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Posted By: texasgal
Date: Friday, 4 May 2001, 2:44 a.m.

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CIA Torture Facilities

by Harold Funk

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April 13, 1998

May 15, 1997

March 30, 1998

June 14, 1997

March 23, 1997

March 27, 1997


April 12, 1997


April 18, 1997

April 22, 1997

April 30, 1997

June 1, 1997

June 10, 1997

September 17, 1998

Letter 172


 From Horold Funk's href="" target="_top">PEACE web

Harold C. Funk

205 Gladstone Ave # 46

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 0X5


I have been sending out a letter to all heads of nations

for 13 years 9 months as of October 1997 in order to promote

resolution of international crisis and a semblance of peace

within and among nations. I've written 4 books: Good,The

Glory of Good, The Roots of Good and Peace a book of these

letters sent out from the start.

I was a lawyer for 30 years in litigation and appeals

court work up to the Supreme Court of Canada. I was suing

lawyers and the Law Society of Upper Canada who usually is

responsible for the disciplining of the lawyers and not the

courts was disturbed by this action. I decided to sue them

directly and I won. I understand that the judges in

Ottawa(who are lawyers themselves) decided that I would not

win any more trials. My clients suffered as I did not learn

of this until March 15, 1996 when I published an

international letter that this had been done to about 8 other

lawyers and many individuals acting in their own behalf. The

judges in the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed through

sources that this procedure had been followed since 1867, the

year of the confederation of Canada under the British empire.

I have lost all my assets, and I was forced into

banckruptcy by the judges and the Law Society and finally

disbarred for failure to file trust account assets which I

did not have because I had no business. I was acting for

legal aid clients and in one action against three lawyers

judge Soublier ordered for a 1 hour motion $30,000 in costs

against me and my client. The lawyers who got the costs

seized all the money owed to me by legal aid and therefore

forced me into bankruptcy. They had done it to many lawyers

before this. Once disbarred I sent the Law Society of Upper

Canada a letter of thanks because I no longer wanted to be a

part of their corrupt organization.

I am presently requesting the province of Ontario to

repeal the Law Society of Upper Canada Act which is and had

been an act that is in contempt of the present constitution

of Canada.

I am on a Goverment of Canada pension.

I have been demonstrating against the activities of the

American government in front of their embassy since May 28,


For 6 months I have made disclosures to 71 nations that

the United States of America has a chain of torture and

cremation facilities all over the world. I estimate that they

have tortured and cremated over 9.5 million people since the

beginning of the CIA in 1946. The CIA teaches torture and

cremation using live children, women, men. grandmothers,

grandfathers at the School of Americas in their military

facilities in Panama and in Taiwan since 1963 in 2 week

courses of military people from nations to be targeted. It

has torture and cremation facility in the CIA at Langaly,

Virginia. It also has teaching facilities for assasination at

Fort Bragg where since 1961 it has taught a specialized team

of 35 assasins who have assasinated 2875 leaders and

politicians from every nation.

I have been threatened with assassination by the CIA

through my source at least 9 times. The Royal Canadian

Mounted Police has visited my source (an intelligence

officer) and advised him I would not be assassinated until

after December 31, 1997.

This site is a collection of letters I have written over

the years to promote peace. The horror stories I set forth

herein compel me to continue my quest. I write a weekly

letter to the heads of nations and once a month I write a

monthly letter dealing with global international problems.


Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Ave Apt 46

Ottawa Ontario

K2P 0X5

Tel: (613) 235 0617

Fax (613) 235 5573

Dear Head of Nation

April 13, 1998

Military Torture and Cremation and Torture Teaching Facility

United States Policy



The "School of America" at Fort Benning in Georgia,
U.S.A. otherwise known as "The School for Dictators" or
"The Coup (Assassination) School and "The Trainer of
'Death Squads' United States Battalian 3-16" used
electroshock and rubber suffocation devices on prisoners and
conducted the same classes as in Panama and Taiwan.

