Appendix F:

U.S. Firms Trading with the Soviet Union
in the 1960-1985 Period

Data concerning firms trading with the Soviet Union and the technologies transferred is classified by the Department of Commerce, allegedly to protect business from competitors. Censorship also has the effect of preventing independent analysis and public opinion from coming to grips with Soviet trade.

The following list was compiled from official files for the early and mid 1970s, supplemented by corporate news reports for the later years.

It is incomplete but certainly includes all major U.S. operations in the Soviet Union, and is the only such list in existence in the public domain.

Company Product
AEC AtomicEnergy
Acme Mfg. Co.   Machine Tools
Alcoa Aluminum
Allen Bradley   Machine Tools
Alliance Tool & Die Corp.    Machine Tools
Alliance Tool & Die    Machine Tools
Allis-Chalmers   Machine Tools
Allsteel Press Co.   Machine Tools
Alpha Press Co.   Non Ferrous Metals
American Can Co.   Iron & Steel
American Can Co.   Food Machinery
American Chain & Cable    Machine Tools
American Express   Services
American Magnesium Co.    Metals Technology
Applied Magnetic Corp.    Electronics
Ara Oztemal (Subsidiary of Satra Corp.)   Trading
Armco Steel   Steel
Atlas Fabricators Inc.    Machine Tools
Automatic Production Sys.(Div. of Ingersoll-Rand)   Motor Vehicles
Babcock & Wilcox Boiler    Technology
Bechtel   Construction
Belarus Equip. of Canada Ltd.    Agriculture Equip.
Bendix Corp.   Machine Tools
Besley Grinder Co.   Machine Tools
Bliss, E.W. Div. of Gulf & Western Industries   Motor Vehicles
Boeing   Machine Tools
Boeing   Aircraft Technology
Borg-Warner   Machine Tools
Brown & Root Inc.    Construction
Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co.    Machine Tools
Brunswick Corp.   Machine Tools
Bryant Chucking Grinder Corp.    Machine Tools
Burr-Brown Research Corp.    N.A.
C-E Cast Equipment   Machine Tools
Carborundum Co.   Motor Vehicles
Carlton Machine Tool Co.    Machine Tools
Carpenter Technology Corp.    N.A.
Caterpillar Tractor Co.    Agriculture Equip.
Centrispray   Machine Tools
Century Data   Electronics
* Chase Manhattan Bank    Finance
Chemetron Corp.   Machine Tools
Cincinnati Milacron Inc.    Machine Tools
Clark Equipment   Machine Tools
Cleveland Crane & Eng    Machine Tools
Colonial Broach   Machine Tools
Combustion Engineering    Motor Vehicles
Comma Corp.   Electronics
* Control Data Advanced    Computers
Cooper Industries Inc.    Petroleum Equipment
Cromalloy-Kessler Asso. Inc.    Machine Tools
Cross Co.   Machine Tools
D.A.B. Industries Inc.    Prime Movers
Denison Div. of Abex Corp.    Machine Tools
DoAll Co.   Machine Tools
Douglas Aircraft   Machine Tools
Dow Chemicals   Chemicals
Dresser Industries   Oil Tool Equip.
Dr. Dvorkovitz & Asso    Non Ferrous Metals
E.I. dupont de Nemour & Co.    Chemicals
E.W. Bliss, Div. of Gulf    Machine Tools
Easco Sparcatron   Machine Tools
Electronic Memories & Magnetics Corp.   Electronics
El Paso Natural Gas Co.    Gas Technology
Englehard Minerals & Chem. Corp. Machine Tools
Ex-Cell-O Corp.   Machine Tools
FMC   Machine Tools
Fenn Rolling Mills Co.    Rolling Equip.
Fon du Lac   Machine Tools
Ford Motor Co.   Non Ferrous Metals
