Pam Schuffert reporting from Germany-

In the course of investigating the coming NWO martial law seizure of our nation, I spent much time with former CIA-NAVAL INTELLIGENCE source Michael Maholy. He had worked for 20 years faithfully under Bush Sr. to help build the coming NWO agenda for America. But following those years of service, the US government burned him...badly. He decided to retaliate by going public to expose the horrors of the coming NWO martial law takeover. I spoke to him for many hours personally as he unfolded to me the government and CIAīs role in what is to come.

Michael admitted, "Oh, all of us in the intelligence community know about the concentration camps and their purposes in America...they are  TO TERMINATE THE RESISTERS OF THE NWO AS IT COMES DOWN UNDER MARTIAL LAW..."

I was stunned, as I was new to these things during the time Michael was sharing with me.

"Michael, you mean that fellow Americans are actually preparing to TERMINATE OTHER AMERICAN UNDER MARTIAL LAW...all for an ideological difference???"

He said, "Yes. And itīs  not so much that these future terminators BELIEVE in the coming New World Order Itīs just that, FOR PAY RAISE AND PROMOTION IF THEY KEEP THE KILLING MACHINERY RUNNING SMOOTHLY..."

"They would kill their own grandmothers, wouldnīt they," I interjected.

He admitted YES.

And following investigations revealed that the foreign troops will also play a major role in our arrest, persecution and termination under martial law...even as German troops at Holloman AFB openly bragged to locals.

Fellow Americans, it is TIME TO WAKE UP.

-from German, Pam Schuffert

Pam Schuffert reporting from Germany-

I have just spoken to a contact in the mountains of western North Carolina (Asheville) who is fully informed on coming martial law. This source does rehabitation work with teens coming out of satanism and abusive homes. She works with a professional Christian counselor assisting her who also work with rehabilitating former satanists coming out from their covens. Both of these people know fully about coming martial law AND somethings many Christian-Patriots do NOT realize: the deep Satanist Connection with martial law and itīs horrors to come. Through my ten years of intense investigation of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY I know completely about the very Illuminist-Satanist roots of the coming New World Order (including frm Bible Prophecy in Revelation), hence the obvious: that the coming New World Order is "THEIR thing", and as such they will play a major role...whether satanists in the government, the intelligence community ( and I have interviewed many, ) satanists in the miltary and throughout America...and the world.

ASHEVILLE, NC is a major Satanist-Illuminist mecca in America. It was in this region that I recieved much confirmation regarding martial law...and the satanist role as well. Former satanists from Asheville, now Christians (one even an evangelist now, Richard Morgan) have revealed in interviews that , as satanists, they were fully aware of coming martial law and the "arrest and terminate the Christians, Patriots and all other resisters" agenda. They admitted that they INDEED had their "boxcars with shackles and guillotines" and even confirmed my suspicions as to where they were being stored (near Biltmore VIllage in Asheville).

But as I interviewed my Asheville contact last night, a strange new twist emerged regarding BOXCARS AND SHACKLES!

"Last Halloween, Asheville, NC, sponsored HELL HOUSE as a form of haunted house entertainment. But guess what this HELL HOUSE was! They had pulled out of storage several of the actual BOXCARS AND SHACKLES WITH GUILLOTINES, decorated them Halloween style, AND EVEN CHARGED ADMISSION! Lots of kids PAID to go into these boxcars, thinking it was all some sort of Halloween joke. It was even advertised in the Asheville Citizen Times..." I almost fell over in the phone booth...but then I realized that this was typical of that "special breed" of extremely brazen, "in your face, Christians" Satanist attitude n the mountains of Western North Carolina. (They have almost succeeded in abducting and sacrificing me more than once in that city.) They are very proud of their role in preparation for martial law and Christian-Patriot resister persecution there, as I found out. But this was the height of brazeness: to CHARGE ADMISSION to see future tools of termination under martial law!

But then these were also the same Satanists who counterpicketed the Christian Pro-Lifers in Asheville. They were dressed in satanist robes and carrying signs stating, BEHOLD YOUR FUTURE EXECUTIONERS and chanting it repeatedly to the Christians  who were protesting at an abortion clinic.