This "School of America" includes the various
technical advisors, counter insurgency and low intensity conflict
stratigists, paramilitary, intelligence and internal security
police training officers and the merchants who actually supply
the torture equipment as well as the "white-collar
mercenaries" who act as key technical operators in the
bureaucracy of any repressive system that uses systematic torture
as an instructional tool of the administration. This includes all
the people conditioned by fear or training to put into practise
the torture policy of the state torture is exported to being a
slave state of the United States. This technology gets exported
around the world to any nation that can buy it and who remains an
ally of the United States.


Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Ave Apt 46

Ottawa Ontario

K2P 0X5

Dear Head of Nation

May 15, 1997

I shall expect you know that the R.C.M.P. threatened to put my
internet server out of business and he therefore took my web page
with my letters on it off the Internet. The military R.C.M.P.
police state of Canada no longer allows freedom of the press on
the Internet.

I shall expect that you know that the military R.C.M.P. police
state of Canada has stopped me from delivering my international
letters to the offices of various papers and media outlets on all
9 floors of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery Building on
Wellington Street in Ottawa. The military R.C.M.P. police state
of Canada no longer allows freedom of the press in Canada.

I shall expect that your nation is closing down the torture
facilities and the torture teaching facilities of your civil and
military arms of government including prison guards, and military
personnel of all ranks involved in torture. I shall expect all of
your generals and prime ministers and presidents and torture
personnel to be charged under the United Nations Torture

I shall expect that your secret torture teaching facilities
are the same as those of the C.I.A. of the United States known as
the "School of the Americas" in the State of Panama.

The following is a report of the torture training in this
military C.I.A. facility, being one of many run by the United
states that are even more sophisticated than this one. This
course in torture took place in 1969 and the courses continue to
be taught and prisoners continue to be tortured, assassinated and
then cremated to get rid of the evidence and their ashes vacuumed
out of the crematorium in the basement and thrown down the toilet
as you read this. The Americans you will see are very thorough
teachers. This facility alone has taught 14,500 torturers at an
average of 20 military personnel per class from various states
since 1969.

The Diary of a C.I.A. Torture Student


Day 1

First classes in mental torture. Sleep deprivation. Control of
minds through drugs. Saw 2 movies on mental torture. Ate. Had
night lecture on day class.

Day 2

Saw actual drug administration on Panamanian prisoner. We saw
how to mix and inject the drugs. Everyone was listening intently.
I requested permission to inject the prisoner. I was told each of
us could have a prisoner later on. We were being taught reactions
to certain drugs. We took notes. We learned how to interrogate
the prisoner while he was under drugs. At 12 we ate. At 1 we saw
another prisoner injected with sodium pentethal. He was then
interrogated and answered truthfully. This lasted till 2. At 2 a
volunteer was requested. A woman prisoner volunteered. All
prisoners were naked. This is to humiliate them as well so they
want to get the interrogation over with and will tell the truth,
in some women's cases only. Some women were tough. One spit in
our faces. We each did a woman. All 24 students. We did not
finish till 3 a.m.. We all volunteered to stay up till all had a
turn. These prisoners were kept downstaires in a cage.

Day 3

Today electric shock. We saw various positions to put subjects
in. Sitting on a bar. Lying on a table, bed, legs spread open.
Hooked down. Over a chair. In a bathtub. Electric shock all day
till 10 p.m., except for lunch and supper. Then electric shock
treatment men only.

Day 4

Today the same shock treatments using women only. Everyone
laughted when the women pissed during shock treatment. All
prisoners are given enamas before sessions begin. Finished at 10.
2 breaks to eat.

Day 5

Today children were brought in. It finally dawned on me. we
were being taught to be great torturers without conscience or
guilt feelings. To torture anyone as a 9 to 5 job. Amazing we
began on boy kids. 2 peruvians in the course objected and were
taken out of the course. I was told they would be sent home. By
10 3 more dropped out. An Ecuadorian student and 2 columbian
students. We were down to 19 in the course. 3 kids died. 2 girls
about 14 and a 15 year old boy. I was told they would be cremated
and ashes scattered in the toilet.