GMC   Machine Tools
Gearhart-Owen   Petroleum
General Dynamics   Aeronautical Tech.
General Electric   Petroleum Equip.
General Electric   Machine Tools
General Tool Corp.   Machine Tools
Giddings & Lewis    Machine Tools
Gleason Works   Motor Vehicles
*Gleason Works   Machine Tools
Goddard Space Flight Center    Machine Tools
Gould Inc.   Motor Vehicles
Gulf General Atomic   Atomic Energy
Gulf Oil Corp.   Petroleum Equip.
Halcroft & Co.   Machine Tools
Harig Products, Inc.    Machine Tools
Hewlett-Packard   Electronics
Holcroft & Co.   Motor Vehicle
Honeywell   Computers
Honeywell Information Systems Electronics
Hudson Vibratory Co.    Mechanical Equip.
IBM   Machine Tools
IBM   Computers
IBM   Electronics
Ingersoll   Machine Tools
Ingersoll Milling Machine    Motor Vehicles
Ingersoll Rand Co.   Machine Tools
*International Computers    Electronics
Intel Corp.   Electronics
International Nickel    Nickel Technology
International Harvester    Machine Tools
Irving Trust Co.   Finance
Itel   Electronics
Jones & Lamson (Textron)    Machine Tools
Joy Mfg   Drilling Equip.
Kaiser Aluminum   Non Ferrous Metals
Kaiser Aluminum & Chem. Corp.   N.A.
Kaiser Industries Corp.    Machine Tools
Kearney & Trecker Corp.    Machine Tools
Kennametal Inc.   Machine Tools
Kingsbury Machine Tool Corp.    Machine Tools
Koehring Co.   Machine Tools
LaSalle Machine Tool Co.    Machine Tools
Leasco   Electronics
Leesona Corp.   Textile Equip.
Libby-Owens-Ford Co.    N.A.
Litton Indust. Int'l. Mach. Tool Syst. Group   Machine Tools
Lockheed   Aircraft Technology
Lummus Corp.   Oil Technology
McDonnell Douglas   Aircraft
Micromatic Hone   Machine Tools
Minnie Punch & Die Co.    Machine Tools
Modicon Corp.   Machine Tools
Monarch   Machine Tools
Monsanto   Chemical
Moore Special Tool Co.    Machine Tools
NBS   Machine Tools
National Engineering    Machine Tools
NED's Reactor & Fuel Mfg. Fac.   Atomic Energy
Norton Co.   Grinding Equip.
* Occidental Petroleum    Major factor in complete plants
Pneumatic Tool Co.   Machine Tools
Pratt & Whitney   Machine Tools
Pullman Corp.   Machine Tools
RCA   Electronics
Raycon Corp.   Machine Tools
Raytheon   Electronics
Reynolds Metals Co.   Metals
Rockwell International    Machine Tools
Sikorsky Aircraft   Aircraft
Singer Co.   Machine Tools
Snow Mfg. Co.   Machine Tools
Sorbus Inc.   Electronics
Spectra-Physics Inc.    Electronics
Speedram Corp.   Machine Tools
Sperry Rand   Machine Tools
Standard Oil   Oil Technology
Sundstrand Corp.   Machine Tools
Swindell-Dressler Co.    Motor Vehicle
Swindell-Dressler Co.    Machine Tools
Systrom-Donner Corp.    Electronics
Technic Inc.   Non Ferrous Metals
Tektronix Inc.   Electronics
Teledyne Landis   Machine Tools
Teledyne Pines Co.   Prime Movers
Tenneco   Chemicals
Texas Eastern Transmission    N.A.
Textron Inc.   Machine Tools
Udylite Corp.   Machine Tools
Univac   Electronics
V&O Press   Machine Tools
VSI Automational Assembly Inc.    Machine Tools
Varian   Electronics
Verson Allsteel Press Co.    Machine Tools
Waveteck   Electronics
Wells-Index Corp.   Machine Tools
Welt Int'l Corp.   Trade
Western Industrial Prod. Corp.    Machine Tools
Xerox Corp.   Electronics
Young & Bertke Co.    N.A.

*These are the key companies involved.