Alien Civilizations, Remote Viewing and the New World Order

Excerpted by John "Birdman" Bryant


While at Stanford in the ’70s, Webre was associated with a Defense Department-funded project on “remote viewing” – that is, using psychics as Cold War spies. According to Webre, remote viewing proved to be not only scientifically verifiable, but an effective espionage tool (details of these experiments are documented in many books, such as Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception by Courtney Brown and Limitless Mind by Russell Targ). Before long, remote viewing researchers began wondering if they could use the same techniques to observe distant reaches of the universe and possibly make contact with alien civilizations. “The big breakthrough happened in the ’90s,” says Webre. “We were able to achieve communication and observation of intelligent civilizations.”

Webre further claims that not only have mediums made contact with multiple alien civilizations, but that the U.S. and German governments had contact with them during World War II, when one particularly nasty alien culture “entered into private, confidential treaties with first the Nazi government and then the U.S. [to provide advanced warfare technologies]. Those were deals negotiated by the Henry Kissinger wing, back in the Eisenhower era with Nelson Rockefeller as a kind of behind-the-scenes figure.”

Webre assures us that those Nazi-sympathizing alien days are over and that most alien cultures currently live in an advanced state of intergalactic accord and desire to usher humans into their utopian fold, but are weary of our self-destructive ways. Via remote viewing, Webre says alien governments have expressed concern that we humans are on the verge of “species suicide,” either through nuclear war or ecological catastrophe. “So [aliens] are working assiduously to try and help the forces of transformation on our planet, so that we transform from a primitive warfare economy to a more sustainable, cooperative peaceful economy.”

[Birdman comment: I long ago proposed that the Jewish establishment could be acting as agent for ETs, and that the assault on the West could be the product of an alliance of Jews and ETs, just like Jews opened the gates of fortified Spanish towns to Muslims in historical times. (Kissinger is a Jew; Rockefeller is a crypto-Jew.) And BTW, maybe Zundel was onto something in his writings on nazi UFOs.]


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