Day 6

Thumb screw lessons from 9 to 11. We all did it to some
prisoners. 11 to 12 needles under nails. Then we ate. 1 to 3
prisoners were tortured by bastivia, whipps, chains, leather
straps, we tortured 6 men, 6 women, we tortured 3 to 6 prisoners
with fists. Feet. It was gory. We were watched all the time to
see who was squeamish.

Day 7

Today we were taught execution methods. Pistol. Knife. Garrat.
Injection. Axe. This course used dummies. We were told tomorrow
real subjects would be used. I yelled "now your
talking" observer smiled, made a note in his book.

Day 8

9 a.m. we were given pistols. 19 subjects were brought in. All
men. We all shot them. By 10 we were through. At 10 the bodies
were removed. At 10:15 19 women were brought in. We shot them
all. 15 to 11 all bodies were removed. At 11, 19 kids were
brought in. The guns all held 1 bullet at a time in case of freak
out only 1 instructer would be killed at a time. Apparently 1
student freaked out a few months back and shot all 3 instructors.
Nice eh? Anyway. I got a 12 year old boy. Bang. One columbian
could not kill a 12 year old boy. He was sent home. 18 left. This
was getting better. 12 noon we broke to eat. At 1 we were given a
question and answer period for 3 hours till 4. How we felt. Our
reactions. Feelings etc. I passed I was told. We then saw 4 to 6
various execution techniques on film. Every weapon known to man.
They did not have enough prisoners for us to kill. Most amazing
day of my life.

Day 9

Between 9 and 10 they taught us acid torture. In eyes. In
ears. Down throat. Only 3 prisoners used today. Between 10 and
11. Needle was used on a prisoner to put him to sleep. Etc he was
killed by a Bolivian accidently. A new prisoner was brought in.
He died at 5 to 11. We had a 5 minute break. Between 11 to 12 a
rape movie was shown. Reactions of men and women being raped.

Ate till 1.

Movies of torture by Viet Cong on Americans. Bamboo. Water.
Thumb hanging. This lasted 2 hours.

3 an american who had been tortured by the viet cong gave a 2
hour lecture. It was fascinating. He was hung by his thumbs.
Kicked in the balls. Pins under nails. Kept in hole with insects
and snakes. Pissed on and shit on and finally an empty gun to the

5 We broke to see another movie. The tet uprising and the
execution of a viet cong leader by a police chief.

6 Ate

7 We learned teeth pulling till nine on three prisoners, 2 men
and a woman.

At 9 watched tv till 10 went to bed

At 11:30 had three cakes. Had lost a lot of sweat

Day 10

Today we cut off limbs, thumbs, fingers, ears, on dummies. I
guess they felt live people were not needed. At 1 we saw a 3 hour
movie on Red aggression in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.

At 4 p.m. we were given a new test on our views of Red
aggression the tortures to date. We lost 2 more guys. A Costa
Rican. 17 of us now. Wonder what happened to them. They seemed
happy in the course. We knocked off at 6 p.m.. had supper. Saw a
bit of t.v.

At 8 a.m. I fell asleep.

Woke at 4 a.m. went back to sleep at 5.

Day 11

Today lectures all day till 6. Supper. Time off.


Today we learned stalking. We had to stalk a man through the
jungle. 9 to 5 p.m. in a one square mile area. We never found
him. He was a green beret jungle expert.

Day 13

Out again to stalk him. No go.

Day 14

Third day. This time a real prisoner was set loose. I thought
they were crazy. He may escape. They had army teams paired all
over outside the square mile. Fenced all around inside. Signs
with live electricity all over the fences. We found him about
noon. We had begun at 10. We gave him an hour to hide. He saw us
and ran. We all had sniper rifles. We all took aim and fired at
once. 17 shots in the head and back. We headed back. Ate. At 2
p.m. we saw Communist aggression films on South America, Brazil,
Argentina, Colombia. At 6 we ate at 7 one last lecture, on how
great we were etc. We were given certificates of graduation. I
found it ironic. They were only given to army officers from Latin
America. I liked mine. Put it with my others. Finally we could go
home to Fort Bragg.

May peace and harmony attend the souls of the tortured.