My friend admitted that even Christina groups were paying admission to bring their groups in to see HELL HOUSE.

Whatīs the matter with these Christians!!! Donīt they GET it??? Satanists are openly defying them, openly admitting they are their future executioners (under martial law.) Satanists are openly displaying their boxcars and shackles and guillotines...and CHRISTIANS are PAYING to view the insides??? But my friend said, "No..the Christians here for the most part DONīT get it...they are in DEEP DENIAL regarding coming martial law and persecution...AND THEY ARE BLIND!"

And the Satanists in Asheville, NC, are laughing at Christian naivete and blindness, even as they plot their roles of "future executioners" of Christians under martial law. God help us all!

Reporting from Germany, Pam Schuffert

Pam Schuffert reporting from Germany-

In the course of researching for my book, SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, I uncovered from a deep internal satanist informant(Asheville, NC) that very rich and powerful Satanist covens in America were secretly being supplied with high tech military equipment, including night vision goggles, sophisticated communications equipment, and powerful weapons, ALL TO ASSIST THE GOVERNMENT-MILITARY IN THE SEIZURE OF AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW FOR THE SATANIST NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA.

Such shocking  information came forth when I was living with a young woman targeted for abduction and sacrifice in the mountians of NC (Asheville). At the advice of a satanic crime investigator, I moved in with her in 1992 to help provide spiritual and moral support for her terrorized family. We underwent great attacks at times, with the satanists cutting off electricity and phone communications (much as will happen under martial law nationwide) at night and then moving against us as we were barricaded in her isolated home in those mountains. One night I noted one satanist attacker standing on the edge of the woods surrounding her home. It was not fully dark, and I noted strange equipment on his head, evidently night vision helmet and communications gear.

I turned to Gary, an inside informant from the coven which was after her who risked his life to warn us of their strategies because he was very much in love with my friend.

I asked him if this was in fact military equipment, night vision and communications, as it appeared.
He replied,

"Yes. These satanists here are very rich and powerful with high connections,
and they have links with the satanists in the Army. The satanists
in the Army (NC)are supplying them with every high tech weapon possible..."

And all for the coming hour of martial law, as satanists have admitted to me they are preparing intensely for. If you wonder about satanism in the military and US Army, go to and research high level Army ADMITTED practicing satanist Michael Aquino. He played a major role through his PSY-OPS in the horros of WACO. And did you know that a senior advisor to the US Army, Barbara Marx Hubbard, is A HIGH LEVEL LUCIFERIAN and has admitted in her occult book, THE REVELATION, that "...WE ARE THE RIDERS OF THE PALE HORSE AND WE COME TO  BRING DEATH...GOD (Lucifer)SELECTS: WE DESTROY! WE COME TO BRING DEATH..." And THIS is a senior advisor to the US ARMY!

This is why I advocate both SPIRITUAL preparation for the coming battle, but also practical PHYSICAL arming of targeted American citizens (Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, etc.)to protect themselves against this level of terrorism that will be unleashed without mercy under martial law. Take full advantage of both your religious freedoms AND your Second Amendment rights to fully stand, remembering FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD...and so are YOU. Defend your cildren and loved ones fromsuch murderers and the ultimate hate crime against the American people, MARTIAL LAW!

God bless, reporting from Germany, Pam Schuffert

Important Alert!

Folks!  Lets get on Bush and congress about getting those Solar Energy Unit Grants For all home owners in America!  Not only will this help to solve our energy problems by supplementing the nuclear energy plants.  But it will make the people of this country less dependent upon the government for energy supply.  In fact, the reason they are stalling on using this energy source is very likely because it does allow us to be independent of the government to a certian degree as far as energy goes.  It is a well known fact that the government iws installing solar energy to all military and government buildings.  If it is good enough for them .  It is good enough for us.  Why build a new Nuclear plant for California when it would cost less to supply every American home owner with a 10,000 grant to install a solar energy unit. 


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