Wrath We
Deliver from Dimona, the future of the United States does not look very
bright.  I suppose that all of Asia can hardly wait to breath in the
radioactive fallout from an attack on Iran.  What goes around comes around.
Isn't that so?
Stephen M. St. John
Sole Author, An Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem

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