Harold C Funk

Cc To: All Heads of Nations Etc

Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Avenue, Apt 46

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 0X5

Dear Heads of Nations

March 30, 1998


The 303rd day of my demonstration before the United States
Embassy detailing united states atrocities since 1946

The terrorist nation of the United States has run since 1961 a
1600 acre secret terrorist torture and cremation installation
known as "Harvey Point Defence Testing Activity" just
outside Hertford, North Carolina. The C.I.A. trains terrorist
courses for thousands of its C.I.A. and military officers and
also the secret police and military personnel from other nations
as they do in Panama and Taiwan. Example: Palistinean security
forces. This school for C.I.A. and military spies is shielded
from the public eye. It has black helicopters (radar resistant)
blacked out windows on buses. Old limousines are hauled in for
assassination training and bullet riddled burnt out limousines
are hauled out. Bomb training for assassins is carried out so
buildings can be bombed in other nations. They teach theft from
safes using explosives. This C.I.A. and military base has trained
more than 18,000 foreign intelligence officers from 50 nations to
be terrorists including Russia, Isreal, Egypt, etc. all local
employed service people employed as cooks and guards are sworn to
secrecy. Source information New York Times March 20, 1998.

The only investigated death on the base was a man drowned in a
fishing net -- the others have been cremated as in Panama and

Does your nation have American torture and cremation

How many of your citizens have been murdered by the 18,000
torture and cremation and terrorist experts trained by President
Clinton -- these are war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Will your children be trained as United States murderes?

Does the world need thousands of serial killers around the
world as mind controlled killers controlled by the mind control
establishment of President Clinton?

Do the american people know that they have one of the largest
terrorist organizations the world has ever known even larger than
Hitlers and Stalins and Pol Pots put together?



Harold C Funk

To: 189 Nations Etc

Mail or fax or E-mail the heads of nations to have a permanent
war crimes tribunal set up to stop terror and war crimes and
secret re-armament of all nations.

Dear Head of Nation

June 14, 1997


Part I


United States is the leader of the world in using doctors,
psychiatrists and experts in every field including chemical
warfare and biological warfare and pharmaceutical warfare in
creating new methods of torture and assassination.

The United States C.I.A. tortures its own citizens and then
cremates them alive or dead in its military and C.I.A.
crematoriums and then flushes their ashes down the toilet to get
rid of the evidence.

The United States assassinates its own leaders.

Manipulated justice is no justice

The C.I.A. assassinated for example John F Kennedy and his
brother Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

President John F Kennedy

Much has been printed about the death of President John F.
Kennedy. The truth is there was no lone assassin. The
assassination was a very carefully constructed and orchestrated
plot by a group of individuals with the sole intention of taking
over the government of the United States of America.

It began with the ex-vice president Richard Nixon and James
Cabbell the director of the C.I.A. agreeing that they wanted
President Kennedy dead. Nixon because he lost the election.
Director Cabbell because of the Bay of Pigs. They recruited a few
people in army intelligence, the Mafia, Cuban exiles and Mr.
Hoover of the F.B.I. to cover up the facts.

Three hit (assassination) teams were used.

  1. One hit team of three expatriate Cubans was one floor

    under where Oswald was on the 6th floor book depository.

  2. One C.I.A. hit man called Saul was inside the Dal Tex

    building and he assassinated president John F Kennedy.

  3. Three C.I.A. Mafia were at the picket fence area. Army

    intelligence were all around the presidents route. Oswald

    the patsy was terminated and Hoover covered up the true

    facts for the military and C.I.A.

If something did not go as planned the C.I.A. could say that
the Cubans were responsible or that the Mafia was responsible.

It was a normal military and C.I.A. assassination.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was hit (assassinated) by a team of C.I.A.
hit men.

There were also two Army hit teams set up in Memphis as well
that day.

Martin Luther King was classed a trouble maker in the new coup
leaders' eyes. Martin Luther King led demonstrations -- blacks
deserted the Army or refused to fight.

Martin Luther King was an enemy of the war effort. James Earle
Ray was a patsy.

Robert F Kennedy

Robert F Kennedy was hit by a team of three C.I.A. assassins.
Sirhan was a patsy.

Robert F Kennedy if elected would have ended the war. He would
have dug into who killed his brother and waged a war against the

The coup leaders had to have absolute control over the
government so they assassinated him.

United States please give the citizens of the United States of
America and the world all the facts of these C.I.A.
assassinations from your C.I.A. records.

May peace and harmony attend the souls of President John F
Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert F Kennedy.


Harold C Funk

CC Etc.

Call and Write Your Town, City, State, and Federal Elected

To call and write your town, city, state, and federal elected
representatives to have them stop the use in your nation of
C.I.A. assassination teams.


Part "II"


Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Ave Apt 46

Ottawa Ontario

K2P 0X5

Tel (613) 235 0617

Fax (613) 235 5573

Dear Heads of Nations

March 23, 1997

My soul is crying for all the assassinated, tortured, and
terrorized citizens of the world.

Mr President of the United States of America I shall expect
you to close down all crematoriums of the Central Intelligence
Agency, the military and the State Department of the Government
of the United States of America.

At Fort Clayton and Fort Sherman in the Nation of Panama over
2000 peasants and revolutionaries were cremated from 1961 to 1975
after being tortured, terrorized and then assassinated to become
disappeareds in your ovens. From 1975 to 1996 approximately 1200
a year were cremated in the same ovens. That makes a total of
37,200 peasants and revolutionaries crematediIn your ovens at
this one location.

For example Mr President in 1996 at this location there Were 3
girls, 4 men, 1 child and 2 old peasants from a human Rights
group, one a 22 year old girl was tied to the ceiling by Her
hands with her knees over an iron bar. A 2 inch metal bar Was
placed in her vagina and the current turned on. After this
Torture she agreed to talk. She told the central intelligence
Agent everything. She was then raped by two guards, who after
They had finished raping her, took her out and assassinated Her
and took her body down stairs to the crematorium to be burned So
that there would be no evidence of the atrocity.

Mr President her husband was told if he talked his wife who
had just been cremated would be saved. He talked and then was
assassinated and taken to the crematorium to be disposed of. no
evidence. The other 8 were tortured and they talked and they were
assassinated and then cremated. No evidence.

Mr President there are many of these crematoriums in your
organization. Please stop the furnaces.

Mr President please close down the C.I.A..

I shall expect all C.I.A. agencies in the world to be closed
down. Happy Easter Mr President and all heads of nations from all
the disappeards.



Harold C Funk

To: All Heads of Nations and All Those Copied in Previous Lett

Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Avenue Apt 46

Ottawa Ontario

K2P 0X5

Tel (613)235 0617

Fax (613) 235 5573

Dear Head of Nation

March 27, 1997

I am pleased that the prison known as Robbin Island in South
Africa has been closed down so that citizens can tour the torture
facilities used for political prisoners.

Mr President of the United States I shall expect that the
C.I.A. agency head office at Langly shall be shut down so that
citizens from all over the world can tour the facilities where
their citizens were terrorized, tortured, assassinated and then
cremated in your ovens.

The American excellence of organization is shown in the
torture methods used at Langley and in the C.I.A. torture
facilities in the Florida swamp known as Okefenokee Swamp off
Interstate Highway 97.

As you know Mr President these facilities are torturing
prisoners daily on a 24 hour basis.

Mr President as you know the Director has an elevator that
goes down directly to the torture facilities. This elevator can
only be used by the Director and 4 heads of departments that have
keys for the elevator. All Directors have access to the torture
area including former President Bush (and all former presidents)
when he was director of the C.I.A..

Mr President the torturing is filmed 24 hours a day with the
tapes available to you at any time to satisfy yourself that the
torture facilities are working efficiently so no tortured person
comes out of this facility alive.

Mr President after the man, woman, or child has died in your
ovens, the oven is vacuumed out and the ashes taken to the
bathroom and flushed down the toilet. Disappeared. No evidence.

Mr President as you know at Langley there is an entrance on
the back lawn near the parking lot to the torture chamber. The
steps are exposed after the lawn is lifted up and the person to
be tortured can be taken in at night by your highly trained
C.I.A. agents in the normal cloak and dagger fashion.

Mr President all your torture facilities are made the same for
the sake of efficiency.

I shall expect a full public enquiry and a viewing of all the
films of the torture and assassinations.

I shall expect that all those criminally responsible for these
crimes against humanity shall be tried as war criminals for
crimes against humanity whether they are presidents or not.

Mr President I thought Hitler had died but it appears his
ideas are being practised daily in the United States of America.

No human being deserves to be terrorized, tortured, and
assassinated and disposed of in your ovens.

Mr President your nation is accountable to the families of the
disappeards from all over the world.



Harold C Funk


To: All Heads of Nations

To: the Public Personally and by Internet

To: the Premiers of the Provinces of Canada

To: the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Ottawa

To: the Military

To: the Commissioners of the R.c.m.p.

To: the Commissioners of the O.p.p.

To: the Ottawa Police

Call and write your town, city, provincial (state), and
federal elected representatives to have them stop the torture in
government facilities, civilian and military, including local
jails, police headquarters, provincial (state) and federal
prisons and mental health facilities.

Central Intelligence Agency Langley, Virginia just outside
Washington, Okefenokee torture facilities Florida off Interstate
97 details of torture rooms in facilities all over the world
operated by C.I.A. advisors.

  1. Cameras at 4 locations on each side of building

  2. Multiscrews in wall to hang people by wrists or thumbs

  3. Bath tube -- full of shit and piss or for alternating

    cold and hot water baths.

  4. Hanging bars -- for electric shock to victims private


  5. Electric shock table for head of victim

  6. Rope for hanging

  7. Bastinada -- torture to soles of feet

  8. Sweat box -- turned on high

  9. Chairs for various tortures

  10. Autopsy table

  11. Crematorium in a room with 2 walls to keep out the smell

    of burning flesh.

  12. Communication room to report to C.I.A. Headquarters in


  13. 6 cells for victims.

  14. Kitchen and eating area for torturers and cremators.

  15. Bunk area for 24 cremater and torture staff.

  16. Three bunks for doctor on staff, autopsy doctor, male

    nurse to revive torture victims so torture can be



Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Ave Apt 46

Ottawa Ontario

K2P 0X5

Tel (613) 235 0617

Fax (613) 235 5573

Dear Head of Nation

April 12, 1997

The Terror, Torture, Assassination and Cremation of Political
Prisoners Continues in (9) States.

  1. South Korea (USA)

  2. El Salvador (USA)

  3. Thailand (USA)

  4. the USA another site (USA)

  5. the Philippines (USA)

  6. Taiwan (USA)

  7. Great Britain

  8. Germany (USA)

  9. Greece (USA)

These victim cremation facilities have two United States
advisors on the staff at all times in each location except Great
Britain that is not hooked up to Langley. It uses similar torture
methods as the USA. The other facilities have all the necessary
high technology communications directly linked on the military
Internet to the United States C.I.A. Headquarters at Langley just
outside Washington.

The United States cremation ovens work 24 hours a day

365 days a year

Do you know where your children and parents are?

The taxes of global citizens are being used to keep these
ovens working. If Hitler were here he would be proud of all these
nations with their American advisors and high tech torture

I shall expect all these facilities shall be open to public
inspection just like Auschwitz in the state of Germany is open to
global public inspection.

I estimate these ovens have destroyed 2,267,600 victims at 8
victims a day over the last 52 years.


"The Perfect Crime"

"Victims Have a Choice in Germany"


The following is the torture and cremation procedure in

  1. Hair shaved just like an Army recruit.

  2. The prisoner is given a shower and in Germany an enema.

  3. If the victim will not talk he or she is tortured on a

    continuous basis and after -- no talk --is thrown in the

    oven. The ashes are vacuumed out and thrown down the

    toilet. Disappeared No evidence

If the victim talks there is psychological torture.

  1. The victim is put in a padded dark cell for one month

    1. Bars are high and covered.

    2. Lights are turned on at certain fixed times to go

    3. Bad food

  2. Victim taken out for interrogation.

  3. If progress -- victim begins re-habilitation

    1. New cell with bed, toilet, table to eat

      at and food better.

  4. If victim tells torturers more

    1. TV in room

    2. Clean sheets every three days

  5. If victim tells more

    1. Victim sees terrorist psychiatrist to

      find out why victim did things confessed to under


    2. If psychiatric treatment goes well victim is

      allowed privileges exactly the same as are given

      to patients in psychiatric hospitals in europe

      and north america.

    These appear to be universal psychiatric

    torture procedures devised by psychiatrists by Hitler.

  6. Then weekend passes

  7. Walk around in courtyard

  8. Go to weight room

  9. See thursday night movie

  10. After 5 to 7 years the victim could get out. If the

    victim agrees to spy on the victims own people a victim

    could get out in 6 months

I shall expect all these nations to pay damages to all the
victims who have " disappeared " from all over the
world into these ovens.

I shall expect demonstrations at all these locations until
they are opened for public inspection.

As you know these ovens are more efficient than the burning of
people at the stake that the Christian Chatholics did 400 years
ago and obviously much more humane as the torture and
assassination is on an assembley line basis.

All of these facilities are set up the same as the C.I.A.
Langley facilities subject to new technological changes in
torture and cremation as they are developed in this high tech
busniss of killing. The facilities are known as "The
Factory" and the victims are known as "the assembley
line". These states may try to destroy these sites but
people and satellites will be watching. In Europe the nations
seem to like to build mounds and then put facilities such as
these in them. Please keep on the watch. These killers have to be

I shall hope the United Nations can help stop this ongoing



Harold C Funk


To: All Heads of Nations and All Those Copied in Previous

For the exact location of all these facilities kindly contact
the C.I.A. and the United States military who run these

Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Ave Apt 46

Ottawa Ontario

K2P 0X5

Tel (613) 235 0617

Fax (613) 235 5573

Dear Head of Nation

April 18, 1997

I shall expect that the United States C.I.A. shall stop
threatening innocent citizens of Canada who have not set up a
torture network as they have.

The terror, torture assassinations and cremation of prisoners
internal and external to the state of Japan continues unabated.

The crematorium oven works 24 hours a day for 365 days a year
to burn up ordinary women, men, and children.

The Japanese facility has 2 United States advisors at all
times and the information that the victim gives is sent by coded
communications to the C.I.A. at Langley 24 hours a day

Hitler is alive and well in Japan with its atomic facilities.
Japan has forgotten Hiroshima and Nagasaki and has allowed the
United States to dictate its Hitler policy as it has with the
state of Germany.

The victims are tortured and cremated with no one coming out
of the facility alive. The torture facilities are the same as
those in Langley the C.I.A. headquarters beside Washington.

No human asset is worth the shame that has been brought on the
honor of Japan and the world by this torture network the
brainchild of Hitler and the United States that has infected all
nations of the earth.

Kindly preserve these facilities and allow the world to view
these death machines of horror.

The facility is 25 miles south of Tokyo on the ocean
surrounded by chain link fence. I describe the facilities on page

I shall expect that satellites and citizens shall keep watch
on these facilities as evidence for a trial against those
responsible for these crimes against humanity. I calculate that
151,840 human beings were cremated in this torture chamber from
1947 for a total to date of 2,419,440 in all 11 cremation

I shall expect a global treaty to abolish terror, torture,
assassination and cremation of any human being in any facility or
jail or psychiatric institution.


Harold C Funk

To: All Heads of Nations and All Those Copied in Previous

Page 2

11th torture facility 15 MILES SOUTH of Tokyo

  1. Victims cells

  2. Hut

  3. Guard house

  4. Kitchen

  5. Movie room

  6. Pool room

  7. More cells for victims

  8. Guard rooms

  9. Victims search room

  10. Officer torturer quarters

  11. Recreation room for officer torturers.

  12. Torture facilities the same as in Washington

  13. Another guard house

  14. Weapons armories

  15. Recreation room for the torturers.

All the convieniences of home except for those tortured and


Harold C Funk

205 Gladstone Ave. Apt 46

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 0X5

Tel (613) 235 0617

Fax: (613) 235 5573


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